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Friday, 1 June 2018

A sure investment and which can increase in value over time is that of rare and expensive stamps. We present to you several stamps and details about them and their history and what exactly makes them valuable to collectors. Apparently, typos or even human errors or, I don’t know, lack of ink, or other bizarre reasons, determine the world’s wealth, from kings and queens to billionaires collecting these unfit pieces, which normally should have ended up in the bin.

The Inverted Swan – EUR 35,500

The Inverted Swan is one of the most famous and unique stamps in the world, due to the fact that it is one of the first erroneously printed stamps… inverted. This stamp was printed in Perth, Australia, in 1855, when an entire complicated lithography process was not performed correctly. And contrary to most people, it’s not the swan that is inverted, rather the frame within which the swan is located. In any case, it’s selling price is of EUR 35,500, and the transaction was performed in 1983.

The Red Mercury – EUR 37,000

The Red Mercury is an extremely valuable stamp due to its rarity. It being more of a postal seal than a stamp. The Red Mercury was used to send newspapers. These stamps were printed in 3 different colours: yellow, red and blue, depending on the number of newspapers in the pack. However, the Red Mercury was issued in limited edition and was quickly replaced, that is why so few pieces have survived and that is why they are worth such a great value, of EUR 37,000.

The Roses Error – EUR 147,000

This stamp was printed in 1978 and was worth only 13 pennies at that time. The story of this pink roses stamp is that, for some reason, the price was not printed on three of them. Two of these stamps are owned by Queen Elisabeth of Great Britain.

The Inverted Jenny – EUR 625,000

This stamp was printed in 1918 and is now worth USD 750,000. Its nominal value was of 24 cents. The airplane Curtiss JN-4 is drawn onto these stamps, which, by accident, was printed upside down. Only 100 pieces ever saw the light of day, and that is why they are so valuable.

The Treskilling Yellow – EUR 2.1 million

This was probably the most expensive stamp of its time, in the ‘90s. The value of this rare Swedish stamp is estimated at approximatively 2.5 million Swiss francs.
Normally, the stamps in this series were printed green, and this one turned out yellow by mistake. It is the only existing one. This stamp was found by accident by a pupil in an old attic. It is expected that the value of this stamp shall constantly increase because it has often changed owners in exchange for ever-growing amounts.

The Benjamin Franklin Z Grill – EUR 2.47 million

This famous stamp was created in 1868 and has a very interesting trait, which offers its uniqueness, as well: it has several minuscule squares printed on the back of the stamp as to absorb ink. These had the purpose of stopping the removal of cancellation markings and of protecting such stamps against forgery.

The Z Grill stamps are on the list of the rarest American stamps, as there are only two existing specimens having survived time. The value of the rare stamp is of USD 2.97 million.

The British Guiana 1c Magenta – EUR 9 million

This is the most expensive stamp in the world. A stamp delivery from London to the British Guiana had been delayed in 1856 and as such, the local authorities in the colony had to print out a limited number of local stamps as to ensure the continuity of commercial transactions and communication on the island. The fact that it has a British colony motto written in Latin on it and the fact that only one such stamp is know to exist in the world, makes this stamp the most expensive stamp in the world.

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