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(Română) De citit, nu de uitat pe poze…

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Toma Coconea: “I want to fly of the Everest”

He is a great sportsman and he does everything with wishing to surpass his own limits. In addition, the love for nature and movement led him to choose the mountain and extreme adventure as battlefields for his records. Thomas Capell is an accomplished athlete who seizes the moment relying on himself and on his desire for self outrun. It’s not easy, but everything seems easy for him and nothing is untouchable or unbreakable.

You were 2 times Vice-Champion at the Red Bull X-Alps and this year you finished on the 10th place in this competition, and this is one of the hardest races of paragliding and mountain Marathon in the world! What’s next? The next edition will you come back to win?

Next year I will go to X-Pyrenees, where I will cross the Pyrenees Mountains and in the same time I’ll train for a better participation in the X-Alps in 2015.

How many hours do you train every day and what does this training consist of?

For me it training is a way of life, and I can’t say that I’ve been training in a specific way. Of course, when the event I wish to participate at is approaching I start to become more disciplined. Otherwise, my training consists in trying to surpass my limits. For example, on November 16, I will participate in a charity event in Monaco, 7 days and 7 nights marathon, where I will try to beat the last year record of 1050 miles, and where I want to cover a minimum of 1100 km.

 You were the sportive type since childhood? Where from comes this love for sports and in particular for mountains?

 I was part of a club of orientation since childhood; it was here where I discovered paragliding. I like all sports that involve nature, including skydiving, snowboarding, paragliding and mountain racing.

 Do you think consider yourself to be a lucky guy?

Yes, I’m lucky, because first I love what I do and I am continuously motivated, thus my spirit is still very young and I’m not thinking about retirement, wishing to participate in as many competitions as possible, as long as my health allows it.

 What bothers you the most in Romania of our days? Why?

 I can say that what bothers me the most is the manipulation present in the media, which discourages people, everywhere you look it is all about the crisis. We must not fear tomorrow, we must think positive, be optimistic.

Instead, I am happy to see that more people are turning to sport, there are increasingly more participants to the marathon-like competitions, a lot of bikers and this is a positive thing for our country.

In which category do you include gambling: vice or entertainment? Why?

It’s a passion that pushes people to socialize and have fun. Of course, one has to know one’s limits and do not try to overcome them, and when I say limits I particularly refer to the financial ones.

Now a day, in our country, as well as abroad, Texas Hold’em is in fashion. What is your perception of the today’s modern Poker? Is it just luck? Is it just a game or can you consider it more than that?

It clearly is a combination of the two, but it is a game that requires intelligence, it develops mental abilities, and we can also say that it is a game that implies a lot of strategy making.

 As in paragliding, in poker you must know your limits, both disciplines require strategy, you must take into account all the variables. In paragliding is a constant struggle with nature. If, for example, you fly around 200-300 km, than you must try to foresee and adapt to the weather conditions encountered along the route.

 Have you ever been in a casino or a game room in Romania or abroad? If yes, what  was your impression on the atmosphere out there?

 I was in Monte Carlo, out of curiosity, and I liked it very much.

 In our country there are a lot of prejudices about all gambling activities. Why do you think that happens?

 I don’t have a negative opinion. For many it is a way of life, a funfair, as running is for me. There is nothing to blame in that.

Do you think about the future often or you only live for today?

 I also have plans for the future, but I can say that I like very much to live the moment. One of my future plans would be to cross Greenland by kite. Also, I want to fly of the Everest. Basically, my plans for the future include the overcoming of my own limits.

 What convinced you to accept the collaboration with PokerStars?

 I was drawn to the fact that they support and help other sports. We could achieve performance in many sports, if they should be supported.

 Do you believe that in life one also needs good luck?

 No doubt about it, just that often we make our own luck and we do not have to let the first dead end we encounter to bring us down, but on the contrary, we must become stronger.

(Română) Full Tilt Poker oferă o experienţă unică în turneele de calificare prin echipa sa de Ambasadori

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romanian.


