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(Română) ROMBET VĂ INVITĂ LA SEMINARUL „Clarificări în practica jocurilor de noroc – Noutăţi 2018 • Practica jocurilor de noroc online”


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(Română) Programul Joc Responsabil la 6 ani de la lansare

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2018: A year to consolidate the industry from ROMBET’s perspective

The year 2018 is the year in which the primary and secondary legislation, by means of GEO 77/2009 and GR 111/2016, shall entirely show their effects given that they have set the foundation of a regulation that is modern and in complete compliance with European recommendations with regards to a common goal, which is a stable and well regulated industry.


It is the year in which the NOG (National Office for Gambling) shall regulate certain key fields which have yet to be sufficiently clarified, be it either responsible games, which shall become more evident in 2018, including through the Responsible Game Foundation, a clarification necessary for approving publicity activities, because there are still debates and different approaches among operators, especially between the specificity of promoting on-line operators and land-based operators.


2018 is the year in which the provisions of the “tax revolution” enter into force and in which ROMBET, by means of the seminaries it shall organize, both in Bucharest and at national level, must give answers to a series of questions which are constantly asked by gambling organizers:


  1. Establishing the type of tax which is to be paid, by respecting the statement obligations provided by law:
  1. The income tax of micro-enterprises, in the context in which, on 31.12.2017, they gained income which has not exceeded the RON equivalent of a million euros, at the exchange rate valid upon the closing of the fiscal year, with the question, if, perhaps, with the approval of GEO 79/2017, things shall return to their initial provisions, according to which the income from gambling cannot be taxed as such;
  2. The specific tax, for activities provided under Law 170 from 2016 in conditions in which it does not enter within the income tax of micro-enterprises, which has priority against the specific tax for all other gambling adjacent activities;
  1. Practical measures as to apply provisions regarding transferring compulsory social contributions due on behalf of employees with obligations attributed to employers. To this respect, the employer is to establish, retain, declare and pay the obligations due by employees, as well;

The level of contributions due and the income tax starting with the year 2018:

Employee: social security contribution due to the state social security budget – 25%; health insurance contributions due to the Sole national health insurance fund – 10%.

Employer: labor collateral contribution due to the state budget – 2.25%.

Tax rate: the tax rate is of 10% and it is applied to the taxable income associated to each source of each category used to determine tax.

Speaking about 2018, Mr. Dan Ghiță, ROMBET president, said that “it is important to give the signal we have to give: we have consolidated market, stable, transparent and regulated. Moreover, we are predisposed to change as the desire to grow is still extremely strong. We have a young generation of business people in the industry, and this is another very good sign, because they have made their reputation in an era of change, they know what it means and are prepared for it. Even more so, they will also generate it”.


Mr. Bogdan Coman, ROMBET Executive Director, believes that 2018 shall produce several more changes: more and more support companies arise for the gambling industry, which provide services especially for specialized software development. “If we turn our attention to neighboring countries – Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria – we see that this is becoming a more and more accentuated trend. IT companies in the industry, from the Balkans, are becoming more and more important all over Europe. This represents an extraordinary opportunity for Romania because of the fact that our country is known for its human resources in IT. We believe that this trend shall go on and shall become even more evident this year, not only based on accessing resources in the region, but also as a result of internal growth signaled by many of our association’s members”.


From an organizational point of view, ROMBET hopes that 2018 shall be the year in which associations in the field shall work best together and shall unite their efforts for more unity in strategies and actions. It all has already started in 2017: now, it’s time to enforce the partnership between associations.

Major events, national seminars and new members, on Rombet’s successful agenda in 2017

In the field of gambling which is constantly changing, both legally and fiscally and in terms of technological innovations and development strategies, Rombet, which now has more than 50 members, consisting of national and international companies, has continued and developed its activity during this year that is coming to an end through the multitude of events during which the Rombet management team has successfully represented the members of the association, as well as through the series of free information seminars that have also been very successful in 2017.

