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The Grand Ho Tram Strip Casino – Excursion into the world of Vietnamese extravagance

by Paul Dan

Goooood morning, Vietnam! A world-known hello, from the war years. But the military uniform and boots era has passed, and now we are seeking relaxation, entertainment, and adrenaline. And where else would we find it, if not at The Grand Ho Tram Strip, only a two hour car ride away from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam’s largest city, known for a long time as Saigon! Large and imposing, daring and extravagant, The Grand Resort and Casino marks the start of the transformation of the calm Ho Tram coast in what is wished to become Vietnam’s answer to Macao and Las Vegas.

Beyond the noise of the metropolis holding 9 million inhabitants and other millions of loud scooters, in a calm and green oasis, two steps away from the beach, we find an exclusive resort, The Grand Ho Tram Strip, a favorite destination for gamblers. And not only for them! Built in the Vegas style, The Grand Ho Tram Strip offers a multitude of game opportunities, one more attractive than the next, where you can try your luck. Just so you can have the general idea – over 500 slot machines are at your disposal all the time, and for those preferring emotion, there are 90 gambling tables open 24 hours for Baccarat, Roulette, Sic Bo, Blackjack, Progressive Stud Poker, Hold’Em Poker. With facilities like these, everybody knows it’s the best and best equipped casino in Vietnam.

And to make ourselves understood – while you’re at a table, an army of employees make sure that you lack nothing! Any type of snack, any type of drink.

Discretion grows with the stakes

Premium clients, looking for a discrete place, have The Pearl Room, where you can bet on significant amounts, in private or semi-private rooms. Here, you can have a meal, try the finest liquors, while, for those accompanying you, there is a relaxation room.

The VIP clients benefit from special treatment. For them, the VIP Casino was created, a saloon of utmost discretion, where stakes are high and games private! Gambler in this category have a private check-in area and a special place to eat, the first premium restaurant of the network, The Gold Standard.

According to the casino’s official site, members are rewarded and can enjoy a vast variety of offers and promotions. The gaming experience is completed by the awards prepared for those either playing at the slot machines, either taking a seat at the casino tables: from invitation to various events held within the resort, to gifts. The more people gamble, the bigger the reward and the gathered points can transform the membership card in a gold or even platinum one, which offers access to other benefits, such as free accommodations, additional meals and drinks or even the possibility to participate in competitions and promotions.

Pampering at its highest

Because nights are long and exhausting for gamblers, the hotel offers a true arsenal of pampering. There are indoor and outdoor pools, spa and massage for those considering that it is not enough to forget time on the beach or swim in the clear waters of the South China Sea. They wouldn’t be bothered by anyone anyway, as the beach, over a surface of two kilometers, is private.

The pretentious and the deleterious have the possibility to prove their talents and skill at golf. And we’re not talking of just any golf field, but of one which has the signature of the legendary practitioner of this noble and elegant sport, Greg Norman. And speaking of talent, all of the resort’s guests can prove their singing abilities in the specially organized karaoke halls. The lovers of the seventh art haven’t been forgotten either. They can unwind in the 3D cinema halls.

Another resort attraction is the hotel’s musical fountain created in a Las Vegas style. The water, light and color show takes place daily between 18:00 and 21:00. The water, pumped at high pressure through the 120 jets can reach even 25 meters in height, while the background is ensured by LED projections covering the entire color spectrum. The audio background is ensured by live shows by local musicians, the star of the show being pop-star Son Tung M-TP and the Vietnamese idol Phuong Vy. The concerts are always held at the opening of the weekend sessions.

And to complete the scenery, we have to mention that the resort’s guests have micro-buses and buses at their disposal from and to the airport in Ho Chi Minh. The VIP clients are brought by helicopter!

Build and they will come – is not just a line from the “Field of Dreams” movie, but also the idea which the Ho Tram Strip chain followed. Successful in Macao, the development strategy is simple: the more gambling tables and hotel rooms, the more clients there will be. The main target – the neighboring sea China, with a population of over 1.3 billion inhabitants, with many possible players.

The Grand Ho Tram Strip could have the name of the MGM Resorts International, except for the fact that Americans have retired from the resort’s management. This did not end the project. Currently, the resort has 541 hotel rooms, and, by building the second tower, the accommodations space shall double. 4 billion dollars is the total value of investments made in the two casinos for which permits where issued.

