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New online gaming platform … developed by EGT Interactive

EGT Romania is proud to present the brand new EGT Interactive iGaming platform for both start-ups and existing operators worldwide. A performance-driven online gaming platform with a wide selection of features, low operating costs and maximum returns, fine-tuned to the needs of the gaming industry by specialized professionals.


This is a full-featured gaming platform with responsive CMS that is including the central management platform, payment methods, casino product with one gaming provider (EGT), sport betting, mobile solution for Sports book, live casino and virtual sports.

The gaming platform has been developed by an EGT Interactive team with solid experience in the gaming industry following some strict criteria in development such as stability, reliability and flexibility.


EGT Interactive realized several years ago the potential in bringing together a number of online solutions to perfect the iGaming procedural methods. Ready to use for operators worldwide by integrating carefully developed online solutions into one all-encompassing online gaming software was the purpose EGT Interactive set out to in 2016.


For start-ups and existing operators alike, the platform helps starting gaming business quickly and freewheeling at a cost that’s unrivaled in the iGaming industry.


The online gaming software is designed to help you better manage your iGaming and increase your turnover with casino products (EGT) that delivers exciting, entertaining games on a periodical basis.


Make your customers experience more memorable and distinctive by choosing EGT Interactive online gaming platform to perfectly and impeccably manage your online casino.


Winbet – one of the traditional collaborators of EGT is already using the platform for winbet.bg online casino and has again chosen the EGT platform for its brand new online casino in Romania.


winbet.ro – the newest online gaming platform presents right now an initial lot of video slot games selected exclusively from EGT’s most popular titles – the ones that enjoy the most success both in online casinos and land-based gaming halls.


“We are delighted that for the start of winbet.ro we have joined forces with EGT Romania – one of the most renowned brand in the local market and we anticipate that the games will become great hits amongst our online players. The online platform is user friendly and comprehensive in its features and reports, making our back-end activity highly accurate. We are also anticipating that we will constantly add newer and newer games to our portfolio in the coming months, this creating the diversity that our players enjoy.” said Catrinel Alexe – Marketing Manager WINBET.


Not only is the online gaming platform mobile responsive, but so is also the CMS behind it. Therefore, you can check all the features directly for your mobile phone at anytime, anywhere.


The full access to use the CMS is designed for you to make the changes to the website in real time and also offers an extensive range of reporting tools. A user-friendly dashboard shows daily statistics (such as new registrations and deposits to notifications, withdrawals and net win) alongside player profiles and management, payments, bonuses and permissions … amongst many others.

As for adding new content, you can request among the following verticals:

  • Casino (Slots, Roulettes, Table, Cards, Keno);
  • Sports and Live Betting
  • Live Casino
  • Virtual Sports
  • …and more verticals can be added by request.


The online gaming platform is available for all Romanian gaming operators. To find out more contact EGT Romania or check out www.egt-bg.ro

Live Betting – Learn how to effectively avoid traps so that you can profit in the long run!

pariuri live

by Valentin Macovei

Many of the gamblers who try live betting reach the bottom of the bag very quickly. The adrenaline that betting provides can cause addiction, and this can seriously affect your wallet! However, you don’t have to be discouraged, because in the long run you can win at live betting, but only if you invest enough effort and discipline.

In addition to the fact that you never have to play for recovery and you shouldn’t bet when you’re bored, stressed or drunk, in order to be successful in this dynamic discipline, you must have a well-established strategy and never play randomly or rely solely on instinct, or whatever other ridiculous superstitions.

One of the simplest strategies you can use for live betting involves betting on the Over 1.5 goals option. In the following, I’ll explain how the method works and what you have to do to successfully implement it: For the next day or for the next few days, make a list of matches that have good odds of ending with at least 3 goals. Don’t think you’ll select 10 such matches in less than 15 minutes, because that would mean you didn’t do your homework properly.

The point is that you will always look at matches for the next few days and not for the current day, precisely to have enough time to analyze them in detail. Give yourself at least 15-30 minutes for each match and possibly give each one a rating (trust level). At the end of the analysis, keep those that seem to have the best chances of success. Try to adopt a style of analysis that you use for each game so that in the future you can adjust some aspects of the method you use in order to optimize the quality of your selections.

Avoid the extremely unbalanced matches of top teams, such as disputes where teams such as Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayern Munchen have odds under 1.20 for victory, as the odds of those games are permanently adjusted by traders throughout their course, which can translate into far less chances for you to catch good odds.

