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Editorial – Here you can find everything about gambling!


The May edition of our magazine comes with concerns in the business area regarding the future legislative framework and new ideas and trends in the operating area. As you well know by now, here you will find everything about gambling!

The Cover Story proposes a corollary of the actions undertaken lately by the Romanian Bookmakers – The Patronage of Betting Organizers in Romania, in their effort in determining the achievement of certain objectives which are undoubtedly necessary for profile operators.

Their concerns arise from the need to elaborate a new industry Code of Ethics in relation to the provisions under the General Data Protection Regulation, which shall enter into force this month, but also with regards to the new regulations regarding combating money-laundering. We invite you to find out about other stakes and activities that the Romanian Bookmakers undertake in the article dedicated to them.

One of the surprises within this number comes from Craiova, where a strong Romanian company which, in almost 20 years of activity, through seriousness, perseverance and skill, has succeeded in developing a successful business in the field of gambling. Their halls, KM Games, represent an important point of reference in the field of entertainment, which is pretty competitive in the area. Kamaryon, because it’s them we are referring to, started out from the idea of a few enthusiastic young people who wanted to make a better future for themselves, on their own, and who have now reached the point of decisively contributing to the future of others and to offer support to the community. I recommend that you carefully read this interesting interview with Karmen Ciorăscu, the company’s owner, as to see what their recipe for success is.

Also within this edition, we offer you an interview with the President of the National Office for Gambling (ONJN), Dan Iliovici. I have invited him to offer us a clearer picture of the gambling field’s situation and to offer us as much current information and information of interest for all actors on our market, as possible. If you read this interesting material, you will find out our industry’s most important figures and which are the ONJN’s concerns under Mister Iliovici’s mandate.

We propose a preview of the EAE’s 12th edition which will be held this year between 3-5 September at Romexpo Exhibition Centre, by holding an interview with Anton Vlad, the organizer of this exhibition, traditional in the gambling industry. The main new novelty in the 2018 edition is represented by the new hall within the exhibition centre, space which shall allow organizers to carry out an event of truly international proportions, starting with this year.


Adjacent to our specific entertainment area, we continue our series related to places where you can eat well in Bucharest. The well-known restaurant critic and gourmet, George Butunoiu, has recently arrived at one of the most beautiful trattoria restaurants in Bucharest – Il Villagio and Aqua Garden – a great restaurant of Militari neighbourhood, of the new Militari Residence neighbourhood, to be more precise. We invite you to find out what dishes he tasted and what he thought of the two locations described in this edition.

ODETA NESTOR: “All those in the field want stability”

One year after having left her position in front of the National Office for Gambling (ONJN), we believed it was opportune to once again have in the pages of our magazine the president of the institution, Odeta Nistor. Now we have the chance to find out more of her opinions with regards to what is happening on the market, the projects she was involved in, including that regarding the approval of source-based taxation of earnings from gambling and on-line betting, future plans and many more.

A year has passed since you left your position as president of the ONJN, please tell us if you are happy with what you have accomplished during the time spent as the president of the Office and which you believe are your most important accomplishments during your mandate?

Of course I am. Firstly, because I have built an institution and created a team from scratch, starting from a resolution that appointed me in public office and from an office which, in fact, was a room with two desks, located on the ground floor of the Ministry of Public Finances. I have left this functional institution in the best parameters possible, with 180 employees, with an envied location, new cars, a functional legislation and last, but not least, an institution appreciated by all those who have heard of the ONJN, both nationally and internationally. I mention this by making reference to our results, which can be found within the institution’s activity reports, but also in the Court of Accounts’ reports, which has verified the institution’s activity during the time I managed it and within which, as opposed to many other public institutions, no irregularities were registered due to management or employees.

Secondly, during my mandate as president, I proposed legal and institutional measures and mechanisms which regulate in a more efficient and coherent manner the gambling market in general, thus responding to the market dynamic both for operators and players, and for other market actors as well (providers of equipment and services related to the gambling field).

Thirdly, compared to other European states, we succeeded in successfully regulating the illegal area of the gambling market, respectively on-line gambling, and to collect significant amounts to the state budget from penalties paid for the period in which the operators did not hold a gambling license. This regulation adopted by Romania is appreciated by the market operators and is given as an example of good practice at almost every international conference, as being a very good regulation in the field.

Please tell us, what projects have you been involved in since you left the Office and until today?

Given the experience and results achieved as the head of the ONJN, subsequently to changing my position, I was asked to run the Association of Remote Gambling Operators in Romania.