Rombet started the year strong in February, by participating in the most successful edition of ICE Totally Gaming so far, which gathered over 500 exhibitors from more than 60 countries and regions, the event this year being the largest in history with more than 40,000 square meters of exhibition space.The conditions for the exchange of information and ideas were created, and the Rombet representatives had the opportunity to emphasize once again the openness and the advantages that foreign investors can find on the local gambling market. “BMM Testlabs, Kiron Interactive, Newton, EveryMatrix, BetConstruct, Scientific Games, Playtech, Mohio Gaming Competence, Vermantia are just some of the exhibitors that received special attention from us. We talked extensively about business development, the Romanian legislation, and the prospects for the year 2017, and in all discussions we have emphasized that those interested in the gambling market in our country, both those already present and those who plan to come in the near future, will find in Rombet all the support for legislation, taxation, partners, etc.”, said the president of the association, Mr. Dan Alexandru Ghiță about participating in the most important gambling event in Europe.

In May, in Prague, during the EGR Online Gambling Briefing, Eastern Europe, Mr. Bogdan Coman, Managing Director of the Rombet Association, spoke in the panel titled “Building further: diversification and innovation in Central and Eastern Europe”, emphasizing that at least for the near future in our country, online activities will remain connected to offline activities, both in terms of current legislation and the strategies of operators who adapt their offers in the online environment, promoting the most successful products of the land-based environment. Innovation and legislation were also discussed at the Euromat Gaming Summit, which took place in June in Berlin, where Mr. Dan Alexandru Ghiţă, President Rombet, had the opportunity to sit with more than 500 important representatives including Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, Vice-President of the European Parliament.

Wishing to provide its members with quick and easy access to the most important news in the industry, the Rombet team went to London in September where two extremely important conferences took place: World Regulatory Briefing and Betting on Sports, the first of which involved discussions on the theme of Responsible Gaming. At the event organized by Rombet’s long-time partner, Clarion Events, Bogdan Coman, the CEO of the association, had the opportunity to participate in very interesting panels, supported by prominent speakers such as the Chief Executive of the UK Gambling Committee and the representatives of some of the most successful companies in the industry (Skybet, Mr. Green, Betsson, Betway, etc.). And, whether they were talking about perceptions, strategies and legislation, or about concrete examples and the results of the RG projects, there was a single conclusion: responsible gaming must receive the attention it deserves. “As if it were still necessary, the London event once again reinforced the idea that organizers and legislators alike must work together if we want a healthy industry with balanced players. We hope that we will also contribute to this goal”, Mr Coman said.

Internationally, this year ends with the Rombet team having been present at 3 other major events: CEEGC – Budapest, EiG – Berlin and EEGS – Sofia. In Budapest, Rombet’s Chief Executive had the opportunity to moderate the panel entitled “Gambling Opportunities in the Balkans”, where, together with famous guests such as Mirjana Acimovic (Jakta & Euromat) and Hrvoje Vincetic (Adriatic Casino) the prospects of the gambling industry in the region were discussed. From Berlin, the representatives of the association returned with the message to incorporate the new technologies in the operators’ development strategies as much as possible, important names in the field such as BetGames TV, BtoBet, Twispay, Betgenius being just a few of the companies that showed interest in joining Rombet in the near future.

If the international presence of the association was very intense, Rombet was also extremely active locally. The year 2017 brought no less than 12 new members and 9 free seminars, organized both in the capital and in the country, and the representatives of the association did not miss the most important event dedicated to the gambling field in our country. Rombet participated, in September 2017, in the 11th edition of E Arena 2017, the exhibition being a real success, and the Rombet team gladly welcomed at the exhibition stand of the association the intentions of companies established both in Romania and in the European region, especially the Balkans, to join Rombet. “The great number of attendants at this year’s E Arena is proof of a mature industry that aims for – and at least to date, succeeds in – a constant and permanent development. As far as our role is concerned, Rombet acts as leverage for our international partners, enabling operators in other markets to access free information so that their licensing process in Romania is as easy and fast as possible”, said the association’s representatives.  

