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Anton Vlad, Entertainment Arena Expo organizer: “EAE is the main meeting place for the gambling industry in Central and Eastern Europe”

Entertainment Arena Expo

We propose a preview of the EAE’s 12th edition which will be held this year between 3-5 September at Romexpo Exhibition Centre, by this interview Anton Vlad, the organizer of this exhibition, traditional in the gambling industry. The main novelty in the 2018 edition is represented by the new hall within the exhibition center, space which shall allow organizers to carry out an event of truly international proportions, starting with this year.


First of all, please tell us what are the defining figures (data about the number of stands, the number of visitors, what was the area covered by the exhibition, in square meters, etc.) with which you closed the last year’s EAE edition? What are your conclusions regarding the 2017 edition?


Entertainment Arena Expo maintained the rate of growth of the last years, so the 2017 edition saw a new record in terms of exhibition space as well as visitors. The exhibition had a gross exhibition area of 7,552 square meters and hosted the 61 exhibitors’ stands. As far as the number of visitors is concerned, 2,395 entries were registered, as quantified during the three-day exhibition. Of all the visitors, 20.3% were foreigners, their main countries of origin being Bulgaria, UK, Poland, Italy and Serbia.


What is the novelty Entertainment Arena Expo will bring this year?


At the 12th EAE edition, the main novelty is the new hall in the exhibition center, namely a space that would allow us to host a truly international event from this year onward. Although the feeling was by far one of the most animated for this type of European event so far, the lack of infrastructure was the main shortcoming before this edition. The new hall is equipped with modern facilities and we, as organizers, as well as the exhibitors are now able to enjoy an appropriate space, one EAE has been waiting for many years.


What sectors do you think will see the most important growth at the 2018 EAE edition?


The land-base gambling sector remains the most important in terms of evolution, followed, obviously, by the online sector. However, I do not think there is any sector without growth as the exhibition also implied the consolidation of the sectors represented on the betting market and of those providing for related services and components.


How would you characterize EAE right now? Try to provide a full description. It is the place where…


EAE is the main meeting place for the gambling industry in Central and Eastern Europe. This was the goal established a while ago and implemented at the previous editions. This year’s edition will confirm and consolidate this position of the exhibition in Romania, primarily through the exhibition area, which reached almost 12,000 gross square meters.


What is your take on the current situation of the Romanian gambling market? It is an active market with continuous growth. Besides, at the EAE you can sense the presence of large crowds of exhibitors and of the most varied exhibition parts, which are both self-explanatory.


What are the goals of Entertainment Arena Expo for the next 5 years?

Since the previous editions, we noticed, based on the exhibitors’ statements, that many visitors were discussing not only business or partnerships in Romania, but also potential collaborations for this entire area. Following all the EAE developments, the established goal is the consolidation of the leader position in Central and Eastern Europe by increasing the exhibition area and attracting large numbers of foreign visitors.

What do you expect from your connection partner?

Syswin Solutions offers IoT and M2M performance solutions through a single, innovative platform that integrates different technologies, communication protocols and sensors to meet the connectivity requirements of companies and institutions operating in the public sector in areas such as: Casino Management System, Smart City, Smart Building, Logistics, Industrial Control, Security and Media.

You have stated in the past that the strategy of Syswin Solutions also includes the expansion on the emerging markets across borders. Can you explain the company’s sales strategy?

Mihai Mavromalide: Syswin Solutions has always been a company that is looking for a permanent evolution, and this is also reflected in our sales strategy. For us, the Romanian market is extremely important, but it is not a singular interest, as we have a growing portfolio of international clients.

Alexandru Ciutan: Thanks to our flexibility and willingness to adapt to customer requirements, we are increasingly active on the international markets, connecting over 25,000 devices in 4 countries over the past two years.

What sets you apart from the competitors on the Romanian market?

Mihai Mavromalide

Mihai Mavromalide: We are a company that always thinks long-term. We want to be the main partner of our customers, and in order to achieve that, we guarantee fixed prices, maintenance, service and support for 1 year or long term, for up to 5 years. In any business field, predictability and transparency are the main elements of a stable and successful partnership, and our vision starts from these premises.

Alexandru Ciutan:Teamwork brings a lot of advantages and another important factor is the partnership we have with Grenke, our

Alexandru Ciutan

international ally in financial services. We assume the vision of our current or future clients in the long run and we stand by them with no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises.

What do you think are the strengths of Syswin Solutions?

Mihai Mavromalide: A partnership is like a close, long-term relationship in which you commit to meeting the conditions and expectations originally offered. Although many choose to violate this commitment, taking advantage of their partner’s trust by hidden costs or stakes, Syswin Solutions has chosen to position itself as a true, open and stable partner in the long run.

