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At the end of last year, our magazine was awarding the Las Vegas gambling halls for the most dynamic development on Romania’s territory in 2017. This was on account of the company’s sustained rhythm of development, of the brand’s increasing level of famousness and the fact that this company has become a representative one for our profile market, in time. Now Las Vegas has a new owner, Mister T. Andranik, and he has obviously chosen the Casino Inside magazine to present himself to the gambling industry in Romania. We wish him welcome and we assure him that he has our full support.

As such, we invite you to read a very interesting interview with the new owner of Las Vegas, occasion with which you will find out why he chose to invest in the gambling market in our country our the company’s plans for the future.


What is your background in gambling? Do you work in this field or have you worked in this field? Please elaborate, if you can.

I can say that I was born between games of chance. My family has operated in this industry for almost 4 decades. For me, it is absolutely natural to continue my family’s legacy and that is why I do business in this filed.

I have always liked to work with people and that is the reason why I prefer traditional gambling halls over on-line halls. I love seeing the player’s happy reaction when he wins. It is a unique moment of happiness and honesty.


Why did you choose to enter the Romanian gambling market?

To a certain extent, I can say that it was a happy coincidence due to my Romanian friends. I came here to visit a few times and I liked it very much. I can truly say I fell in love with this country. Romanians are open and communicative. I felt good here, in their presence, from the very beginning.

The opportunity to purchase a significant company on the Romanian gambling market came to be by means of my friends, as well. When I started thinking about the purchase, I already knew that Romania had one of the most mature as consolidated gambling markets in Europe. Honestly, I contemplated this choice a lot, also performing a prior evaluation. I believe that the argument which weighed the most in my choice was finally that the Romanian market is a very well-regulated one.


Why did you choose to enter the Romanian gambling market by purchasing a company which manages the Las Vegas brand? What attracted you to this brand?

In short, Las Vegas is exactly what I wanted. For almost 2 years we have analyzed the possibility of expanding our business. You are well aware that there were many arguments determining me to make this purchase and there is no need to lay them all out now.


What type of games and slot machine mixes can be found in your halls?

Currently, we use only established brands on the Romanian market. We have a plan for the near future as to diversify the game mix with a few new things. We intend to use the multiple relations that we have consolidated along time with different names in the industry with this purpose.


Besides games, how do clients have fun in the Las Vegas halls? Which are the promotions with which you entertain your players? How important is marketing in the successful operation of your halls?

Marketing, it will become an essential element of the business. First of all, we want to increase the social and fun element in our halls. We won’t neglect the “responsible game” aspect, either. However, for now, we are focusing on rearrangement and re-branding.


Las Vegas has continuously developed in the last few years. Which are your plans for the future?

The future has already begun for Las Vegas. We have initiated an ample re-branding process. We will also change the ambient style of the halls, which we will rearrange after a new concept. We wish to bring a new vibe, a change in our aspect. We plan to move very fast and I believe we will finalize the changes until January 2019.

The technical re-upgrading is another priority for us. We will introduce, for the first time ever in Romania, new technical solution connected to the gambling activity in the halls.

For the year 2018, we aim at enforcing our position by increasing the quality of services and enforcing the presence in the high-end clients area.


Do you believe that on-line gambling represents a danger to those operating classical gambling halls (on the street)?

Let’s be serious, traditional gambling will never disappear. This phenomenon has been around for thousands of years and shall continue to exist. Exactly as Las Vegas will never disappear, neither will traditional gambling. Remote gambling is another form of competition for us which motivates us to adapt and transform into something better.

If you wish, a reason for which the traditional games are not in danger as you say they are, is the fact that they will be better supported by the state than those on-line because they generate larger and more variated income for their budgets, including those resulting from salary contributions. Or, it is well known that the on-line does not pay such contributions, because there are extremely few employees.


Do you intend to obtain an on-line operating license?

My option for traditional is definitive and it is the result of accumulated experience. This is the future LAS VEGAS.


Bio T. Andranik:

Andranik is from Armenia. His family has been holding business on the gambling market for a long time. They started in Argentina and then extended to other areas, finally reaching Europe, as well. Now, they came closer to their native country, entering the Romanian market as well.

