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The largest gaming hall in Eastern Europe continues to be a much appreciated destination for entertainment and to continuously diversify its attractions and entertainment options offered to its guests.

Diversity is certainly one of the features that represent Game World Bucharest Mall and it is found in both the community of our clients and in the aspects of their experience when having fun at Game World.

Thereby, for example, in 2017, the clients were invited to enjoy not less than 56 themed parties with artistic shows, special decorations and different culinary dishes, all being organized with enthusiasm and professionalism by Game World Bucharest Mall team.

The diversity of entertainment offered to our guests is matched by the diversity of the games and betting options. At Game World Bucharest Mall players can choose from over 250 gaming seats at slot machines and electronic roulette.

The mix of slot machines includes the most appreciated games in Romania as well as the latest games from world-renowned manufacturers. Among them, there are: Novomatic, EGT, Casino Technology, IGT, Scientific Games, Bally, Williams, Gold Club and Alfastreet.   Slot machines players benefit also from the most expansive mix of Jackpots, having the chance to win not less than 29 Jackpots grouped in 8 different systems. The values of these Jackpots are also very interesting, a good example in thus respect being the Platin level of the Break the Bank Jackpot system, whose maximum value is 100.000 Lei.

Game World

Roulette players may also choose from 36 roulette seats, 20 of them being part of the Alfastreet Arena model – the largest roulette in Romania. Moreover, they have the chance to win the Alfastreet Roulette Jackpot that can be hit exclusively by roulette players.  The gambling and betting offer is completed by Stanleybet sports betting area, which provides a superior level of comfort and a large mix of service for punters and by the 3 Mega Jackpot slot machines. It is well known by now that so far the entire Mega Jackpot network awarded a total of 60 prizes – one of them was won at Game World Bucharest Mall; the lowest of these 60 prizes was 202.302 Lei and the highest Mega Jackpot valued 791.181 Lei!  Besides Jackpots, players from Game World Bucharest Mall have the opportunity to participate in many different promotions, having the chance to win the most diverse prizes: from cash prizes to perfumes, mobile phones, motorcycles and cars.  Thus, in 2017, the players from Game World Bucharest Mall won 6.347 Jackpots and 2.275 promotion prizes.

Game World Bucuresti Mall

From another perspective, the number of jackpot winners from Game World Bucharest Mall can be compared to the number of spectators on the stadium at the matches played by Craiova University, one of the most appreciated football teams in Romania, which last year registered an average public of 6.400 people per game. Using a similar analogy, the promotion prizes’ winners would fill all the airplanes from the entire Tarom air fleet, the 23 Boeing and Airbus Tarom planes having a total capacity of about 2.300 passengers.   The diversity and the great care for details – specific for Game World Bucharest Mall – can be also found in the area of promoting the “Responsible Gambling” program. Therefore, at Game World Bucharest Mall this program is promoted through a very large mix of communication actions and channels. These mix includes: posters, backlits and roll-ups displayed near the entrances and in other areas with high visibility, video content displayed on the big TV screens – inside the gaming hall – as well as on the mini-screens from each gaming seat, audio announcements recorder and broadcasted through the sound system or by using the microphones from the stage as well as content on the social media pages. Furthermore, inside Game World Bucharest Mall gaming hall, there was installed an info-point exclusively dedicated to “Responsible Gambling” website. The management and all employees are being regularly informed about how the program works and about are the benefits for participants. Last year, Game World created a new position in the company’s structure – Responsible Gambling Representative – , the major responsibilities of this specialist being to offer support and guidance to those who are interested in the program and to connect all the parties involved: players, their friends and families, psychologists specialized in gambling addiction, managers and front line employees.  The evolution from 1999 until today, the plans for 2018 and the fact that from September this year Game World Bucharest Mall will enter its 20th year of activity are just few of the arguments for which it targets – for the 5th consecutive year – the prize for the best gambling hall in Romania!

Editorial – On gambling news


In this edition we have a lot of exciting topics that will surely awaken your interest, especially as they look at gambling news.

In our Cover Story we find one of the leading operators in our field. The Jack Ploiești gaming room was designated last year by our magazine as the best gaming room outside the capital. In 2018 they prepared a few promotional campaigns with sensational prizes, repaying the loyalty of customers who trust in the quality of the services we offer, but also of the top generation gaming means that they find here each time. The total prizes prepared by The Jack Ploiești this year exceed the value of RON 1,500,000! Learn more about the 2018 Campaigns and the surprises prepared by The Jack Ploiești by reading the material dedicated to them.