As a rule, the games you bet on will have pre-match odds for the Over 1.5 goals bet between 1.20 and 1.40. Once the day for which you have prepared a list of matches starts, the next step is to access your favorite live streaming site or app and bookmark the selected bets.

Then make sure you monitor the matches in question, because you will only be interested in those games where no one scores in the first 45 minutes; think that out of your list of 10 matches it’s possible that only two meet this criterion, so try to prepare as many alternatives as possible in advance. You will need to have funds at the online betting sites that offer the Cash Out option or to manually do it. It would be advisable to register accounts with most of the agencies that offer good odds for live betting and also with a Betting Exchange platform.

During the breaks of the selected matches the score of which is unchanged (0-0), you will search for the operator offering the best odds for the Over 1.5 goals bet (you should seek odds of at least 1.50), you will bet a fixed stake that you set beforehand and repeat it on every bet – it should be between 2% and 5% of your initial bankroll. Then you will wait for the first goal to be scored so that you close the bet.

Basically, using this method, all you do is place Over 0.5 goals bets, which usually have odds between 1.03 and 1.10 at the beginning of the games, but at odds of 1.30! If you’re good at selecting the games and you bet a fixed stake each time, you have great odds of getting long-term profit.

At the same time, if you can watch the match live after the goal is scored, you can choose to leave the bet open until the end when the game clearly indicates that it is very possible for the score to change before the last whistle of the referee or when there is no score in the first 80 minutes, because you will have low chances of making a profit if you close your bet near the end of the match.

It is very important to keep track of your assessments and bets. You should always have data to come back to, so you can figure out what pulls you down and implicitly what needs to be changed in the approach. However, don’t jump into conclusions: until you get to several hundreds of bets, don’t think that you are applying the strategy perfectly or that the method is not good for anything. As with any viable betting strategy, the results can only be seen in the medium and long term. Don’t forget that in the short term you will be affected by variation, i.e. by various factors such as luck or bad luck, which will be neutralized after you have a substantial number of bets.

This is just one of the many simple strategies that can prove to be extremely effective in live betting, when the person implementing it does it the right way. Remember to test each new strategy with virtual stakes or a minimum investment until you’re convinced of its effectiveness. Finally, the best advice I can offer you is to completely avoid progressive Money Management systems, because these, combined with live bets, will bring you on the verge of bankruptcy faster than you can imagine. Good luck and be inspired!


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(Română) real bet va propune o gamă largă de produse

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romanian.

REAL BET, technically and logistically prepared for the opening of more than 1000 land-based agencies

Real Bet is launching on the Romanian market of land-based betting with an ambitious project aiming to open in the following period of time more than 1,000 agents across the country. A full range of products will be found by players in the Real Bet agencies – betting on just about any sports, live betting, lotteries and virtual games.

The Concept

The launching of Real Bet on the Romanian market was born out of the desire to meet the requirements of those passionate about this area, with new and attractive products, but also of the passion for sport of the team involved in this project.

The concept of Real Bet maintains a classic line for the conservatives, but comes with an innovative line for those players who wish to take up new challenges.

Of course, Real Bet seeks collaborators throughout the country and are aware that in order to make themselves known they must be present in as many agencies in the territory as possible, both in urban and rural areas.

Among the strengths that Real Bet could mention on their business card there are reliability, and last but not least, trying to respond to the wishes of those passionate about sports betting.

The Real Bet Products

At the moment they come with an offer of more than 7 products, from which the mention:

Sports Betting

Live Betting

International Lotteries (Kino Greece, Win for life, etc.)

5 Virtual Games (Real 6; Real K; Dog Races; 3D Roulette; 2D Roulette)

Quality in Operation

But they also have new projects, which they hope to be a “real” pleasant surprise for those awaiting news on the market. Real Bet is technically and logistically prepared for the opening of more than 1000 land-based agencies.

In an attempt to maintain a unified company image line, they meet their collaborators with both technical and logistical support (computers, monitors, TVs, printers, etc.) as well as furniture, illuminated signs, wrapping, etc.

Even though for the onset of an betting agency, the Real Bet collaborators are exempt from these efforts and enjoy all their support, that doesn’t mean that they are exempt from expectation, namely to work to a high level of quality, in regard to both people and products.

The Future

“We do not wish to talk about the future, due to a single point of view: the LEGISLATION of ROMANIA. If, from this point of view, things become stable and clear, our plans for the future tend come into shape in relation to the investment in this project. No investor, domestic or foreign, will risk without great caution in a field rooted in the landscape of constantly changing laws,” RealBet management closed..

WINNER! Are you in?