Alexandru Ciutan: We believe that the ideal connection partner is not a competitor of any kind and its only stake in the gaming industry should be to provide efficient reporting services, jackpot solutions, loyalty and security.

You have developed recently new products that were presented on Entertainment Arena Expo, as well. Tell us a bit about the new products designed by Syswin Solutions.

Mihai Mavromalide: One of our company’s goals is to provide new and updated solutions. We improve our existing solutions on a regular basis, but we also focus on developing new ones to meet the market’s demands.

Smart Play & Cash is one of our company’s new products. This cash machine has multiple functions: ensures the security and the safety of financial transactions, it reduces costs by automating payments, gathers information about the state of the ATM and notifies the operator when the cash machine has run out of money.

Smart Play & Cash has been designed to function both in the TiTo system, and by using fidelity cards, which lowers the costs for machines without ticket printers.

Alexandru Ciutan: Another innovative product is the Smart Info Point, a kiosk dedicated to gambling halls and casinos, that offers players information about accumulated points on the fidelity card and displays a list of prizes from which the players can choose one or more products.

Syswin Solutions Continues Its Expansion

Syswin Solutions had a successful presence at this year’s edition of the Entertainment Arena Expo. Here is some of the feedback that Mr. Mihai Mavromalide, Managing Director and Mr. Alexandru Ciutan, Regional Sales Manager, had to offer about the recently concluded exhibition event.


Mihai Mavromalide

Mihai Mavromalide

Mihai Mavromalide, General Manager

It is your fourth year of attending the Entertainment Arena Expo.  How would you describe the experience?

This year’s Entertainment Arena Expo was, just like all the others, a real promotional opportunity for the Syswin gambling solutions. We returned to this new edition with innovative solutions, that are accessible for all operators, and not just with scale models, but with actual functional equipments.

This gave our customers the opportunity to test new Syswin Solutions products such as: the Smart Play & Cash Machine, the Smart Info Point kiosk or the asset tracking solution Smart Asset Tracking.

Tell us a bit about the new products designed by the Syswin Solutions team.

Smart Play & Cash is one of our company’s new products. This is a cash machine dedicated to game rooms and casinos that allows users to introduce tickets generated by casino facilities, offering in return the corresponding amounts of money.

This cash machine has multiple functions: ensures the security and the safety of the financial transactions, it reduces costs by automating payments, gathers information about the state of the ATM and notifies the operator when the cash machine has run out of money.

Smart Play & Cash has been designed to function both in the TiTo system, and through the use of fidelity cards, that lower the costs for operators that don’t own ticket printers.

Another innovative product is the Smart Info Point, a kiosk dedicated to gambling halls and casinos, that offers players information about the number of points accumulated on the fidelity card and displays a list of prizes from which the players can choose one or more products.


Alexandru Ciutan

Alexandru Ciutan

Alexandru Ciutan, Regional Sales Manager

How do you feel about this year’s Entertainment Arena Expo?

First of all, I’d like to thank my colleagues, as well as the organizing team, for their professionalism. I think that this year’s edition was a success, and there were many people who visited our stalls, way over our initial expectations.

How did the event influence sales for your company?

Exhibitions are an integrated part of the marketing tools we use for our products and sales, and they are also an opportunity for creating and strengthening partnerships. This exhibition is also an opportunity to introduce people to the newest products developed by Syswin Solutions, and to receive their feedback.

How do you differentiate yourselves from the competition?

All products are made in-house, from the concept stage to the final stage, which gives us complete control over the entire process. At the same time, in the process of developing a new product, we use the latest technology available and adapt to market requirements and trends as well as to the specific needs of each customer.

Aside from the two products mentioned above, Smart Asset Tracking is one of the new solutions we’ve introduced during the Entertainment Arena Expo.

This is an asset tracking solution, designed as a software-hardware system that identifies, monitors, localizes and manages in a safe manner any type of goods, assets, articles, equipments, recipients, vehicles or people.

Are you thinking of participating again next year?

During the Entertainment Arena Expo, at our stalls, we’ve come across many foreign companies (Ukraine, Spain, Montenegro) that have shown interest in the solutions designed by Syswin Solutions.

So we will definitely participate in next year’s edition, where we were planning on offering visitors a larger exhibition space and new innovative solutions.

The exceptional EGT gaming experience showcased at EArena Expo

The beginning of September was heated up by Entertainment Arena Expo in Bucharest where visitors had the chance to experience the impacting show of EGT in booth 401.