Another material that we strongly recommend to you is about another winner of ours, Game World Bucharest Mall. The largest Eastern European gaming room continues to be a destination for great fun and to diversify the attractions and entertainment options offered to its guests. For example, during 2017, customers of this emblematic gaming room were invited to have fun at no fewer than 56 themed parties involving various shows, decors and culinary dishes, organized with professionalism and enthusiasm by Game World Bucharest Mall. For 2018, they are preparing many other memorable marketing campaigns that will dazzle us, especially since this location will go into its 20th year of operation.

One year after having left her managerial position in the National Office for Gambling (ONJN), we believed it was opportune to once again have in the pages of our magazine the president of the institution, Odeta Nistor. Now we have the chance to find out more of her opinions with regards to what is happening on the market, the projects she was involved in, including that regarding the approval of source-based taxation of earnings from gambling and on-line betting, her future plans and many more.

We are sure that you remember that on December 7, 2017, the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing held a presentation at the professional gambling business event organized by the Casino Inside magazine – RPG 6, where issues were debated with regard to the conditions for the processing of personal data by private legal entities in this field as operators in the context of the (EU) Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of these data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC.

Our intention is to start a series of GDPR articles to provide you with as much information as possible on this topic. We considered that we should first provide you with as much information as possible about the Personal Data Protection Officer that you should appoint.

The (EU) Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) is to be applied in all Member States of the European Union as of May 25, 2018. Not long from now, the provisions of this legislation will have to be applied to our entire field.



Game World Romania goes on with organizing greatparties and events, after the celebration, in September, of 18 years of continuous activity in Romania. This anniversary was the best occasion for another special party at Game World Bucharest Mall, the largest gaming hall of Eastern Europe and an important destination on the capital`s map of entertainment.


November month brings another 3 Game World anniversaries, all of them being celebrated with high-class parties. Therefore, on the 24th of November, Game World Cluj celebrates 10 years of activity at Vivo Shopping Center and invites all its clients and partners to join the party alongside Game World team from Transylvania’s capital.


On 24th of November there will also be a big party in Bucharest, at Game World Liberty Center, to celebrate the 9th Anniversary, while the next day, on Saturday, November 25th, our colleagues from Game World Alba Iulia will celebrate 10 years of activity at the gaming hall from Alba Mall, being considered to be one of the most popular destination for entertainment in town.


One may say that these anniversaries express very well the good reputation of each and every Game World gaming hall, no matter the town or region they are located in, because the popularity, the appreciation and the trust they enjoy among customers are supported by the long-term continuity of activity, the consistent quality of services and the diversity of offers and entertainment options they deliver.


On this line, Game World is operating for 10 years in Sibiu, 9 years in Brasov and also 9 years in Constanta, Game World City Park Mall being the largest gaming hall from outside Bucharest. In Bucharest, excepting the Game World Bucharest Mall continuity record, the company is preparing to celebrate soon 13 years of activity at Game World Calea Mosilor and 8 years at Game World Sun Plaza.


The quality entertainment moments marked by this anniversary parties and events, are being completed by a very interesting series of promotions with prizes, whose diversity and originality has always contributed to Game World’s reputation and popularity.


In this respect, until the end of this month Game World Bucharest Mall will organize the final edition of “Super Prizes” promotion, when, among the numerous cash prizes, there will be awarded a very Special Prize: the New Volkswagen Arteon coupé; in November, at Game World Sun Plaza there will be awarded the monthly special prizes of “Lucky Days & Nights” promotion, while at Game World Brasov continues the “Champions of Brasov” promotion with cash prizes awarded every 2 weeks.


In the same time, the players of Game World Calea Mosilor benefit of “Lucky Harley” promotion, whose Big Prize is one Harley Davidson motorcycle that can be admired inside the gaming hall, while at Game World City Park Mall Constanta “Lucky Parties” promotion goes on with weekly prizes and events, organized every Friday evening.


The prizes, promotions, parties and anniversaries go on in every Game World gaming hall and so, the company continues to keep the promises to its clients by offering them various occasions for entertainment, good vibes and lucky moments, in a unique ambiance: Game World – The Elegance of Luck!


(Română) GAME WORLD este același Partener consecvent al Evenimentelor Casino Inside

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In September this year Game World celebrates 18 years of uninterrupted activity on the gambling market in Romania, being one of the very few companies with such a long continuity. Over this entire period, the company has developed, in a consistent and innovative manner, an unique and complete entertainment experience for its clients.

Therefor, the 9 Game World gambling halls became leisure and entertainment landmarks for Bucharest, Constanta, Cluj-Napoca, Alba Iulia, Sibiu and Brasov. Designed as an ever surprising mix of a variety of attractions, the events and promotions organized for clients combine in a creative manner the valuable prizes and the interactive way of awarding them with live music and shows performed by talented artists, attractive costumes and decorations, tasty food specialties and an exquisite selection of drinks and cocktails.