During my personal time, I carry out consultancy activities in other states in Europe, Africa and America in the field of on-line gambling, as well as with regards to monitoring and control strategies for the entire gambling field.

What are the main issues you have dealt with after having taken the President position within the Association of Remote Gambling Operators?

Decision-making is the most difficult process as any proposal or request must be substantiated, sent to the operators within the association and then a commonly accepted formula must be found. Sometimes, the operators’ interests may differ between the small and the large operators, or between different activities, poker, betting, casino. Sometimes the business models or perspectives of the companies are completely different, especially given that on-line operators are large companies which operate within multiple jurisdictions, having different strategies depending on them and the existent legislation. My role is very important, of explaining, with arguments, to all members, how the Romanian market works, which is the legislative interpretation and to succeed in convincing them in having a unitary final proposal. Adopting a common line proves to be the most difficult.

A great win in the lives of betting and on-line gambling consumers was the approval of source-based taxation of earnings from on-line gambling and betting. Was it difficult for you, as representative of the on-line gambling operators, to obtain this amendment of the tax code?

I made this proposal from before the time I was managing the ONJN. All this time, I have supported this amendment as I was convinced that it is a proposal from which all parties implicated win, the state, the players and the operators. The players will no longer have to keep record of their winnings, to line up at ANAF, the operators won’t lose clients as a result of erroneous reporting followed by extremely high penalties, and ANAF will no longer have to process all of the players’ statements, as they are reported by the operators and paid on a monthly basis by them. Then, all of this is verified by independent auditors. It no longer matters if it was difficult or not after you succeed in achieving your goal. By means of my experience at the ONJN, I understood how the legislative process functions and the decision factors at that time and those of today have started to trust that what I propose for amendment produces positive effects and each time, I have presented legal arguments, so that my proposals materialize and be assumed by those who approve them.

Are the operators prepared for this legislative change? How much time do they need to adjust their systems and to prepare for these amendments?

The association I represent does not have the situation of all market operators. The future will show us how this amendment shall function. Certain operators are ready, as we have held discussions with them since the proposal was made in Romania’s Senate. Normally, the amendment, as an ethical procedure, is not difficult. But depending on the technical structure of the equipment of each operators and on the chosen solution, it is possible that recertification of gambling or security systems, of platforms used, be needed. On behalf of the Association, I officially requested the Ministry a 6 months implementation term, but this has yet to be assumed within the GEO, as Emergency Ordinances must be substantiated as to why they are urgent, or the 6 months terms within it has not been approved.

For a rather long time you were the head of the ONJN, that is “you worked for the state”, and now, you are on the other side of the “barricades”, the head of the Association for Remote Gambling Operators; what are the main issues you face?

Honestly, I believe that at the ONJN, work (so to speak) is no longer performed at the same intensity and the resolution of operators’ issues are delayed. But it might just be a subjective opinion. Although, most of the operators I discuss with tell me the same thing. But I can surely give you a few examples. Even though the law has yet to be amended, the operators receive opinions and requests on behalf of the ONJN which are absolutely contrary to those received during my mandate in the context in which these are the same employees, from the directors down to the last employee, who issued opinions then and are issuing them now, as the president does not sign on his/her own. This has no other explanation other than that, during my mandate, they issued illicit opinions or are now abusing the situation by interpreting the law in a different manner. These situations are more and more frequent, which leads to operator instability, and for those in the on-line environment, who have legal departments in other countries, it is very difficult for me to explain that, on the basis of the same law from the same institution, there are two legal opinions, even if the law has yet to be amended. I find myself in the situation in which I have no arguments with which to explain to them that this year, they will have another tax to pay, other than that of the past years, and if they don’t pay it at the level now requested by the ONJN, there is a possibility that the authorization may not be approved in the same legal conditions. The law stipulates that regular meetings be held between associations of operators in the field and the ONJN as to debate market issues; my information tells me that this no longer happens.

Which do you believe are the primary issues with which the Romanian gambling industry, in its entirety, is confronted?

There have always been, are and will be issues on the market as in any other field, there is no doubt about that. This situation is mainly due to the field’s dynamic, technology development and integration mechanisms, and the multitude and diversity of the games conceived. In my opinion, the main issues is that of the degree of professional training of those assessing this field. Without a proper training of those who apply the law as to approve the functioning of different types of activities or games or those who actually control it, the general results for the functioning of the field cannot be the best.