When he speaks about himself, Andranik says that he feels at home in the gambling hall. It is probably because the business is in his blood.


Las Vegas short history:

Andranik speaks very passionately about the business which he wishes to develop. LAS VEGAS has been activating on the Romanian profile market since the year 2000. In its 18 years of activity, the previous company has expanded territory-wise to all relevant urban centers. The team, respectively the LAS VEGAS family, as they like to be called, has almost 600 members. A young family, but obviously, dynamic and well-motivated.

What online slots we play (6) Secrets of Christmas

Secretele Crăciunului

by Mircea Panait

Given the fact that it’s the time of the winter holidays, I’ve made a list of all games specific to the holidays. It’s long list, which contains a lot of interesting slot machine games that you can play.

Here are just a few of the most popular slot machine-type games which have this theme: Secrets of Christmas, Rudolph’s Revenge, Santa Strikes Back, Ho Ho Ho, Jingle Bells, Scrooge, Deck the Halls, Ghosts of Christmas, Santa Surprise, Secret Santa, Merry Christmas, Winter Wonders, Holiday Season, Yule Be Rich, Santastic. I have tested the games made by Netent, RTG, Playtech, Microgaming, BetSoft, Rival and Play’ n’ Go.

Of all of the above, Secrets of Christmas has especially caught my eye and it was the game that I liked the best.

The game has 5 reels and 25 payment lines. It contains Wild and Freespins symbols, with Bonus Freespins functions. The Wild symbols can appear randomly anywhere on the reels (including the Free Spins) and can replace all symbols with the exception of the Scatter symbols.

3 or more Scatter symbols activate 10 Freespins. Before they can start, you may choose from 20 Christmas gifts as to activate the special free spins functions. These are the most important functions, the key of the game, I might say. There are 4 special functions: freespins 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 to which the initial 10 granted are added; additional X2 or X1 multipliers added to the initial X1; Wild Reels which cover 2 reels, or 4 until finishing the Freespins; Additional Wild symbols, that is Candle or Bell symbols which become Wild during free rounds.

The soundtrack gives the feel of a snowy winter day, during which you listen to Christmas carols and play. The music is calm and peaceful, and the sounds make you think about eating cookies.

But lets see how we did in practice. I entered the game with 5000 credit. The stake set at 1.25.

I caught Freespins very quickly, actually unexpectedly quickly:

Secretele Crăciunului

Secretele Crăciunului

And i found myself having chosen out of the toys that were displayed before my eyes. At that moment, the soundtrack started to have more rhythm, almost hearing a train that used to make you happy during your childhood:

I chose an elephant, a toy train engine and a stocking full of gifts. I received 22 Freespins, in total, with a 3 multiplier. I foresee a good win, I tell myself, while i push the button to receive the free spins.

And i was right, from the very first free pull, I won big. On the background of some famous Christmas songs, the soundtrack changes again, becoming even more dynamic. Basically, a mix of the most well known carols and songs dedicated to this period.

While I left the game on auto, a few words about the figurines and symbols used by those who have invented the game. The gingerbread house, the bell, 10, J, Q, K, A, the letters written in fir branches, the candle accompanied by ornaments, the winter stocking with hidden gifts inside, all are very well made from a graphic point of view.

The Wild symbol is very impressive, Santa Claus moving his glasses up on his nose, but the way the lights flare up when you win, as well.

Coming back to the game, after the Freespins, I ended up with the same amount I started with.

I doubled the stake, expecting a more generous win.

After about 6 minutes of not getting much, came a pretty good win, representing 5 pieces:

Amongst the bells and thinking of some cinnamon cookies, i raised the bet at 12.50. Many spins, no winnings.

And suddenly, a big win brought balance back to the budget. 6000 credits, the biggest win up to now at the 12.50 stake.

A new win, however, this time I find myself on the verge of the budget i started out with. Searching for some free spins, I chose to leave the game on auto.

I didn’t even realize when the game hour had passed, the game is truly captivating. I decided to give it another 10 minutes, wishing to once more receive the free spins. I hope I’ll be lucky. However, my credit in decreasing.

