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Curacao – sun, sand, surfing and… casinos

With beaches with smooth sand bathed in clear emerald waters, Curacao is not just the paradise sought after by tourists, but it is also a destination for gamblers from all around the world. Especially because most casinos are located in hotels on the beach! The Utopian image is completed by the tax reality, the legislation here being one that is very attractive to companies wishing to open gambling businesses, including online gambling.


Oh, what fun!


Curacao is a small island, measuring only 444 km2 and having only 150,000 inhabitants, located near the Venezuela coasts, which, until the year 2000, was part of the Dutch Antilles. Now, Curacao is a component of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and, alongside Aruba and Bonaire, make up the “ABC Islands”.

Curacao is one of the most famous destinations for casino games, especially for Americans who like the Las Vegas style but in an exotic scenery, at the seaside.


Of the total of 14, 12 casinos are ultimate casinos in Curacao, where gamblers can play both at tables and at bingo or slot machines. They have bars and restaurants at their disposal, and may even enjoy live shows. The casinos are open until 2-4 in the morning, and some impose a dress-code, even if the atmosphere is relaxed. The largest and best casinos are the Carnaval Casino at Renaissance Curacao, Casino Awasa at Otrabando Hotel and Emerald Casino at Curacao Marriott Beach Resort.


Even though the island is small, in the past 15 years the number of casinos fluctuated between 12 and 13, so many of those who have been to Curacao stated that there is an overbid in this field. That is why it always seems that there are many more casinos for sale on this island than on any other island in the Caribbean. The same can be said of its sister-island Aruba, where so it happens there are also 12 casinos, Bonaire island, however, has only two casino and is only 24 miles away. Therefore, whoever visits the ABC islands shall never have a problem in finding an open seat at a game table.


Any person over 18 can play in the casinos. There are two cities with gaming facilities on this island, with 14 available gambling facilities. You can play in the casino and you can make sports bets. The largest city in Curacao is Willemstad with 13 gambling locations, 107 game tables, 2134 slot machines, slot and video poker.

The largest casino in the country is Carnaval Casino, located in Renaissance Resort Curacao. It has 19 game tables and 335 slot machines and video poker units.


Two casinos which have had a good reputation on the Island, Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel & Casino and

Plaza Hotel and Casino Willemstad have been closed down last year due to the fact that the hotels did not meet all the criteria imposed by… the fire department.


Cheap licenses, simple legislation


The licenses are supervised by the Curacao Gambling Control Board, formed in 1999. The purpose of the gambling legislation is to keep negative effects under control – addiction, money laundering – by regulating and legalizing activities. The government realized that gambling cannot be completely prohibited in the country, and operations control makes them safer and, at the same time, brings significant income to the budget, as well.


Curacao was one of the first countries in the world to regulate online betting. The Curacao e-Gaming Licensing Authority granted online licenses from 1996. The online gambling sites which to offer their services in Curacao must apply to obtain the license. There is only one type of license covering gambling, skill games and sports betting. The tax for obtaining a license is between $1000 and $5,600, and the tax rate is fixed – 2% of the net profit.


Currently, several online gambling sites around the world hold licenses in Curacao. According to the law, the financial transactions must be performed by means of servers located within this country. Obtaining a license in Curacao is not so meritorious, as legislation is rather lax and taxes are small compared to, let’s say, Costa Rica.


Curacao’s economy is mostly based on tourism, and casino-type gambling, especially given that the facilities are located on the beach, represent one of the most important economical points. According to the law, all the casinos in the country must be affiliated to a hotel or a hospitality complex and to “mainly target the international market”. The locals can play in licensed locations. There are a few various-sized casinos which offer slot machines, but also games such as poker, roulette or blackjack,


Where and what can you play


Bingo is rather popular, but can only be played in a few of the licensed casinos, of which Carnaval Casino and Veneto Casino. And online bingo is legal in Curacao. Poker can be played in licensed casinos, but not all of them have bid poker games and, even if they do, there aren’t too many players present at all times. Poker is in the Marriott Beach Resort and Emerald casino offer. And online poker is legal, so they can play on the sites (held by offshore companies) available to them. Sports betting is legal, however, only in licensed locations, that is in casinos. The places in which you can bet can be found in casinos such as the Marriott Hotel and Casinos and at Bet Plaza Sportsbar.