The gambling market in Vietnam today

Gambling was made illegal by the communist regime, as it was considered an unacceptable capitalist concern. However, starting with 1990, restrictions became more lax, and now authorities have opened the investment market in field for large corporations. Besides the live casinos, in Vietnam, electronic gaming halls, horse race betting organized by the state in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, dog racing in Vung Tau and the Vietnamese lottery (state monopoly) are also legal. On-line gambling is practically illegal, but the internet network is censored. However, sports betting, especially on football games, are the most common.

After years in which they were forced to play beyond borders, only in January 2017 did the government allow the Vietnamese people to play in their own casinos. Until then, only foreigners were allowed to do so. Currently, there have been 7 casino operation licenses and 23 gaming hall operation licenses issued. According to specialized sites, the most sought after casinos and gaming halls in Vietnam’s capital are Chat Slots Gaming Center, Palazzo Club, Monte Carlo Saigon Club, Club Royale and The Grand Ho Tram Strip Casino.


The new owner of the company said that after his appearance in the February issue of the Casino Inside magazine, he was approached with many collaboration offers coming from profile companies.

T. Andranyk: “This fact pleased us because it opened a new perspective upon the Romanian market. As a result, we are currently in an advanced stage of negotiation with two of these companies. We can say that we are thriled by the way Las Vegas is evolving on the market, so we proposed ourselfes to continue our expansion through the profile business aqusition.”

You can submit proposals at: t.andranyk@gmail.com

You can hit the jackpot in Las Vegas with just a few bucks

Tourists are nuts for “the free stuff”, and casino managers give them to them, and then some, just to keep them at the game table longer

By Gigi Stancu

Nevada is the American gambling capital and only one of the four states, alongside Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, allowing any kind of betting. The core is the “Las Vegas Strip”, an almost 7 kilometers long boulevard in the city’s center, where most of the casinos and luxury resorts are found. The fight over clients is great and many times, in their favor.

Afternoons are the cheapest moments of the day in casinos

The idea that there is no place for you in Las Vegas unless you have a lot of money has made its way into the general folklore and many don’t even bother to verify the information. The prejudice remains as an incontestable Bible and tourists often reject this possible destination from the very beginning. However, things can be done otherwise, as well! Overlooking the fact that you can get from Bucharest to Las Vegas and back with approximatively EUR 600, your stay there does not necessarily have to empty your pockets, especially if you are going there just for the gambling, and not to take daily trips through the Mojave Desert. And for this exact purpose, there are “Happy Hours”. What is that? Nothing more than the casino managers’ strategy to keep or attract their clients on casino floors even during the dead periods of time during the day, when they prefer to be somewhere else. How is it done? Give them cheaper food and booze and they will give you back the difference in price, it being unlikely that they keep it for any bills needing to be paid back home! Even though the idea of these discounts was more popular several years ago, when the industry hadn’t yet recovered, there are still 100 places where you can eat and drink only the finer things at cheap prices, as long as you gamble. Some people have even imposed themselves a betting limit as to benefit from the bar or restaurant discounts. For example, if you drink a beer for 3 dollars instead of 9 at the Golden Nugget, then you have to put another at least 10 dollars in a machine. In fact, this rule applies to most casino floors, where you cannot consume unless you play, and for the rest, at only a few steps away, in the same resort, you can find the best restaurants or the coolest bars. You’re not missing Romania too much when thinking about this, are you? Well, resemblances stop here!

In order to enjoy these “Happy Hours”, you have to remember the applied schedules very well, especially considering that they are not the same. The Pub Monte Carlo tries to lure you in with half price for anything at the bar, only from Monday to Friday, between 15:00 and 18:00. At El Segundo Sol Fashion Show Mall you can drink a shot of tequila with 3 dollars, a beer for 4 dollars, a margarita for 5 dollars and eat a Mexican quesadilla for 5 dollars on any day of the week, but only between 16:00 and 19:00. Some casino managers, more cynical and less in love with crowds, offer these discounts during shorter time intervals, only with the purpose of selling in tourist packs and not seem anything less than the competition. Milos Cosmopolitan is one of these places, offering only an hour and a half of actual discounts, and then, the beer costs less than six dollars and the hors d’oeuvres plate is more than 10 dollars. However, the most beautiful Las Vegas-style stories are written by those who have put in 5 or 10 dollars into a machine and then needed a bag. For the rest of them, as the saying goes, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