Finally, 4 scatters! After having chosen from the gifts, i received 28 Freespins with a X3 multiplier.

After more than an hour and 20 minutes of playing, 5932.23 credits, an actual win of 932.50, which was not at all easy to gain.

The game’s atmosphere, the interface, the soundtrack and the wish to feel like a child again, make you forget how time flies when you’re playing this game. To those of you who are eager to play it, I recommend a slightly higher stake than the minimum one, as to allow you Freespins as many times as possible.

It’s a great game for long winter nights.

(Română) 10 motive pentru care să pui pariuri online

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romanian.

Grenada between loyalty and illegality. A paradox with an unfinished end

The little archipelago formed of 6 islands provides an interesting example of a country where population gambles, yet the gambling activity is not entirely legal.

In 2013, the population of archipelago counted about 106.000 inhabitants, who live on a 344 square km area, which provides a density of 307 people per square km. Grenada is the second large nutmeg manufacturer worldwide, after Indonesia. The official language is English, this country being a former British colony in the 19th century, but which, starting with 1974, had been earning its independence to the British Crown. From 1974 to 1983 when has been USA invasion, the country was a prey for dictators and military juntas.

Land-based in Grenada

Except for the National Lottery games (ex. Super 6, Daily Pick 3), scratch tickets and some state-sponsored bingo games, as to the rest, land-based gambling, are illegal in Grenada.

While other countries in the region provide the tourists who visit the country the opportunity to play, and to actually leave a lot of money in the treasure houses of those countries, Grenada persists toughing it out to not legalize casinos by the strong support of the Christian Church. Fear that indigenous people not start going ”wayward” is great. Politicians long debate this important issue on the daily agenda, but it seems they have failed to reach any compromise so far.

In 2013, the Government put on the table a legislative proposal for the purposes of legalizing this activity, stating its reasons by increasing direct revenues on the state budget and by attracting new tourists to the islands, but the opposition was strong. The authorities even promised that the access to the casinos would only be allowed for foreigners, and the access of people in the archipelago would be strictly monitored and restricted. They have not reached any agreement.

Online gambling in Grenada

Despite its restrictive policies towards live casinos, Grenada had developed a good market for online gambling. Since 1998, the small Caribbean State had allowed foreign investors to obtain offshore gambling operation licenses based on the Internet. Both bets on casino games and betting activities on sports events could have been manifested in the virtual online media here.

Online gambling companies have made minimal efforts to obtain such licenses, the state of Grenada not having claimed too much from them: the central office on the island, a bank deposit at basic level in local banks, and the license was ready. That was despite the facts that anyone on the planet is allowed to gamble under this license in those Grenadian sites and, moreover, the state laid no blockade for the island players not to gamble. Grenada’s luck is that Internet penetration among the population here is only of 34.7% ….

And yet, they gamble in Grenada

Yet, in malls and in certain street areas of the cities in Grenada there is the possibility to gamble on slot machines with cash. The state tolerates the presence of minors in these places and does not collect any money from the operating licenses from such ”arcades”.

Nobody wins from this awkward situation, this conjectural paradox. Both the population and the State lose the chance of a regulated and controlled market that could capitalize the trend and clear connection between the increment of tax revenues and of revenues coming from service and sales of goods related to this business, while allowing people to actually be protected by the danger of pathological game.

Which is the current status?

The team for the pro legalization of gambling on the island is the leader at the moment. There are more frequent discussions that certain ports of the archipelago, especially the capital St. George – which benefits from deep waters, allow the stay of cruise ships that ”haunt” the Caribbean Sea. We all know that these ships house gambling facilities.

Legislatively, in 2014, the Senate approved several guidelines on gambling in the archipelago. This happened after the Lower House of Parliament in Grenada had previously approved the legislation on this subject. It was also necessary the Governor’s approval and its issuance in the Official Gazette. The guidelines voted back then mentioned that live casino licenses could also have been granted only to those locations inside the hotels with over 300 rooms.

The continuous struggle of the Grenadian state bodies and the lack of cohesion on the basic question: who and what can bring welfare on the sixth islands of Grenada, brings things to a stand with serious losses for the economy.