Sorry, this entry is only available in Romanian.

21 is the minimum age for Macau

Starting the 1st November all workers and visitors in Macau, must be 21 years of age or above to be allowed to enter casinos in the former Portugese enclave. Some casino operators have had this regulation in place for sometime now, but only today was it passed into law. It also includes a provision that allows people to request a voluntary casino entry ban. Macau’s gaming regulator said in a statement yesterday that it will send out its inspectors to provide necessary assistance while casino employees are checking the age of those entering.

Federal online poker law wanted by Nevada Governor

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has sent a letter to federal lawmakers supporting a bill to legalize online poker. Sandoval’s letter, sent last week, was delivered to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Speaker John Boehner, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. It outlines the reasoning for a federal framework enabling states to regulate their own gaming industries in the online world.

“While many states have long-standing proficiency in regulating brick-and-mortar gaming within their boundaries, the advent of Internet gaming has introduced a borderless element that state regulation alone cannot address,” Sandoval’s letter said. Sandoval said he supports the efforts of Reid and Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl, who have worked on legislation to legalize Internet poker.

Nevada is among several states that have approved legislation and regulations addressing in-state online poker. Several companies already have been licensed to offer online poker and are in various stages of developing systems to begin play as soon as early 2013.

PKR launches Oktoberfest

Next-gen poker site PKR.com has released details of its Oktoberfest online tournament festival, a 51-event series beginning on 27 October with total prize pools expected to exceed $450,000.

The series offers one headline tournament each day with low-, mid- and high-stakes versions of the same event to cater for players of every bankroll. Participants will also earn leaderboard ranking points, and once the series is complete, the top leaderboard performers from each stake level will compete in a six-handed freeroll for a $3,000 WPT National Dublin package and the title of Oktoberfest Champion. A total of $3,500 in additional tournament ticket prizes will also be paid out among the leaderboards’ next highest placed finishers.

With a wide range of buy-ins – from $1.50 to $270 – and game variations, the 2012 Oktoberfest offers more tournaments and a bigger total prize pool than any of its predecessors. The series also features a $270 buy-in $75,000 guaranteed PKR Masters and culminates in a trio of two-day Oktoberfest Championship events, which take place from 11-12 November. The final tables from the PKR Masters and each Championship event will be broadcast later in the year on PKR TV via the Poker Channel and PKR’s YouTube channel, with analysis from Team PKR Pro.

Illinois governor vetoes gambling-expansion bill

Reuters reports that Illinois Governor Pat Quinn vetoed a bill that would have expanded gambling and increased the number of casinos in the state, saying the measure fell short on ethical standards and oversight.

According to Reuters, the governor said that the bill did not ban contributions from gaming licensees and casino managers to political campaigns, noting that several other states, including Massachusetts, New Jersey, Iowa and Indiana, have such restrictions.

The bill, Reuters reports, would have increased the number of casinos in Illinois from 10 to 15, including a first one in Chicago, and would have allowed slot machines at race tracks.

Tropicana Las Vegas reports $5.9 million second-quarter loss

The Tropicana Las Vegas Tuesday reported a $5.9 million loss in the second quarter, less than a week after the hotel-casino named a new president and chief operating officer.

The Strip property, which will open a new nightclub, beach club and restaurants next month, said the quarterly loss was an improvement from the $9.4 million loss in the same period last year. The company attributed the smaller loss to a modest increase in year-over-year net revenue from $24.4 million to $25.4 million.

“Although there has been a slight increase in visitor volume to the Las Vegas market in the recent year, consumer spending continues to remain low,” the company said in its quarterly earnings report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The hotel also attributed its loss to lower corporate spending on conventions due to the current global economic conditions.

The 1,375-room property said casino revenue in the second quarter was $10.2 million, compared to $9.6 million in the same period last year. Food and beverage revenue was $6.5 million, a decline from $7.5 million in the second quarter of 2011.

Hotel room occupancy was 93 percent, while the average daily room rate jumped from $66 to $79.