As usual, Euro Games Technology was at the forefront of the most exciting happenings, having the largest expo ground no. 401 and presenting product solutions that covered all aspects of gaming industry.

Online gaming

Having the advantage of its online desktop and mobile games portfolio on display at the booth, EGT Interactive showed that online games can be played #anytime, #anywhere with some of the most exquisite shows, showcasing the natural progress toward its goal of becoming the most preferred supplier of interactive content in Romania. Just several months ago EGT Interactive provided its portfolio of over 80 gaming titles to several key online casinos in the country – GameWorld, Superbet, NetBet and Circus.


The internet-based solutions were accompanied by a strong slot machines presence, EGT featuring all novelties from the portfolio during the exhibition days: from the P-27/27 St Slim that is shortlisted in the category “Land-based product of the year” in GGA 2017 to the Super Premier and Super Premier 75 with their impressive curved monitors and incredibly accurate graphics; from the Outlet range of slot machines to the P-27/42V St or P-27/32H St models that created quite a buzz with their up-to-date design and exquisite features. Bringing the stylish cabinets to live – the recently developed multi-games for the vibrant mixes of Collection series: Red, Orange, Green, Fruits Collection – put EGT in a winning position.

AWP with Type Approval

The boost in EGT’s slot presence on the market was upgraded with EGT Romania’s obtaining Type Approval for AWP for the local market, with this expected to sustain another substantial growth in EGT’s local sales for 2017 and 2018.


The 4 Happy Hits, the Chinese-themed Fu Gui Rong Hua and the Premium Link – a complete novelty to the Romanian audience, joined forces in giving the players a surprise packed in engaging design and specially created games.

Adding more product choices for both operators and fans, the multiplayer division of EGT presented its best performing developments – the Premier R8 Roulette, featuring 8 gaming positions, each equipped with a 23-inch touch screen LCD-TFT monitor, and a configuration of 5 STORK terminals, connected to an automated roulette wheel.

Casino Management System

This year not one but two casino management systems have been presented to the visitors that walked in the EGT booth: the Pyramid Casino Management System with its 9 customizable modules and state-of-the-art solution entirely developed by the Romanian engineering team to assist the operators in their day-to-day management and the Spider Casino Management System that features accounting, cage, TITO, security and jackpot modules with two more in progress for the player tracking and the bonusing.

Oh, The Promotions!

EGT’s clients and gambling aficionados were most impressed by the promotions prepared, marking a new era in EGT history in Romania with some of the best prices on the market, never done before: 36 equal installments for the sale of some of the most successful worldwide slot machines:

  • the Super Premier – reaching a 15 euro/day sales price
  • the P-27/27 St Slim – reaching a 12 euro/day sales price
  • Some of the Outlet products got also a boost with a special promotion: 5 euro/day at sales price
  • Rental conditions were also attractive, offering some of the best prices and installments schedule right now on the market.  Pyramid CMS entered the promotions corner – for example – with a 5 euro/ monthly rental price.

All promotions are subject to certain terms and conditions, however, the good news is that the promo prices – both for sale and rental – are available for 6 months since the exhibition date.

Website updates

In true EGT style, the shows and full-scaled performances celebrated our impressive sales results in Romania and the growth of our online presence in the local market. We also presented the improved www.egt-bg.ro website with its new functionalities: the “Outlet” section that allows real-time inventory check of the stocks, the “Partners” section that allows for yet another way of promoting our clients and partners to the local market, and the freshly developed Customer Care department that is ready to promptly answer your questions, queries and complaints.

For more details about what happened during the Entertainment Arena Expo in EGT’s booth 401, check out also our Facebook page: EGT Romania. Keep an eye also on the website www.egt-bg.ro for photos and videos from the exhibition days.


WorldMatch exhibited at the 2017 edition of the Entertainment Arena Expo and presented its comprehensive game offer of casino games for all desktop and mobile devices.
The provider’s Director, Gabriele De Lorenzi, explains products’ strengths and company’s branching out strategy.

WorldMatch is a pioneer online company, supplying premium gaming solutions to the most successful online casino operators since 2000. Based in Italy, the provider has been specialising in the design of online casino games over the last two decades and it offers state-of-the-art game products, tailored to meet the operators’ objectives and players’ tastes and preferences.

To date WorldMatch holds a strong position in the European markets, especially in the Mediterranean region and some of the most important operators of the online gaming industry across Europe have chosen its games, which have been implemented in hundreds of gambling sites.

What are the most remarkable selling points of WorldMatch’s products?

