Trump, gambling will take the power?

Friday, 27 May 2016

By Insider

Donald Trump will be 69 years old on 14th of June and he is preparing to fight Hillary Clinton for the Presidency of the United States, which will be decided by the 538 members of the Electoral American College, on November 8th, this year. He was married 3 times, has 5 children, went through four bankruptcies – 1991, 2004, 2009 and 2014 and has an estimated fortune of $ 4, 5 billion according to Forbes.

Trump Entertainment Resorts is the company which operates numerous casinos and hotels in Atlantic City (Trump Taj Mahal, Harrah’s at Trump Plaza) and even in Gary, Indiana (Majestic Star II, formerly Trump Casino). It is known that the possible future President of the US has been trying to obtain a gaming license in Nevada, but he only received one in February 2004, according to the Nevada Gaming Commission. Trump Hotel, the luxurious hotel in Vegas does not have an operating casino. Rumors say that if he is to win the American elections, his family (Trump was forced to renounce his properties and participation shares in favor of his family members) will invest heavily in gambling.

It is the first time the most important and powerful man on the planet could come from the gambling industry. What could the impact on US gambling and on gambling around the world be if Trump would be elected President? This is the largest gambling market in the world.

Studies show that people tend to play their luck more and more often, and the market has to be prepared. The Online in the US will soar beyond Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey for players not to be tempted to play on illegal sites of the states that have not licensed this sector yet.

I keep in mind the discussions from when Barack Obama was elected President, they used to say that he could be very empathetic with the gaming industry, because he played poker once a week. The gambling industry of the US has always sought to support a Chair who would be a friend of the domain, or even not to be hostile to it, and Trump’s declaration back in 2011 makes me think they have found what they are looking for, since Trump said about online gambling that “it will happen because many countries already have it and as usual, States United is not among them.”

Can Trump bring gambling to power? Will he be discreet or not in his support?

They say that whoever comes to the White House later this year, ” the American establishment” will make sure that the decision making at political level will be normal in all, with little slippages and, in any case, without any drastic moves.

The contact with the future Trump Administration could be a real shock to the stiff, hypocritical, European politicians. I do not see any big transfers of trends from the US to us, the Europeans, over the next 5 years, but I hope that for the first time in the history I will be able to say: gambling will take the power!

If Trump will be eventually nominated by Republicans and will face with Hillary in the final vote, those from Betfair offer an odd to gain of 1.4 to Mrs. Clinton, and to Donald only 5.5. It remains to be seen what will happen.

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