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What online slots do we play (2) – Warlords: Crystals of Power

by Mircea Panait

One of the latest online slot games launched by the company Netent is Warlords: Crystals of Power, which features a fascinating story and exceptional graphics.

The action takes place in mythical, storytelling times, when legendary fighters were disputing supremacy over land and riches. After years of wars, struggling battles, robberies and conquests, only three fighters survive: the Barbarian, the Priestess, and the Samurai. They are the three ones left in the battle and the ones who will fight the ultimate battleship to conquer everything and rule the world. We tested this game at Netbet, the Casino section.

The game has 5 lines (roles) and 3 columns, 30 combinations, wild symbols, scatter, re-rotation, free spins and a RandomWild. For each of the three heroes, the Barbarian, the Priestess, and the Samurai, there are assigned different free spins, and so the struggle between the three leaders begins.

It depends on what you want to choose, the Barbarian, the Priestess or the Samurai…

The presentation is great, the beginning movie being extremely well designed. It immediately projects you into the fascinating world of heroes and fighters. The soundtrack matches, it’s worth listening carefully. The presentation takes about one minute:

Some words about Battle Mode:

If two different Scatter symbols appear on rolls, 1 Scatter symbol is randomly chosen to turn to the other symbol so that both are identical before starting Re-spin (re-rotations). There is a 50/50 chance for the symbol to be chosen as Active Scatter symbol. If 2 Scatter symbols of the same type and a Scatter symbol of a different type appear on the rolls, the Scatter symbols will turn, after a battle, in the same type before starting Re-spin (re-rotations). In this situation, there is a 75% chance that the symbol with 2 Scatter symbols becomes the active symbol. If there are 3 different Scatter symbols on the rolls, the Scatter symbols will turn, after a battle, to the same type before starting Re-spin (re-rotations). In this situation, there is an equal chance that each of the three symbols becomes the active symbol.

The actual game, in a few spins:

Level 10, stake to 150 (the maximum)

After a few spins that didn’t do much, here’s the first substantial prize with 5 Wild symbols:

Then, we entered the Battle mode (shown above):

Freespins’ emergence for the Barbarian brought 24 additional Freespins and 2369 extra Chips:

We played this game, we worked on this batch for about 30 minutes and it’s really exciting. Fun, engaging, enjoyable, reasonable gains, maximum fun. This online slot is accessible on your PC, tablet, mobile phone and it’s worth trying it out.

Casino Technology smooths the way of its products on the Romanian market

Being amongst the top three performing brands rated by the biggest Romanian operation networks, Casino Technology is continuing its progressive product development and market positioning which had started with the strategically introduction of the GAMOPOLIS series of games. Delivering great customer support and recognized as committed gaming experts the Romanian team of Casino Technology welcomed  customers, visitors and partners at the company’s stand at the exhibition Entertainment Arena, 2015 in Bucharest and showcased the recent masterpieces of the innovative gaming collection of the company whereas the leading role deservedly played the newest ARCH™  slot machine.

Martin Ivanov, Business Development Manager of Casino Technology’s associate company in Romania shared more facts about the show: “The premiere of the one-of-a kind ARCHslot machineproved ARCH’s ultimate membership in the league of the premium gaming products and got high evaluation and multiple installations commitments from the trend-setting operators in Romania. The elegant slant top design of ARCHTM and the dedicated full HD multi-game suite “TREASURE JOURNEY” fits perfect to the preferences of players who are used to navigate amid a versatile slots mix featured by the multi-game platform and the same time responds to operators need to optimize the product selection per venue and be on the wave of the cutting-edge technological solutions. The market introduction ARCH it will be made as soon as obtained type approval and we work hard to ensure better positioning ARCH™ and to fulfill orders from customers who have decided to welcome into their locations. “

The undoubted 2015 best seller AURORAequipped with GAMOPOLIS HIGHWAY versions employing a library of more than 250 unique games reaffirmed the great success and growing popularity of the product all over Romania. “The product demand driven by the sustaining performance, impeccable quality level and the exclusive commercial terms has turned AURORA™ into a must have” slot machine for any competitive slot venue and lots of customers visited the stand at the exhibition with the primarily objective to see how the product would be developed for the future, as well as to benefit from the preferential exhibition discounts for their next orders” – explained Martin Ivanov. “Auroraslot machine and the multi-game series GAMOPOLIS™ has a big potential and their market presence would be almost doubled within next few months” – stated Ivanov.