MGM Grand, the city’s pearl

The “Happy Hours” idea is not, however, the only way of attracting players in casinos or keeping them there once they are in. The Las Vegas resorts are true amusement parks and between two bad hands the clients can refresh their appetite for gambling by relaxing at the SPA, pool, getting a massage, ski-jet racing on lakes created in from of hotels or concerts held by the world’s best artists. The king in this respect, due to its complexity, is the colossal MGM Grand which holds the largest hotel in the USA with 5,124 rooms. It is truly big because of its 30 floors, its 35,000 square meters on which it is built or the 139 poker tables functioning alongside the 2,500 slot machines. MGM Grand Garden Arena is the true icing on the cake and the ingredient that nobody actually has in Las Vegas. This is the hall were the most famous boxing matches in history took place, and we give as an example only Holyfield vs. Tyson, De La Hoya vs. Mayweather or Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, but also the Grammy Awards in 2014, 2015 and 2017. Here, you can see Cher, Bruno Mars in concert every month or the incredible show of those performing in Cirque du Soleil. And if this still does not keep you inside or make you step over the threshold of a casino, then you are immune to feeling!

It seems hard to believe, but history can be learned in Las Vegas. And not just any history, a bloody one. That is because gangster movie lovers walking down the Strip cannot miss the famous Flamingo, casino founded in 1946 by Bugsy Siegel, one of the greatest gangster of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, when Las Vegas was nothing more than just a few slot machines and the sand, good only for hiding the bodies of gang war victims. The Flamingo has remained an attraction over time, and you can stay in the four star the establishment even nowadays and only for 60 dollars a night.  Las Vegas represents an attraction for player due to the fact that it is the only state in the USA allowing on-line betting, a “Pandora’s Box”, unopened yet in the rest of the territories left of the Mississippi River.

Conclusion: What Las Vegas without a bank loan? Find out all you can about the “Happy Hours”, walk into the finest places and try your luck! If you don’t get lucky, at least you’d have been unlucky on a full stomach!


At the end of last year, our magazine was awarding the Las Vegas gambling halls for the most dynamic development on Romania’s territory in 2017. This was on account of the company’s sustained rhythm of development, of the brand’s increasing level of famousness and the fact that this company has become a representative one for our profile market, in time. Now Las Vegas has a new owner, Mister T. Andranik, and he has obviously chosen the Casino Inside magazine to present himself to the gambling industry in Romania. We wish him welcome and we assure him that he has our full support.

As such, we invite you to read a very interesting interview with the new owner of Las Vegas, occasion with which you will find out why he chose to invest in the gambling market in our country our the company’s plans for the future.


What is your background in gambling? Do you work in this field or have you worked in this field? Please elaborate, if you can.

I can say that I was born between games of chance. My family has operated in this industry for almost 4 decades. For me, it is absolutely natural to continue my family’s legacy and that is why I do business in this filed.

I have always liked to work with people and that is the reason why I prefer traditional gambling halls over on-line halls. I love seeing the player’s happy reaction when he wins. It is a unique moment of happiness and honesty.


Why did you choose to enter the Romanian gambling market?

To a certain extent, I can say that it was a happy coincidence due to my Romanian friends. I came here to visit a few times and I liked it very much. I can truly say I fell in love with this country. Romanians are open and communicative. I felt good here, in their presence, from the very beginning.

The opportunity to purchase a significant company on the Romanian gambling market came to be by means of my friends, as well. When I started thinking about the purchase, I already knew that Romania had one of the most mature as consolidated gambling markets in Europe. Honestly, I contemplated this choice a lot, also performing a prior evaluation. I believe that the argument which weighed the most in my choice was finally that the Romanian market is a very well-regulated one.


Why did you choose to enter the Romanian gambling market by purchasing a company which manages the Las Vegas brand? What attracted you to this brand?

In short, Las Vegas is exactly what I wanted. For almost 2 years we have analyzed the possibility of expanding our business. You are well aware that there were many arguments determining me to make this purchase and there is no need to lay them all out now.


What type of games and slot machine mixes can be found in your halls?

Currently, we use only established brands on the Romanian market. We have a plan for the near future as to diversify the game mix with a few new things. We intend to use the multiple relations that we have consolidated along time with different names in the industry with this purpose.