KAJOT is a dynamic, growing company. The proof of this is that the Czech firm is ready to offer its customers and games in the online environment, too. In this Cover Story we present the latest nouvelties that they will introduce on the Romanian market both in the landbased area and in the online gambling zone.

Hello Jan, we haven´t heard from you for some time, tell us please, what is new within the KAJOT?

Hello, there has been a lot going on recently. As usual, the gaming year normally start at the London exhibition, which was for us a big challenge. We have introduced three entirely new cabinets the NEO, which are currently being certified for the Romanian market and will be ready for the exhibition in Bucharest in September 2017.

There is a lot going on for us in many countries around the world starting with Asia, Afrika and in Europe. Colleague of mine Mr. Klepacek will talk more about the latest  new comings, which we will also introduce in the Romania.

I will mainly mention what our clients and potential new clients can look forward to; and this is a completely new the AWP platform that will be introduced in Bucharest, and two new regular slot platforms, that also will be introduced in Bucharest. For those who did not have a chance to see our products in London, are more than welcome to explore more our latest products at the RomExpo in September. We will be there with all the new comings to answer all your questions.

The KAJOT company has been operating on the Romanian market with gaming machines for quite some time. Now they’re preparing another expansion with a new product under the brand of KAJOT GAMES which are games for online casinos. Can you tell me more about the product?

We’ve been working on the HTML5 games project for online casinos for a long time and consider it as one of our top priorities. Our goal is to prepare a product of the same quality as in the case of our gaming machines for the land base segment. Online games for the Romanian market should be based on the achievements in Romanian casinos. We’ve picked the most successful games and reprogrammed them into the most modern programming language for online gaming – HTML5. We’ve also added several updates that appeared in our casinos at the same time. Therefore, Romanian gamers can be looking forward to a selection of our TOP games.

What criteria do your games have to meet?

Our games have to meet all the safety and legislative criteria of the given market. We are sure of the quality of our games, that’s why our certification takes place at the world’s best testing rooms. Our random number generator was tested at the world’s leading testing room, the GLI laboratory. The games are tested in accordance with the international standards at the BMM testing room. When it comes to the quality of the games, our principle is to launch only verified games with the perspective of high playability. It’s not necessary for a game that is successful in the landbase to be also successful in an online casino. We are aware of those differences and that’s why we put so much effort into the game selection for online casinos.

How many games do you currently offer?

At the moment, our partners have been delivered 15 online games, of course in HTML5. However, we have more games prepared, some of them are going to be introduced during this autumn and others at ICE 2018, where you are naturally invited to visit our stand. Our development team is working very thoroughly and therefore, I’m looking forward to present the innovations to our partners.

How are your games different from the other ones on the market?

First of all, our product is verified by plenty of years in casinos of the whole world. We’ve prepared the best games in HTML5 and every new one is ready for both our cabinets and online casinos. Further off, we follow the “mobile first” strategy which means great playability on mobile devices. We’ve worked a lot on the ergonomy of controlling which gives us a significant advantage over our competitors, even when it comes to other areas. Our games are distinguished by high catchiness, great mathematics, graphics, as well as sound. Interesting bonuses for players are not missing either.

What are you plans for the future?

We will continue to work on the development of other game content for our partners, follow new trends, add new functions and game features that’ll be interesting for the players. We operate in a dynamical environment that is constantly evolving. That’s why we can’t “lie back on laurels”, but rather continue working at the same pace.

KAJOT is also entering several other markets, so I hope in another expansion and popularity of our products throughout the whole world.

How do you picture the future of online games and online business in your industry as a whole?

Online gaming is experiencing a huge boom and we expect it to be the same in the upcoming years as well. The market share of online gaming is growing every year and I expect further expansion to regions all over the world. A lot of players will be moving from regular casinos to online casinos and I can’t ignore the upcoming generation of customers that has grown in the online environment and seeks online solutions for practically everything, including fun.