Where do you see the Romanian gambling industry in the next 5 years?

In Romania, in the current context, I do not believe there will be any major changes. Surely, there are still things to be done, but they are not of great magnitude. More related to correlation and “fine agreement”, to put it this way. All those in the field want stability.


What are your plans for the future, from a professional point of view?

As president of the ONJN, I came from the gambling field and I returned to the same field. However, with a lot more experience. Personally, I can’t do anything else than continue to activate by offering specialized consultancy or by actually participating in the construction of projects at strategy level for certain unregulated countries, offering as example what I have achieved in Romania, and that is my business card. I was pleasantly surprised to be requested in countries in which I had never thought I would get to see even as a tourist, countries with a very high financial potential and with issues in the gambling field which they do not know how to manage as they lack specialists in a niche field such as gambling. The gambling field is a very technical one. But it function all over the world. Once you’ve understood it, you can apply it and develop it anywhere in the world.

Editorial – On gambling news


In this edition we have a lot of exciting topics that will surely awaken your interest, especially as they look at gambling news.

In our Cover Story we find one of the leading operators in our field. The Jack Ploiești gaming room was designated last year by our magazine as the best gaming room outside the capital. In 2018 they prepared a few promotional campaigns with sensational prizes, repaying the loyalty of customers who trust in the quality of the services we offer, but also of the top generation gaming means that they find here each time. The total prizes prepared by The Jack Ploiești this year exceed the value of RON 1,500,000! Learn more about the 2018 Campaigns and the surprises prepared by The Jack Ploiești by reading the material dedicated to them.

Another material that we strongly recommend to you is about another winner of ours, Game World Bucharest Mall. The largest Eastern European gaming room continues to be a destination for great fun and to diversify the attractions and entertainment options offered to its guests. For example, during 2017, customers of this emblematic gaming room were invited to have fun at no fewer than 56 themed parties involving various shows, decors and culinary dishes, organized with professionalism and enthusiasm by Game World Bucharest Mall. For 2018, they are preparing many other memorable marketing campaigns that will dazzle us, especially since this location will go into its 20th year of operation.

One year after having left her managerial position in the National Office for Gambling (ONJN), we believed it was opportune to once again have in the pages of our magazine the president of the institution, Odeta Nistor. Now we have the chance to find out more of her opinions with regards to what is happening on the market, the projects she was involved in, including that regarding the approval of source-based taxation of earnings from gambling and on-line betting, her future plans and many more.

We are sure that you remember that on December 7, 2017, the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing held a presentation at the professional gambling business event organized by the Casino Inside magazine – RPG 6, where issues were debated with regard to the conditions for the processing of personal data by private legal entities in this field as operators in the context of the (EU) Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of these data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC.

Our intention is to start a series of GDPR articles to provide you with as much information as possible on this topic. We considered that we should first provide you with as much information as possible about the Personal Data Protection Officer that you should appoint.

The (EU) Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) is to be applied in all Member States of the European Union as of May 25, 2018. Not long from now, the provisions of this legislation will have to be applied to our entire field.


Rombet Association, about successes in 2016 and projects for 2017

The Romanian gambling industry underwent deep changes in 2016. Fine-tuning of the legislative package by adoption of the secondary regulations (that is, the application rules of the law), and all the shifts this industry experienced afterwards, have all been steps taken forward, aimed at rendering this industry more powerful, transparent and independent. And Rombet Association has always been involved and increasingly active in representing the interests of its members. Trainings, projects and programmes, large-scale international events and workshops the members of the association were invited to attend as speakers, are the highlights of an year packed with positive results for Rombet.

 “2016 shed light on the major shifts the industry has undergone over the past years. The important players of the industry understood that, while we are provided with a good legislative package, unity should be one of the key coordinates of any endeavor if we aim to progress. In witness of this growing-up, an important number of members, both from the country and abroad, decided to join our association last year, and thus place their trust in us to represent their interests before the National Gambling Office and not only”, declared Mr. Dan Alexandru Ghiță, President of Rombet.

The Association has constantly and unequivocally urged the industry to stay together, so as to turn the transparency, unity and independence goals into reliable strategies to underpin the progress of gambling in Romania. But, as any strategy comes along with an implementation plan, in 2016 Rombet has stepped up its involvement in various efforts and activities.