Online bets are legal as well.


Lottery is legal in Curacao, and the national lottery, Landslotrij, exists since 1909. The lottery finances socio-economic, charitable projects, but also art and scientific projects. The draws are held once every two weeks and tickets are available in several hundred stores and the ticket cannot be paid online. There are also several online lotteries licensed in Curacao, available both to foreigners and the locals.


Using bitcoin is legal in Curacao and virtual currency is accepted in several locations, such as restaurants on the island. Due to Bitcoin’s popularity and a well-regulated online gambling market, it’s no surprise that Curacao plays host to several sites, including sports betting sites, on which Bitcoin can be used. The most known Bitcoin Casino in Curacao is the bitcasino.io.

De Paul Dan


The most uncertain 100% “certain” tips in football: 1-halftime/2-final and 2-halftime/1-final

If I had received EUR 1 for each 1 halftime/2 final or 2 halftime/1 final tip that was recommended on the social networks as a sure win and played among hundreds or thousands of naive punters, I would have surely be thinking about taking over the Dinamo Bucharest football team today.

Although for certain punters the sure match fever on Facebook seems something that has already run its course and no longer deserving attention, currently, there more and more scammers who are trying their luck promising the world and providing 100% sure tips. The whole deal started to become so funny, that some scammers even claim that they have two such tips in one day. As you can imagine, the betting mafia is at their feet…

Well, if two years ago over 90% of fixed matches tips on the social network included tips on the Croatia, Bosnia, Albania and several other countries’ matches, of which it is well know that they are battling severe corruption in football – not that our country is in a different situation – currently, charlatans have started to diversify their offers, so much so that we find fixed tips even from matches in the eliminatory phase of the Champions League.

Even if they wear a different hat (devil in a Sunday hat), most scammers seem to not be able to part with the famous halftime/final tips, which are causing a stir among gullible individuals who hope to get rich over night.

Why do scammers prefer halftime/final bets?

It is hard to tell if, at the present time, the scammers prefer these types of bets or if there is simply a very large demand of such bets on the market. Here’s how this happened: many years ago, when betting houses were not really able to protect themselves against fixed matches and there were no anti-fraud in football departments and organizations, or in the gambling industry, the clever boys used the large stakes of these types of bets as to get as much as possible out of a fixed match.

As the odds for one of the 1/2 or 2/1 bets is usually higher then 20 on at least one of the signs, it was clear that these were to be targeted by “sure-thing” scammers. Practically, this type of bet replaced the classic prognosis “7 or more goals” used by the scammers, as a 1 halftime/2 final bet can be fixed with only 3 goals in a match, which would draw less attention – or at least that’s how it was back then.

Of course, slowly but surely, those paying attention started to understand the mechanism and the betting houses started to take action to protect themselves, limiting amounts that could be played on such bets and even suspending the game. However, what has endures is people’s perception with regards to this type of bet, perception which continues to live on today. What will the first reaction of a football fan be when seeing that a match closes with a 1 halftime/2 final result or vice-versa? Obviously, he would say: “Oh, this game was fixed. Look, a 27 odds, nice, right?”

Besides this, the odds for such a bet can be relatively easily manipulated and even a slight fluctuation seems to be much grander than it really is. What really happens: the scammer launches on a certain page or on several pages, sites, forum and so on, an information according to which a certain match will end with a 2 halftime/1 final result. Then, people start betting and the 27 odd drops only by 15%, becoming 22.95. Then, the punter tries to sell this tip, and the fooled clients will have a tendency to believe that the “sure-thing” is actually a sure thing, as they will see the apparent massive drop in odds. Of course, in certain cases, the odds may drop to 15 or even lower, as news travels fast and naive punters will throw at least a few euros on such a prognosis. That is why scammers, sometimes, even have a continuity with clients, even if the tip was bad, as the drop in odds makes the whole thing more plausible.

