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You build success on your own, through work and with intelligence. That’s how we did it: we worked till we sweat, we were inspired and, on many occasions, insistent. It was not easy for us to hold such an event! But, the fact that we know what we want, we have goals, expertise and the experience to reach our goals, has brought us where we are: at the top. But I want to tell you something else: from the feedback that we have gotten during all these years and comparing to other events that we have assisted at, you should know that not many economic domains in our country or in the world benefit from such a type of reaction as those organized by our magazine. Not many can and know how to do what we have been doing for several years, in a complete package: Print + Online + Events.

The Financial Services, Inland Revenue and Legal Issues event organized by our magazine on the 31st of May was a success, not because we say so, but because the participants said so; that is why I invite you to read the Testimonials article dedicated to our event, article that you will find right after the Cover Story article.

Speaking of the Cover Story, the Rombet Association has succeeded in the past few years to be a reference regarding bidirectional communication – not only within the industry, but also with state institutions that have a role in our country’s gambling industry. In this article, we present an interesting material about the common challenge shared between the Rombet Association and the National Office for Gambling, as to make Romania’s gambling industry a mature, balanced and strong one.

EGT shows us that size does matter and presents to you the new slant top slot machines with bigger high-definition screens. Read the article and learn more.

Recently, a bill regarding preventing and combating money laundering and terrorism financing was published on the site of the National Anti-Money Laundering Office, that transfers EU Directive 2015/849 into the national legislation, the forth directive that approaches the threat represented by money laundering (AMLD4). Find out from Cristian Radu, partner at Țuca Zbârcea & Associates, and Claudiu Filipoiu’s article, Lawyer for the same firm, why implementing AMLD4 will have a significant impact on gambling administrators.

“JOPPY”, the United Dreams 2-ST27 Multigame has been rolled out! Only in our magazine will you find out more details about this new slot machine, which is destined not only for use in casinos, but also in gambling halls.

Ending spring in full force!

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