Rombet representatives also invited the operators working in our country and interested in a correct understanding and application of the legislation in force to a series of seminars on various topics of interest this year.   One by one, in Bucharest (February and May), Oradea and Bistrița (March), Iași (May) and Timișoara (June), Mr. Anchidim Zăgrean, vice-president of Rombet and an expert with over 15 years of experience in the field, spoke extensively about the “Fiscal Code News” and the “Tax and Accounting of Gambling, Theoretical and Practical Issues” to an audience that was very interested and eager for information. “By these information seminars, where participation is not only free of charge, but is also not conditional upon membership in the association, we, Rombet, propose two important things: those involved in gambling should be kept up to date with all changes in the regulations applicable to the field and the application of the legal provisions should be done in a correct manner, observing the specifics of this activity”, said Mr. Anchidim Zăgrean. And, if the first part of the year was dedicated to information and education, the three seminars this autumn, held in Cluj, Iași and Bucharest, debated the theme “The organization and control of gambling and the consequences of non-compliance with legal provisions.” The participants, in great numbers each time, had the opportunity to discuss and ask questions on other topics of interest such as “joint venture” and “news regarding the Fiscal Code and the Code of Fiscal Procedure”.

“Accurate presentation, concise information, and professionalism are just a few of the words that those present at our events used when we asked them to give us feedback after attending these seminars. Such feedback, the growing interest from organizers and beyond, as well as the need for those working in the field to be informed, have urged us to continue the series of seminars. Such initiatives are needed if we want our industry to grow further and attract the interest of foreign operators. We, Rombet, have invested a lot of energy and resources in the recent years and will continue to do so by participating in international and national events, organizing information seminars and representing our members in the relationship with the ONJN. For a strong industry, strong players are needed, whether operators or associations, and Rombet aims to strengthen its status as the largest association in the field of gambling in 2018”, concluded Mr. Dan Alexandru Ghiţă, the Rombet Executive.

(Română) Dan Ghiță: “FRF nu are interes să suțină sportul, ci interese. Sportul este finanțat deja de operatorii de jocuri de noroc cu 2% din taxe”


Sorry, this entry is only available in Romanian.


By Insider

You build success on your own, through work and with intelligence. That’s how we did it: we worked till we sweat, we were inspired and, on many occasions, insistent. It was not easy for us to hold such an event! But, the fact that we know what we want, we have goals, expertise and the experience to reach our goals, has brought us where we are: at the top. But I want to tell you something else: from the feedback that we have gotten during all these years and comparing to other events that we have assisted at, you should know that not many economic domains in our country or in the world benefit from such a type of reaction as those organized by our magazine. Not many can and know how to do what we have been doing for several years, in a complete package: Print + Online + Events.

The Financial Services, Inland Revenue and Legal Issues event organized by our magazine on the 31st of May was a success, not because we say so, but because the participants said so; that is why I invite you to read the Testimonials article dedicated to our event, article that you will find right after the Cover Story article.

Speaking of the Cover Story, the Rombet Association has succeeded in the past few years to be a reference regarding bidirectional communication – not only within the industry, but also with state institutions that have a role in our country’s gambling industry. In this article, we present an interesting material about the common challenge shared between the Rombet Association and the National Office for Gambling, as to make Romania’s gambling industry a mature, balanced and strong one.

EGT shows us that size does matter and presents to you the new slant top slot machines with bigger high-definition screens. Read the article and learn more.

Recently, a bill regarding preventing and combating money laundering and terrorism financing was published on the site of the National Anti-Money Laundering Office, that transfers EU Directive 2015/849 into the national legislation, the forth directive that approaches the threat represented by money laundering (AMLD4). Find out from Cristian Radu, partner at Țuca Zbârcea & Associates, and Claudiu Filipoiu’s article, Lawyer for the same firm, why implementing AMLD4 will have a significant impact on gambling administrators.