What is even more interesting, however, with regards to the functioning mechanism of these scams is something very few punters actually think about: what is many of the authors of these tips are simply trading off on the rabble? As in, they simply buy this initial large odd of 27, then spread the news of the “sure-thing”, even publicly, as a free pick, so that afterwards, several hours apart, to sell the same prognosis on a 15 odd or lower. Now this is an almost certain bet!

How is a “sure-thing” done in football?

There is no point in us divulging too many details and technicalities about such practices as to not encourage anyone to try such a thing, however, I will tell you a few certain things about fixed games.

In this day and age, most often, matches are fixed either with the gatekeeper or with the referee. Fixing matches with the center quarterbacks alongside the gatekeeper are also pretty often. These can be organized from the outside, by means of the mob. There are also those internal, spontaneous fixes, which most of the time are discovered sooner or later (such as those in the Romanian inferior leagues), in which a part of the players decide to throw the match for the bets, however without selling/giving away the information to anyone. Fixed matched involving the entire team are extremely rare nowadays, not the mention those in which both teams, the referees and even a part of the coaches or leaders are involved.

Realistically, large odds bets lead to suspicion, initiate the betting operators’ filters and those of the organizations monitoring fraud in football, which is why they are no longer used. that is why, most “sure-things” shall be organized on results which are somewhat more banal and on relatively low odds, as those are the ones on which you can bet more and the risk of suspicion is not that high.

Under no circumstances will information about a fixed match circulate on the internet. People involved in such practices risk too much, from losing their freedom to losing their family or their life. If you ask how come certain tips turn out to be good ones, it’s simply a matter of getting it right or the evidence was in someway tampered with, be it either platforms such as Facebook, photos, screenshots or videos with winning tickets and a lot of money scattered on tables.

When is it indicated to play the 1 halftime/2 final or vice-versa bets?

Actually, we are speaking about odds over 20, which would mean that if you do happen upon only one such prognosis out of 19 played, you’d make profit. Do you think that if these were profitable, professionals wouldn’t be playing these bets, too? It is not indicated that you play like this, however, there are certain exceptions in which you can play the 1/2 and 2/1 bets in a justified manner.

For example, when following the season statistics and observing that one of the teams makes a habit of very often scoring during the first half, however it will have a clearly superior adversary which could turn the game, as this has been done before during the current season and it will leave the game the first chance it gets anyway, then you can think about playing such a prognosis.

Another good scenario for such a prediction would be when the more valuable team in the match is more tired than its adversary; at the World Cup, for example, if a representative had a game with extensions (120 minutes) during the eight-finals, and after that, in the quarter finals it comes face to face with a much more well rested team, the spotter might think about telling its players to force themselves during the first half, knowing that they will run out of stamina closer to the end of the game.

We could very well think about a match in the Europa League, where guests have the option of opening the score, but they do not, however have the option of managing the pressure of the adversary who will attack in waves, having a weak defensive.

A last piece of advice would be to avoid 1 halftime/2 final and 2 halftime/1 final bets, and if you do choose to play such prognoses, do not ever do it because you heard something from someone or because you saw the odds’ evolution, but because you found favorable indicators with regards to such a prognosis, as a result of your own analysis. Good luck!

by Valentin Macovei

ESSA reports 72 suspicious betting alerts during Q3 2017

International sports betting integrity body ESSA reported 72 cases of suspicious betting to the relevant authorities during the third quarter (Q3) of 2017. This was made up of 46 cases in tennis, followed by football and table tennis with 8 cases each, basketball with four and two cases each for badminton, snooker and volleyball. A total of 152 cases of suspicious betting have been identified and reported by ESSA and its members during the first three quarters of 2017.