The 2016, the Rombet workshop “roadshow” stopped in many cities of the country.  The representatives of the association were seen in Iași, Cluj, Oradea and Bucharest, trying to clarify any ambiguities that are liable to impair the correct application of the legislation into force. “The interest was high, and attendance of our events exceeded our expectations. It is thus clear that accurate information needs to be exchanged, and the expert voices should take a step forward and answer the questions that, looking back at the experience of the year now ended, will not be few”, commented the Vice-President of Rombet, Mr. Anchidim Zăgrean, who added that: “It was a good year, when the first permanent licenses and permits were issued to online gambling operators, not to mention the 2nd class licenses for gambling-related activities. We have a legal framework considered an example of good practice by many European states, but, in our opinion, there is still room for improvement”.

Rombet promises that in 2017, the workshops will be resumed and taken to other cities in the country, building on the success our events enjoyed last year. Furthermore, the representatives of the association have already announced that they are working on a set of improvement proposals for some legislative provisions, fed by the feedback Rombet members submitted in respect of the implementation of the package of laws in effect. “As we have repeatedly said it already, ROMBET is a supporter and promoter of the interests of its members, and membership of the association is a guarantee for the support, legal, tax and accounting advice they can expect to receive. We are closely monitoring the meetings of the Parliamentary commissions that debate projects with impact on the gambling industry, we take active part in all the meetings of the Advisory Board attached to the National Gambling Office, and we aim to remain equal partners in the dialogue with the authorities with gambling responsibilities, thus helping the on-going improvement of the legislation and, consequently, the development of our industry”, added Mr. Dan Alexandru Ghiță, President of Rombet.

But the positive image the gambling industry is building right now has been decisively driven also by the focus placed by this industry on staying in touch with the latest legislative developments, the business trends and opportunities, or the innovative responsible gambling project ideas. Thus, Rombet was an ambassador of Romania in the major gambling events organized across Europe, and often took the floor to speak to the audience of what makes our country that example of good practice the neighboring countries and not only look up to. Rombet representatives were in London, attending ICE Totally Gaming, the largest European event of the industry, then they participated in EGR Online Gambling Briefing – Eastern Europe (Prague), World Regulatory Briefing – Responsible Gambling Innovation (London), World Regulatory Briefing Eastern Europe (Warsaw), and the Eastern European Gaming Summit (Sofia).

“We take pride in the fact that last year we managed to advance the opening of the Romanian market to large foreign investors, that were thus able to direct their attention towards our country. We will continue to pursue this approach in 2017, too. As early as February we are in London to participate in ICE Totally Gaming, to continue this tradition of Rombet. In March we will be seen in Vienna International Gaming, and will be support, this year as a media partner, two important conferences organized by SBC Event in London, namely “Betting on Football” in May, and “Betting on Sports” in September”, added Mr. Dan Iliovici, First Vice-President of Rombet.

Internally, the association further aims to continue its involvement in Responsible Gambling projects, as it has done before, social responsibility being an essential strategic direction in Rombet. “We want to take active and direct part in the establishment and, in particular, in the operation of the future Foundation for Socially Responsible Gambling. The expertise and knowledge we have acquired so far, the partnerships we have concluded and the good reputation our association enjoys abroad will definitely be assets the Foundation would be able to rely on in the implementation of the future Responsible Gambling projects”, also said the First Vice-President of Rombet.

“What are the goals of the association in 2017? To take further and improve the projects and programmes of 2016, so that the important progress of last year would be continued at a high and constant pace in the year that has just started, too. Gambling development in our country is a challenge, but one that Rombet is willing to happily uptake, obviously always having in mind the interests of our members which are, in fact, the interests of the entire Romanian gambling industry”, concluded Dan Alexandru Ghiță, President of Rombet.


The Casino Inside magazine awarded 28 winners this year

Following the success of the first two editions of The Celebration of Romanian Gaming, the Casino Inside magazine continued this year as well, to offer the end of the year gala event deserved by all the major players of the Romanian gambling industry, after a year of successfull endeavours in their professional lives.

This year we offered a major change in the way we approach the highest quality entertaimnment. Thus, the Wilmark Entertainment team has prepared an exceptional show, which has delighted the audience that counted more than 100 guests. Raffa de Cuba presented us the Latin American story, singing to us in the purest Buenavista style, then the dancers of Wilmark Dance Academy took us step by step on ajournet through the world of Tango, Flamenco, Samba and Capoeira Brasil. In the end, when the audience was ecstatic, we all danced Tropicasao on the stage. A wonderful show, as we had promised.

The moments of entertainment were accompanied by those where the prizes offered by the Casino Inside Magazine had rewarded the work and success of those involved in our industry in 2016.

