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Sunday, 11 August 2019

Summer, sun and… tennis. The sport in white is in the lead, regardless if played on a clay court or on grass, by the women’ s team or the men’s, in the pro tournaments or under the ITF’s aegis. For punters, it’s an ideal time to have fun making money. Even if we’re not too good at tennis, all we have to do is apply a mathematical formula to each bet. Otherwise, we’ll meet up with friends and sulk about the fact that an 1.07 odd made us give up the money again. So, what matches should we pick to win with the Fibonacci series? Because that’s what’s going to help us…


What is the Fibonacci series and how do you apply it


In Fibonacci’s series of numbers, each number represents the sum of the previous two numbers, starting with 0 and 1. As such, the series starts with 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610 and so on. In sports betting, the strategy is very easily applied – after a bet was lost, the next stake is given by the next number in the series, and after each bet won, you start over from the first number in the series.


As to maximize the profit, there are punters who don’t start over from the first number in the series after a win, and instead, they go back to the number before the one that brought them the win.


Be careful, though! You need to establish a hardy budget in order to play like this, and punters aren’t the ones who look to get rich quick, overnight, and this is due to the fact that a winning bet will bring a profit that is equal to at most several percent of the total bank (usually 2% – 5%).


Where do you apply it


In order for it to bring profit, betting according to the Fibonacci series requires big odds, of over 3; however, even an odd over 2 can bring a plus, but it won’t be a consistent one! Usually, the large 3, 4 odds are gained by betting live on game points or breaks. As you’ve probably understood from the aforementioned, the Fibonacci series fits very well with the initial RON 1 stake, so that a bank of RON 2,000 would be enough if we were to have a black series with 15 bets lost. However, depending on what your possibilities are, the stake can be a multiple of 10. Regardless of the option, four winning bets in a series of 15 will bring you a RON 24 profit or the multiplied amount you bet.


Be careful! Do not bet more than the established budget! Bet responsibly and do not exceed the budget! Bet only as much as you can stand to lose.


What games to choose and how to bet


In order to get 3 and over 3 odds at the live tennis matches, it is best to bet on the breaks. The most losses registered on the serve are in the case of the women’s matches and especially those played on a clay court.


The ideal match to pick will have balanced odds (1.60 – 2.30 or 1.70 – 2.20), and in this case, the odds for the breaks will be somewhere between 2.00 and 3.00. Breaks in male matches are rarer, and that’s why they have better odds (an over 4.00 odd). The little over 2.50 odds are enough for us, as they are the ones needed to make a profit in the Fibonacci series. A break per set means that we have to have an established budget that will ensure at least 10 bets. You just have to find that one match in which these breaks exists, to bet on the break and wait for the profit.


Besides the bets on the breaks, where it’s ideal that we choose women’s matches, we can bet on a fair score in the men’s matches, for example. The player who serves to win at a game at 15 or 30. It wouldn’t be best to bet on the first game, instead only after we’ve studied the players for at least two serves each. Therefore, we bet from game 5! We can play this way for each serve. This means that our budget must be consistent, so as to withstand more than one set, maybe even an entire match.


The advantages of betting on tennis matches using the Fibonacci system


Betting on live tennis using the Fibonacci number series is an interesting idea and can bring winnings in the short run and in the long run, as well. According to statistics, wins happen at step 5 and rarely move forward from that.  Be careful! It’s not a rule! Another advantage is that you can win in two consecutive games; however, it is also true that all bets placed on a match might end up to be losing bets.


In conclusion, if you want to apply this strategy, set up a budget that allows you to place at least 10 bets. Besides betting live on tennis matches, you can apply this strategy on ties in football, as well. Most of the opinions against applying the Fibonacci series in this area start from this exact point.


The stake in the Fibonacci series in short:

  1. The ideal odd for trying this strategy is of 3.00;
  2. Even after 10 bets lost, the total stake is not too great;
  3. The profit is that much greater as we are more advanced in going over our betting steps;
  4. Patience is essential for the strategy to be successful in the medium and long run.


by Paul Dan


Author: Editor

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