ESSA Secretary General Khalid Ali said: “The figures for this quarter again demonstrate the ongoing threat that faces the regulated betting sector and our sports and regulatory authority partners. ESSA has redoubled its efforts to meet that challenge and invested in a number of key initiatives and activities. Partnership working remains at the heart of that approach, with our recent betting integrity event and general stakeholder engagement programme a testament to that.”

The Q3 integrity report includes articles by international law enforcement body INTERPOL on the organisation’s actions to tackle organised criminal activity related to betting and match-fixing, and also by Matt Fowler, ESSA’s Betting Integrity Officer, who outlines his role and the positive impact of having a dedicated resource in this area for ESSA members and our partners alike.

ESSA holds positions on match-fixing and betting policy forums at the European Commission, Council of Europe and the IOC. It is driving a number of important initiatives aimed at addressing match-fixing and is currently involved in four anti-match-fixing projects, having recently hosted an international betting integrity conference at Lords Cricket Ground in London attended by over 150 senior officials from sports bodies, regulatory authorities, policymakers and other key stakeholders.

ESSA represents many of the world’s biggest regulated sports betting operators, serving over 40 million consumers in the EU alone. Concerned regulated bookmakers created ESSA in 2005 to monitor betting markets and alert sporting bodies and national regulators to suspicious betting patterns. The goal was, and is, to protect consumers from potential fraud caused by manipulating sporting events. ESSA helps to combat this with evidence-based intelligence it provides to sporting bodies and regulators.

(Română) OPINIE ROMANIAN BOOKMAKERS – Patronatul Organizatorilor de Pariuri din România

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Betting guide: FC Barcelona

by Mircea Panait

In our regular column, we propose to analyze different European football teams to find the best bets on their matches. Whether it’s the domestic championship, Champions League or UEFA League, it’s good to keep always up-to-date on the latest news on the team we bet on and to analyze the previous results and bets, if any.

It was set up in 1899, and fans and supporters still use the name “blaugrana” when referring to the Catalan team. It is one of the teams that any bettor has met and whom any better has played, FC Barcelona holding numerous European and national trophies.

This being the short history, we shall pass to the part that interests us the most, namely team statistics in the season of 2017 – 2018, which is still in progress. Barca is engaged in the Champions League and La Liga, the most important competitions for a top team. With an average of 1.5 goals / game, Catalan players held an average possession of the ball of 62.9% of the time allocated to the game. The accuracy of the passes is high, 89.5%, averaging 19 goals towards the opponent and 16 dribbles / match. They are very good at discipline, only 5 yellow cards in La Liga until the 9-th of September 2017. We have here, also, 14 tackling / match and 4.5 air duels won in each game.

At a critical glance, FC Barcelona suffers in the offensive, not being the team that used to mark so easily in the past few years. Neymar’s departure to PSG seems to have left a bigger hole than expected in the blaugrana team’s attack. This adds to various criticisms of some former players, rumors that have a negative effect on the team. The Argentinean Lionel Messi prolonged his contract for another 4 years after circulating different rumors regarding some another destination. At the same time, Iniesta refused to extend the contract. Ernesto Valverde Tejedor, the team’s manager, has not positively impressed so far in this season, being rather a coach suitable for a team that has some chances in the UEFA League, but that is all.

Lionel Messi is, of course, the leading scorer with 2 goals, followed by S. Roberto with 1 goal. As to the goal pass chapter, we find G. Deulofeu, J. Alba and P. Alcácer, each with one assistant. One of the weaknesses of the current team is about air duels. Barca is not good at all at this chapter, Busquets being noted for 2 won air duels and that’s all. On the whole, it seems that the entire defensive compartment is deficient in the reaction speed chapter, with the team having trouble confronting hard and fast technical attackers.