The guests applauded the winners and many of them have promised that they will come back next year as winners. The Casino Inside prizes crown the efforts and achievements of all those who love and cherish this industry as such. Let us not forget that we represent over 40,000 people working in this sector, and the several hundred of million euros paid by us through taxes support the Romanian economy. Everyone must know what we do and we should be proud of us.


  1. The best live casino of 2016

Palace Casino

  1. The best operator of arcades of 2016

Game World

  1. The best gaming hall of the year 2016

Game World București Mall Vitan


  1. The award for the best gaming hall outside Bucharest of 2016


The Jack & Play Again Palas Mall Iași

  1. The award for the best gaming hall opened of 2016

Max Bet Park Lake

  1. Best traditional betting operator (offline) of 2016


  1. Best online gambling operator of 2016


  1. The best manufacturer of limited risk gaming equipment (AWP)


  1. The best manufacturer of gaming devices with limited risk (AWP) of 2016


  1. Best international manufacturer of gaming equipment of 2016


  1. Best Romanian manufacturer of gaming equipment of 2016


  1. The best importer of gaming equipment of 2016

Merkur Gaming

  1. The best casino management system (CMS of 2016

Syswin Solutions

  1. The best software solution for gaming and betting industry of 2016


  1. The best manufacturer of advertising signage of the gaming industry of 2016


  1. The best supplier of game accessories and related equipment of 2016


  1. The best provider of alternative marketing tools of the gaming industry of 2016

Odor Control (AIR Q by Prolitec)

  1. Most prized slot machine on the market in 2016

Super Premier (EGT)

  1. The best poker club in the country, year 2016


Eldorado 777 Poker Club din Oradea


  1. The marketing campaign of 2016

Campania “Space Project” de la Eldorado 777

  1. The best law firm working in the field of gambling of 2016

Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen

  1. The award for social responsibility and promoting responsible gaming of  2016

The Responsible Gambling Program

  1. The social responsibility award of  the year 2016

Max Bet

  1. Gambling Personality of the Year 2016

Odeta Nestor, President of ONJN

  1. The “Casino Inside” Special Award Special “Casino Inside” of 2016

John Carroll, CEO Carroll Consulting

  1. Award for active involvement in the Romanian gaming industry in 2016

Romanian Bookmakers

  1. The Award for the most dynamic Association of the field in 2016


28. The Gambling Visionary of the Year 2016

Milo Borissov, CEO Casino Technology


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(Română) “Joc Responsabil” devine o iniţiativă a întregii industrii de gambling din România

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romanian.

(Română) Scrisoare deschisă a ROMSLOT, Asociaţia Organizatorilor de Sloturi către întreaga industrie a jocurilor de noroc din România

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romanian.

ROMSLOT – the voice of the Romanian slot industry at the EASTERN EUROPEAN GAMING SUMMIT

From November 23rd to 24th, ROMSLOT will be one of the Romanian representatives to the most important gambling industry forum of the Eastern Europe, Eastern European GAMING SUMMIT, which will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria. Dobre Valentina, Vice President at ROMSLOT will address the public both on the first and on the second day of the event, in two sessions: Responsible Gambling and Thinking East. Thus, we talked to the ROMSLOT leadership about the angles they will address these two issues.

“We have responded to the invitation of the organizers to attend the most important event dedicated to the gambling industry in the region and I am pleased that we can share our experience with experts and professionals from all over Europe. I chose to confirm my participation in two sessions addressing, in my opinion, the most interesting topics of the moment, areas that are also two of the most important priorities of ROMSLOT. The prospects and the challenges of the gambling industry in this region and the “Responsible Gambling” program, both of which are being greatly influenced in our country by the legislative framework that has been affected by several changes during the past year and a half. ” said Valentina Dobre, Vice President, ROMSLOT.

Thinking EAST – Prospects and challenges of the gambling industry in Romania

At the forum in Sofia, Valentina Dobre will be one of speakers addressing one of the most interesting discussion sessions of the event: “Thinking East Panel” or “The Eastern mentality concerning the gaming market.” This subject will include a presentation of the biggest challenges faced by the industry in the region, a debate whether the current legislation is or not sufficiently attractive to companies so that they shall develop their business in the region and apply for a license and it will be discussed how to align the East European industry to the western market.