For a short time now, the Winner brand entered the Romanian market of offline bookmakers by opening several betting agencies in Bucharest and throughout the country. Especially for this edition of our magazine we interviewed the business development director of the company, Andra Enescu, and we found out more data and very interesting information for betting fans, details that we also share with you in the following material.

What novelty brings Winner on the Romanian gambling market?

Winner is an international concept, wanting to offer its clients all game and betting opportunities in one comfortable place having a friendly ambience. The element of novelty is total customer orientation and preferences. We didn’t want to make a product as we see it, but as our clients wish for and, therefore we have qualified personnel in all our agencies that collect information from customers, so that our products and services to be an ongoing adaptability to their requirements. Of course we offer competitive sports betting with the best odds on the market and a very diverse range of betting options, and the popular Bling slot machines that already do not need any presentation.

What are the main “entertainments” offered within a Winner gaming room?

As I said, the offer of sports betting is one of the main attractions of our agencies, but in addition we have special bets that make the delight of our players, as well as dog racing bets, bets on live games and bets on the numbers drawn at international lotteries and Texas Holdem. The latter is a new type of bet for the Romanian market, which successfully combines the pleasure of poker with the pleasure of betting and we can be proud that we are among the top Sportsbooks in Romania that can provide its clients with this type of betting.

Aside from the rich betting offer, in the Winner gaming rooms one can also find the well-known slot machine, which combines Bling cutting-edge graphics with an attractive mix of games designed to satisfy any player’s taste. They offer a wide selection of slot games and also Casino games like poker, Roulette and black jack.

What advantages offers Winner to its players (promotions, bonuses, other advantages)?

Depending on the wishes of our customers and on their betting preferences, our bonuses are flexible, so that we can stimulate each type of player and so to be at the level of the best deals on sports betting market. Bling machines are also connected to a national system of jackpot with payouts up to RON 30,000 for now, but which is constantly increasing.

What are the future plans for Winner?

According to international tradition, our plan is that in less than a year to get noticed due to the quality of the services and products we offer, so as to become one of the top three bookmakers in Romania, from the point of view of our notoriety as well as turnover. At the moment, our target is to achieve a number of 500 locations throughout the country.

How many new locations do you want to open in Bucharest and throughout the country by the end of 2013?

By the end of this year, our business plan includes the opening of 100 Winner agencies in Bucharest and 120 throughout the country. It’s a bold plan, considering that we have some very high quality standards from which we do not deviate in any way, but we are fortunate to have a team of true professionals with experience in the field, with which we are sure that we will succeed.

On international side, with more than 15 years experience in the online gaming business Winner Group is one of the  most promising bookmakers in the betting industry. As top multi-gaming brand winner offers along to Sports betting also casino, live casino, games, poker and bingo.

They assure you that their services have passed the highest tests of gaming integrity. Scores of accountants, programmers and lawyers work hard to ensure an honest playing field and your financial information in encrypted using the most sophisticated technologies.
Winner’s number one priority is to make sure that all personal information that its players provide them is kept absolutely safe and secure. Every transaction is kept confidential and no information is passed or sold to any third parties.

Winner Casino handles thousands of secure transactions each day via their financial subsidiary Redfinger Trading Limited, Cyprus. Canadian firm TST has the duty of checking gaming session records and the subsequent functioning of the RNG algorithm that assures the randomness of the online games. Regarding bank and personal data transfers, all information is encrypted with 128-bit-SSL encryption technology.

Winner customer support offers 24/7 English language agents in order to help you. They could be reached via live chat option on their website, e-mail or phone. They provide maximum effort in order to help you anytime during the day.

Sports Betting

Winner Sport delivers a top notch sports betting experience to millions of punters around the world. For edge of your seat thrills and pulse pounding action make Winner Sport your go to for all your sports bets. Covering a comprehensive range of sporting markets, they are dedicated to being on the ball no matter what the game may be. With live in-play betting and plenty of promotions, including money back specials and a bountiful source of bonuses on multiples and enhanced multiples, they offer something to turn every bet into a winner!

Betting coverage, markets and odds

Their betting coverage is excellent and there is no event, sport or league missing to their offers. American football, Australian rules football, baseball, basketball, boxing, cricket, cycling, darts, Entertainment, football, golf, greyhounds, handball, horse racing, ice hockey, MMA, motor-sports, politics, Rugby League, Rugby Union, snooker, tennis and volleyball are all available, while everything is so easy to find under their quick links section where they list a sports betting diary, the live betting events available, UK horse racing, UK football coupon, IPL cricket, World snooker championships and everything that is hot during the period requested.

