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In the world of gaming industry, one of the most important milestones of the industry is the ICE Totally Gaming exhibition, which represents all sectors of the gaming industry and not only of the Land based area, but lately more and more of the online environment, as well.

ICE Totally Gaming is the annual launching platform for novelties and innovations of gambling around the world, literally hundreds of novelties and innovations are introduced to the market in just 3 days.

We were able to attend this spectacular exhibition of gambling this year too, in London, as we have already accustomed, at the London Excel exhibition hall. During 7th to 9th of February we have witnessed this unique and fascinating show of gambling. Also, the Excel exhibition halls hosted many conferences and presentations from all the domains of the industry and became a place of training and development for many people, but also a discussion forum. However, 2017 ICE Totally Gaming exhibition was the ideal place for building relationships and contacts and it provided a unique opportunity to develop trade partnerships across the entire gaming industry.

No one that represents or wants to represent something in the world of gambling was allowed to miss the 2017 ICE. It is therefore not surprising that one of the exhibitors that made a brilliant figure here and impressed with its very big multimedia stand and especially with new products is exactly KAJOT.

The KAJOT brand deals with the development, manufacture and operation of gaming software and equipment, operating successfully in the gambling entertainment industry for 20 years. Currently, one of the largest and most popular operators of arcades and casinos in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, of course operating in other European countries as well, such as Ireland, Romania, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia and many others. The KAJOT branded game machines are exported almost everywhere in the world, including Africa and Asia. This dynamically expanding company is constantly seeking new opportunities and keeps on developing in new markets.

KAJOT brand products achieve superior quality and manage to satisfy the most demanding customers. The company ows the unbeatable quality of their products to its development and production center, which features top professionals, a team of graphic artists, designers and programmers.

The Novelties that made KAJOT excel at ICE 2017

KAJOT presented some interesting novelties at ICE 2017 and they have attracted enormous interest. It presented his favorite and successful game systems like KAJOT BLACK PLANET and KAJOT RED PLANET with a completely new one – KAJOT BLUE PLANET. The new game system, KAJOT BLUE PLANET, offers players a new set of games, accompanied by interesting bonuses. There were also presented the new gaming systems KAJOT BLACK PLANET and RED PLANET, which extend the existing range of popular KAJOT games with entirely new types of games and beneficial mechanisms and bring the most advanced graphics and sound effects that take us to a new Dimension of entertainment. Our new games, NEON FRUITS and ALCHEMY, received special attention, admiration and words of appreciation not only from customers but also from competing exhibitors. An external interest was also attracted by the new game cabinets KAJOT NEO and NEO KAJOT 27 in slant top version, which host these game systems. The game devices with LED lighting, big screens, attractive design, support for SAS protocols and the TITO function were like a magnet for visitors. In addition, the cabinets meet the demanding requirements of GLI certification and thus they have the ambition to conquer all developed Western markets.

An absolute novelty for the KAJOT Company, was officially introduced on the market right at 2017 ICE, namely the online slot machine-type games programmed in HTML5. The KAJOT online games represent a small revolution in the gaming entertainment. Visitors of the exhibition were able to try all the KAJOT online games, even in real time on websites, and this directly from the KAJOT stand, on mobile phones, tablets and PCs offered to visitors. You can also see and try them on our website: www.kajotgames.cz.

We evaluate the 2017 ICE TOTALLY GAMING exhibition as very successful for us. The KAJOT brand presented here in its best possible light and sparked an enormous admiration, not only in the eyes of the visitors, but also in the eyes of the competition. If you want to know more about the KAJOT Company’s products, visit the website www.kajot.com or contact directly their representatives in Romania, based in Bucharest.


Comercial Contact

Jan Sipovský BA


KAJOT România

D.I. Mendeleev, no. 25 , Timișoara

M RO: +40 752 235 332

M CZ: +420 722 173 116

E: sipovsky@kajot.cz



In just a little while you will be able to come enjoy the spectacular ICE Totally Gaming 2017. This unique exposition showcasing the world of the gaming industry takes place in London on 7-9 February 2017, at its traditional venue inside ExCel London.