We offer an innovative and ever-expanding game portfolio that currently features 200+ games: 160 slot machines, 30 table games and all the variants of video poker, for desktop and mobile devices in HTML5, native iOS and Android technologies, with a great choice of configurations in terms of volatility, different features, winning frequency and cross-platform jackpots.

Furthermore, we’re completing the porting of our roulettes from Flash to HTML5 and by the end  of the year we will be releasing all four variants (Fair, French, American and Timer roulette), to allow users to play on any device.

Do your desktop and mobile games provide the same game experience?

They absolutely do: our games offer an experience that is equally entertaining on all the digital channels, desktop and mobile. Furthermore, our games are 100% omni-channel, that is to say that we are able to provide a seamless game experience across any product and that players are free to change device any time they want and resume the game exactly from where they left it, without any difficulty.

What’s on your agenda for 2018?

We are currently working at some groundbreaking engines for metamorphic games, aimed to further enrich the game experience and strengthen players’ retention.

Thanks to these new engines, which we’ll release in the first half of 2018, our slot machines will give players the chance to accumulate symbols, virtual points or credits.

As soon as they reach a predetermined threshold, players will gain access to new game modes, with specific features, such as free spins, special symbols, extra prizes (in addition to jackpot) and so forth. We have been inspired by arcade games, but we’re actually working to bring a classic gameplay to the next level of fun and engagement.

Is there any upcoming release that makes you especially proud?

Production capacity is indeed one of our strengths, since we are able to release more than two games a month. Anyway, among all the games we’re going to release in the next  few months, I’d like to mention two.

The first one is Matryona Spin HD, inspired by the most colourful matryoshka dolls, which will become available from December.

This slot boasts an original 3×4 layout, many innovative features, such as respin and multiplier symbols. Furthermore, according to the tradition of these very popular Russian dolls, when the right combination occurs, the matryoshka opens up and reveals another doll inside, providing additional chances to win.

Furthermore, the 21st FIFA World Cup is going to take place in Russia in June 2018 and we will not miss the chance to release a brand new slot dedicated to this international event.

What are your target markets and where is your branching strategy leading you?

We currently hold a strong position in the European markets, especially in Italy and Spain, but we are interested in branching out to any regulated market that has a potential.

In particular we’re are targeting Romania and Eastern Europe (that’s why we recently exhibited at the Entertainment Arena Expo in Bucharest), but also the Middle and Far East and South America.
To this extent, we’ve already planned to exhibit at several upcoming events, such as the EiG that is taking place on 30 October – 1 November in Berlin and many other trade fairs in 2018 (e.g. ICE Totally Gaming in London, iGaming Super Show in Amsterdam, etc.). Our delegates will be also travelling a lot next year, in order to attend major events of the online gaming industry in South America and Asia.

For further information about WorldMatch visit www.worldmatch.eu, write to info@worldmatch.eu  or call +44 (0)207 193 5229.

Syswin Solutions: „We invest in people, not only in technology.”

Syswin Solutions is a company that, through its upward evolution, has proven that it values both technology and people just as much. Our magazine suggests that you get to know some of their team better.

Mihai Mavromalide, General Manager:

It is your fourth year of attending the Enter­tain­ment Arena Expo.  What ex­pec­tations do you have for this event?

Syswin Solutions has enjoyed a steady, noticeable evolution from year to year in the past few years, and part of this success is also due to the Entertainment Arena Expo event. We take this opportunity to present up-to-date and innovative gambling solutions that we developed and pro­duced in house in Romania, which makes them more affordable from a financial point of view.

You coordinate a large team of engineers, pro­grammers, researchers, and students. What is the most difficult task for a general manager?

Since September 2016 we have been working on a project funded by the EU, which has also marked the expansion of the team. I can say with confidence that each member is valuable, given that we pay particular attention to the recruit­ment process.

I cannot say that there are difficult tasks because Syswin Solutions employees work effectively both individually and in a team to achieve the best results. But if you want to position yourself among the best, challenges come at every step, and for us, it is essential to channel resources to customer needs, keep up with competition, and give the team the opportunity to show how capable they are.

How do you appreciate the evolution of the company, which during this past has developed on all levels?

Since its early months, Syswin Solutions has been on an upward trend, but lately, we’ve been able to improve service quality and penetrate emerging markets. Besides the gambling business, which we have been doing for four years with success, the company has developed into other industries, offering customizable and performing solutions in areas such as smart city, smart air, smart building, smart agriculture, etc.

What plans does Syswin Solutions have?

As a result of the projects that we have carried out, I have found that many aspects vary, but one thing remains constant, namely that the innovation factor would be nonexistent without the input of the team. Consequently, we invest in people, not only in technology.