Dorind să aflăm mai multe despre modul în care va fi abordat subiectul de către asociaţia ROMSLOT, Valentina Dobre, vicepreşedinte al acesteia, a declarat:

As we wanted to know more details about the manner in which this topic will be addressed by the ROMSLOT association, Valentina Dobre, it’s Vice President, declared:

“When we say challenges of the gambling industry in Romania, we say firstly legislation. Therefore, in this session, I chose to talk about the new law governing the slot industry locally, how it has impacted the market of Romania and the challenges faced by operators and manufacturers lately. However, I will also approach the perspective of developing a long-term business in the current legal and economic context.

We support the vision of the National Gambling Office, which wants for Romania to be a safe and interesting market for those who want to develop a business in the gambling industry. I think a business can resist only if it is based on ethics and responsibility. It is the principle we follow within our association and we hope that the new legislative requirements, such as increasing taxes significantly, will impose a auto-selection process within the industry, one we would like to eliminate all threats affecting the reputation and the image of the gambling market. This is a global trend to which Romania is starting to line up. “

“Sure, we would have liked it if the road to legislative changes would havebeen much smoother, clearer and predictable and we hope that we will enjoy the responsiveness of the regulatory authority in regard to the correction of some technical issues or the correlation with the related legislation, so that no legislative anomalies or misinterpretations of it shall exist. ” continued Valentina Dobre.

The legal framework theme is one of great interest to forum participants and in the same time, one of the topics on which the ROMSLOT representative can provide the most relevant insights. The association is very recognized for a good dialogue with the Authorities, weather we refer to the National Gambling Office or to the Parliament, dialogue through which it managed to explain the dangers or the unenforceability of certain law bills.

RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING – How did ROMSLOT succeed to align Romania to the European trends?

As a pioneer of the social responsibility initiatives in Romania and as part of the only program dedicated to responsible gaming in Romania, the ROMSLOT association is in the best position to discuss directions in this area in our region. Since its establishment, ROMSLOT has promoted a responsible vision to its members and set up a strategy on the issue, managing locally to be actively involved every year, and to develop a program with the same level of expertise as the strongest similar projects in Europe.

Wereffer to the “Responsible Gaming” program, developed in partnership with the Association of the Romanian Bookmakers – the only program in Romania that offers real help to gamblers with problems, but also to their families. The level of expertise of the program was confirmed during the international seminar “Good practices in addressing pathological game” organized by “Responsible Gaming” last year in Bucharest, attended by specialists from Italy and the UK.

Within the EASTERN EUROPEAN GAMING SUMMIT, Valentina Dobre will present the experience of Romania on the subject of responsible gaming, which can be summed up with the initiatives taken by ROMSLOT together with the Romanian Bookmakers, through the “Responsible Gaming” program.

In the same time, ROMSLOT is one of the EUROMAT members – The European Gaming and Amusement Federation and so it has access to the latest trends of the European slot industry, including social responsibility. Let us not forget that the ROMSLOT Association, represented by Mr. Karoly Buzás, who is now at his fourth mandate in the Board of EUROMAT, is the only organization in Romania involved at the highest level in the activity of a European organization.

Moreover, ROMSLOT managed to align Romania to the European commitments in the field by integrating responsibility policies, which it undertook as a member of EUROMAT.

As a result, the Vice President of ROMSLOT will also address the forum in Sofia speaking about the way in which the association is implementing the 4 pillars of social responsibility policies in gambling, according to the vision of EUROMAT. ROMSLOT believes that in order to have real effect in terms of social responsibility, a structured approach that considers the availability of the representative research results, education and communication programs, effective regulation, and solutions for problems associated with gambling.

Mr. Helmut Kafka, Vice President of EUROMAT and one of the leading specialists in the world on responsible gaming will also be addressing this session.


EASTERN EUROPEAN GAMING SUMMIT is the most prestigious forum of the gaming industry in the Eastern Europe. The event brings together experts and professionals of the gambling industry, both land – based and online, and also professionals of the leisure and travel sectors around the world, in order to share information, experiences and ideas.

Over 30 experts in gambling worldwide (here we mention Macao, Germany, UK, Portugal, Malta, the Netherlands, Croatia etc.) will participate to this year’s edition, and among them we also find:

  • Helmut Kafka – Vice President of EUROMAT, present in Romania since the year of 2013, at ROMSLOT’s invitation.
  • Pieter Remmers – CEO EASG and one of the most worldwide renowned experts of Responsible Gaming, which has been present in Romania attending the “Practices in Responsible Gaming” event, organized by the Casino Inside and supported by the Responsible Gambling Program and the associations ROMSLOT and Romanian Bookmakers.