In this way each and every Game World gambling hall is perceived as a great destination for anybody looking for having fun, experiencing intense feelings and sensations, competing with real chances for high value jackpots and prizes, enjoying an ever changing ambiance as well as the nice surprises and the fresh approach of each event.

The trust and reputation that Game World built over the years are based on one hand on this quality entertainment experience that the company is offering to all its clients and on the other hand on the continuous efforts to improving and developing this experience. In this respect, the company is investing all kind of resources – financial, equipment, people, know-how and creativity – for introducing the latest technologies, for upgrading the mix of games and entertainment actions and for raising the services’ standards.

The best example of all these efforts is Game World Bucharest Mall, the first gambling hall that Game World operated in Romania; although it was opened 18 years ago, in 1999, Game World Bucharest Mall continues to be the largest and the most popular gambling hall in Romania and, probably, in the entire Eastern Europe.

Another great example is also Game World Constanta, a gambling hall

that was relocated on a much larger location and fully renovated due to a major investment executed in the first part of thus year. As a result, Game World Constanta is now the largest and most beautiful gambling hall outside Bucharest, having a set of new features and unique amenities.

One can mention for example the large terrace that offers a great view over the Tabacariei Lake to the sea coast or the gaming areas with natural light, unique in Romania.

Besides the 2 gambling hall mentioned above, all the other 7 Game World operations are contri­bu­ting to expressing the Game World brand values and to supporting the company’s vision.  Having their own local characteristics and unique strong points all these gambling halls offer exquisite ambiance and flawless services, focusing on providing a high level of customers’ satisfaction.

The 18-year anniversary will be celebrated by Game World team together with the clients, partners and contributors in an event expressing the company slogan, „Elegance of Luck”. This event represents in the same time an important milestone in the company’s story in Romania as well as a guarantee that Game World will continue to stay true to the core values that it has always embraced in the last 18 years : integrity, quality and responsibility.

A summer celebrated by work

by Insider

As always, for us summer is in business nothing else but an extension of the spring and a continuing training for what is to happen in the fall. Businesses do not have to ever stop, and the topic according to which we have to go over the summer and we will see afterwards what to do was, this year, successfully overcome by some operators, see the success of the Game World in Constanta, whom we had talked about in our last Casino Inside edition.

Another important example of a company that continues its expansion in Romania, regardless of the temperature outside, is Kajot, a Czech company.

This means that now, the Czech company is ready to also provide its customers online games. In the Cover Story article, we present you the latest news they will place on the Romanian market as well, both in land-based area and in the ​​online gambling area. Jan Sipovsky – Director Country Manager and Václav Klepáček – Account Manager will provide you with all the information you need.

PhD. Marius Pantea, in his capacity of the leader of the National Company of the Romanian Lottery for only a few months, has planned ambitious projects to transform this institution into a leading state-owned company, as it exists in almost all of EU countries. Please read right after the Cover Story, an interesting interview with the Managing Director of this institution, who will inform you on the present and future of the Romanian Lottery.

Romanian Bookmakers launches, in the pages of our magazine, a public call to the The National Office for the Prevention and Control of Money Laundering (NOPCML) to have a dialogue with the industry representatives regarding the draft legislation on Prevention and Control of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, which is about to be submitted to the Parliament by the institution mentioned above, which aims at the transposition of EU Directive 2015/849 in the national legislation, which according to Romanian Bookmakers and not only, threatens to generate high operational difficulties to the gambling operators.

Because the reopening of new competition seasons in the European football is close –national championships and European Cups, here is one of our specialists in the betting market, Valentin Macovei, tells us, in his new article, of the eight facts not to think about when analyzing football matches you want to bet on.

We also recommend you other topics analyzed and developed by us in this edition, and invite you to have a pleasant reading. Summer is a season as equally suited for business as well as other seasons, if you are initiative and proactive persons. We do not believe that we have been in the situation where we can afford having a three months’ year shorter…

Editorial – Good News

By Insider

An edition that brings good news only.

The first good news is brought by our magazine, which will organize for the first time an Event dedicated to Financial Services, Taxation and Legal Matters on the Romanian Gambling Market, business event to take place on May 31st, at Novotel Hotel, Paris Rive Gauche Conference Room, starting at 10 AM.