Casino Technology’s response to the high market expectation of the brand had been directed by the most talented artists of the company and appeared with a new name at the show – GAMOPOLIS SPEEDWAY™ the multi-game series which is to be released till end of 2015 in successive game versions starting from 70, each featuring 40 unique games empowered by a new system library and improved command reaction resulting into 50% increase both for the game play speed and customer’s entertainment.

          The new regulation framework and increased technical requirements for transparency and control over the gaming market in Romania implied serious dynamics and ongoing business restructuring within all operation networks which are striving to comply with the law with minimal risk and ensure presence of most reliable technological partner for their future business growth. The regulation had opened a new market segment for the gaming systems and Casino Technology showcased its revolutionary system suite THE BIG 5™ combining 5 sophisticated systems RHINO, BUFFALO, ELEPHANT, LEOPARDand LIONfully capable to provide a reliable and compliant solution that can facilitate efficient, real-time controlled and customer-oriented online/offline infrastructure.

The Casino Management System RHINO combines diverse modules such as Accounting, Monitoring, Cashless, Player Tracking, Jackpots, CRM, Reception, Kiosk, Marketing, Live game offering operators a wide range of tools and options to improve the control on the casino floor and increase the customer acquisition and retention rate while optimizing the management and operational processes. The full integration of  RHINO Casino Management System with BUFFALO Universal Jackpot Server provide operators with the opportunity to design jackpot groups, prizes and marketing programs dedicated to certain player’s profiles, events and products as well as to link all slot machines into a Wide Area Jackpot serving as an ultimate players magnet.

“The smart architecture of THE BIG FIVE system suite allows each of the systems to be installed independently but also to run as all-in-one technology environment for linking land-based and online operations under a single casino brand, coupled with high-end technology, customer service, compelling casino content and strong marketing concept behind which gives us a big advantage at the market”– said Martin Ivanov. “We recorded a great interest at the show especially for RHINO™ and BUFFALO™ systems as well as the advanced LEOPARD™ online gaming platform with the integrated ELEPHANT™ remote game server which seem to become the next sales pitch of Casino Technology in the unsaturated system segment in Romania “ – concluded Ivanov.

The State and the efforts amade against addiction – Part 1

by Laurențiu Neacșu – gaming expert

Both media and the official stand of government representatives say that Gambling generates addiction among population.


The last modification of the regulatory framework, performed in December 2014, has tried to improve this situation by establishing a public interest foundation by the legislature, intended to conduct public programs against the effects of addiction, in line with the European law. In this context, it is relevant to address the relevant European forum on gambling addiction, which is considered a disease, addressed with the word “treatment” and not „counseling”.

Thus, article 4 paragraph 2 of the draft of the Norms of Implementation already notified to the European institutions, stated: “The public interest Foundation referred to in Art. 10 (4) of the Ordinance is based on legal provisions, having the main aim to implement and comply with the measures on socially responsible gaming, adopted by the European Committee for Standardization. ”

The respective measures relate to:

  1. Performance of research and study activities, including from independent sources, on the understanding of gambling problems. The results of these studies will be used to identify and implement future actions to develop responsible gambling
  2. The organization of conferences and seminars presenting the concept of responsible gaming.
  3. Information and recurrent training (eg. Annually) on responsible gambling and with current information, of the employees of the gambling operators.
  4. The training of the employees should include information about:
    1. Guiding players with problems towards specific treatments.
    2. Means and methods of identifying the age of the players, to prevent access of minors to game devices.
    3. Effective means of self-exclusion or “cooling of” the players, especially for the staff dealing with customers.
  5. Organizers of gambling undertake to provide within the organization a level of awareness of the existence of problems caused by gambling, so that responsible gaming to become an everyday attitude of the employees.
  6. Gambling organizers shall ensure that their salesmen:
    1. are informed in writing that they are forbidden to lend players in any form.
    2. are equipped with support materials (brochures, posters, etc.) so as to educate players about the responsible gaming.
    3. are informed in writing about the management procedures for self-exclusion of players so as to be able to support them when required.
    4. are informed in writing about responsible gambling before starting a sales campaign. Training conducted by specialists is preferred.
    5. if necessary, they can receive training on how to address gambling problems.
    6. are evaluated annually on the effectiveness of the work performed to promote responsible gaming.
  7. Launching a new game/ a new product:
    1. Must be preceded by a study of impact on players regarding the related risks. The organizers will be forced to implement strategies aiming to minimize the probability of risks materializing.
    2. In the case of high risk the launching may take place only if the new product is improved or if the other high-risk products already on the market get better managed.
    3. It should include self-exclusion solutions for the players whenever it is operational possible – for all players, not just those with gambling problems.
  8. All studies and processes described above will be documented as formally as possible.
  9. For remote gaming:
    1. Customer Registration requires obtaining minimal information such as name, age, address, username and password. To verify them, whenever necessary, organizers will use specialized third parties specialized on the verification of the right of playing of the potential client.
    2. The organizers shall ensure that the systems include: address validation, restricting access for people under 16, 18 or 21, depending on jurisdiction.
    3. Changing credit limits will be performed immediately downwards, but with a delay (eg 24 hours.) for “cooling off” the player in case of increasing modifications.
    4. No player is allowed negative credit.
    5. The implementation of systems of self-exclusion of the player is mandatory. Furthermore, any marketing or promotional action will not be directed to the self-excluded player.
    6. Where time is important (eg. in live games between players) information on the time spent at the game will be displayed, account status, warnings about the time spent playing, etc. so the player does not lose touch with reality.

[… To be continued in our next issue…]

(Română) ROMSLOT duce mai departe conceptul responsabilitatii sociale şi aliniază România la angajamentele europene

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romanian.

Why you must come to the European Slot Summit in Bucharest

As you know, from June the 9th to 11th, at the Novotel Hotel, will take place one of the most important events dedicated to gambling in our country. If you have been to their events or not until now, you must keep in mind that each year a new European city  is elected to be the host. This time Bucharest was elected, and it is the first time that this event is held so deep into Eastern Europe.

Obviously, a lot of high-ranking representatives of the leading companies in Europe and worldwide will come to Bucharest to attend to this event and, of course, they will be interested to know and discuss with the representatives of our gambling industry.

The benefits. Sure, a better knowledge of the gaming space in Romania would be beneficial for both sides, both for foreigners and for us. But I don’t think it will happen so often for an event such as this to take place in our country. And the benefits are particulary ours, for our companies. Rather than travelling the world spending money on airline tickets, accommodation and meals for 3-4 days, I think it would be easier to come to the Novotel. It’s not somewhere far away, it is in our downtown.

Here is not equal to There. I am sure that you gentlemen know your business and the realities surrounding it very well, and you don’t need anyone to tell you how to handle it, but if you apealto reason instead of your ego and you think on medium and long term, you’ll see that the opportunity of being at the European Summit Slot is greater for you than let’s say for a Norwegian, for the mere fact that this event takes place at home, in your own backyard. For a Swede or a Spanish that goes to Paris or Berlin for such events, this has become a trivial fact. There, businesses are going well, true the profit margins are not so great, but surely law doesn’t change there every year, and the business environment is stable and they can make a long term business plan. Our interest would be for them to find new business opportunities here as well, for them to get to know the companies here. And then, I think they want to find you in the hall during the three-day Summit, so that they could meet you and to be able to build future bridges of communication with you, and why not, collaborative partnerships.