Alexandru Ciutan, Regional Sales Manager:

What kind of solutions do you offer to your customers?

The complete Smart Gaming solution includes advanced real-time business monitoring and control systems, centralized management sys­tems, voucher system & cashless operations, and marketing tools such as Jackpot, raffle cards, and loyalty card systems. We tailor our solutions to specific customer preferences, which has helped us diversify our portfolio both on the Romanian market and internationally.

Through the wide range of products and services we offer, as well as through the professionalism of our team, we can create added value for our customers and develop long-lasting business relationships.

How much does the team count in the sales process?

Being among the newest members of the team, I can say I was pleasantly impressed by the pro­fessionalism and dedication of all those involved. Each team member has a significant role, and together we manage to provide the best solutions for our customers. Without program­mers and engineers, there would be no end product, just as without the technical support team and sales team we could not help customers promptly.

What happens after the sale?

Within our company, we give great importance to the after-sales process. Thus, we provide technical support for all of our Smart Gaming solutions, and our customers are encouraged to provide feedback and inform us about the challenges they face in their day-to-day work.

We also continually seek to improve our solutions based on the suggestions received from our customers, thus addressing their needs with every update we make to our interfaces.

How do you differentiate yourselves from the competition?

For Syswin Solutions team, there are no problems, only solutions. Although it sounds like a slogan, this is the vision of the company. All products are made in-house, from the concept stage to the final stage, which gives us complete control over the entire process. At the same time, in the course of developing a new product, we use the latest technology available and adapt to market requirements and trends as well as to the specific needs of each customer.

Paul Raetchi, Chief Solutions Engineer:

What was your professional path before joining Syswin Solutions?

I have worked in various technical fields (ban­king, support, web and embedded applica­tions) which were extremely useful because they pre­pared me in advance for the work I’m currently doing in the company.

Please tell us a little about your team?

For me and those I coordinate, failure is not a viable option. Together we manage to find solutions to the various customer demands and develop complete and complex products in less time than before.

What challenges have you encountered so far?

The biggest challenge was to foresee certain predefined scenarios of applications that even customers could not identify.

Andra Iordache, Junior Programmer:

You are part of a team of programmers. Can you give some details about the project you are involved in?

The project we are working on is the development of the new Syswin Solutions – Smart Play & Cash product. It is an ATM dedicated to gaming halls and casinos that we integrated with existing solutions. Thus, users will be able to enter the tickets generated by gambling, and the ATM will release the appropriate amount of money.

This ATM has multiple functions: It replaces the operators who issue the prize, it provides in­creased payment security, it centralizes infor­mation about the state of the ATM (total amount released, the number of remaining bills, the number of tickets accepted) and notifies the operator when it is necessary to refuel the ATM.

Tell us a little about the role of everyone in the team.

The team consists of 10 programmers and four coordinators. Our supervisors, including Paul, give us different tasks, teamwork being an im­portant part of the project. By having daily meetings and by using dedicated applications, we manage to communicate and coordinate our work efficiently.

How would you describe the work experience you had with Syswin Solutions?

It is a unique experience. Both myself and my colleagues have been given the opportunity to get involved in developing a complete solution where the guidance from our mentors proactive, thus contributing to the development of the skills and knowledge needed in the field.


During the last eight months NSoft was focused on strengthening the existing customer relationships as well as on developing new games that would fit the punters’ needs. Although presented not so long ago, during the Belgrade Future Gaming Show in May 2017, Next Six has confirmed our initial trust and effort put in and proved to be a promising profit generator.

NSoft’s Next Six – new generation entertainment leader

At first glance, Next Six looks like a classical draw based game of chance, numbers are being drawn from a pool of 48 numbers. A more detailed look on the game reveals the variety of possibilities this game has to offer. To describe it in fewer words, it would be like „Live betting on a game of chance”. Throughout the round, the betting window is almost always open, with a variety of markets to choose from.

All the virtual games out there are based on pre-match betting – player chooses its numbers and waits for the outcome. That’s what makes Next Six so different. Whenever you join the game you can immediately play. No waiting!

Pick whether the next ball will be odd/even or what will be the colour of the next ball. If you’re feeling really lucky, try to guess the next ball to be drawn, or the next two balls. If you hit the next two balls in any order, the bet is won.

If players would like to extend their betting experience, they can choose one of the „Next Six” bets. Choose 1, 2 or 3 numbers that will pop out in the next six numbers drawn. Odds rise with number of picks. Some like counting cards, other like counting numbers. Choose whether there’ll be more odd or even balls in next six drawn.

