Vina del Mar Casino Resort, a 5* treat for South-American gamblers

Friday, 12 August 2016

-Oana Mihalache

 There are many countries in South-America which can be classified as emergent when it comes to gambling. Among these, one is particularly interesting due to its speedy growing gambling industry – in 2015 the incomes from casinos reached almost $40 million in Chile, a 20% growth compared to 2014. Chile offers multiple possibilities to those who visit the country for gambling, but for those who would rather play in an environment that reminds them of the bourgeoisie can spend a few days at the Vina del Mar Casino Resort – a complex with a casino, a hotel, poker-room, but also restaurants, spa and a club, so that visitors can enjoy an experience beyond the borders of entertainment.

The casino is located on the Pacific coastline and covers a surface that surpasses 70.000 square meters, opened seven days a week. Those who fancy gambling will discover an atmosphere where there are no boring days, as they can fully enjoy the “magic” in gambling: they have no less than 1.200 slots at their disposal, but also video poker, 85 table games, 2 poker tables and a bingo room. The variety of games at the casino includes baccarat, punto banco, american roulette, blackjack, craps. Those who promote this casinos, but also those who have visited it at least once say that the time they spent there can be compared with getting the lucky ace from under the sleeve, as the spoils and winnings combined are always part of a happy visitor’s menu.

One of the things that makes this resort a special one is that the casino has been the host of the Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) championships in the last decade, with the best poker players on the continent as participants. The most recent winner – at the 2015 edition of this tour – is Oscar Alache Orrega, who won an award of $135.000.

Apart from the very large spectrum of games, this resort from the West of the South-American continent also offers many relaxing possibilities and social pastimes for those who are well-accustomed to spoils. These include a spa, a pool and a fitness center, but also a few restaurants, bars and a club – Ovo Nightclub, known to offer memorable parties to those who cross its entrance.

The casino still keeps the art-deco elements that have been carefully crafted since its construction and the hotel, built in 2002 as an annex for the casino, as the same architecture as the original building. Even if the most recent law issued for the casino operators has restrained their winnings by a small margin – by stimulating competition in the industry, this resort was not very much affected. Forbes ranked this location as one of the most exclusive resorts in Latin America and one of the favorite destinations for investors, comparing it with locations like Punta del Este in Uruguay or Mar del Plata in Argentina.

The place where this casino lies was carefully chosen, as the development of the gambling industry in Chile is strongly connected to the Vina del Mar city, the forth in the country by size. On top of that, the city is also a major attraction for many people in the area, and also from the capital city of Santiago, having spectacular beaches as one of its many strong-points. According to some recent estimated, the casino is visited by around 2.000 players daily during the summer season. This fact is not very surprising, though, as besides the gaming rooms which are very well equipped, the resort also has a hotel that has become synonymous with luxury, exoticism, in which visitors can also admire the art collections that reign in a special gallery, and also attend events that are sometimes organized in a large room with no less than 700 seats.

The Vina del Mar city is an oasis for South-American tourism, known as an exotic place, which can became the favorite perfect destination for those searching for a relaxing spot before the night sets in and they start the hunting for big casino winnings. In other words, veni vidi vici – this can be the motto of this place that can be described as unique.

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