Knowledge. The information provided and communicated at such events are great for your business even if they come from an environment of business different from ours, but you’ll see that there are always similarities between our gambling markets. There were people who, having attended our Slot Business Seminar event last year, have said: “We have applied what Mr. Wijsman said at the class and we were successful, that was shown in the revenue, as well”. It’s great to see the abundance of topics that will be addressed in those 3 days in June: Multi Media in Casinos, Gambling Marketing, Gaming Hall Player Profiles, and the Mathematics of the Games, including the establishment of the odds in the betting agencies, Communication with our players, the Design and development of a Game. The ambience of a gaming location and its associated marketing, real-time data processing, our ability to store such data and knowing what to do with them, Performance Analysis of the Multi-Games, Server-based Gaming, Surprise Jackpots and Prizes (Mystery Prizes), plus discussions related to the Romanian gambling legislation and the business opportunities offered by the market in our country are just some of the topics addressed at this Summit.


The people. Consider that you now have a variety of speakers, speakers that will communicate their knowledge for 3 days, from morning to evening. Only if you think that Marco Herrera, Vice President “Bally Technologies”, Aleksey Belinskiy-General Manager “Steelman Partners  Europe”, Arjan Korstjens – Director of Strategy at QUINCE Amsterdam or Chris Dempsey from “Intelligent Gaming Systems” will be there, and I am convinced that you will have 3 excellent days.


You may have met these people before, or not. You may have heard this information before or not. We don’t know what and how much information each of you have, but we are sure that with this diversity of knowledge you will be able to select those things which are most important to you, and it is possible that over time, some other things that will be said here will seem interesting to you and applicable to your business. You just have to have the wit to sort them and confront them to your business reality.

But do not express your opinion unknowingly. Don’t be reactive to information just because you don’t know yet where to place it in your matrix of values. Be wise and think on medium and long term. Not all will have the opportunity you’ll have on June 9th, 10th and 11th. This amount of knowledge could make a difference at one point. You should be the one in advantage, do not let another take your place.


Invest in human resources. I don’t know, maybe it’s a problem of mentality, or maybe not, but this kind of events can help you overcome the never ending gambling law-related issues and start to do business for real. I know that the legislation issue is a thorny one and the law does no one denies its importance at the moment, but please, get over it and look to the future. And the future will rely on the human resource and the way you take care of it. Events like the Slot Business Seminar conducted by us or the European Summit Slot by Clarion Events and Slot Academy are not daily ones. Is not every day that as many prominent men gather to Bucharest to discuss gambling. Invest in you and your team because in the end the one who has the most educated and informed people will be on top and not the one who has more or the best devices or rooms.


The price. I find that the investment to come to the European Summit Slot is well adapted to the Romanian reality. Especially that the organizer has offered a 20% discount from the initial price. In addition, the money for the three days of intensive training, also include lunch and dinner, plus evening entertainment. Therefore, I do not think the price would be a problem. At the end, when you draw the line, you’ll see that you get a lot for that money.


Socializing and Networking. In our opinion, the most important thing you’ll appreciate at this event is the advanced degree of socialization and networking that you can get after these 3 days of the event. We are convinced that it all comes down to you meeting new people, and to the fact that they can be part of your network of knowledge, potential business partners. Consider that during and after each event day you have a chance to know the most important people in your area, who can help you in your business, investors who can invest in your business. Why would you dismiss such an opportunity? I don’t think you will.


Dear partners, I know for sure that you are too smart not to see that there are only advantages and opportunities everywhere if you come at the European Slot Summit in Bucharest, June 9 to 11 at the Novotel Hotel. Think of everything I have said above and take the right decision: COMING to the SLOT SUMMIT!


Martin Ivanov, General Manager of Casino Technology – Romania: THE BIG 5™ suite provides a perfect solution for Romanian operators to benefit from changing legal environment

Casino Technology achieved another remarkable performance at ICE Totally Gaming, reaffirming Company’s reputation as one of the major industry innovators and further consolidating its positions on the global gaming stage. Freezing February weather in London did not prevent hundreds of visitors to stop by Casino Technology’s spectacular booth in order to take a look at the future of gaming innovations.

Company once again succeeded to wow visitors of one of the largest gaming exhibition, displaying a stunning mix of innovations and proven developments for land-based and online sectors. Dazzling games, exciting multi-game series, cabinets of next generation and complete gaming solutions met guests at the blue-white booth of the Company in Excel Exhibition and Convention Centre. Representatives of many of the largest international operators and distributors stopped by to learn about the latest developments and explore opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation.


