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Thursday, 1 August 2019

Kazakhstan, the last former-soviet republic that has left the Community of Independent States, is going through a prosperous period from which the gambling industry is also benefiting. Few are those who know how much this industry has developed, how it was regulated and what it offers players.


Even though it’s a country in Central Asia, the fact that it has a small territory west from the Ural Mountains makes this republic part of Europe as well. In 1998, the capital was moved from Alma Ata (Almati) to Nursultan (named after the former president), the current Astana, and as a result of the 2007 law, Kazakhstan’s most important gambling centers were built in its proximity, Schuchinsk, on the bank of Lake Borovoe (230 kilometers from Astana) and Kapshagay (80 kilometers from Alma Ata) on the bank of the dam with the same name. In total, there are five localities where there are 13 licensed casinos. Most of them, 9 that is, are located in the Kapshagay area, with a total of 179 game tables and 567 slot machines and video poker.


East Casino Management

Both in the Schuchinsk area and the Kapshagay area, there is an important group that manages three of the most impressive and sought after casinos. East Casino Management holds and operates the Astoria and Bombay casinos in Kapshagay, and Cash Ville in Borovoe. The company is the leader of the gaming and entertainment business in Kazakhstan, using the top generation technology and an efficient management and operational structure. East Casino Management has a unique experience in implementing large scale projects in the field of gambling and developing the gambling areas.

The activities of the East Casino Management company represent the competent and most commercial approach to implementing projects. The successful experience in the entertainment and gambling industry has allowed the company to gain a strong reputation on the Kazakhstan market.


Cash Ville Casino, Central Asia’s Pearl

Hidden in a unique and picturesque region, the Borovoe resort attracts through its luxury hotels and casinos, on the bank of a stunningly beautiful lake. The resort is two and a half hours away from the Astana and it is also known as “the Pearl of Kazakhstan” or “Kazakhstan’s Small Switzerland”, due to the nature surrounding it, the abundance of lakes and the rich flora and fauna.

Cash Ville Casino, located at the Rixos five star hotel, is considered one of the largest and most luxurious casinos in Central Asia. You can get here from Astana and back to the capital at any time.

The casino’s offer is thought out so that each punter may have a unique experience, offering classic games such American Roulette, Black Jack, Baccarat and the most popular types of poker, 24 hours a day. The casino has 50 gambling tables, a three room VIP sector – The Silver Hall – destined for those who wish to bet large amounts, 95 slots, together with special prizes in dollars, as well as five poker tables (Texas Hold’em, Oasis, Russian and Omaha) which hosted a poker championship in 2014 that had total prizes amounting to USD 500,000.

In order to play in this casino, the players must exchange at least USD 300 during the week and USD 500 on the weekend.

The maximum American Roulette and BlackJack betting limit is of USD 2,000, and USD 20,000 at Baccarat, while Poker has no limit!

Even those who lose have a winning chance. When losing amounts over USD 3,000, the casino reimburses 10%.


In order to play the slots, the minimum amount is USD 100, however, for those who prefer the higher bets area, they can do it in the VIP section, far from wondering eyes, but the entry amount is USD 1,000.

The slot machines include games such as Gaminator, Super Gaminator, Mega Jack and Atronic Emotion.

The buffet and drinks table is available around the clock.

The Rixos Hotel offers 200 rooms with air conditioning, a bar, two saloons and two restaurants, a Turkish one and an Italian one, a spa-bar with food and drinks, as well as a spa with an indoor pool, with a Turkish bath, dry and wet saunas.


The Kapshagay strip

Near the Alma Ata, there is a Strip just like in Las Vegas, the only difference is that the city is called Kapshagay. This is where Kazakhstan’s gambling paradise is, where you can find 9 out of the 13 licensed casinos.

Bombay Casino is among them, held and managed by the East Casino Management, a casino that is an entertainment city, greeting its clients with a modern entertainment complex and treating them with maximum luxury, impeccable services, attention and comfort.

The casino offers an array of games, from Bombay Roulette, Blackjack to Baccarat and it also has the largest poker club. The minimum gaming exchange in the Bombay Casino is USD 300. The guest can also enjoy a buffet table, a restaurant and a bar, all open 24 hours a day.

The Bombay Casino has a modern slot machine hall with 117 slots and an electronic line of Alfa roulette, so that players may choose from a large number of classic popular games and new, unique ones. In the slot machine hall, the gambling tables have a minimum entry bet amount of USD 5 for poker and 50 cents for Roulette. The minimum exchange for playing in the Bombay Casino Slot-Hall is USD 50. The slot machine hall has its own bar and restaurant that are open all the time.


Bombay Casino has the largest poker club in Kazakhstan, with four tables in the main hall and a table in the VIP lounge.

Here, the guests are pampered at the Dolls Men’s Club, an unforgettable experience and an immersion in the world of delights, from erotic ballet acts, to parties and dancing in luminous costumes.

Hotel Bombay has luxury apartments. The Bombay Casino Restaurant offers a vast array of dishes from all around the world. Regardless if you choose a fish and seafood dish or French, Italian or Oriental cuisine, you can watch live how the dish is made. There is a Churrasco Argentinian grill, a special grill on open fire menu and original desserts made by a pastry chef from Moscow. The Bombay Casino has a refined buffet each night.


After a tiresome day, you can relax at the spa center which offers a pool, Russian and Finnish baths, a Turkish hammam, as well as different relaxation massages. You can enjoy a hall destined for professional massage, wellness and other types of massages. The Spa Complex has a relaxation area where guests can enjoy drinks and food from a bar and a restaurant.

Also in Kapshagay, you can find the Astoria Casino and Hotel, managed by East Casino Management, as well.  Here, the gambling area has 35 tables that offer Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat and American Roulette. Three rooms and VIP services are available for players that prefer larger stakes and more privacy in the casino. Among these, there is a room dedicated to slots, where you’ll find 76 slot machines with your favorite games.

The minimum gaming exchange at the Astoria Casino is USD 300 during the week and USD 500 during the weekend. As at Bombay Casino, Astoria Casino reimburses 10% of losses if the amounts exceed USD 1,000.


The hotel offers rooms ranging from standard suites to presidential apartments. A sauna service is available for clients and a restaurant is ready to offer the finest foods.

The casino regularly organizes events and offers consistent prizes.



Gambling in Kazakhstan

In 2007, the Kazakhstan gambling industry went through a true revolution. The new law, about which it is said that it was implemented at the request of the rich, established only two place in which you can legally bet, Schuchinsk and Kapshagay. Simultaneously, it added to a major decline in the number of casinos considered to be legal up to that moment, concurrently fueling a betting gray area. According to the 2007 law, which is based on a similar law given in Russia, gambling outside those areas is illegal. Therefore, the former casinos’ licenses, 130 to be exact, expired on April 1st, 2007, and they were forced to either move or close down. Some of them turned into dancing halls, clubs or restaurants, others closed down and some moved to Bishkek, the neighboring Republic of Kirghistan’s capital.


The new law forces casinos to have at least 20 gambling tables and at least 50 slot machines and established 21 years of age as the minimum age required to enter the casino.

The 2007 law prohibits online bets, regardless if we’re referring to online casinos or sports betting. The Astana authorities have the power to block foreign websites. There isn’t much information about players caught playing on offshore sites.

Bingo, as all lottery type games, are under state monopoly. The sole provider is the Kazakhstan Lottery. These are the only games that can be played online.

Bets paid in bitcoin are illegal.

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