Let’s see which could be Barcelona’s strengths: they are very good at long passes and good in creating chances for scores by individual players technique, creating opportunities to score, attacks on the flanks, performing of free kicks, completing scores occasion, possession of the ball, position on the field. Weaknesses would be air duels and the speed of reaction of defending players in front of technical players. The game style is one based on possession, with short passes and midfield offense. The team plays highly, by pressing opponents and controlling the game.

As FC Barcelona now stands, it has no too big chances in the Champions League, according to the results in the first two games in the groups; it is even recommended betting against it, since it does not win the Champions League. It is in Group D with Juventus, Olympiakos and Sporting. In the games played on New Camp in the Champions League, handicap betting on one or two goals without doubling them with the scores number is recommended. Since Barca is not fit at this start of the season, it is possible to bet “several goals in the second half” both in away and home games. They shall play the first game at home, against Juventus, the odds being balanced: @1.80 for Barcelona’s victory, @2.00 Juventus’ victory or tie.

If Messi was exponential for the team, he now becomes vital on the offensive part, Luiz Suarez being expected to score. So far, the Uruguayan is inconstant and it is known that it is difficult for him to enter the season.

In the domestic championship, La Liga, the team seems to be overtaken by the big rivals of Real Madrid, who have kept their offensive trio intact and are seen as the big favorites for the title. The same number of shots to the gate for both teams, Barca being placed in second position in the ranking, with 6 points in two games and 4 scored goals. The most prolific, after the first stages, seem to be the players of Atletico Madrid, with 7 successes.

I expect Barcelona to have good matches at home, in front of its supporters. Depending on the opponent and its defensive capability, a betting system based on “par” is recommended, a bet with real and good odds of @1.90, but, most importantly, it covers the handicap at one goal, at least, and the equal result in the same time. That is, Barca wins with 2-0, 3-1, 4-2, 5-1, 4-0…or equals, both possibilities being covered.

The following bets, depending on the opposing team and the latest news in team groups bets are recommended for away matches: less than 2.5 scored goals in matches against solid teams in defense and fighting for places in European competitions; over 2.5 or even over 3 goals whenever you anticipate an open match or when it comes to Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla or Espanyol Barcelona as opponents.

Both at home and on the road, one can play “Messi scores anytime” when the Argentine is in the field from the very beginning.

I wish you a lot of inspiration!

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Less known tips that can help you become a better punter

► by Valentin Macovei

Any punter who has spent at least 10 hours on analyzing the way professionals play has probably already discovered the basis of punting, but from theory to practice the road is long. The most difficult part about becoming a successful punter is that you need to adapt your rules and strategy, so that you can be reasonably content with what you do, without allowing yourself to become too involved in the results.

It’s a delicate balance that’s worth more than hun­dreds of thousands of articles about sports betting that you can find on the inter­net. What do I mean by that? The amounts you win should be motivating enough to keep you de­di­cated and focused, so they should be large e­nough; if you don’t feel satisfied by the potential ear­nings, sooner or later you’ll start treating it su­per­ficially, and won’t be able to succeed in the long run.

At the same time, the amounts you bet shouldn’t be too large or you’ll subject yourself to terrible pres­sure, that won’t allow you to think clearly and will stop you from betting on more occasions that needed; in other words, if your stakes become too high, than you’ll turn yourself into a fearful punter.

After a few years of closely studying the pheno­me­non, I realized that it’s not enough to learn cer­tain things in order to become a successful punter, you also need a certain type of personality. It’s not essen­tial to be passionate about sports, but it is im­por­tant to be a good manager and a person who can prioritize his professional objectives, ra­ther than allow his passions and other interests to take over.

The weird thing is that most people attracted by be­tting have a sort of innate ambition, that, bi­zarrely, actually works against them. In other words, if you’re ultra-competitive and the type of per­son who would never miss an opportunity to bet, you’ll have to work hard to become a suc­cess­ful punter.

