Treasury Brisbane Hotel & Casino, Australia’s gambling jewel

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

If you’re thinking about an exotic destination and you want to feel the thrill of casino games, then Treasury Hotel & Casino in Brisbane, Australia is the perfect place where you can relax and live an exhilarating life, all at the same time.


That is, in the place where most think the world ends, beyond the Australian desert, lies a concrete, glass and civilization oasis. In the middle of a megalopolis, with almost 2.3 million inhabitants, among the skyscrapers, you can find the Treasury Brisbane building, another name by which it is known, built in a colonial English style, offering those that pass its threshold refinement in its purest form. It’s enough to only gaze at the building’s front architecture to realize how well the old motifs, which never go out of style, combine with the modern activities that take place within the casino. A magical world, with a great sense of style, opens its gates to anyone wishing for a journey to the end of the world. It is the urban offer for gamblers – and not just them – on the populated East Coast, dominated by the casinos from the Gold Coast.

Treasury Hotel & Casino in Brisbane

Treasury Brisbane Hotel & Casino wasn’t always what we see today. In fact, today’s majestic building started a new chapter in its life in the year 1995. But what was this place before? Well, the construction started in the second half of the nineteenth century, 1886 to be precise, and lasted 42 years, that is until 1928. Initially, it functioned as a residence for the Queensland Government, and in 1995, politics was replaced with entertainment. The Australian Government’s proposal from the 1990’s as to turn the building into a casino was met with several objections from the population. Transforming this magnificent building into a casino in Brisbane ensured a sure future for the most imposing building in the city, which would have otherwise gone to ruin. Furthermore, there was no need to spend government money to restore it.


Refinement and entertainment, non-stop


With a rich history, the Treasury Brisbane is currently a five star hotel with no less than ten restaurants and bard with the finest foods and drinks you can find on Australia’s East Coast. It is also the only casino open non-stop in the city, so, no matter the time you arrive, you won’t be disappointed. The historic building plays host to its own miniature world inside. The casino is organized on three levels, with over 80 game tables, 8 live poker tables and over 1,600 electronic slots machines awaiting their players. And they have what it takes to draw you in, as the minimum bet at the slot machines is one cent!


Treasury Brisbane Hotel & Casino offers a vast range of games and it’s impossible to get bored. Among the most popular: Blackjack, Treasury 21, mini Baccarat, Caribbean Stud Poker, Roulette, Craps, 3-Card Poker, Sic Bo and slots. Moreover, there’s also a hall in which gambling enthusiasts can win fine amounts in cash at the Texas Hold’em poker games and the Omaha games, together with the regular poker tournaments. For those who wish to have a more interesting experience, Treasury Brisbane gives the players the opportunity to try their luck in an atmosphere far from the hundreds of gazes in the casino. The hotel offers four exclusive premium game halls.


As far as the hotel area goes, the visitors can choose among 125 rooms, 6 restaurants, 5 bars and a nightclub. The Treasury Brisbane Hotel & Casino invites its guests to step into the shining, emotion-filled world each time they pass from one room to the next. Concurrently, there are functional halls in which the decor has remained the same as that of the nineteenth century, and modern halls where there are frequent business meetings. And don’t worry if there are no free spaces. The hall managers will send you a text message telling you which table has a seat available!


From the symbol of politics, to the reference point of gambling


The building is an important symbol of the development and progress of Brisbane’s political history. The architectural style may be compared to that of the Italian architecture from the sixteenth century. It has a design that details both the exterior and the interior, materials such as floor tiles, marble, and a refined craftsmanship. The entrance on Queen Street welcomes guests with a rarely seen staircase.


Designed under the close supervision of colonial architect Thomas Pye, the building is known as one of the Brisbane Government’s greatest achievements. The construction of this building took place at the time in which Australia’s entire society benefited from high quality works.


With the exception of three vacation periods per year, the casino is open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Only people who are 18 years old or older can enter the casino.


Treasury Brisbane Hotel & Casino hasn’t forgotten about relaxation. The tens of luxury rooms are decorated with elements to satisfy all preferences and to offer a carefree stay for all those who have chosen this ocean-side jewel. You can rent both rooms and apartments, depending on how long your stay is and on the number of people you have chosen to spend your vacation with. The rooms have high ceilings, are spacious and filled with light due to their water front view. Regardless of the fact that you’re on a trip or here for work, you can relax in these rooms that offer you all the comfort you need. The prices for a room for two adults start from USD 175 per night, however, the operator offers price reductions at any given time of the year.


The hotel also offers its clients a variety of events hosted inside. From weddings, to anniversaries, to birthdays and galas, there’s a perfect place for every occasion. The incredible outdoor courtyard is also a popular choice for weddings and other events.


The casino is operated by the Star Entertainment Group, one of the largest gambling companies in Australia. It holds and operated two other casinos, famous around the country: The Star Gold Coast in Queensland and The Star in Sydney. A percentage if the casino’s gross income from gambling is deposited into the Jupiter casino Community Benefits Fund. This fund supports non-profit associations in the community and is managed by the Queensland government.


The Star Entertainment Group and the partners from Hong Kong Chow Tai Fook Enterprises and Far East Consortium signed a contract with the Queensland government to develop the Queen Wharf in Brisbane, as a result of a three billion dollar investment. 3,000 apartments and 1,100 hotel rooms of 4, 5 and 6 stars shall be built until 2022. That’s when the existing building shall be transformed into either a store or a hotel, most likely managed by the Ritz-Carlton Group.



The casino is organized on three levels, with over 80 game tables, 8 live poker tables and over 1,600 electronic slots machines.

The hotel’s guests can choose among 125 rooms, 6 restaurants, 5 bars and a nightclub.

In 2022, the Treasury Brisbane Hotel & Casino shall close down, and it shall be transformed into either a store, or into a luxury hotel, most likely operated by the Ritz-Carlton Group.

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