ICE Totally Gaming is a trade fair for all sectors of the gaming industry, both bricks-and-mortar and online. ICE is the annual event for news and the launch pad for gaming innovations from throughout the world, where over just three days hundreds of new features and innovations to be introduced in the market are going to be shown. During this exhibition, ExCel London becomes the place to be for closing deals and attending conferences, for education and discussion forums, and not in the least a social centre for networking, building contacts and developing business partnerships across the gaming industry.

ICE is without doubt the most significant event in the gaming industry’s calendar, and not just because of its size and scope. Here is also where you can find the gaming industry’s most important players, with more than 20,000 visitors expected to come over the entire exhibition (in 2016 a new record of 28,487 was set), making it the ideal place for winning new business opportunities and business development. It should not be missed by anyone in the gaming world who either means something or wants to. Therefore, it ought to come as no surprise to find here KAJOT, a prominent international company engaged in the development, manufacture and operation of gaming software and equipment.

For 20 years now the KAJOT brand has been successful in the gaming and entertainment industry and the company is currently one of the largest and most popular slot machine and casino operators in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, while operating in other European countries such as Ireland, Romania, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia and many others. KAJOT brand slot machines are exported almost everywhere in the world, including Africa and Asia. This dynamically, expanding company is constantly seeking new opportunities and entering into new markets.

KAJOT brand products are top quality, satisfying the requirements of even the most demanding customers. The incomparable quality of its products comes from the company’s own development and production centre, employing the best professionals and a team of graphic artists, designers and programmers.


KAJOT to be at ICE 2017

At ICE 2017, KAJOT will be introducing several remarkable new products. Alongside their successful KAJOT BLACK PLANET and KAJOT RED PLANET gaming systems, the brand new KAJOT BULE PLANET will debut at ICE, bringing players a new set of games with incredible bonuses and chances to win. Something else to be presented for the first time at ICE is new games for BLACK PLANET and RED PLANET. These extend the existing range of the popular KAJOT line with a brand new game type and gaming mechanisms containing new bonus rounds and even more established graphics to establish a new dimension in entertainment. Last, but certainly not least, all these novelties are to be presented in the completely new KAJOT NEO gaming cabinet and the expanded KAJOT NEO SLANT TOP. Standing out for its unusual and original design, KAJOT NEO has now met the stringent conditions for GLI certification and now has legitimate ambition to take on all advanced Western markets.

An absolutely new feature to be shown by KAJOT to the market right at ICE 2017 is online reel games, with the online KAJOT game making a small revolution in gaming entertainment. These games can now be browsed and played for fun at www.kajotgames.cz.


Visit KAJOT at ICE 2017 by going to stall S3-248 and seeing for yourself the high quality and unique design of their products.

More information about KAJOT can be found at www.kajot.com or directly from the Romanian office in Bucharest.


Sales Representative

Jan Sipovský BA


KAJOT Romania

D.I. Mendeleev, 25, Timisoara

M RO: +40 752 235 332

M CZ: +420 722 173 116

E: sipovsky@kajot.cz


Editorial – See you on December 7th 2017! No. 70, jubilee edition!

By Insider

This year we probably succeeded to organize the best Casino Inside Events. Industry professionals come to our events because they know that here they find what they want: information, content, business opportunities, good time socializing, and also new partners, everybody leaves from us enriched with something new.

Next year we will hold our events as always, on the first Thursday of December, on December 7th, 2017! The same formula of organization: The Reunion of Gambling Professionals (6), a business event during the day and The Celebration of Romanian Gaming (4) an evening gala event, the time of the Casino Inside awards.

More information on the events and their importance for the gaming industry in Romania and elsewhere, you can find within the pages in the current edition, with special articles dedicated to the 2 events.

With this magazine edition of 70, we find ourselves reaching a jubilee edition, 7 years of existence. On this occasion, the entire team of Casino Inside wishes to thank you for all these years of fruitful collaboration and to ensure you that it will continue to provide the best content in the market and most professional media services.

Like every year, we offer you the 2017 Casino Inside Calendar, for free, the same useful tool you need every year to schedule your activities and business priorities.

