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Editorial – On gambling news


In this edition we have a lot of exciting topics that will surely awaken your interest, especially as they look at gambling news.

In our Cover Story we find one of the leading operators in our field. The Jack Ploiești gaming room was designated last year by our magazine as the best gaming room outside the capital. In 2018 they prepared a few promotional campaigns with sensational prizes, repaying the loyalty of customers who trust in the quality of the services we offer, but also of the top generation gaming means that they find here each time. The total prizes prepared by The Jack Ploiești this year exceed the value of RON 1,500,000! Learn more about the 2018 Campaigns and the surprises prepared by The Jack Ploiești by reading the material dedicated to them.

Another material that we strongly recommend to you is about another winner of ours, Game World Bucharest Mall. The largest Eastern European gaming room continues to be a destination for great fun and to diversify the attractions and entertainment options offered to its guests. For example, during 2017, customers of this emblematic gaming room were invited to have fun at no fewer than 56 themed parties involving various shows, decors and culinary dishes, organized with professionalism and enthusiasm by Game World Bucharest Mall. For 2018, they are preparing many other memorable marketing campaigns that will dazzle us, especially since this location will go into its 20th year of operation.

One year after having left her managerial position in the National Office for Gambling (ONJN), we believed it was opportune to once again have in the pages of our magazine the president of the institution, Odeta Nistor. Now we have the chance to find out more of her opinions with regards to what is happening on the market, the projects she was involved in, including that regarding the approval of source-based taxation of earnings from gambling and on-line betting, her future plans and many more.

We are sure that you remember that on December 7, 2017, the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing held a presentation at the professional gambling business event organized by the Casino Inside magazine – RPG 6, where issues were debated with regard to the conditions for the processing of personal data by private legal entities in this field as operators in the context of the (EU) Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of these data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC.

Our intention is to start a series of GDPR articles to provide you with as much information as possible on this topic. We considered that we should first provide you with as much information as possible about the Personal Data Protection Officer that you should appoint.

The (EU) Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) is to be applied in all Member States of the European Union as of May 25, 2018. Not long from now, the provisions of this legislation will have to be applied to our entire field.




We are very always pleased to see our customers satisfied, but such positive feedback following an appearance in our magazine is truly a dream come true! This is what we are working for: to help you achieve your goals, to help you communicate according to the highest possible standards. Keep on reading us, support us more and we will always be there for you!

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This edition is wicked awesome! An issue filled with information, novelty and opinions in abundance. After this year’s edition of the gambling exhibition in London, Merkur Gaming took to our magazine to advertise its resounding success at ICE Totally Gaming 2018! And it is only natural to be this way, especially on account of a team such as theirs, so dedicated and professional, and even of awesome games and stars such as Avantgarde, Avantgarde Trio, Merkurstar and Evostar, everything seems so easy. However, we all know the hard work success requires.

Kajot excelled at the ICE Totally Gaming 2018 exhibition! And it did it by their renowned seriousness and professionalism, while the visitors were particularly captivated by the futurist concept of the Kajot neo 49 slot machine. At this year’s edition, their games met with considerable interest for online casinos. 25 HTML5 games were exhibited under the KAJOTgames brand. More details right after the Cover Story.

Syswin Solutions turns to our magazine with more vigor still, offering IoT and M2M performance solutions through a single innovative platform comprised of various technologies, communication protocols and sensors to meet any connectivity requirements you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact them; they are flexible and willing to adapt to your needs.

Our long time partners, Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen (NNDKP), are conducting a first analysis on on the Code of Ethics of Responsible Communication in the gambling field, a document issued by ONJN recently and posted on its website. Alina Dumitru and Andrei Cosma, reputed lawyers specializing in gambling, provide a very interesting opinion on this topic, a viewpoint you are invited to learn about herein.

Liaising permanently with the National Office for Prevention and Control of Money Laundering (Oficiul Național de Prevenire și Combatere a Spălării Banilor) (ONPCSB), the Romanian Bookmakers Association – Romanian Bookmakers – is giving us the good news: it was accepted that Romania would comply with such approach as would allow for exemptions to the provisions of the new money laundering law. You will be able to learn what are the chances for determining any such potential exceptions to the strict provisions of Directive 2015/549/EC only by reading their piece.

After a period of absence from our magazine, Sorin Constantinescu returns with a truly amazing interview, one in which he examines objectively the most serious issues our gambling industry is facing. Don’t miss!

Online gambling requires specific tools for the treatment of this addiction! This is said not by us, for this is not our turf, but by Psychologists Leliana Pârvulescu and Steliana Rizeanu, managers of the “Responsible Game” program, so we asked them to provide a full and accurate scan of the methods that are more likely to prevent and control any problems the online gambling may cause. Very interesting! A must read!

George Butunoiu, reputed human resources expert and renowned food assessor, owner of the www.restocracy.ro website, is initiating a delicious serial event in our magazine, one dealing with the best restaurants in Bucharest and beyond, the best chefs and, especially, the best food! The pilot is dedicated to the Argentine restaurant in Herăstrău Park and its talented chef, Cătălin Petrescu.


Thank you for your time. Happy reading!