If you want the chance to become good at this, then you need the ability to inject yourself, daily, with a serious dose of realism. After a loss, or be­tter yet, a series of losses, you should neither con­si­der yourself unlucky, nor try to blame someone or something: the referees or yourself. You shoul­d­n’t be angry, or disappointed, you should just keep calm and move forward, improve your per­for­mance on a daily basis, regardless of the results.

The successful punter never looks for the reasons be­hind a losing bet, he always tries to learn whe­ther the bet was right in the first place: maybe he mis­cal­culated an important factor in his analysis, or missed important breaking news, or better said: if the odds were simply against him. The Asian mar­kets are usually a good benchmark for this si­tu­ation: if you notice that, for the chosen outcome, the odds dropped after you placed the bet, then you chose well.

And so is the other way around: when you’ve had a series of winning bets, you shouldn’t overes­ti­mate yourself and let yourself think you’re invin­cible. When they’re on a winning streak, many gamb­lers start by calculating the insane amounts they’d win if they kept it up like that. And that is wrong. And if you’re one of them, you’d better lis­ten to Emeric Ienei: “Don’t get illusions, so you don’t get disillusioned.”

Another big problem that unrealistic punters face is a losing streak. When you try out a new strategy or you’re at the start of a new betting month, don’t try to calculate the maximum profits you could ob­tain, but the maximum amount you could face los­ing. This way, you’ll be psychologically prepared for a losing streak and will be able to keep your lu­ci­dity throughout the whole season. After all, any punter goes through bad months, and you won’t be the exception. As long as you constantly re­mind yourself that profit, in gambling, is only a long term proposition, you’ll be able to suc­cessfully overcome months with negative cash­flow, and, implicitly, will be able to get back on your feet naturally, without trying to force your loss back – a move that always leads to bankruptcy.

You probably read tens or hundreds of articles that explain betting, how to do it, how much and when, but I’m sure you haven’t come across more than 5 that explain when it would a right time to take a break. You’re used to the ticket of the day, the prognosis of the day, and all sorts of other titles that push you towards betting, especially if you’re not on top of that particular sport or championship. But in reality, you also want that, and those columns are simply an answer to your desires.

But if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll realize that every time you think about a punting strategy, you start by thinking you’ll be betting daily, and never really take breaks into account. In any field, breaks are a good thing. How would you feel if you went to work for 30 straight days? Or 60? Or 90? Don’t be afraid to stop, neither when you’re winning nor when you’re losing. I’m saying that because I noticed that the performances of the punters who also keep their jobs are better than those of people who do nothing else with the rest of their day.

Another thing people don’t really talk about, but that can become extremely important, is analyzing the matches and placing the bets a few days before they actually take place. Many experts will tell you that if you do that, you risk losing, because of accidents or other last-minute problems. But really, how many times does this really happen and actually change the fate of the match? Just think of the high odds you’d get if you correctly placed a bet days before the start of the game, don’t you think they’ll more than make up for the occasional last moment bad luck? And it will be easier for you to get over a bad day, knowing that you’ve already placed your bets for the next day!

If you want a better chance at winning, than change your perspective and, first and foremost, do some loss management. Establish a system of stakes that keep you happy, focused and detached. Feed on realism. Analyze and bet at the right mo­ment, with a clear head. Plan regular breaks and don’t wait to get into situations that will force you to take them!

(Română) Pariuri pe MotoGP. De ce Sezonul 2017 este cel mai disputat din istorie?

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8 facts you cannot think of when analyzing football games you want to bet

By Valentin Macovei

It is possible that in the long-time betting, details make the difference between winning and losing, but if we are to put together more details, they might turn into relevant arguments, which get a special weight in the economy of a game.

Internet is full of the same several advices on the analysis of football games any player has already known. Yet, in this article you will not find those banalities, but a series of facts that betters tend to overlook when analyzing the games they are about to bet on.

The snapshot of the coach in his relation with leadership – The pressure put on coaches and the ultimatums they receive along the time do not always ooze out.