În perioada 23  – 24 noiembrie, ROMSLOT va fi unul dintre reprezentanţii României la cel mai important forum al industriei jocurilor de noroc din Europa de Est, EASTERN EUROPEAN GAMING SUMMIT, ce va avea loc la Sofia, Bulgaria. Valentina Dobre, Vicepreşedinte ROMSLOT va lua cuvântul atât în prima, cât şi în a doua zi a evenimentului, în cadrul a două sesiuni: Responsible Gambling şi Thinking East. Astfel, am discutat cu conducerea ROMSLOT despre perspectiva din care vor aborda cele două subiecte.

“Am răspuns invitaţiei organizatorilor de a participa la cel mai important eveniment dedicat industriei de gambling din regiune şi mă bucur că putem să împărtăşim din experienţa noastră cu experţi şi profesionişti din toată Europa. Am ales să confirm participarea mea la două sesiuni ce abordează, după părerea mea, cele mai de interes subiecte ale momentului, domenii ce, totodată, reprezintă două dintre cele mai importante priorităţi ale ROMSLOT. Este vorba de perspectivele şi provocările industriei de jocuri de noroc din regiune şI de programul “Joc responsabil”, ambele fiind influenţate în mare măsură în ţara noastră de cadrul legislativ care a fost  afectat de mai multe modificări în ultimul an şi jumătate.”, a declarat Valentina Dobre, Vicepreşedinte ROMSLOT.

Thinking EAST – Perspective şi provocări ale industriei de gambling din România

În cadrul forumului de la Sofia, Valentina Dobre se va număra printre speakerii uneia dintre cele mai interesante sesiuni de discuţie ale evenimentului: “Thinking East Panel” sau “Mentalitatea estică despre piaţa jocurilor de noroc”. În cadrul acesteia se vor prezenta cele mai mari provocări ale industriei din regiune, se va dezbate dacă legislaţia actuală este sau nu îndeajuns de atractivă pentru companii astfel încât acestea să îşi dezvolte business-ul în regiune şi să solicite obţinerea unei licenţe şi se va discuta despre modul în care industria din est-ul Europei poate fi aliniată la piaţa din vest.

Dorind să aflăm mai multe despre modul în care va fi abordat subiectul de către asociaţia ROMSLOT, Valentina Dobre, vicepreşedinte al acesteia, a declarat:

“Când spunem provocări ale industriei de gambling din România, spunem în primul rând legislaţie. De aceea, în această sesiune, am ales să vorbesc despre noua lege ce reglementează industria jocurilor de sloturi pe plan local, modul în care aceasta a impactat piaţa din România şi provocările cu care s-au confruntat operatorii şi producătorii în ultima perioadă. Totodată, o să abordez şi perspectiva dezvoltării unui business pe termen lung în contextul economic şi legislativ actual.

Susţinem viziunea Oficiului Naţional pentru Jocuri de Noroc , ce îşi doreşte ca România să fie o piaţă sigură şi de interes pentru cei ce vor să îşi dezvolte un business în industria de gambling. Cred că o afacere poate să reziste doar dacă este bazată pe etică şi responsabilitate. Este principiul după care ne ghidăm în asociaţia noastră şi sperăm că noile exigenţe legislative, precum mărirea semnificativă a taxelor vor impune o autoselecţie a industriei prin care ne dorim eliminarea tuturor ameninţărilor care afectează reputaţia şi imaginea pieţei jocurilor de noroc. Este tendinţa la nivel global la care România începe să se alinieze.”

 “Sigur, ne-am fi dorit ca drumul schimbărilor legislative să fie mult mai lin, mai clar şi predictibil şi sperăm că ne vom bucura de receptivitatea autorităţii de reglementare pentru corectarea unor aspecte tehnice sau de corelare cu legislaţia conexă astfel încât să nu mai existe niciun fel de anomalii legislative sau interpretări greşite ale acesteia.”, a continuat Valentina Dobre.

Tema cadrului legislativ este una de mare interes pentru participanţii la forum şi, totodată, unul dintre subiectele despre care reprezentantul ROMSLOT poate să ofere cele mai pertinente insight-uri. Asociaţia este recunoscută pentru dialogul foarte bun cu autorităţile, fie că este vorba de Oficiul Naţional pentru Jocuri de Noroc sau de Parlament, prin intermediul căruia a reuşit să explice pericolele sau inaplicabilitatea anumitor  propuneri legislative.

