Tony Dunst wins 2013 Caribbean World Poker Tour

Monday, 13 January 2014

Sunday, November 24, the Caribbean World Poker Tour came to an end. The tournament took place at the Casino Royale in the beautiful St. Maarten. Tony “Bond18” Dunst, won the first major tournament of his career and the first prize worth $ 145,000. Dunst has defeated a final table that included two former WPT champions, Giacomo Fundaro and Marvin Rettenmaier. For Dunst, this was the fifth cashing and the second WPT final table of his career. The money prize has also proved to be the third biggest win of his career, but one that will cement his WTP champion position in rankings. In addition to the title and money, Dunst has won a $ 15,400 seat at WPT World Championship, which will be held in Borgata, May 2014.

The Caribbean tournament had a field of 200 players who paid the $ 3,200 + $ 300 = $ 3,500, buy-in, creating a $ 592.864 prize pool. 

Noi ne vom concentra asupra lucrurilor ce s-au petrecut la runda finală, acolo unde ultimii 6 jucători au dat totul pentru a învinge. Poziția jucătorilor la masă a fost următoarea:

We will focus on the action of the final table, where the last six remaining players gave everything they got to win. The position of players at the table was as follows:

Seat 1.  Tony Dunst  –  1,418,000 chips  (118 big blinds)
Seat 2.  Giacomo Fundaro  –  458,000 chips  (38 big blinds)
Seat 3.  Zoltan Purak  –  324,000 chips  (27 big blinds)
Seat 4.  Marvin Rettenmaier  –  1,046,000 chips  (87 big blinds)
Seat 5.  Robbie Bakker  –  1,069,000 chips (89 big blinds)
Seat 6.  Severin Schleser  –  1,416,000 chips (118 big blinds)

Robbie Bakker was relatively inactive during the first stretch of play at the final table but he got aggressive 34 hands into play when he moved all in from the small blind on the river with the board reading Aclub10heart5club2diamondQclub. Dunst called under the gun with Jclub10club and the flush cracked Bakker’s pocket aces (AheartAspade). Bakker took home $28,700 in prize money as the sixth-place finisher and Dunst increased his chip lead.

Champions Club member Giacomo Fundaro then doubled up thru Dunst before the next elimination sailed into port. Zoltan Purak was all in preflop with 8club8diamond against the AclubQclub of Dunst and the board was dealt 5club2club5diamond10heartQdiamond. Dunst made a pair of queens on the river to score his second elimination at the final table and Zoltan was awarded $35,900 in prize money for fifth place.

The next big pot was another double up sandwiched in between the eliminations and this time it was twice-over Champions Club member Marvin Rettenmaier who survived an all in against Dunst. The next time Marvin moved all in he would not be so lucky. Marvin’s last stand was made with Jheart8heart in the hole against the AdiamondJspade of Severin Schleser. The board ran out AspadeKclub2diamond7club10heart and Rettenmaier took home $46,800 in prize money in fourth place.

On Schleser’s final hand he five-bet shoved all in to end a raising war against Dunst and then the two players tabled their hands. Dunst was ahead with AspadeKclub and Severin was dominated with AclubQdiamond in the hole. The board fell Kheart10diamond8spade9club4club and Severin was eliminated in third place, good for $63,500.

Dunst defeated Italian Giacomo Fundaro heads-up for the win. Dunst had a chip lead of roughly 5-to-1 when the final showdown began, and although Fundaro was able to mount a small comeback, Dunst eventually was able to extend his lead to nearly 10-to-1 before the final arose.

That lead took a hit when Fundaro doubled up just three hands into the final match. Fundaro shoved all in on a board reading Jheart6heart4diamond9heartJspade with Aheart3heart in the hole. Dunst called with 4heart2heart but his flush was behind the nut flush held by Fundaro. That pot gave Fundaro 2,550,000, but Dunst was still in the lead with 3,180,000.

On Hand 115 at the final table Tony took control of the match once again. Dunst bet 530,000 into a pot worth 800,000 with the board reading Jheart10spade3spade3diamondAclub and Fundaro called. Dunst turned over Aspade3heart for a full house and Fundaro mucked his cards. Dunst held 5,345,000 after the hand and Fundaro was decimated with just 385,000 remaining.

Five hands later it was all over. Dunst moved all in preflop holding Jdiamond2heart and Fundaro called with Kheart3heart in the hole. The final board of the tournament was dealt Jspade9diamond2spade6spade6heart and Dunst earned his spot on the WPT Champions Trophy. Fundaro was awarded $100,000 as the runner up and Dunst took home the lion’s share of the prize pool worth $145,000 and WPT champions trophy.

2013 Caribbean WPT Final Results:





Tony Dunst



Giacomo Fundaro



Severin Schleser

$ 63,500


Marvin Rettenmaier

$ 46,800


Zoltan Purak

$ 35,900


Robert Bakker

$ 28,700


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