Next Six also offers a brand new feature – „Autospin”. This feature allows the player to automatically place consecutive bets and sit back and enjoy the draw. Players can select their favourite bet and set the stake, and then select to play up to 5, 10, 15 or even 20 next draws. When it is no longer possible to place the desired bet, the autospin will stop. The autospin feature can be stopped at any time, in case the player wants to play other bets or simply changes his mind and wants to stop playing at that moment.

Virtual Motorcycle Speedway – highly entertaining motorcycle riding

Motorcycle Speedway is a motorcycle racing sport involving four riders on the oval track and it is one of the few motorcycle racing games on the market. Its incredibly realistic animations, 4 market types and adjustment to local weather conditions and time of day are available on all major delivery channels – retail, web, mobile and terminal.

Virtual Motorcycle Speedway is a thrilling virtual game offering new betting options on the market. Players love it because of its simplicity – pick a winner or a forecast. Random number generator works in the background to produce the outcomes of the races.

Players like to have variety of games and betting options to enjoy in. Virtual Motorcycle Speedway is definitely a good reason to enrich virtual sport game portfolio and to have another revenue generating engine.

PoolBet – create your own rules, your own odds and challenge your friends

Social component of any application, product, event or industry has never been more important than it is nowadays. Gaming industry is no ex­ception. NSoft’s PoolBet is developed to cover the social aspect. PoolBet is a multiplayer application where both players and admi­nistrators can create contests and select events from company’s product portfolio. Although the sports betting is the only product supported at the time, develop­ment of PoolBet for other games is ongoing.

After the contest is created, other players join and pay the entry fee. Based on the configuration of contest, money is divided after the last event is finished – players get their part and the house takes its part. One contest can have multiple events with different selections.

Advanced Jackpot System – building loyalty programme

Advanced Jackpot System is NSoft’s premium system for managing the jackpots throughout the customer’s operation. AJS is as simple or as complex as you want it to be. So, if you want a jackpot with a single tier for each of your NSoft products, we have you covered. If you want a multiple tier jackpot that relates to multiple products, it is easily configurable.

If you have multiple NSoft games throughout your operation, and want to reward your players through a common jackpot, AJS makes it possible through its powerful and flexible configuration options. AJS allows the operator to set up the jackpot suitable to their needs. So, having a standard one tier jackpot, or having three jack­pots of varying size is only a matter of preferences.

The AJS easily integrates with other NSoft’s products, so it comes as a part of the visualization, with an attractive “Jackpot Drawn!” sequence but customers also have the option to dedicate a screen to showing the amounts of funds in the jackpot at all times. This is an optional feature that goes the extra mile in front of the competition.

Keno – modernised old fun

Keno is a classic draw based game of chance already well known to players around the world. The most common variant of Keno is the one that offers 10 betting spots on the draw of 20 numbers from a pool of 80 numbers. Our game also supports the less known variants of Keno, such as the ones with 8 spot markets and 15 spot markets.

It’s up to the player to choose the numbers per bet, how much to wager, and how many draws. The numbers are drawn from a drum via RNG where the 20/80 is the most common type. Keno offers modern and clean design with the focus on the game and without other distractions and themes. Keno payouts are based on how many numbers the player chooses and how many of those numbers are „hit”. Typically, the more numbers a player chooses and the more numbers are hit, the greater the payout is, although many pay tables do pay for hitting a lesser number of spots.

NSoft at Entertainment Arena Expo

The NSoft idea was born in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, nine years ago and that’s where it stayed as a pioneering residential success story. The goal driven investment in innovation and people was the unifying idea ever since we have started, and today Nsoft is employing over 190 professionals and still growing. Offering a pre­mium quality software, platform, virtual games, sportsbook, lotteries – the complete solu­tion for betting and gaming in­dustry all at one place and user ready.

NSoft claimed the fifth place on Deloitte’s Fast 50 list, confirming our right path on the list of the fastest growing tech­no­logy companies in Cen­tral Europe.

The foundational belief is that excellent care of employees breeds ex­cellent service. NSoft ex­cels in staffing supportive managers, improving colleague relations, promoting a stress-free work environment, and philanthropy through outreach activities.

Our ambition of continuous value building for cus­tomers, stakeholders and partners was the only way for creating a success path. However, having come to this position in our journey doesn’t mean we can now rest – it keeps us moti­vated to continue developing even more products to enhance our customer’s business and provide punters with amazing gaming and entertainment pleasure.

To experience our novelties and upcoming pro­jects, you are welcome to visit us at Enter­tainment Arena Expo, from September 4 to 6 on our stand 303, and book a meeting with our sales team in advance – sales@nsoft.com.