Technology excellence
Regional offices of Casino Technology have a great contribution to its success on the global gaming scene. Adhering to its principle “Think globally, act locally”, the company’s multiple branches provide tailor-made solutions for customers around the world, supported by world-class client service and uncompromising integrity.

“This year’s participation of Casino Technology in ICE Totally Gaming was a culmination of our long-term efforts to cover the entire range of gaming services and technologies that a client may need. Company showcased a huge variety of products – from compelling multi-game mixes to progressive link solutions to state-of-the-art convergence developments, creating a complete environment of technology excellence,” explained Martin Ivanov, General Manager of Casino Technology – Romania.

As always standing on the cutting edge of the technological wave, Casino Technology displayed in London the ultimate multichannel gaming solution, THE BIG 5™ system suite, designed with the goal in mind to help clients to smoothly transfer their operations from land-based to online or start a new online business. “THE BIG 5™ suite is our answer to the need of new convergence technologies within the industry amid the lightning-fast advent of interactive gambling and betting channels worldwide”, Martin said.  “In the light of recent law amendments Romania has all the prerequisites to take advantage of these trends and THE BIG 5™ provides a perfect solution for local operators to benefit from the changing market and legislation environment due to its proven technology platform, unique convergence features and modularity allowing to flexibly configure it to meet different needs and requirements”.

A key element of THE BIG 5™ suite, RHINO™ Casino Management System, is already smoothly  operating  in many gaming locations in Europe and Africa, offering numerous tools for managers to enhance daily operations, improve accountability and boost customer relationship. Working in conjunction with BUFFALO™ Universal Jackpot Server, it allows a full control and customization of operations in a casino.  RHINO’s convergence features of next generation, including options of linking with LEOPARD™ Online Gaming Platform and ELEPHANT™ Remote Game Server, make it a must-have technology for any operator who would like to stay ahead of the competition.

BUFFALO™ hardware-less jackpot system adds value by enabling various configurations  for flexible grouping of slot machines and games to Local or Wide Area Progressive, including linking of online and land-based groups to the same jackpot through its integration with LEOPARD™ Online Gaming Platform  (if legally provisioned by law).   “Casino Technology has a remarkable legacy of successful jackpot concepts, including the highly demanded and popular multilevel jackpot system FUSION™. The winning combination of an advanced CMS like RHINO™ and customizable jackpot solution like BUFFALO™ can provide a clear competitive edge for Romanian operators who would like to boost their business through the latest gaming technology”, stated Ivanov.

Going online

According to him, transferring casino floor operations to the virtual space is the next logical step to make. In this regard LEOPARD™ Online Gaming Platform could be of special interest for local businesses given the recent changes of the legal environment in Romania. “The new Government Emergency Ordinance, that entered into force on 13th February 2015, was described by many experts as a revolution for the Romanian gambling industry, and more particularly, for online gaming. In the presence of the necessary legal prerequisites for rapid expansion of online gambling business, the issue of technology acquires new significance, ” explained Martin. “The excellent references for LEOPARD™ at ICE Totally Gaming show that customers do appreciate its innovation, flexible applications and efficiency which make it a perfect technology match for every operators who would like to establish a solid online presence in no time and without efforts”.

The platform is intended for operators who are looking for a cost-efficient and functional tool to establish or run their online casino businesses. It offers a fully manageable back office platform in combination with proven and diverse casino games content featuring casino slots, live casino roulette box, bingo, virtual racings and football, user-friendly interface, various payment gateways, advanced business and marketing tools as well as sophisticated accounting and reporting instruments that enable an effective and precise control of online operations.

Casino Technology can offer both a state-of-the-art networked technology and know-how to Romanian operators looking to make the leap from land-based to online in compliance with new legal requirements. Company’s new development – CHEETAH™ Local Control Server is already operating in Bulgaria, ensuring real-time monitoring and effective management and control of online operators activities by state institutions.