Besides games, how do clients have fun in the Las Vegas halls? Which are the promotions with which you entertain your players? How important is marketing in the successful operation of your halls?

Marketing, it will become an essential element of the business. First of all, we want to increase the social and fun element in our halls. We won’t neglect the “responsible game” aspect, either. However, for now, we are focusing on rearrangement and re-branding.


Las Vegas has continuously developed in the last few years. Which are your plans for the future?

The future has already begun for Las Vegas. We have initiated an ample re-branding process. We will also change the ambient style of the halls, which we will rearrange after a new concept. We wish to bring a new vibe, a change in our aspect. We plan to move very fast and I believe we will finalize the changes until January 2019.

The technical re-upgrading is another priority for us. We will introduce, for the first time ever in Romania, new technical solution connected to the gambling activity in the halls.

For the year 2018, we aim at enforcing our position by increasing the quality of services and enforcing the presence in the high-end clients area.


Do you believe that on-line gambling represents a danger to those operating classical gambling halls (on the street)?

Let’s be serious, traditional gambling will never disappear. This phenomenon has been around for thousands of years and shall continue to exist. Exactly as Las Vegas will never disappear, neither will traditional gambling. Remote gambling is another form of competition for us which motivates us to adapt and transform into something better.

If you wish, a reason for which the traditional games are not in danger as you say they are, is the fact that they will be better supported by the state than those on-line because they generate larger and more variated income for their budgets, including those resulting from salary contributions. Or, it is well known that the on-line does not pay such contributions, because there are extremely few employees.


Do you intend to obtain an on-line operating license?

My option for traditional is definitive and it is the result of accumulated experience. This is the future LAS VEGAS.


Bio T. Andranik:

Andranik is from Armenia. His family has been holding business on the gambling market for a long time. They started in Argentina and then extended to other areas, finally reaching Europe, as well. Now, they came closer to their native country, entering the Romanian market as well.

When he speaks about himself, Andranik says that he feels at home in the gambling hall. It is probably because the business is in his blood.


Las Vegas short history:

Andranik speaks very passionately about the business which he wishes to develop. LAS VEGAS has been activating on the Romanian profile market since the year 2000. In its 18 years of activity, the previous company has expanded territory-wise to all relevant urban centers. The team, respectively the LAS VEGAS family, as they like to be called, has almost 600 members. A young family, but obviously, dynamic and well-motivated.

In Las Vegas, Poker Still Beats Sports Betting In Revenue Per Square Foot

By now it’s no secret that poker revenue for Las Vegas’ casinos has remained relatively flat in recent years while sports betting revenue has grown significantly in the 2010s.

However, the poker rooms still maintain a significant edge over the race and sports books in one category: revenue per square foot. According to figures released by Nevada casino regulators in the annual Gaming Abstract, the 43 brick-and-mortar poker rooms in Clark County generated about $1,120 per square foot in fiscal year 2017. Race and sports betting, which occurs in about 80 casinos in Clark County, generated $670 per square foot.

The poker rooms contained an average of 2,724 square feet, while the books averaged 4,718, according to the state’s figures released each year in January. The Nevada poker boom reached its zenith in 2007, a calendar year in which sports betting and poker revenues were nearly identical at about $168 million. Las Vegas casinos currently collect close to double the revenue from sports betting as they do from poker.

In FY 2008, there were 63 poker rooms in Clark County that generated an average of $1,170 per square foot. The sports books averaged $670 per square foot like did in FY 2017.

Both poker and sports betting trailed the other casino games in the most recent fiscal year. Pit games, which includes offerings such as blackjack, baccarat and roulette, generated about $2,700 in revenue per square foot, while slot machines took in about $1,200 per square foot.

There are more than 4,000 table games and more than 100,000 slot machines in Clark County. The state’s data comes from licensed gambling facilities that generated at least $1 million in gaming revenue in the respective fiscal year.

Sursa: Card Player

Editorial – A Big Family


The year that just started could be a benchmark for our gaming industry. When I say this I rely on the analysis of the last few years. I feel that this year can be a very good one for us, with all the political and economic “madness” around us. Our market has reached a maturity level large enough to sediment what it has built in recent years. All it has to do is keep going on its own way and be consistent with the ideas and values it has been promoting lately. I think our industry is at the moment a model. Of course, we need to keep an eye on what’s going on around us, but I think we all have the ability to continue building a safe road for us. Many people depend on us, and that can only make us more responsible. The gaming industry is at this moment in Romania a support for the Romanian economy, both at the macro (statistics) and micro (human) levels. We pay taxes, employ people, contribute to the economic cycle through consumption of goods and services, entertain players / clients, carry out CSR-type activities and, above all, we are responsible! We congratulate you for what you have achieved and we are glad that we are also part of this big family.