Alfastreet, The 11th participation at Entertainment Arena Expo

Lucky 8

As the market leader for electronic roulettes in Romania, Alfastreet will be again among the exhibitors at this year edition of Entertainment Arena Expo, being part of the select club of companies that participated to all 11 editions of the this yearly event, the most important event involving the gambling industry in Romania.

As a result, the visitors of EAE 2017 are invited to booth number 306 in order to discover the novelties that Alfastreet is bringing this year to the Romanian market and to receive all the necessary information from the company’s representatives.

The most interesting new product that Alfastreet will introduce at the exhibition in Bucharest will be for sure Lucky 8, the latest model of 8- seat electronic roulette. Among the benefits that Lucky 8 is bringing, one can count the spectacular design, the compact structure and the fact that it needs approximately 25% less footprint, com­pared to the classic R8 model. Lucky 8 is equipped with a Roulette wheel of exact same size as the classic R8 model and has all the modern features such as 21,5“ monitors, bill and ticket acceptors, ticket printers, as well as the possibility to support the Multigame and Simul­taneous Play options.

Another great surprise and in the same time a premiere for Alfastreet in Bucharest is the fact that the company will exhibit for also some of the slot machines developed by its specialists. In this way, Alfastreet is leveraging its excellent reputation in Romania as well as on international level in order to diversify its products’ portfolio for the Romanian market.

The very good image of the company is expressed also by the series of successful participation at major events that took place in 2017; the list of the most recent events includes Peru Gaming Show, that was organized in Lima on June

20-21st, Belgrade Future Gaming Show on May 30-31st and Fadja Gaming Exhibition, the yearly event on April from Bogota, Columbia. The beginning of this year was also rich in major events such as ICE 2017 in London – that became probably the most important global annual event and FER exhibition from Madrid that took place at the end of March.

Immediately after EAE 2017 Bucharest, Alfastreet will prepare its participation to another major yearly event, the Global Gaming Expo G2E in Las Vegas, the 17-th edition of this very popular exhibition that will be organized between October 2 -5th at Sand Expo.

Alfastreet products are distributed in Romania by Alfastreet Trade, a company with no less than 10 years of activity on the Romanian market. As official representative of Alfastreet, this company is in the position to offering to its clients a set of relevant benefits and auxiliary services, such as rapid delivery from stock, free of charge type authorization for the equipment, transportation and installation anywhere in Romania, 1-year guarantee and training.

In addition to these benefits, in case of malfunc­tio­ning or technical problems, Alfastreet Trade guarantees spare parts, repair works and equip­ment’s restart with minimum waiting times for all Alfastreet products delivered in Romania.

Alfastreet actual products’ portfolio is matching the needs and preferences of the operators on the Romanian market and includes R8, the classic 8-seat electronic roulette model, 2 of the models from the compact series, R4 (4 seats) and R5 (5 seats) as well as SL, the electronic roulette equipment with independent terminals.

A very successful ICE for Nsoft

As expected, ICE 2017 was very successful for NSoft. Thirty-nine people were part of the team travelling to ICE this year and presenting the newest additions to the product families. New stand design, new products, new people, new friendships and partnerships.

The Importance of ICE

ICE is ‘The Thing’ in the industry. Majority of the business we create, contacts that we get come from ICE. Our year starts and ends with ICE. Everybody from the industry is gathered at one place, and that is the best opportunity to showcase new products and create new partnerships. We are producing turnkey solutions for the betting industry. It is popular to call them omni-channel solutions where the products are distributed across multiple distribution channels including mobile, retail, terminal and web. This year, we are presenting three-four products which we think they will be great in 2017.

Drag Races and Motorcycle Speedway

Drag Race and Motorcycle Speedway are the latest offering done completely in-house. We have our own team of 10-15 people who are doing the design, modelling, texturing and programming. We even have guys who are just going to medical offices collecting information and knowledge on how the muscles of horses are working, what their bone structure looks like, just to give a better product. Also, we have people going to motorcycle races talking to the actual racers about what they do and using all the data they gather to incorporate into game development. Our games development team is very dedicated.

The result – amazing fast-past games providing a lot of excitement, betting options and amazing graphics. These games are definite enrichment to betting operator’s portfolio and will definitely help them boost their revenues. Besides standard improvements, we will continue developing new virtual games to offer even more diversified solutions to our partners and customers.

SportsBook Self-Managed and Pool Betting

Self-Managed application is fully integrated into SEVEN Platform through all delivery channels (web, mobile, terminal, retail) and gives the customer full autonomy of sports events creation, odds management and risk management. Except for already supported option of importing Betradar Life Cycle of Odds and Live Odds feed, as it is confirmed by Gold Certificate, the customer has the ability to manually create any sport, tournament, market and event, as well as to resolve the results.

