The most expensive fireplaces in the world

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Winter is approaching and this it goes the thought of a warm and welcoming place. A fireplace is good for that place. But if we were to live alive on a big hill, don’t take any fireplace, but the best one. We give you ideas now and here.


The Aqueon Fireplace, $50.000

This fireplace is the world’s very first consumer hydrogen fireplace. The most astonishing thing is that it doesn’t need any chimney. All this brilliant fireplace need is the tap water and it will produce dazzling flame by harvesting the hydrogen from it. This Aqueon fireplace by Heat & Glo actually uses regular water to create fire. Ordinary tap water (preferably distilled) is supplied to the fireplace through a pipe or tank, an electrical service then separates the hydrogen and oxygen atoms through electrolysis, the Aqueon ignites the hydrogen and you get fire! The oxygen is then added for colour and brightness, while the rest is released into the room. It doesn’t require venting because it doesn’t produce any harmful exhaust gases like carbon monoxide, just water vapour. And the whole thing is modelled to look like an artistic sculpture of a candle flame. Impressive!


Gold Iron Dog 05 Huraxdax, $4 million

Fireplaces were initially designed for heating and cooking purposes. While the manufacturers do claim that the Gold Iron Dog 05 Huraxdax is suitable for everyday use, I don’t know if you’d want to burn wood inside a $4 million stove. Nevertheless, the relatively small fireplace, only 2.5 feet tall, can heat up to 1,000 square feet of space in your humble abode. Designed by sculptor Joseph Michael Neustifter, the fireplace is available in gold, silver, or cast iron. Of course, the gold version is the one that will cost you $4 million. Each one takes about two months to manufacture, and weighs almost 600 lbs.

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