At the end of last year, our magazine awarded the Las Vegas casino floors for the most dynamic territory development in Romania in 2017. This was due to the sustained growth of the company, the growth of the brand’s reputation and the fact that this company has become a representative one for our profile market. Now Las Vegas has a new owner in the person of Mr. T. Andranik, and he naturally chose the Casino Inside Magazine to introduce himself to the Romanian gambling industry. We welcome him and assure him of all our faith and support. Learn more about this topic in the Cover Story!


The Jack & Play Again is gradually becoming an important operator, a company that is investing more and more in its casino floors, people, marketing and brand. Their location in Deva was inaugurated in the fall of 2015 on the premises of Shopping City Deva, and not only does it benefit from an excellent location, but it also has a professional team which offers players a special place dedicated to best quality entertainment, in addition to marketing campaigns and promotions thought out in accordance with the specific of the location. Currently, the “Mercedes C Class” Campaign is in progress and its final draw which will take place on February 22, 2018! Besides the luxury car, prizes worth RON 78,000 will also be awarded. This campaign was carried out over almost 5 months, and the total prizes exceed RON 350,000!

Danemar Trading will turn 25 years since its inception in March this year! I believe this is extraordinary and we congratulate Victor Marin and his team of professionals for what they have done all this time. We love that Danemar makes a positive contribution to the procurement process between the manufacturer and the end customer, having a double role: Specialist and Supplier. They are leaders on the cash payment systems market and the largest Distributor and Authorized Service Center for payment systems in Eastern Europe. Learn more about their accomplishments and success by reading the material that we dedicated to their anniversary.

At the end of this first 2018 edition, Casino Inside team wishes you an excellent year, as we are convinced you will have it!


Oran Gragson, the mayor who gave life to Vegas

-Oana Mihalache

Even if many of the personalities that are associated with Vegas come from the arts or gambling area, the merits for an impressionistic number of reforms that changes this city are owed to people from politics. Such an example is Oran Gragson, the longest serving mayor of Vegas, a man who fought against corruption, initiated a wave of social reforms and started a project of systematization that drastically changes the city.

He first run for mayor in 1959, and then he stayed in this position for 16 years. Born in 1911, Oran Gragson grew amidst the Great Depression of the ‘30s in the United States, and in 1932 he was working for the construction of the Hoover Dam – located between the states of Nevada and Arizona, a project which was initiated by the president Franklin D. Rooseveld during the economic recession. His only fortune consisted then of $2.70, but he only got to work at the Dam for two weeks, and then he became a truck driver for a dollar an hour. In 1934, he married Bonnie Hanley – his high school girlfriend – and they spent their honeymoon in Las Vegas.

Intuitively, Gragson then told his wife, while he was trying to convince her they should live there, that he one day will be the mayor of Vegas. Shortly after, his road toward entrepreneurship started, precisely in 1937, when he worked as an associate for his first business called the Little Secondhand Store. After many other adventures in this field, he managed to owe his own store, at which he sold television sets. This is the moment when he started seriously to think about becoming a mayor – because the police in town repeatedly told him they had found the door at his store left open, even though he knew that he himself had locked it. The corruption was in full swing in those days in Vegas, and the policemen were controlling local businesses. Well, the spirit of justice characteristic of Gragson was to end this custom – or at least try to do it.

From a novice in politics to the longest serving mayor of Vegas

After he managed to eliminate the endemic corruption within the Police Department, then run by a group of officers accused of burglary and other illicit acts, Gragson started to plan the Fremont West Expressway, now part of US Highway 95 and also known as Oran Gragson Expressway. His road in politics started with the county elections in 1959, when he was not among the favorites for the electorate – as he was largely not known to the vast public, but at the elections in 1963 he managed to win. His electoral platform included, among other proposals, a radical reform in the Western side of Vegas, which was in a visible depressed state and had much to recover towards the rest of Vegas. A member of the Republican Party, his stakes for the mayor post were mainly the eradication of corruption among the local policemen and the initiation of social reforms meant to ensure equal chances for disadvantaged social and racial categories. One of the first measures he undertook as mayor and through which he managed so secure funds for his plans was to convince President Nixon to support legislation for a transfer of funds worth $1,6 million in order to enact an anti-poverty program in Vegas. In 1968 he proposed another measure that included a sales tax that would raise $6 million annually for Clark County. A year later he was recognized by the University of Nevada as a Distinguished Nevadan.