Here are some recommendations from this issue. The Cover Story suggests you to discover a company that operates outside the capital city, since 2012; it is not a long time, but it is enough to realize that it is a serious, continuously evolving brand, one with potential. The Jack & Play Again has openned gaming halls in several major cities across the country and aims to do not stop here. The young team which is at the helm of the brand encourages us to believe that here there are all prerequisites for a strong national expansion in the coming years. Until then we invite you now to learn what concerns exist at the company level, which is the nature of their halls and what future they plans have.

KAJOT will be present at ICE 2017 and it will be introducing several remarkable new products. Alongside their successful KAJOT BLACK PLANET and KAJOT RED PLANET gaming systems, the brand new KAJOT BULE PLANET will debut at ICE, bringing players a new set of games with incredible bonuses and chances to win. Also for the first time at ICE, the new games for BLACK PLANET and RED PLANET will also be displayed. We invite you to learn now about the plans of the Czech Company for the next year, by reading their article.

EGT Romania has launched a website, www.egt-bg.ro, which is designed based on the user experience, and the site has been designed using the latest technology so that it is fully compatible with today’s modern browsers and it is adapted for mobile devices, so you can access the website from anywhere, anytime. We invite you to discover more about this subject by reading their article.

Finally we recommend to you the article of Oana Mihalache, who made a radiography of the 2017’s global gambling industry, with its most important trends and forecasts.

Dear readers, thank you for this extraordinary year, we wish you a Happy New Year with many accomplishments and to be blessed only with good things! Happy New Year!


Many of you have certainly attended the Romanian Entertainment Arena Expo 2016 exhibition, which was held from 5 to 7 September in Bucharest. On this occasion dozens of significant companies operating in the gaming industry, gathered in the Exhibition Center Romexpo in Bucharest. Here you could meet leading manufacturers of slot machines, casino games, roulettes, jackpots, online gambling, lotteries, casino equipment and everything else related to the gaming industry. A series of talks, seminars and conferences on news and contemporary trends from the world of gaming industry was also arranged for visitors.

This year a great attention was again given to the exhibition of KAJOT company, which introduced new products for autumn 2016, led by KAJOT BLACK PLANET gaming system and a certified version of the AWP software.


KAJOT is a major international company focused on development, manufacture and operation of gaming software and gaming machines.

Already for 20 years KAJOT brand has been successfully operating in the gaming entertainment industry. The first gaming machine with KAJOT logo was introduced in 1996 and since then the company has already launched several tens of thousands of gaming machines on the market. KAJOT is one of the largest and most popular gambling room and casino operators in the Czech and Slovak Republic. It is also active in other European countries such as Ireland, Romania, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia and many others. Slot machines of KAJOT brand are exported to almost all over the world, including Africa and Asia. This dynamically growing company constantly seeks new opportunities and expands to new markets.

Products of KAJOT brand achieve top quality and can satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding clients. The company accomplishes its unrivalled product quality through their own development and production centre, which employs top professionals, a team of graphic artists, designers, mathematicians and programmers.

A certified version of the AWP Software in KAJOT NEVADA machine

The exhibition visitors showed a great interest in the NEVADA cabinet. The Nevada cabinet features the most advanced gaming system Black Planet with 20 attractive games. They boast unique bonus games, which bring a very catchy gameplay with various degrees of volatility. Due to its low price and very popular gaming content, the KAJOT NEVADA slot machine becomes a good buy with the best possible quality-purchase price ratio. The KAJOT NEVADA includes a certified version of the AWP software. This unique software differs from other versions by allowing to play with limited risk. The machine only allows credit of up to 1,000 RON, payouts are also limited to 1,000 RON. Players use credits to play – 1 RON represents 100 credits. The maximum bet for a game is 200 credits, the minimum bet is 1 credit. You can find more information on KAJOT products on www.kajot.com or directly from Romanian representation based in Bucharest.

We firmly believe that you liked the presentation of KAJOT brand and that you duly enjoyed the whole exhibition. We are looking forward to seeing you again next year in Bucharest at the Entertainment Arena Expo 2017 exhibition.