“JOPPY”, the United Dreams 2-ST27 Multigame has been rolled out! Only in our magazine will you find out more details about this new slot machine, which is destined not only for use in casinos, but also in gambling halls.

Ending spring in full force!

A mature, balanced and strong industry – the common goal of the Romanian National Gambling Office and the representants of the industry

In recent years, Rombet Association has succeeded to be a landmark in terms of two-way communication – both within the industry and with state institutions involved in the gambling industry in our country. You will find below an interesting story on the common goal of Rombet Association and the Romanian National Gambling Office in order for the gambling industry in Romania to be mature, balanced and strong.

With the appointment of Mr. Dan Iliovici as President of the Romanian National Gambling Office, we could say that the Romanian gambling industry has entered a new stage. How do you see the industry, from now on, and what are your expectations?

Dan Iliovici, ONJN President

It may be a new stage, but it is one that would not have been possible without the efforts of my predecessors and without the initiatives that associates like Rombet had in recent years. One of the most powerful legislative frameworks in the industry has been created, which has made Romania a good example of good practice at European level and, to give you just one example, we currently have 16 licensed online gambling operators, which we only dreamed about two years ago… The direction is undoubtedly the right one, but as important as the steps taken so far have been, as carefully planned, implemented and monitored the measures that we will take from now on must be. We wish to build, but this is only possible through cooperation from all those involved. The experience I have gained so far, the involvement in the Consultative Council of the ONJN, the organization and / or participation in numerous industry events in the country but also abroad will all hopefully bring extra dynamism and energy into the work of the Office during my term of office.

Dan Ghiță, Rombet President

Mr. Dan Iliovici has been with us since the beginning of the association, and his energy and devotion are part of the foundation of the nice path that Rombet has seen in recent years. His departure from among the management team of the association is, we must acknowledge it, a loss, but at macro level and considering the contribution that we are sure his experience will bring to the future strategies and measures of the ONJN, we can only say that we are happy with we have been able to build up to this day, and we are convinced that from now on Mr. Iliovici will use the opportunity to boost the development of this industry which is still young, but quite controversial and eaten on by conflict situations. The President of ONJN rises from among us, if we can say so. He knows the specificity of this special industry and has always forwarded the proposals, but also the concerns of the operators to the authorities, seeking to find the best ways to solve the problems of the field.

Anchidim Zăgrean, Rombet vice-president

I would like to add something here. It is not just the problems that come from within the industry, but also the attacks that our field is often subjected to from outside. From our point of view, the Romanian National Gambling Office has to operate with a rod of iron, both in the sense of regulations and ensuring that the law is respected, understood and applied correctly and unitarily, but also in the sense of intervening where the attacks on the industry are groundless. Mr. Dan Iliovici knows the strong points very well, but also the more sensitive aspects of the field. That is why, in my opinion, his appointment as President of the Office is a very good thing. From now on, we have entered the stage of consolidation, open communication, and the voice of our industry has to be not only heard, but also respected.

And how do you think we can achieve this goal of becoming a respected voice?

Dan Ghiță, Rombet President

For Rombet it is clear, even though the appointment of Mr. Iliovici that the direction we have imposed in recent years is the right one. We will continue with the same zeal and determination. From the beginning of the year until now we have organized no less than 5 seminars attended by representatives of ONJN. We got to Bucharest, Iasi, Oradea, Bistrita and we will go to other cities in the country by the end of the year. In addition, internationally, our presence is constant, and not only so, it is desirable. Just last month, Mr. Bogdan Coman, the Executive Director of our Association, was invited to Prague at the EGR Online Gambling Briefing – Eastern Europe conference where we sat beside other important names in the field, organizers, service providers, and representatives of the regulatory bodies in Central and Eastern Europe. We shared ideas, information, discussions were held on the challenges that other states in the region are facing in terms of regulation or innovation. Our representative was invited to speak in the panel „Building further: diversification and innovation in Central and Eastern Europe” where he talked about the expectations for the near future in Romania, underlining our opinion that online activities on the Romanian market will remain indissolubly linked to the off-line ones, an attitude arising from both the lawmaker describing the licenses available for online mirroring with the off-line ones and from operators, who have adapted their product offer to what best applies to the land-based environment.