A winning combination

Cabinets were another major asset in Casino Technology’s product portfolio displayed at ICE Totally Gaming.  Classic TANGRA™ and SENSA™ slot machines enjoy great popularity among customers of many markets worldwide, including in Romania, thanks to their reliable performance and trouble-free operating.  Offered in combination with market-leading GAMOPOLIS™ series, both cabinet lines can be seen in numerous premium gaming locations across the country, establishing themselves as one of the most recognizable products of  Casino Technology and one of the main factors for the success of the company in the market. “The glamorous design of our new cabinet proposal, the new AURORA™ upright, can not go unnoticed even in the most crowded casino hall. Its fans are exponentially growing with each new installation in Romania, as local players quickly realized its undoubted advantages and unique gaming experience it provides” Martin added.

The original concept of the hit GAMOPOLIS HIGHWAY™ multi-game series, which has already won the hearts and minds of the Romanian players, complement the technological sophistication of cabinets, enabling operators to cover the widest possible range of customer requirements and profiles due to its huge variety of games, themes, bonuses and other attractive features. “Casino Technology has a long tradition of marketing cutting-edge products that make players fell in love immediately. The concept of GAMOPOLIS HIGHWAY™ builds on the expertise and experience of the company in developing compelling and highly demanded game titles, but gaming pleasure is elevated to a whole new level due to expanded diversity and choice, ” said Martin.

The company relies on several exciting innovations which were also displayed in London to increase its market share in Romania. The new Asian themed progressive link series PEACOCK&DRAGON™ as well BINGOGATOR™ e-bingo multi-game of 4 gripping titles will provide increased slot mix diversity from Romanian operators and enhanced gaming experience for players.

Building on its experience at other markets, Casino Technology is currently exploring the opportunity of marketing a new AWP product for Romanian market.  “The concept will be further clarified in consultation with Romania operators and state institutions in order to develop and certify a successful and competitive product, which fully meets the new legal requirements,” Martin announced.

“The success of Casino Technology on the Romanian market is a result of Company’s dedicated efforts to offer local businesses most suitable and profitable products and solutions backed by uncompromising customer care by our team. The feedback both from ICE visitors and our Romanian clients shows that all those who want to get a hint for future development of gaming technologies must keep an eye on Casino Technology’s latest proposals as company always manages to go the extra mile, surprising clients and experts with creative novelties,  innovative solutions and technology perfection” he concluded.






Casino extremely pleased with Konami popularity

Casino Dinant in Belgium has expanded the number of Konami slots it has on the casino floor. Now players at Casino Dinant can enjoy the mixture of single-game and multi-game Konami slots in a complete bank. The excellent graphics and the games maths that is unique to Konami has brought about truly entertaining games. Furthermore, players can switch games extremely quickly. The game changes instantaneously and puts Konami at a distinct advantage when compared with several other slot manufacturers.

Casino Dinant General Manager Mr. Camille Continelli explains the casino strategy for Konami slots: “We originally had a small number of single games from Konami on the casino floor. We took the strategic decision to increase the number and place them in two banks. This has paid off very well. My opinion is that a casino can best benefit from Konami slots when at least a complete bank of these machines are placed together. We also mixed the single and multi games machines together in the bank and our customers like this mixture. We are very pleased with the popularity of these ten Konami slots and are considering expanding this number further”.

DRGT is the European distributor for Konami in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Northern Cyprus and Malta – is proud to announce a further success with Konami slots. Mr. Jurgen De Munck, CEO and co-founder of DRGT, notes, “Following on from our reports on Konami successes in Germany, it is great to inform the industry of successes in our home country. We take great note of Mr. Continelli’s comments that creating a full bank of Konami machines increasing player interest and so machine turnover for Konami slots”.

Mr. Joost van Egeraat, Sales Director Europe at DRGT, is the contact for all Konami requirements within DRGT. Mr. van Egeraat can be reached by mobile phone on +32 48 36 78 866 or alternatively by email joost@drgt.net. Naturally Mr. van Egeraat can be contacted as well for systems requests.

Should we invest in Human Resources?

In this issue we have decided to talk about the importance of the human resource for an gambling operator. Basically, in this article we want to highlight, according to our investigations and competent industry opinions, that the preparation level of the employees can turn a company into a profitable business.