Jan Sipovsky – Kajot is simply defined: “your life, your game”

KAJOT is one of the most successful and enduring brands of the international gaming industry. The Czech company is a consistent presence for several years on the Romanian gambling market, deploying both operating activities and the sale of slot-machine devices. We offer you an interview with Mr. Jan Sipovsky, General Manager in Romania of this company, to find out more details about KAJOT business in our country.

For starters, please tell us a few words about your experience and background in the field.

Few years ago, after the boredom descended upon me and I felt that its time to leave the hotel industry which I have been working in for a number of years; there came an opportunity to take on the role of the general director of a mid-sized electronic gaming company. This was an interesting turn in my career, which I did not regret since. After I gained an important and valuable experienced in the field I have moved on in to a consulting and executive role in the starting up an electronic gaming company from the scratch. However, to be a member of the established and the most popular company in Czechia and Slovakia has been my aspiration since I joined the gaming industry, so I joined the Kajot to play a leading role for this amazing company in Romania.

From how many years is Kajot in Romania and how many gaming halls of your company operates here?

Kajot is operating in Romanian market several years. After some time of cooperation with some of our partners in this amazing country, we have decided to build an office based operation to be a better and more effective support to our clients. Our priority is to introduce Romanian player with our gaming platforms; and one of the ways of doing this is through the gaming halls which we, at the moment, operate in seven different cities.

Except gaming operation another line of business represent selling of the slot machines. Tell us what are the main products which you brought to Romanian market?

We have brought one of the most anticipated and innovative slot machines on the market today. This assertive stance comes from the many years of experience of developing and producing our very own software and slot machines Kajot. The latest and most developed is the Kajot Black Planet series of the slots. The customers will have a chance to know better this wonder of the slots on the Entertainment Arena Expo 2016 in Bucharest.

What are the main strengths of your new gaming machine?

Main strength of the Black Planet is its unique software, excellent graphics and incredibly fast growing popularity among our players.

Can you describe a little bit the most important games from your machines?

All 20 games from our new machine are important, as they are specially designed to accommodate all variety of players.

Where are located your arcades? And why your clients come and play in your halls?

Our electronic casinos are scattered mainly in the north-west of the Romania, recently we have expanded to the capital, where we will consolidate our position further through the acquiring a number of well-known operations. The reason why clients comes and return to our facilities is the advancement of the Kajot software, the exceptional service we provide to our clientele, as well as the overall luxurious ambiance that one can experience in the Kajot Intacto.

Do you have AWP’s? If yes, tell us a few things about your amusement with price machines?

Yes, we have just finished development of this new software and it will be also available to try and see at the Entertainment Arena Expo 2016. I am very proud of this system, as the development comes from already mentioned very popular Black Planet, therefor I am more than certain that this machine will be a boom.

I understand that Kajot are looking for new business opportunities. Why someone would like to cooperate with you? What is Kajot’s offer for a partnership?

Our biggest strength is that we depend on ourselves.

From developing the software, building the cabinets, packaging and delivering, 24 hour technical support, 24 hour software support, marketing and so on, we do it all as a Kajot family.

How is the Romanian market for you?

Very playful and I am glad that it is becoming also colorful.

How can you characterize our gaming market?

There are an incredible opportunities in Romanian gaming market. The size of the country equals to its opportunities to its diversity.

How is the Romanian player?

The Romanian player does not differ to any player anywhere in the world. He wants to have fun, he requires high level of good service, with our games he wants to forget about everyday problems and he wants to win.

Which are the trends in the next 5 years in Romania and in the world?

Romania is part of the world and I do not see such a big difference in future trends here or somewhere else.

Definitely more interaction for the player and the online gaming. Next platform called Red Planet is already up and running in some parts of the world, and in the near future we will also enter the Romanian market with the Red Planet; where both interaction and online plays its role. I indulge myself to sustain that Kajot plays in this matter the leading role in Europe.

Which are the future plans for Kajot in Romania?

The future plans of the Kajot in Romania is to cement its position in the gambling market, by bringing more modern and advanced alternatives in comparison to its rivals, whether through innovative gambling software, variety of games, advantageous business cooperation opportunities or the new possibilities which brings the virtual world of the internet. Kajot is simply defined: “your life, your game”.