The long career of the mayor Gragson meant a total of four mandates, and it surely cannot be resumed to a few pages, but his initiatives did a lot to help Vegas become what it is today – an eclectic city, attractive for tourists around the world and for entrepreneurs as well. Even if he could have run again, Gragson decided to instead retire and he became the director of the association Downtown Progress, which he ran until 1986. His deep involvement in the social life of Vegas went beyond bureaucratic limits: he was part of a Committee to Employ the Handicapped and in 1976 he co-founded with his wife and other members the American’s Cancer Society’s Cancer Crusade – to mention only a few examples from his civic involvement. Gragson literally witnessed the development of Vegas, and he was the man to lay the foundations for what later became Sin City – now a well-established destination on the map of global gambling.

Maxwell and Laura Belle Kelch, the inventors of the „Sin City” brand for Las Vegas. The inspiration that propelled the city among the top gambling destinations

–   Oana Mihalache

They’re very few those who remember or read about the personalities and professionals from various fields, who helped promote the image of Vegas in the world and came with innovations that now pertain to what we can name ”the no. 1 destination of global gambling”. Two of these names are Maxwell and Laura Bell Kelch, who not only set up a radio channel at a moment when Vegas had none, but they also promoted brands connected to Vegas, such as „SIN CITY”. Their actions stand as proof for the fact that sustained passion for a city like Las Vegas can inspire and lead to innovations that are meant to last for decades.

In 1940, the two were founding the KENO radio station in Vegas, after the only station at that time stopped transmission, without any competition on the market. They thus have the merit of maintaining radio transmission in the city during hard historical time – moreover as news about the war were live on KENO, in the context of an imminent threat of a Japanese invasion on the West Coast. Maxwell previously worked for another radio station during high school, as an engineer, and his interest for this field lasted as he graduated with a bachelor’s and then a master’s degree in physics. The station founded by the Kelch husbands functioned as an affiliated station of ABC, and among the shows that used to run on it we mention „Listen Ladies” and „Peggy Maxwell”.

Consistent efforts to promote Las Vegas as a tourism destination have later been implemented, after 1944, when Maxwell became president of the Chamber of Commerce in Vegas. From this position, he conducted lobby activities among businessmen, in order to promote the city, even launching a funding account for this – called „Live Wire” – through which he collected $84.000, money used for touristic promotion activities. Accordingly, the city shortly became a destination visited by tourists from around the world, especially by those keen on gambling activities and an active nightlife.

Basically, the Kelch family helped establish the „Sin City” brand, through their consistent PR efforts for the touristic promotion of Las Vegas after the Second World War, and before the famous slogan Flower Power emerged among the US youth – which was correlated with a peaceful rebellion attitude among the population and especially among young people. This movement’s roots can be traced in the opposition actions towards the Vietnam War. “If we were to historically analyze the efforts to promote Vegas as a touristic destination, Max Kelch would be the founding father”, according to Michael Green, history professor at Community College in Nevada. His name is also connected to another “brand” of Vegas, namely the famous mascot of Vegas Vic, a cowboy that is in the front of The Pioneer Club since 1951. Very few people know that Maxwell was the men who invested money in the sound station for this club, after he sold the KENO radio station, thus giving a voice to this mascot.

The actions of the Kelch family were not only dedicated to PR and tourism. Laura had an important role in convincing american militaries to maintain opened the military base Nellis Air Force after the Second World War. Many military schools have been built there, close to an operational center for aerial activities.

The cultural and historical heritance of the Kelch family did not remain connected only to the two husbands whatsoever. Their name was also promoted in the cinematographic industry, through their nephew Matthew Gray Gubler, who starred in the TV series „Criminal Minds”, that could be watched on AXN. The innovations left by Maxwell and Laura left an important brand for both Vegas and the global gambling, but especially for those willing to discover top destinations of this kind. Everything was in the name of entertainment – this is what we could retain as the main slogan that drove the entire activity of the Kelch family.