After several events dedicated to the operation, legislative amendments in gambling or responsible gambling, now’s the time to organize the first event dedicated to taxation and the financial and accounting matters in our field of activity. There are enough problems in this area and I think that you agree with me if I say that attending such an event can bring you exceptional benefits. Any information or properly made analysis is welcome, any issue or question receiving an answer is worth the small effort of coming to the event, particularly since specialists such as Dan Schwartz (taxation expert, General Manager of RSM Romania), Ana-Maria Baciu (attorney at NNDKP), Mihai Nușcă (Manager at Biris-Goran), Camelia Malahov (Manager at Deloitte Tax) and others are coming to share some of their expertise and know-how. Stay connected to www.casinoinside.ro and receive our newsletters for updates. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Good news travel fast within our magazine, so the next news is actually extraordinary and comes from the seaside, from one of the top operators: Game World!

After almost 9 years of activity, the Game World gaming hall from City Park Mall Constanţa was relocated to the Sky Level area, next to Cinema City. The old space became insufficient for the game hall’s customers, which is why the location had to be changed. Thus, since the beginning of May, Game World Constanţa became the largest gaming hall outside Bucharest, and their offer is more attractive than ever. Find out more about this topic in the pages of this issue.

Alexandru Mănucu, Tax Deputy Manager at Țuca Zbârcea & Asociații Tax, challenges us, in his article about the legal framework regarding the taxation of players in the online segment, to provide an answer to the question: can the legislation in this field be improved? We invite you to find out the answer from the author’s analysis.

More good news. This time, we’re telling the players from Ploiești and the surrounding cities, and even Bucharest, that the The Jack gaming hall in Prahova County’s capital provides to its loyal players, but also to those willing to try their luck for the first time in this gaming location, a sensational prize, consisting in a Ford Mustang car plus extra prizes amounting to RON 50,000. And boy, is that car gorgeous! It’s wow! Don’t hesitate any longer, there’s not much time left until May 29th, when the final draw takes place and the grand prize is awarded.

Now come on, I’d hate to ruin all the surprises we have in store for you. There are so many new things in my head, but it seems to be much more enjoyable when you discover what’s next on your own. You know the feeling… Enjoy!


(Română) Game World Bucureşti Mall te invită la distracţie şi premii!

Sorry, this entry is only available in Romanian.

Editorial – Another successful issue

By Insider

This issue of Casino Inside includes articles on a number of both national and international interesting business subjects, concerning operations, production and CMS, from articles on Bitcoin to pieces about the opportunities of stock betting, on the shares of the gambling companies. All diverse themes, that will offer you the chance to learn a lot about your everyday business.

Our first recommendation is, of course, our Cover Story piece, that focuses on Eldorado 777, the group that, inspired by the results of last year’s Space Project campaign, is setting up a new and complex marketing campaign, whereby their stated intention is to win again the recognition of the basic players, namely to enter the class of the most important gaming organizers in Romania. To learn more about the success of this campaign, and about what other projects Eldorado 777 has in stock, you can read our interviews with Küttel Gábor, the company’s marketing director, and Nemes Attila, the regional director of SC Glasik Poker.

Suzo Happ is on a roll, and is successfully taking part in the most important gambling exhibitions of this spring: Irish Gaming Show in Dublin, Feria Internacional del Juego in Madrid and Enada Rimini din Italia, while at the same time reorganizing the sales team from the EMA region. Find out more about this subject in the piece dedicated to them.

EGT announced the successful installation of a few new “curved” slots at Game World, at Bucharest Vitan Mall. This installation is only another addition to the successful portfolio of EGT slot machines that are already performing in the famous gaming hall. The machines delivered to Game World Romania in Bucharest Mall are P-42V Ups, marking the successful debut of the new multi-game mix Orange Collection from the Collection Series – a new generation of games. In addition, EGT Romania is adapting its business model in order better meet the needs of their clients, by this month’s opening of a Customer Care department. Read their piece and find our more about these topics.

One of the most interesting themes we chose for this issue is the increase in the use of online currency – bitcoin – in online gambling, some sites only allowing payments through this method; 2017 seems to be the year when Bitcoin goes mainstream in this industry. In other words, if virtual currency was only an option until now, from now on it might become the norm for online operators. Among the famous early adopters of Bitcoin in online gambling are names such as 5dimes and Bodog, but the number of websites that are already shifting towards this method of payment is growing exponentially.

Valentin Macovei, one of our betting specialists, has an awesome story for you: find out how you can make money from betting without actually watching the matches! He’s got a list of suggestions ready, that will be of help in this department, of which we’ll mention two, and let you discover the other ones when you read the article: learn to make use of the tools for monitoring changes in quotas and learn about trading.

Dear readers, we strongly believe that this is another top issue of our magazine, as you’re probably already expecting from us: with diverse topics and a total dedication to our mission to offer you useful information.