The default odds format is fractional, but you can switch anytime to decimal or American with just a simple click. The upcoming events are listed beautiful to the sportsbook home page divided by sport using tabs and you can check statistics for any event, powered by BetRadar, with just a simple click too. They do offer live scores, powered by BetRadar too, also audio commentaries for horse racing, soccer and a radio in cooperation with Sky Sports news.

Winner Casino is an online casino website which took an amazing facelift in the year 2012 which makes it a whole new experience gambling site. Winner Casino is definitely a currently flourishing online casino site as it offers its players a hefty amount of welcome bonus as well as other great promotions and loyalty bonuses. Winner Casino strives to give its customers the best online gaming experience with customer satisfaction one of its top priorities.

Winner Casino uses Playtech software as the provider of its gaming platform. Playtech is considered as one of the world’s leaders in online casino technology. Players only need about a minute to download and start up the software creating an account is also fast so you will be wagering in no time at all. After signing up and creating your account, you will then be directed to the Winner Casino lobby. The lobby is simple, straightforward and the games are neatly arranged by roll-down menus. You can invite your friends directly from the lobby itself. The graphics are great and the games offered are numerous. Live games are available as well.

Winner  Poker is one of the more popular sites on the iPoker network. They use software from Playtech, a gaming software development company that has been in business for over 10 years.

The Top Hand Of The Day promo pays out a prize to the first player of the day to play a Royal Flush, if no one plays a Royal Flush the prize goes to the first player to play the next highest straight flush. Winning also offers their Bad Beat Bonus promo. If a player loses a hand with four of a kind kings or better, they will receive $250 from Winning Poker!

Payment options, deposit and cash out methods

They offer over 40 ways to fund your account and make a withdrawal. The payment providers offer their services in many currencies. Including USD and EUR fit for Romanian Players Cashing out methods available average, with one pending day and up to four days of processing time.

Live betting

If sports betting is entertaining and imply continuous information, live betting is more attractive since you can bet while watching the event.

Live betting is placed during the development of the event. More and more sports betting (and others also) can be watched on television or on different internet networks. Practically, many betting agencies have tv screens installed inside where you can watch football or tennis games, as well as horses and whippet races. If you are at home, in front of the tv, you can easily access the specialized channels where the games developing around the world are live broadcasting. More, many online betting agencies (bookmakers) have their own video channels where you can watch the game while betting.

Coming back to live betting, we must say the denomination is improper, but the term has easily consecrated and has been accepted by the majority. Many betting agencies use the term “in running bets” or “in play betting”. Both are close to the connotation of the term, meaning betting that develop at that particular moment and accept stakes from the players.

That kind of betting appeared recently on the market, developing really well over the last years. We can find them in few betting agencies. Generally, in live betting a forecast is chosen for the event. Even if the term “live” can be translated as “instant”, as I said before, practically no betting house offers a real live betting. This would mean for you to be on the stadium and bet, but it wouldn’t be live either, it wouldn’t be instant. That because when you ask your bet to be validated, from the moment of the betting until the validation, there is a so called “latency timing”, around 4 and 10 seconds. If during this timing there is nothing else going on, the odds in the game remain unchanged, the betting stake will be accepted. Some betting houses accept the betting stake even if the quota changes, and the last offered quota will be validated (it can be adjusted, different from the one you have chosen.)

During the different sports events there is certain timing when the odd is blocked by the agency and there is no possibility to bet (for example tennis, basket, football). Generally, on sports events where there are many kicks the odd blocking happens a lot, but the staff in charge with this kind of events try to do it in a short while. For example, betting can be blocked when: there is scoring, penalty or a player is excluded. Even so, the timing for odds reevaluation is short.

On live betting the player has the advantage to see the game on tv (or from the tribune, for those betting from their mobile phone). Yet this advantage can never reach the level of the betting houses that despite the fact they have the information on real time, adapt much easier than a regular parlor. More, specialized traders that value and receive direct smooth information, the stakes also, modify the quotas in advantage for the betting houses. But they can also make mistakes, the human factor can always be wrong, and the mistakes are speculated by the bettors (for example to allow betting on a short while after the game is over).

I have reached certain conclusions which are good for you to follow and respect according to your playing style. When you are involved in live betting, try to anticipate the evolution of the game you are watching. If you don’t watch a game, don’t bet on it. Even when you are watching a game, be aware of the fact that there is a short disparity and there are differences between the evolution of the game and odds. Be sure you are certain on what you want to bet on and that you can make correct and fast decisions. Before placing a bet it is appropriate to focus on a stakes and respect it. Not the last, you must know the betting can be removed of the offer at any time, depending on the decision of the betting agency. Don’t not forget: live quotas are smaller than the normal ones, but during the game you can find events that are not available before the game started.