JOCUL RESPONSABIL – cum a reuşit ROMSLOT să alinieze România la tendinţele europene

În calitate de pionier al iniţiativelor de responsabilitate socială în România şi ca parte a unicului program dedicat jocului responsabil din România, asociaţia ROMSLOT este cea mai în măsură să dezbată direcţiile în acest domeniu din regiunea noastră. Încă de la înfiinţare, ROMSLOT a promovat o viziune responsabilă în rândul membrilor săi şi a pus bazele unei strategii pe această temă în plan local reuşind, în fiecare an, să se implice activ şi să dezvolte un program situat la acelaşi nivel de expertiză cu cele mai puternice proiecte similare din Europa.

Este vorba de “Joc Responsabil”, dezvoltat în parteneriat cu asociaţia patronală Romanian Bookmakers – singurul program din România ce oferă un ajutor real jucătorilor de noroc care se confruntă cu probleme, dar şi familiilor acestora. Nivelul de expertiză al programului a fost confirmat în cadrul seminarului internaţional „Bune practici în abordarea jocului patologic” organizat de “Joc Responsabil” anul trecut în Bucureşti, la care au participat specialişti din Italia şi Marea Britanie.

În cadrul EASTERN EUROPEAN GAMING SUMMIT, Valentina Dobre va prezenta experienţa pe care România o are pe subiectul jocului responsabil, ce poate fi rezumată la iniţiativele luate de ROMSLOT împreună cu Romanian Bookmakers prin intermediul programului “Joc Responsabil”.

Totodată, ROMSLOT este membru EUROMAT – The European Gaming and Amusement Federation şi are astfel acces la ultimele tendinţe la nivel european din industria de sloturi, inclusiv în materie de responsabilitate socială. Să nu uităm că asociaţia ROMSLOT, reprezentată de dl. Karoly Buzás, care se află la al patrulea mandat în cadrul Consiliului Director al EUROMAT, este singura organizaţie din România implicată la cel mai înalt nivel în activitatea unei organizaţii europene.

Mai mult, ROMSLOT a reuşit să alinieze România la angajamentele europene în domeniu prin integrarea politicilor de responsabilitate pe care şi le-a asumat în calitate de membru EUROMAT.

Drept urmare, vicepreşedintele ROMSLOT va aborda în cadrul forumului de la Sofia şi modul în care asociaţia implementează cei 4 piloni ai politicilor de responabilizare socială în domeniul jocurilor de noroc, conform viziunii EUROMAT. ROMSLOT consideră că pentru a putea avea efecte reale în materie de responsabilitate socială este nevoie de o abordare structurată care să ţină cont de disponibilitatea rezultatelor unor cercetări reprezentative, programe de educaţie şi comunicare, o reglementare eficientă, dar şi soluţii pentru tratarea problemelor asociate cu jocurile de noroc.

În cadrul acestei sesiuni de discuţii va lua cuvântul şi dl. Helmut Kafka, vicepreşedinte EUROMAT şi unul dintre cei mai importanţi specialişti din lume pe jocul responsabil.



EASTERN EUROPEAN GAMING SUMMIT este cel mai prestigios forum al industriei jocurilor de noroc din Europa de Est. Evenimentul reuneşte experţi şi profesionişti ai industriei de gambling, atât land – based, cât şi online, dar şi ai sectoarelor de timp liber şi turism din întreaga lume, cu scopul de a impărtăşi informaţii, experienţă şi idei.

Peste 30 de experţi în gambling din întreaga lume (aici amintim Macao, Germania, Marea Britanie,  Portugalia, Malta, Olanda, Croaţia etc.)  vor participa la ediţia de anul acesta, printre aceştia numărându-se şi:

  • Helmut Kafka – Vicepreşedinte EUROMAT, prezent în România în 2013 la invitaţia ROMSLOT
  • Pieter Remmers – CEO EASG şi unul dintre cei mai cunoscuţi experţi în responsible gaming la nivel mondial, care a fost prezent în România la conferinţa “Practica în Gambling-ul Responsabil”, organizată de Casino Inside şi susţinută de programul Joc Responsabil şi asociaţiile ROMSLOT şi Romanian Bookmakers

(Română) Poziţia ROMSLOT – Asociaţia Organizatorilor de Sloturi cu privire la cercetările Direcţiei Naţionale Anticorupţie ce vizează activitatea unor operatori de jocuri de noroc

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