In other words, we continue on the direction that we have imposed and which has proved to be the right one, as more and more operators in the country or abroad contact us and want to become members of the association.  In addition, we are also convinced of the support that the ONJN will give to those operating in the field, all the more so since the Office has so far been a reliable partner which, besides the role set by the legal framework – regulation, licensing, monitoring and control – has strongly and consistently supported the gambling industry in our country.

Dan Iliovici, ONJN President

This has been the case so far and it will certainly remain that way. I firmly believe in the prospects of the industry and I am convinced that only through dialogue, cooperation and transparency can we build a balanced, fair business environment regulated through stable, well-thought-out, understandable and implemented policies that lead to the development of the domain. We are partners of the industry, we are on the same side of the barricade. Moreover, the institution I run has another objective, equally important and equally ambitious, to change the general public’s perception of the gambling industry. It was a priority while I held the position of First Vice-President of Rombet, and so will it be when I am at the helm of the ONJN.

A major objective that I support and promote with all the force and authority of the institution I represent is the establishment as soon as possible of the public interest foundation for a responsible social game through which we will bring measures and responsible game projects to a totally different level. I know that organizers are becoming more and more aware of the importance brought by that such a responsible attitude both to their own business and to the industry as a whole. I am very well aware of the efforts made by the associations in this direction, I have been involved in most of the programs dedicated to the protection and assistance of troubled players, in the past years we have discussed with experts, representatives of the organizations in the country and abroad involved in this field. I promise you that Romania will become an example of good practice in this direction as well.

There is more and more talk about digitization and the fact that land-based games are losing ground to those in the virtual environment. Is that right? What will be the position of the ONJN towards this trend?

Valentin Korman, ONJN vice-president

Digitization cannot be challenged, and it is, of course, as natural as the generation of “millennials” and those who come after them, for whom technology is like air… indispensable. From our point of view, the Office, this is a challenge that we do not fear and which we receive as a sign of industry progress. We are constantly discussing with operators, new game platform providers, regulatory bodies in other European countries, so we can adapt to industry innovations. On the other hand, even if there are voices predicting the decline, if not the “death” of traditional games, at least so far this has not happened. But we will see what the future holds for us…

Anchidim Zăgrean, Rombet vice-president

Technological innovation is part of our industry, even at this year’s London Betting on Football conference, which Rombet supported as a media partner, Scandinavian gaming operators said the engines that push ahead their businesses are, on the one hand, the very well-thought-out and implemented legal framework, on the other hand constant support and the financing of technological advances. The industry is progressing, responding to the needs of the players but, from our perspective, both traditional games and online alternatives have their own advantages which, at least for the moment, blend well in our country.

Dan Ghiță, Rombet President

The ONJN optics makes us happy, but on the other hand, we were convinced that the direction of the Office would be one that would support the gambling industry in our country, either land-based or online. As my colleagues have said, the step towards the virtual environment is a natural one because, after all, industry keeps pace with… society. Indeed, at the moment there is a balance between the two spheres, which have not only their own “fans”, but also their own set of benefits which cannot be transferred. From a legislative point of view, and not only, we must be prepared, because a solid industry is like a chess player. It has a vision and it plans its moves. We trust the growth potential of the gambling industry, by way of proof, the increased interest of foreign operators to launch in Romania, and we know that alongside a regulatory body – ONJN – focused on balance, transparency and joint effort for the maturity of our gambling market, we have all the chances to achieve this goal.

(Română) Comunicat de presă ROMBET: Dan ILIOVICI, fost prim-vicepreședinte Rombet, devine președintele ONJN

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(Română) Domnul Dan Iliovici a fost numit in functia de Presedinte al ONJN

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romanian.