The elements considered essential for the success of a betting or slot location, are the place, environment, product diversity, winning percentage, and maybe, at last, the preparation of employees.

Within the pages of our magazine we have presented many events from both casinos and gaming halls and we can say with certainty that the difference between normal and exceptional events is provided by both the Organization and the presence of mind and the experience of the team that was managing the clients. Moreover, the employees were those who could make the difference between a unique environment and a regular one for such events.

During the discussions that took place in the break of the workshop given by Lucien it was highlighted that we lack an organized presentation and education of those in middle and top management positions. Basically, Lucien makes this through the Slot Academy which, although a program managed and appreciated by most of those who attended, has a pretty low attendance on the part of those who work or conduct Romanian gambling operators. Although we are 70.000 betting posts and we have a high quality of slots, the presence of Romanians is relatively small to non-existent. For us, as observers, it is a paradox that the operators pay 15-20,000 euros for a state-of-art slot, but they do not spend a few thousand euros for better trained managers.

Following discussions with various operators we have tried to determine the percent represented by wages of the income of an operator or of a gaming hall. Depending on the size, services, outsourcing or of internalization of services such as cleaning or guarding, salaries and taxes can start at 10% and can reach up to 25% of the revenue of a gaming hall. At company level, as far as I understand, the salaries and fees should be between 7-10% of the revenue.

As far as we could understand, the salaries are not low, because an employee with no experience starts at 1,000-1,200 Ron net and a hall manager at 2,000-2,500 Ron net. However, the investment in training courses of slot management or communication, team management and basic management at all levels of the organization are fundamental in the vision of top management people who have already completed them. This article aims to demonstrate why it pays to invest in human resources in case of the gaming companies. Here are some arguments showing that these investments should be made:

  1. Gambling operators are deeply entrepreneurial companies and they do not have the experience or culture of the system companies. System companies are created based on the modeling of the human resources specifically for the needs of the company.
  2. Deeply entrepreneurial companies use the resources in a multifunctional manner or simply put, every man is good at everything. This attitude, in addition to the sensitivity of the field of activity, generates reluctance on the part of the experienced and well-established people to join the gaming operators, regardless of their size.
  3. The investments made by gambling operators are limited by the strength of the market; the limiting of the investments also determines the limiting of the understanding and of the value human resources hold.
  4. Although the human resources in the area of gaming have an average training, the salaries here touch or exceed the average due to the sensitivity of the activity field. This effect produces self-satisfaction, which, in turn generates a lack of need for knowledge and development, virtually the lack of a competitive environment.
  5. In case of a gaming operator, the lack of information produces a lack of human resources in analysis and data interpretation, which are so necessary to the decision-making process.
  6. The lack of positions and similar standards from one company to another. Although in the same area of activity, two sports betting operators can have completely different structures. This doesn’t happen in the traditional areas as production or service, where the positions and the requirements for those positions are well known, accepted and where the candidate for a job is determined depending on the fulfillment of these requirements.

Let’s go back to our question: why does it pay off to invest in human resources in gambling? Because this investment chapter is so rarely encountered and there is so little expertise that you cannot fail. (See Lucien Wijsman with his unique Slot Academy and Slot Business Seminar, which was the only event of this type in Romania). The truth is that I have asked the companies if they have organized such courses of slots or betting management and we can say that the response was negative on the part of the large operators. It is our duty as a magazine, to bring as much information and knowledge to the small and medium operators, to inform them and to help them to evolve faster and better than they would have done without us.

As a result, any initiative of this type must begin with a well-developed strategy for the human resources. Once the job description is well defined and the tasks and responsibilities for each job are well understood, the evolution of the employees from specialists to experts should be also supported by knowledge and training, besides repetition and accumulation of experience on the job.


Text BY: Laurențiu Neacșu –  gaming expert

Considering that the marketing niche of 3-5 devices, as I pointed out in my article presented in the previous magazine issue, causes a rise of the entrepreneurial risk, the following question arises: what tools can the managers of the gambling organizers use in order to avoid turning a profit increase attempt into the loss of the exploiting location.

