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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

by Insider

Entertainment Arena Expo 2017 was a successful edition of the traditional gaming fair in Romania. So, the Casino Inside magazine of October, “after exhibition”, also includes new names on our gambling market, alongside the already established brands. This Casino Inside issue will tell you all about EAE 2017.

Cover Story features an interview with Daniel Necula, one of Vector Logic Soft’s shareholders. Daniel Necula represents the new wave of entrepreneurs in the Romanian betting industry, and the vision he brings to the market is new, dynamic, and looks to the future. The team he gathered around his business idea successfully meets current demands. Software creation does not just mean digits and computer code writing, but also involves a whole emulation towards a unitary concept that takes into account the needs of both operators and players. So we invite you to learn more about Vector Logic Soft and its products by reading this very interesting material.

We also recommend the interview with Mr. Gabriele De Lorenzi – the CEO of WorldMatch, an innovative online company that is new to the gambling market in Romania. WorldMatch is a company based in Italy, and having been specialized in designing online casino games for 20 years, it offers state-of-the-art gaming products tailored to meet the operators’ goals and the players’ tastes and preferences. Don’t hesitate to learn more about the features of their products and their plans to expand in Romania and Eastern Europe by reading the entire interview in our magazine.

The ambient scent plays an important part in creating a pleasant atmosphere in the gaming room for all those who are there looking for entertainment. We invite you to read the Odor Control article and learn how flavor marketing can become a very effective tool for expanding a brand in a meaningful and memorable way, and how the ambient scent blends with slot machines, music, colors, texture, art and lights to create a multi-sensory atmosphere and experience.

In his article “To Cash Out or not Cash Out?” one of our betting specialists, Valentin Macovei, tries to explain the subject of closing bets ahead of schedule to the bettors once and for all! Very interesting and extremely useful for bettors.

We’ve prepared the top content you deserve and are used to. Discover it! Savor it! There’s more… Until next time: Enjoy reading and we’ll see you soon!

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