Václav Klepáček                                                                               Jan Sipovsky

Account manager                                                                                country manager


Mobile: +420 720 966 036                                                                  +40 752 235 332

Skype:  vklepacek

Email:  klepacek@kajot.cz                                                                  sipovsky@kajot.cz

Web: www.kajotgames.com


EGT Romania launches OUTLET online platform

Starting this spring, EGT Romania launches the online platform for OUTLET EGT, where you will find products from previous production cycles, as well as some of the newer ones – in OUTLET system, with the possibility for you to check in real time the products that are in stock, with immediate availability. The platform will be updated on a daily basis, so all information will be in real time.

The products you will find on this OUTLET online platform are available for delivery only after out technicians will make a thorough analysis and full refurbishment.

But wait! There is more!

For the first time, with the help of this platform you can check the attractive promotions and actually BUY products in OUTLET system directly from EGT Romania. Yes, you now have the possibility to purchase previous models of machines, but with the newest multigame mixes and driven by the newest and better performing hardware platforms. Product from OUTLET online platform are also available for rent, provided they are in stock. All at very affordable prices.

The online OUTLET is also very easy to use: just select the products you want – which will be automatically introduced in an offer request form. When you finish choosing your products, all you have to do is click the “send” button and it is transmitted directly to Sales Department. An EGT Romania Sales Representative will contact you in the shortest time possible.

So don’t miss out on the deal of this spring! Don’t just read about it, go online and check for yourself on the website right now: www.egt-bg.ro/Outlet

Also, do not forget to subscribe to the newsletter, in order to receive updates and news from EGT Romania.

1st skill-based slot machines in U.S. launch in Atlantic City

Gamblers can now winlose – money on a video game in Atlantic City. Caesars Entertainment on Wednesday began rolling out the country’s first skill-based slot machines at its casinos in the gambling resort. Players win or lose based on how many robots they destroy in the Danger Arena game.

The machines will usher in a new era of gambling aimed at attracting young people who grew up playing video games. The machines are targeted to millennials and those who like playing games on social media networks or on their phones and who might be less inclined to play traditional push-button slot machines.

The company will have 21 of the games set up in its three casinos, Bally’s, Harrah’s and Caesars.

Source: www.lasvegassun.com.

Customers’ needs are Danemar’s main focus!

Danemar Team doesn’t stop to surprise us. They get stronger every year, proving their professionalism through performance and excellence. I believe there is no company in our field that doesn’t recognize them as a leader of the cash payment systems market. EAE 2016 was an opportunity for them to excel again, so we’ll present you an interview about the activity and results of the firm with the General Manager, Victor Marin.

Early September of this year, Danemar exhibited at the Entertainment Arena Expo, the leading exhibition dedicated to gambling in our country. What are the main results of this opportunity?

DANEMAR is leading on the payment systems market, both as units sold, as well as a portfolio of clients. We managed to convince our customers through both our experience, the reliable and efficient equipment that we offer, and the quality of service and after sales support.

We have a solid and stable position on the cash payment systems market and our participation in EAE 2016 was an opportunity for us to interact with major players in the gaming market, who, most of them,  are our partners. It was an occasion to discuss new business opportunities and to identify new ways to improve our relationships and strengthen our collaboration.

2015 was a great year for Danemar and 2016 continued the upward trend. We enlarged our service department and continued the process of training and perfecting our service engineers. We are proud of our team and, therefore, during the EAE 2016 we dedicated an entire wall to display the diplomas obtained by our service engineers during the years, entitled ‘Performance & Excellence’’.

Danemar frequently organizes preventive maintenance courses for our clients, courses that enable our customers to streamline their businesses and to considerably reduce their costs. The customers continue to come to Danemar’s Service Center for repairs of the defective equipment and when they need our technical expertise to develop new projects.

‘’Customers’ needs are Danemar’s main focus!

How would you characterize the gambling market in Romania at the moment? How is the business environment in this industry for Danemar, considering the role of the National Office for Gaming as a single administration for this field and considering legislative changes incurred in recent years in this market?

I do not know if I can characterize the entire gaming market in Romania. Any comments could be interpreted, so I prefer not to make affirmations only for the sake of doing it.

From our point of view, the market stalled until early this year because all the actors in the industry were waiting for the Law G.D. 111/2016 to be published. Once the Law was issued the industry started to pick-up to a certain extent, and we have received new orders for cash payment equipment.