Analyzing the factors affecting the recruitment of new customers or retaining the existing clients we can establish that, in fact, because of the nature of the business, the organizers control a limited number of marketing tools that have relative effectiveness. Also, we remind one of the conclusions expressed in our previous article: any marketing policy used in the case of an operation of 3-5 game devices in a bar, is possible only with the agreement of the location manager. Here are some examples:

  • With the money earned from a successful operation, an owner of a bar located in a rural area decides to renovate the bar and to invest in increasing the comfort of the clients. Therefore, they close the operation for two weeks. Subsequently, caring to protect his investment, he refused to serve several low consume players, which from time to time when they get mad they break a glass or two. Also, no one is allowed to put cigarette ash on the new carpet, and those coming directly from farm work are first sent home to wash, in order not to dirty the new sofas bought from the city.
  • In a location with moderate income in which the game devices are played by ‘Time On Device” players using small stakes, the employer hears that there are certain “better” devices, which “give away big winnings and attract players”. Obviously, he wants those devices too and there are situations when all attempts of motivated refusal are doomed to failure. The new arrived game machine, with increased volatility, declines the normal flow of ins and outs of the operation by providing a substantial and sudden win to one of the regular customers. The lucky winner will buy a last generation gadget.

In the two examples above of typical 3-5 machines operations with a host, it is observed that, on the one hand, that the bar owner has a decisive influence in the life of the operation, and on the other hand, that the organizer is unable to control the players-devices relationship.

Of the few elements that interact – player, organizer, device – the organizer sees that he can only control a few aspects, he can intervene in a limited fashion over some, and most of the business aspects can be only be indirectly or not at all influenced by him. Nevertheles, what can be done? Where can the Organizer interfere with success? Here are some suggestions:

  1. The quality of the equipment. The game means, as I previously mentioned, must be prepared to deal with the operating conditions of the bar. Ruggedness of the cabinets and the resistance of the housing units coming into direct contact with the outside environment are decisive factors in ensuring success. We do not refer here only to assaults performed by players, but also to physical and chemical factors, such as fluctuations of the electricity, the structure of the banknotes, and resistance to extreme temperatures, high humidity or dust. It is known that one of the essential conditions for the success of the operation is making sure that the game means work continuously.
  2. The quality of the games. In the countryside it is more likely to find “professional gamblers” in bars, because, as we know, they do not travel much to play. They are the real resources to finance the exploitation and should be treated with caution, especially since they are rare and important in the dynamics of the financial exploitation. Small operations are usually financed by the 3-4 players. However, the use of volatile games must proceed with caution. Bar owners are not willing to wait a lot of time to recover the extreme winnings made by TOD players, going up to the point of compromising /destroying the contractual relationship.
  3. Healthy contractual relationship. This is, unfortunately, a challenge, considering the fact that the culture of compliance with promises made is almost a non-existent one in our country. However, the selection of the partner and keeping him away from more or less realistic temptations presented by the competitors, are important aspects. It is important to bear in mind the fact that gaming has a special flair: it creates a strong psychological pressure on the bar owner materialized in experiences such as envy that certain players earn too much; the fear of running out of money at the end of the month; greed that causes him to believe that he deserves more, etc. All that the organizer’s staff can do is to evaluate and to manage with a lot of tact and finesse the interpersonal relationship.
  4. Informing the players. Many operators start with the incorrect premise that a player, a person “has a good grasp fast” of how a new game proposed works. This is totally wrong. People, in general, are reluctant to change; they do not read the rules of the game, and they imitate the players nearby in selecting a new game. Moreover, some games require a certain time to unveil the “goodies”, and the modern consumerist culture does not encourage patience, contemplation, analysis. Under these conditions, inexperienced operators complain that their players remain stuck in old games, but they do not do very much to change this.


We conclude that street gambling marketing is controllable and measurable to a degree high enough that it becomes scientifically approachable. At the same time it is a complex approach, which is not only carried out by a team specialized in marketing, but by all the staff as a whole: game builders, contractors, agents that maintain contact with the host, business operators, which relate to players. Each component of the system is critical, as it determines the success of its ensemble.