The selection of the offer is possible through SEVEN Platform for every delivery channel individually and the change of odds through Betradar Odds Creator or manually. Special attention is dedicated to Risk Management as a vital module which is necessary for successful business. Risk Management through its automated and manual tools offers complete flexibility and control of the process which results in minimising the risk and increasing the revenues.

Social part of any application, product, event or industry has never been more important than it is nowadays. Gaming industry is no exception. NSoft’s Pool Betting is developed to cover the social aspect. Operators are able to offer something new to the punters and grow their business. Pool Betting is offered for Pre-Match solution and is based on Betradar feed.

It is a multiplayer application where both players and administrators can create contests and select events from company’s product portfolio. Although the sports betting is the only product supported at the time, development of Pool Betting for other games is ongoing process.

Trends, Opportunities and Risks

Trends are exactly the products we are developing or have developed. Besides sports betting, virtual games and SEVEN Platform, these include already mentioned Pool Betting, social aspects and eSports. We plan to release eSports version of the product together and in cooperation with our partner Sportradar.

Last year we showcased our take on VR (Virtual Reality) and this year it is AR (Augmented Reality). VR and AR are the future with plenty of opportunities. These are now, where mobile was 5-10 years ago and we want to be part of the future.

Aside from product side, we have some strategic things we need to do. We plan to expand our sales network to three different regions (East Europe, Africa and South America), as well as expand development operations a bit closer to the home region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but still there is a plan to hire some new people. Currently NSoft employs around 190 people, but the plan is to end up with at least 250 by the end of the year.

For us, the most challenging thing will be to overcome the development capabilities we currently have and to expand to new markets. The greatest challenge there would be to attract players to use the products. Of course, changes in legislation can go both as the risk and as the opportunity.

NSoft as Part of Bigger, SPARK Family

NSoft is the biggest company within SPARK – business complex located in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its main objective is to make business easier for everyone. By promoting new technologies, SPARK wants to encourage the development of IT community in Mostar.

At the moment, it has 258 employees, 9 companies, 11 startups and 21 events organized throughout the year. SPARK has for major services – SPARK school where it organizes free workshops for training new programmers, designers and project managers; SPARK lab is a place where person can find and use open-source hardware, online library, 3D printers, Arduino kits, test tubes, microscopes and the like; SPARK startup where startups go through a special program that allows rapid development of business with minimal costs and SPARK business where it provides support to existing companies for their business’ development, offering services of human resources, marketing and business consulting.

Why do we mention this? Most of the companies under SPARK brand work closely with NSoft. Together with us, at our stand during ICE show, two other companies were showcasing their products – Stark and Eynio.

Stark Solutions works in the field of metal processing industry. It is characterized by dynamism, flexibility, innovative ideas and the concept of focusing on the achievement of high-quality products and services to its customers. Betting terminals produced by Stark are one of the best in the gaming and betting industry.

Eynio is a software company that develops innovative solutions for automation, surveillance and security of home, office or company. Its main products are Click, Vision and Shield. Vision is the most promising product for betting industry since it is a video system for surveillance. It displays cameras across any interface and lets users have quick access to different locations and control over them no matter where they are.

Both Stark and Eynio proved their worth during ICE 2017 scoring major deals. Their products have attracted huge interest.

NSoft at Exhibitions in 2017

NSoft will continue to showcase its products at exhibitions in Europe, Africa and South America. With our own stand, we will be visiting new show ViGE 2017 in Vienna in late March. The next stop will be Belgrade Future Gaming show at the end of May. During summer time, we will be visiting exhibitions outside of Europe, and then we will come back with our stand to Entertainment Arena Expo in Bucharest, followed by EiG in Berlin and we will close the year with BEGE in Sofia.

‘No rules’ is the Only Rule

The continuous growth has brought many young experts to our family of more than 190 employees at this moment. We do believe and cherish the inherent capabilities of everyone, which is why everyone at NSoft is provided with the same opportunities for growth and improvement based solely on objectives and personal aspirations. Our people have the benefit of our ‘no rules’ approach to the work and are therefore capable to deliver the best of their potential to ensure the growth in quality and performance of our products and consequently create a significant growth in value for our valued partners.

Our true pride are relationships, family-like atmosphere and genuine desire to give employees the taste of company’s success. Considering that we offer a family-like working environment, we managed to expand our business and become one of the leading employers in the area. It is our honour to hear that professionals want to become NSofters and be part of the family.