It is true that new law came with provisions that directly affects us, in the respect that ONJN considered payment systems as means of gaming. Distribution of payment system, as well as the service activity are included in Article 20 para. (1) of G.E.O. 77/2009 regarding the organization and operation of gambling, approved by Law 246/2010, with subsequent amendments and those provided by GD 111/2016, so that the economic operator is required to obtain a Class 2 License. Danemar applied and obtained this License.

Earlier this year, also came into force Law no. 15/2016 (known as the “Anti-smoking Law”), a law banning smoking in enclosed public places, including casinos and gaming halls. This has directly affected the gaming industry by a decreased number of players, and this had a considerable effect on the revenues of the gambling organizers.

As far as I know, during the second half of 2016, the gaming industry has recovered from the shock received and revenues had an upward trend. We have high expectations for the cold season, when people will start to look for entertainment in indoor environments.

Two years ago you took over the distribution of MEI products. Please detail the main products from MEI you offer to the gambling industry in Romania and which are the main benefits for   operators when they use them?

In early 2014, the Crane Payment Systems (CPS) acquires its main rival Mars Electronic International Inc. (MEI). The merger of the two largest manufacturers of payment systems, resulted in one company – Crane Payment Innovation (CPI). Danemar becomes the Authorized Sales & Service Center for CPI and our portfolio includes the entire range of MEI equipment, including the most utilized in the gaming industry.

The best known equipment for the gaming industry are the banknote validators MEI SC Advance, also known as SCN (SC New).

I would mention the four most important benefits to the new validator MEI SC Advance:

  • Advanced Acceptance and Security – due to an improved note recognition technology.
  • Exceptional Note Handling – due to an advanced note transport system, with a sealed note path that protects the acceptor head from fluid and dust, significantly reducing the risk of jams.
  • Lower Cost of Ownership – due to a robust design, extremely durable cashbox (made of Verton plastic), easily updated software, fewer moving parts.
  • Maximized investment – SCN is fully compatible with the old model SC, making possible the interchangeability of components between the two models, thus extending the value of associated investments from the past and present.

Gambling and entertainment industry needs consistently high rates of acceptance, combined with increased security in the most demanding situations. Your products maximize the efficiency for operating the slot-machine and gaming machines and, in addition, can provide enhanced security in operation. Please tell us more details about how the main products distributed by Danemar fit the above characteristics.

Many people have asked the question how you could compare two types of equipment that basically do the same thing: validate banknotes!

“Acceptance rate” is one of the criteria that distinguish between different types of banknote validators existing on the market. The acceptance rate is measured in percentages and most manufacturers state that the acceptance rate of their equipment have is over 96%. In other words, from a stack of 100 bills of “street quality’’, 96 of them must be accepted.

CPI (Crane Payment Innovation) is the company that imposed higher standards, the first that declared an acceptance rate of 98% at the first insertion. It is well known in the gaming world, players are very sensitive and the slightest discomfort bother them. If a banknote validator rejects or do not accept the banknotes at the first insertion, players are tempted to move to another machine or even another game room. For this reason casinos and gaming halls pay special attention to the rate of acceptance of banknotes.

There are many factors that can influence in a negative way the “acceptance rate”, namely:

–          Preventive maintenance of the banknote validator is not done on time (or is improperly) and then the bill path gets dirty and the banknotes are rejected.

–          Cigarette smoke and dust are aggravating factors, and polymer banknotes are being charged electrostatically, they attract dust which is then submitted on the bill path.

–          There have been cases (very rare, it is true) when some new banknotes launched into circulation were not properly supported, given that the colors were different from previous editions (which is imperceptible to the naked eye). This is one of the important roles that we have as a Distributor & Authorized Service Center – to closely monitor the acceptance rate and, in situations like those described above, to collect the banknotes in question and with the help of our suppliers, to prepare new software (bill-set sites) allowing the acceptance of the new denominations of banknotes.

Another element that differentiates between different types of validators is MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), an indicator of the average lifespan of equipment between two faults. For the banknote validators, this indicator was measured in “cycles of validation” and our equipment are recognized in the market with the highest score on this indicator.