If you are a betting or gaming vendor and you are new in casino business, bet-at-home offers extremely tempting quotas within a very secure and pleasant professional environment

The company
Bet-at-home.com is a new licensed gaming company, holding offices in Austria and Malta. The company was founded in Wels (Austria) in 1999. Bet-at-home.com has had important and huge increasing rates ever since it started. More than 1.500.000 clients have joined bet-at-home, leading to huge increasing rates every year and a large number of products.
Bet-at-home.com has offered alternative and sports betting ever since it was founded. The large number and varied products has been extended to including dog races, online casino and online poker. The company also has an innovative policy for expanding in the future. The online casino offers traditional table games, but also a large number of cards games and Video Poker. A large number of mechanical games also guarantee entertainment for each client. You can also enter the fascinating arena of the most popular cards games: 7 versions for poker and dozens of tournaments.
bet-at-home.com has already been recommended for the trustful and fast services and clients relations. The bets are calculated right after the end of the games and the emails from the clients are answered most rapidly by a competent team, with large foreign languages knowledge (German, English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Turkey, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Dutch, Greek, Czech, Russian, Croatian and Serbian)
The professional IT team and security solutions guarantee maximum protection, using a tested SSL with 128 bit encrypting RSA system. No information trusted to this company will ever be revealed to thirds.
The advantages of using bet-at-home.com
The money earned will be transferred to your account immediately, after listing the final results, giving instant access to the winnings, the possibility to transfer the earned money to your personal bank account or the possibility to use them for betting again.
Casinos and gaming
There are two different types of casinos within the company: online casino, where you can choose “play for real” and “play for fun” modes and Live Casino, where you can play against real dealers and opponents games like roulette, blackjack, table baccarat. The games of the online casino can be selected by touching a button on the grey screen and Live Casino by touching the button on the background red screen.
Live games at bet-at-home.com Casino
The new Livecasino offers the possibility to enjoy the atmosphere of the casino right at your home, playing Blackjack, Baccarat or Roulette at the same table with real dealers and players.
LIVE betting
You can place your live betting to the most important sports events, during the game. You can also stake after the beginning of the game. The betting quotas are changing every minute, they adapt to the actual situation of the game. A wide look on the live betting by just a click on the live button! You can also combine live betting and traditional betting. Each bet that was placed after the beginning of the game will be declared invalid and will be calculated with a 0.1% quota. There are also limit on live betting that can fluctuate. This means: if the limits are overturned, this will be indicated directly on the ticket betting. You can decrease the stake in order to place the bet you wish.
Horse racing betting
You can also bet on canter races and trot races around the entire world with bet-at-home partners www.racebets.com. There are hundreds of horse races every day and the minut races at the end of the week. With Racebes.com you can watch live races through Video Stream on high quality, as you were right in the middle of the event.

bet-at-home.com sponsorship
Gerry Weber Open
Every tennis fan knows that each trip to the Mecca of the tennis field in Wimbledon starts at Queens Club in Halle/ Westfalen. From 1993 “Gerry Weber Open” is a fix data in the ATP calendar. The most important elements of the tournament are the modern Centercourt that guests around 12.300 spectators, and it is provided with a removable cover and a unique contract with Roger Federer. The former leader and also the owner of the record has agreed to perform in Halle for the rest of his alive career. Starting with 2011, bet-at-home.com is the official sponsor of Gerry Weber Open.  www.gerryweber-open.de

bet-at-home CUP Kitzbühel
Between August 1st and 7 2011, “bet-at-home.com CUP Kitzbuhel” takes place, since the white sport has a long tradition in Kitzbuhel, one of the most important places for the winter games. Austrian Open, part of “ATP World tour 259” has attracted, ever since 1945 the aces of the white sport, as well as personalities in the entire world.
bet-at-home Open
The first “German International tennis championships” has already been broadcasted in Hamburg in 1892. bet-at-home.com Open am Rothenbaum, today part of “ATP World tour 500” is one of the oldest traditional tours in the world.
RCD Mallorca
bet-at-home.com has been the main sponsor of Real Club Deportivo Mallorca from 2010.2011. the club was founded in 1916, plays continuously from 1997 in the Spanish Primavera Division and ended the last year season on the fifth position. The club, trained by Dutch Michael Laudrup, has known its greatest success in 2003, by winning the traditional “Copa del Rey”, national cup competition.