Sports betting: The difference between a hobby and a career

by Valentin Macovei

Maybe I would become a professional punter tomorrow if value betting was as fun as live betting while watching the match with your friends!

Players are actually looking for fun, for an adrenaline rush, a retreat, or an unforgettable experience when betting and are not necessarily after making profits. If we eliminate that stimulus from the sports betting equation, we instantly interrupt the punter’s interest in this phenomenon, and the activity becomes monotonous and boring. It is for this reason that it is difficult for many to become skilled: after getting the proper knowledge, gaining experience and starting to take the right path, they lose contact with that stimulus, and are tempted to make mistakes. Consequently, I have come to the conclusion that punters are nothing more than people who are addicted to adrenaline, to entertainment or simply to a way out of the everyday routine.

What does value betting mean?

It is well-known that betting agencies retain that winning margin on every betting option, so the punter has a disadvantage from the start when it comes to earning a profit. The only way the punter can counteract this advantage of the house is to find valuable bets.

You have certainly come across the term “Value Betting” if you watch betting forums. Many connoisseurs state that a player who does not bet on value can not achieve long-term profit. Simply put, value betting means betting on a quota that is better than it should be, that is, the chances that the result will actually be higher than the odds indicate.

Due to the fact that, in general, most punters bet on the favorites, betting houses tend to provide somewhat worse odds for the most likely outcome. That’s why professionals mostly bet on outsiders and, implicitly, on odds higher than those who bet on the favorites.

Now, in order to maintain a balance between profitability and safety, professionals only place individual bets, on which they have a fixed stake of the initial bankroll (between 0.5% and 5%) and aim to reach average odds of about 2.00. The logic behind this approach is simple: if you place bets with average odds of 2.00 and you win 51% of the times, you make a profit; and vice versa: you aim for average odds of 2.05 and you need to win 50% of the bets to make some profit.

How can the value be detected? This depends entirely on how the punter analyzes the bets and their experience. Usually, it is a combination of the results of software algorithms and what can be collected and processed by the punter manually.

Being a professional punter: a blessing or a curse?

The way you have to bet in order to be able to earn long-term profit is no longer as fun as betting while watching a good match with your friends in a pub, but it becomes like a job, which in some cases is also inevitably stressful.

When you bet on value, you never depend on the outcome of a single match. You do not even bet on the most likely outcome, but on the most profitable odds. There’s a problem here, especially when friends ask you what you bet on. It is possible that they try to do what you do, especially if I know you are seriously committed to betting.

Inevitably, they will often lose, and because they do not place single bets and do not apply a money management strategy like yours, they will not make any profits at the end of the month. But if they don’t blame you for their losses, more or less discreetly and even if they don’t copy your tips, they will certainly take advantage of every opportunity to remind you of how bad your odds of 2 or 3 are, compared to the odds they picked – which almost never exceed 1.40.

In addition, how can you make them understand the actual mechanism and prove that this is probably the only way to make long-term sports betting profitable? Frankly, most of the time there is no point in trying. As long as you don’t show up in a Ferrari, or show them pictures of you on a yacht and as long as you don’t use a helicopter as a cab, they still won’t believe that what you say is true…

How do professional punters live their everyday lives?

In addition to discussions with connoisseurs or gambling enthusiasts, a professional punter will often interact with other people as well. These people may be family, neighbors, friends and other acquaintances. The problem arises when the punter is asked what he or she does for a living or when various discussions and gossip about him or her arise.

Unfortunately, many people have preconceived notions formed before 1989 and treat punters with some contempt. They associate any form of gambling with the mafia and the illegalities shown in the 1950s Las Vegas movies.

There is, however, another type of preconceived notion, generally embraced by captive or ultra-conservative people who cannot accept the lack of safety or in other words the risk: “How do you live without knowing that your salary is coming at the end of the month? That’s not possible! What do you do if you have a bad month? How do you pay with the bills, what do you eat?” – this is the kind of things people talk about.

Therefore, professional punters have to tell people that they are programmers, or that they “work on the internet” or other things like that; otherwise, they would be very often rejected by society, in an absolutely unjustified manner. The reality is that most professional punters have to live a double life. Their daily routine involves a lot of work, maybe too little fun, and in no way a cool life like in the James Bond movies. So if you are a betting enthusiast, it does not mean that professional betting would be your ideal job!