Jan Sipovsky – Kajot is simply defined: “your life, your game”

KAJOT is one of the most successful and enduring brands of the international gaming industry. The Czech company is a consistent presence for several years on the Romanian gambling market, deploying both operating activities and the sale of slot-machine devices. We offer you an interview with Mr. Jan Sipovsky, General Manager in Romania of this company, to find out more details about KAJOT business in our country.

For starters, please tell us a few words about your experience and background in the field.

Few years ago, after the boredom descended upon me and I felt that its time to leave the hotel industry which I have been working in for a number of years; there came an opportunity to take on the role of the general director of a mid-sized electronic gaming company. This was an interesting turn in my career, which I did not regret since. After I gained an important and valuable experienced in the field I have moved on in to a consulting and executive role in the starting up an electronic gaming company from the scratch. However, to be a member of the established and the most popular company in Czechia and Slovakia has been my aspiration since I joined the gaming industry, so I joined the Kajot to play a leading role for this amazing company in Romania.

From how many years is Kajot in Romania and how many gaming halls of your company operates here?

Kajot is operating in Romanian market several years. After some time of cooperation with some of our partners in this amazing country, we have decided to build an office based operation to be a better and more effective support to our clients. Our priority is to introduce Romanian player with our gaming platforms; and one of the ways of doing this is through the gaming halls which we, at the moment, operate in seven different cities.

Except gaming operation another line of business represent selling of the slot machines. Tell us what are the main products which you brought to Romanian market?

We have brought one of the most anticipated and innovative slot machines on the market today. This assertive stance comes from the many years of experience of developing and producing our very own software and slot machines Kajot. The latest and most developed is the Kajot Black Planet series of the slots. The customers will have a chance to know better this wonder of the slots on the Entertainment Arena Expo 2016 in Bucharest.

What are the main strengths of your new gaming machine?

Main strength of the Black Planet is its unique software, excellent graphics and incredibly fast growing popularity among our players.

Can you describe a little bit the most important games from your machines?

All 20 games from our new machine are important, as they are specially designed to accommodate all variety of players.

Where are located your arcades? And why your clients come and play in your halls?

Our electronic casinos are scattered mainly in the north-west of the Romania, recently we have expanded to the capital, where we will consolidate our position further through the acquiring a number of well-known operations. The reason why clients comes and return to our facilities is the advancement of the Kajot software, the exceptional service we provide to our clientele, as well as the overall luxurious ambiance that one can experience in the Kajot Intacto.

Do you have AWP’s? If yes, tell us a few things about your amusement with price machines?

Yes, we have just finished development of this new software and it will be also available to try and see at the Entertainment Arena Expo 2016. I am very proud of this system, as the development comes from already mentioned very popular Black Planet, therefor I am more than certain that this machine will be a boom.

I understand that Kajot are looking for new business opportunities. Why someone would like to cooperate with you? What is Kajot’s offer for a partnership?

Our biggest strength is that we depend on ourselves.

From developing the software, building the cabinets, packaging and delivering, 24 hour technical support, 24 hour software support, marketing and so on, we do it all as a Kajot family.

How is the Romanian market for you?

Very playful and I am glad that it is becoming also colorful.

How can you characterize our gaming market?

There are an incredible opportunities in Romanian gaming market. The size of the country equals to its opportunities to its diversity.

How is the Romanian player?

The Romanian player does not differ to any player anywhere in the world. He wants to have fun, he requires high level of good service, with our games he wants to forget about everyday problems and he wants to win.

Which are the trends in the next 5 years in Romania and in the world?

Romania is part of the world and I do not see such a big difference in future trends here or somewhere else.

Definitely more interaction for the player and the online gaming. Next platform called Red Planet is already up and running in some parts of the world, and in the near future we will also enter the Romanian market with the Red Planet; where both interaction and online plays its role. I indulge myself to sustain that Kajot plays in this matter the leading role in Europe.

Which are the future plans for Kajot in Romania?

The future plans of the Kajot in Romania is to cement its position in the gambling market, by bringing more modern and advanced alternatives in comparison to its rivals, whether through innovative gambling software, variety of games, advantageous business cooperation opportunities or the new possibilities which brings the virtual world of the internet. Kajot is simply defined: “your life, your game”.