Altogether, the fact that media presents is not always true, and in most cases those things stay hidden until a coach is relived. Although, those who know well certain championships are able to spot this detail, by knowing how the leaders manage the situations and by observing the statements and behavior of the parties implied. A coach who is under pressure can be determined to do certain things, which are not exactly to the advantage of the team, such as putting new players in the field, who are favored by the leadership or by the pressure of a victory, in an inefficient manner.

What have / will most people bet – Perhaps you have used to think that everybody only bets on the top-seeded players and that in every football game, the outsider rate increases before the game starts. Even if, in most of the cases, this is true, you do not bet on all games playing worldwide, so that, if you fail to check this fact, you risk placing your bets unknowingly on very many games of which most people found out something you are not aware of.

There are free online instruments that monitor the rate fluctuations, so you will not have any excuse if you do not pay attention to this fact from now on.

The atmosphere in the locker-room – How many times have you not heard the players of a team that they do not want their current coach anymore and that they want to ease down in order to facilitate his dismissal. You need just as well to think that in most cases there are arguments and even fights amongst certain players who are not made public. Inside of a football club, many things can happen, which are then covered and described as being something else. Many times, the so-called accidents of some players are not accidents, and the deployments of some football players to the second team are not always caused by the reason publically launched by the club officials.

The weather conditions – Atmospheric humidity, pressure, and the other weather factors can be determinant for certain games and everybody is aware of this, but very few betters pay particular attention to this subject. There are various pre-pay services for betters, which offer detailed information about weather and much more than that, also submit the statistics registered by the relative teams under similar weather conditions. Think that the algorithms of the betting offices also take into account those factors when they generate the rates, but if you aim at the competitions that have not a very far-reaching, you have the opportunity to benefit from these kind of slip-ups the betting office still have today.

The scouters’ or the team selectors’ presence at the game – Such news can pass just under your nose or without being noticed, although such information could affect both young and experimental players. I remember that in the summer of 2013, Dragoș Grigore was assigned to execute the penalties at Dinamo, in a game where several scouters had come to watch, taking into account its capacity at the end, in comparison to other football players. I would probably not have found that information if the quarterback did not score twice in the goal of Cluj University, but this example shows how such information can substantially influence the match.

Economy of yellow cards and suspensions – It happens many times that coaches spare the important players in order to risk a suspension that might disregard them for a future more important match, without the media knowing this. Just as well, certain players choose to be intentionally warned, just to get a suspension: either in the team’s interest or in the personal interest. Knowing the regulations can be extremely useful for betters, because it happens, more than once, that a player, who approaches the suspension due to yellow cards accumulation, chose to obtain a warning that will suspend him for a cup match, in order not to sacrifice the prospective championship match. It is certain that the yellow card economy is not studied enough.

The arbitration style – After analyzing the history of the umpire, where this is possible, a better can substantially increase his winning chances. Each umpire has a personal style of managing the phases, excepting the way of arbitration in the fashion in his country. There are umpires who avoid allowing red cards, penalty kicks, or yellow cards, as much as there are umpires who prefer making their presence felt right from the first minutes. Another fact that needs to be followed is the umpire’s performances during the various competitions and detection of certain possible patterns regarding his relationship with certain teams.

Special offers of the betting offices – When a betting office launches an offer that implies a substantially improved rate for a certain selection type 1×2, the chances that such bet is a win bet are much smaller than the rate show, even the normal ones. Although, that does not mean that all those tips will be losers. Those promotions are usually launched when the complex systems of the operators find that a favorite, either a local or international has small chances to impose itself, although the rates, internationally published, seem to not indicate this. Remember: betting offices do not bet, but they aim at obtaining profit under any circumstance, without counting the final result of the bets.

When you see how hard is to get such information, especially when it is about the games in the lower federations, you will realize that this could be precisely your advantage to the betting offices. I know that it seems complicate and that it needs sufficient time, but the way to perceive this phenomenon.