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Top 5 most important horse races

Sunday, 27 May 2012

The true lovers of riding and horses know the state of excitement and adrenalin that overtakes them when they are about to witness an important race and horses begin to align along the track. Both horses and riders are respected and regarded with the admiration of the audience as they step worthy and strong toward achieving a joint goal. Such races are organized worldwide, but only few of them develop in high class circumstances.  


1. Melbourne Cup


The most important race with pure-blood horses was inaugurated in 1981, and now it offers cash prices that often exceed six million of Australian dollars. The main event on the Melbourne calendar takes place at Flemington Racecourse and dates since 1840. „The race that keeps an entire nation still” – as the press named it – begins on the first Tuesday of November. The track is 3,200 meters long and the participant horses must be minimum 3 years old.


He who holds the record for this race is Kingston Rule, 22 years ago in year 1990, succeeded to run the distance longer than three kilometers in 3 minutes and 16.3 seconds, quite a performance.


2. Kentucky Derby


The Kentucky Derby is probably one of the most famous horse race in the world and over time, it became a well known brand. The competition always takes place at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky and it is the first of the three races of the Triple Crown series.


For connoisseurs, this is more than a race. The residents of Louisville celebrate  the race that does not exceed two minutes, for a week time; they set up parades, parties, fire works and many more, so that the tourists and the participants can enjoy a complete experience and not only a horse race.


3. The Royal Ascot


The Royal Ascot takes place in Ascot, England and part of its fame is due to the film My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn in the role. It is an opportunity for the wealthy classes to display their most treasured possessions both in terms of pure-blood horses and in fashion and style. The event imposes a strict formal dress code that requires wearing top hats, white tie and as for ladies, elegant and fine dresses.


The event consists of 24 major races that take place during a period of four days. The Queen of England participates in Royal Ascot every year and she respects the tradition of arriving at the same time on each day. The participants are often as delighted by the presence of the Queen as by the competition itself.


Over 300,000 people visit Berkshire during the week related to the Royal Ascot competition, making it the race with most viewers. The money prices add up to over 3,000,000 pounds.


4. The Grand National


An event distinguished by uniqueness, Grand National takes place annually in Aintree, England. The event is not an ordinary race, since horses have to jump no less than 30 sprint hurdles before racing in the about three and a half kilometers long race.


History of the race is abounds in stories of success and triumph of the competitors, but there were unhappy moments too, when horses had suffer from the difficult jumping they faced. Nevertheless, both amateurs and professional jockeys and trainers are encouraged to participate in the Grand National.


The race was held in Aintree every year since 1839, except of the interval 1916-1918, when The First World War took place; during this period the race was held in Gatwick Racecourse. In the period 1941-1945, during The Second World War, the race was stopped, and in 1993 was declared void due to a stolen onset. The event takes place next on 14th of April 2012.


5. The Preakness


The Preakness takes place yearly at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland. The race represents the second part of the Triple Crown Series competition and is long overdue creating excitement among the viewers. An unique and at the same time a rare event was when the winner of the Kentucky Derby succeeded to also achieve victory in all these three races.


Shortly after the horses take their positions, the audience is invited to sing ”Maryland, My Maryland”, the official song of the state. Traditionally, the Naval Academy Choir rejoins at Pimlico to honor this custom.


The Preakness is not an event that comes down to racing.  Among the preceding activities you can find Miss Preakness, and also the art competition-Preakness Art Contest. Those frequently attending this event are known for the parties and picnics they organize annually, both before and after the race.

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