WPT BORGATA OPEN 2017, Guo Liang Chen won 789,058$!

Thursday, 26 October 2017

During September 17-22, 2017, the Borgata Hotel Spa and Casino in Atlantic City hosted the traditional poker tournament in the WPT circuit. Guo Liang Chen, 37, played for the first time in a World Poker Tour tournament and won it! His performance is even greater he had to compete with a field of 1132 players.

The 16th edition of the US tournament had a $ 3,300 + $ 200 buy-in that triggered a $ 3,623,532 prize pool.

Day 1A

The first day of the tournament, Day 1A, featured 283 players who decided to take part in this first day of the competition. At the end of the day, there were 131 “survivors” with Trung Pham leading with 327,300 chips (327 big blinds), followed by Allan Rabinowitz – 207,500 (208 bb) and Joe Elpayaa – 181,600 (182 bb).

Day 1B

Day 1B meant the entry of 682 players at the table, Guy Smith finished this day in first place, with 210,800 chips (211 bb), followed by George Cicak – 177,600 (178 bb) and Jae Hwang – 176,200 (176 bb). 358 players were still in the tournament on this day and were expected to unite, on the third day, with those left from the first day of the tournament in order to continue the tournament together.

Day 2

489 players went to work on Day 2, and from the calculations made there was a total guaranteed prize pool of over 3 million. The last 110 remaining players will win between $ 6,812 (last place) and $ 789,058, the grand prize; 1st place also includes a $ 15,000 seat at the WPT Tournament of Champions, a tournament that will take place at the end of the season.

The end of Day 2 accounted for 117 remaining players and David Gerassi in the lead with an impressive stack of 1,332,000 chips.

Day 3

Only 24 players were left at the end of the day, meaning about 20% of those who had started their game at the tables that day. Cliff Josephy, the legendary online player known under the nickname “JohnnyBax,” was the leader (4,079,000 chips) of the last remaining players in the competition. Josephy had secured a $ 16,306 prize, but his target was higher. Guo Chen was at the bottom of the rankings (18th place) with just 41 bb.

Day 4

The day before the final table meant the players Steve Karp, Erik Cajelais and Alexander Farin were out. The fight was for the six seats at the final table. Cliff Josephy, who was in the lead the day before, started the final table with short stack.

The Final Table

The last part of the tournament started with the following table composition and the following number of chips:

1st place  Jia Liu  –  4,810,000  (60 bb)
2nd place  Gregory Weber  –  6,990,000  (87 bb)
3rd place  Thomas Paul  –  6,100,000  (76 bb)
4th place  Cliff Josephy  –  2,950,000  (37 bb)
5th place  Guo Liang Chen  –  3,850,000  (48 bb)
6th place  Matt Parry  –  9,110,000  (114 bb)

Thomas Paul who had a consistent stack was the first out of the game. Cliff Josephy came out of the game in 5th place, which was an achievement, considering he had the smallest stack at the start of the final table. Matt Parry, who had over 2 million chips more than the next opponent at the start of the last day of the competition, finished fourth, having a worse day. Jia Liu finished 3rd after being eliminated by Guo Liang Chen.

The heads-up started with Gregory Weber – 21,425,000 (71 bb) having a clear advantage over
Guo Liang Chen  –  12,450,000  (42 bb). The time spent by the two players face to face was not long, somewhere around half an hour, 24 heads-up hands.

At the last hand, Webber played all in with the remaining 5,050,000 chips, holding in his hand , and Chen called, after thinking for a few moments, with . On the table, the dealer turned  on the flop,  on the turn and  on the river. Nobody “hit” anything on the table to go with the cards in their hands, so the  the Chinese had was enough to win the tournament.

The next major tournament of the WPT Main Tour series will be WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic and will begin on December 5th.

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