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What do we bet on at the 2018 Winter Olympics

by Mircea Panait

The 2018 Winter Olympics are at their first edition organized on Continental Asia’s territory. Pyeongchang has been chosen and the host city on 6 July 2011, at the 123rd IOC meeting in Durban, South Africa. Pyeongchang has won its third consecutive candidacy, after, in the past, the cities who won and organized the Olympics were Vancouver (Canada) and Soci (Russia).

At this year’s edition, a total of 102 sports events at 15 disciplines from 7 sports shall be included: ice skating(figure ice-skating, speed ice-skating and short track ice-skating), skiing (alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, acrobatic skiing, north combined, ski jumps and snowboard), bob (bob and skeleton), biathlon, curling, ice hockey and sled.


At this edition, the two countries sharing the Korean Peninsula: South Korea and North Korea will parade together at the opening ceremony! Furthermore, at the women’s hockey competition, they will line up a common team at the start line.

What valuable bets can we find at the 2018 Winter Olympics?

This year’s edition debuts on February 9th 2018, in PyeongChang in South Korea. No doubt millions of enthusiasts will watch the television transmissions, which represent a good occasion for participants to show off their talent. Many of those participating have trained, perhaps, for 4 years in light of the competition which will bring them a trophy and famousness in the sports world.

Before seeing which valuable options present interest, let’s stop and analyze the big 3 types of bets, present in most betting houses:

  1. The number of medals the country will win. If you turn your attention to the performances of a country and less to individual participation, then this is the right bet. You can bet almost anything: which country wins the most gold, silver, bronze medals, who will earn the most in total, under/over different limits.
  2. Betting on the winner. It’s about the classic bets placed on the winner of an event or of a round. Surely, the most popular bets and the largest amounts bet. For those who are truly specialized in winter sports, this is the best opportunity to win.
  3. Special bets. These are those bets placed more with the purpose of having fun, and not necessarily the best solution for profit. In general, these are bets placed on the opening ceremony, bets placed on the behavior of a certain athlete, or just other option ranging even up to weather.

Referring to valuable bets, we have to make a list of the choices that we are considering, followed by an analysis of each aspect. For those who are not familiar with winter sports, its is important to have knowledge about top athletes, each of their state of fitness, and any other information which may arise during the event. All of these lead to profitable choices.

Tips for the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang

With at least several days before the opening, Norway is rated as having the best chances for the number of medals won, with a quota of @2.40. Germany seconds very closely, being rated at @2.54. The USA and Canada are also close by, the Americans having a small advance.

If at Betfair Norway is rated as a first favorite, at Sportingbet we play on the Germans.

But let’s also focus on several tips deserving all of out attention.

Ice hockey: we bet on Russia

Maybe it’s not the best bet for those wishing to earn large and fast winnings, the Russians’ rate of victory being @2.65. For those looking for value in a bet, this is the most indicated. Even if Alexander Ovenchkin will not participate in these games, the Russian team is incredibly solid and the internal championship (second in the world as value) supports the national team completely. The fact that the NHL does not participate in the Olympics offers a perfect chance for the Russians to get the gold.

These discipline is Lindsey Vonn’s specialty, however the American is returning after a broken arm incident which cost her a year of inactivity. It may be an opportunity for one of the adversaries to take home the gold medal. Weirather, Huetter, Shiffin, they all have their chances, but Lara Gut seems to be the most entitled to the Olympic gold. The Swiss won a bronze medal in 2014 at Soci and with 9 years of experience, she has every chance of beating Lindsey Vonn. Many may argue that Vonn is the safer choice, however Vonn has a @5.00 rating and Gut @6.00, so the value is on the latter.

The most medals: Norway

This is the easiest category and perhaps, the most loved by punters. Here, however, you must have knowledge not only of favorites for an event, but of favorites for all events and their nationalities. This could be boring, but if you see it as an occasion to follow more Olympiads and truly familiarizing with the events, which can prove to be profitable.


Norwegians are the favorites for both categories and rightly so. They have proved to be the best at winter sports and their portfolio is impressive. Once with Russia’s restricted participation. because of a IOC decision to block many Russian athletes from participating in the competition, the Olympic Games will prove to be very interesting this year.


Norway has several of the best skiers in the world, both in the alpine versions and the cross-country versions, and the biathlon as well, were they will probably win the most gold medals. In fact, nine of their gold medals from Soci Olympic Games in 2014 come from these three categories and it is probable that many more will come this year, as well.


The United States won the most medals at the last two Winter Olympics, but this year, the Norths seem to be unstoppable. Their power lies in skiing, where Svindal, Jansrud and Kristoffersen are competing.


These being the proposed bets, I recommend that you follow the Winter Olympics, this being a competition underestimated by sports lovers. When a competition is underestimated, valuable bets may arise.