Editorial – A Big Family


The year that just started could be a benchmark for our gaming industry. When I say this I rely on the analysis of the last few years. I feel that this year can be a very good one for us, with all the political and economic “madness” around us. Our market has reached a maturity level large enough to sediment what it has built in recent years. All it has to do is keep going on its own way and be consistent with the ideas and values it has been promoting lately. I think our industry is at the moment a model. Of course, we need to keep an eye on what’s going on around us, but I think we all have the ability to continue building a safe road for us. Many people depend on us, and that can only make us more responsible. The gaming industry is at this moment in Romania a support for the Romanian economy, both at the macro (statistics) and micro (human) levels. We pay taxes, employ people, contribute to the economic cycle through consumption of goods and services, entertain players / clients, carry out CSR-type activities and, above all, we are responsible! We congratulate you for what you have achieved and we are glad that we are also part of this big family.


At the end of last year, our magazine awarded the Las Vegas casino floors for the most dynamic territory development in Romania in 2017. This was due to the sustained growth of the company, the growth of the brand’s reputation and the fact that this company has become a representative one for our profile market. Now Las Vegas has a new owner in the person of Mr. T. Andranik, and he naturally chose the Casino Inside Magazine to introduce himself to the Romanian gambling industry. We welcome him and assure him of all our faith and support. Learn more about this topic in the Cover Story!


The Jack & Play Again is gradually becoming an important operator, a company that is investing more and more in its casino floors, people, marketing and brand. Their location in Deva was inaugurated in the fall of 2015 on the premises of Shopping City Deva, and not only does it benefit from an excellent location, but it also has a professional team which offers players a special place dedicated to best quality entertainment, in addition to marketing campaigns and promotions thought out in accordance with the specific of the location. Currently, the “Mercedes C Class” Campaign is in progress and its final draw which will take place on February 22, 2018! Besides the luxury car, prizes worth RON 78,000 will also be awarded. This campaign was carried out over almost 5 months, and the total prizes exceed RON 350,000!

Danemar Trading will turn 25 years since its inception in March this year! I believe this is extraordinary and we congratulate Victor Marin and his team of professionals for what they have done all this time. We love that Danemar makes a positive contribution to the procurement process between the manufacturer and the end customer, having a double role: Specialist and Supplier. They are leaders on the cash payment systems market and the largest Distributor and Authorized Service Center for payment systems in Eastern Europe. Learn more about their accomplishments and success by reading the material that we dedicated to their anniversary.

At the end of this first 2018 edition, Casino Inside team wishes you an excellent year, as we are convinced you will have it!


A summer celebrated by work

by Insider

As always, for us summer is in business nothing else but an extension of the spring and a continuing training for what is to happen in the fall. Businesses do not have to ever stop, and the topic according to which we have to go over the summer and we will see afterwards what to do was, this year, successfully overcome by some operators, see the success of the Game World in Constanta, whom we had talked about in our last Casino Inside edition.

Another important example of a company that continues its expansion in Romania, regardless of the temperature outside, is Kajot, a Czech company.

This means that now, the Czech company is ready to also provide its customers online games. In the Cover Story article, we present you the latest news they will place on the Romanian market as well, both in land-based area and in the ​​online gambling area. Jan Sipovsky – Director Country Manager and Václav Klepáček – Account Manager will provide you with all the information you need.

PhD. Marius Pantea, in his capacity of the leader of the National Company of the Romanian Lottery for only a few months, has planned ambitious projects to transform this institution into a leading state-owned company, as it exists in almost all of EU countries. Please read right after the Cover Story, an interesting interview with the Managing Director of this institution, who will inform you on the present and future of the Romanian Lottery.

Romanian Bookmakers launches, in the pages of our magazine, a public call to the The National Office for the Prevention and Control of Money Laundering (NOPCML) to have a dialogue with the industry representatives regarding the draft legislation on Prevention and Control of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, which is about to be submitted to the Parliament by the institution mentioned above, which aims at the transposition of EU Directive 2015/849 in the national legislation, which according to Romanian Bookmakers and not only, threatens to generate high operational difficulties to the gambling operators.

Because the reopening of new competition seasons in the European football is close –national championships and European Cups, here is one of our specialists in the betting market, Valentin Macovei, tells us, in his new article, of the eight facts not to think about when analyzing football matches you want to bet on.

We also recommend you other topics analyzed and developed by us in this edition, and invite you to have a pleasant reading. Summer is a season as equally suited for business as well as other seasons, if you are initiative and proactive persons. We do not believe that we have been in the situation where we can afford having a three months’ year shorter…


By Insider

February is the ICE month. The exhibition in the UK has become a must have for producers, distributors and operators. And this will be reflected in this issue of our magazine. But above all, we would like to point out that our cover story is dedicated to Rombet – the Association of Gaming Organizers, an organization that has reached maturity and is a reference for Romanian and foreign operators on the gambling market.

You can now enjoy Orange Collection and Green Collection, compilations of 48 of the most popular EGT games now available on various machines of the Bulgarian manufacturer. They have been type approved, and Fruits Collection follows soon, approval being currently pending. Read more about this topic in their dedicated material.

Casino Technology takes the gaming experience to a whole new dimension at the ICE Totally Gaming exhibition in London, showcasing premier slot machines, exceptional new multigames and systems for omni channel delivery. Their business philosophy aims at a fully integrated gaming experience, both in land-based and in the online gaming environment. Get more information in the article dedicated to their ICE presence this year.

Do not miss our articles on the gaming markets in Italy and Bulgaria. You will find many things of interest.

Regarding the editorial space assigned to responsible gaming that we proudly host in our magazine, we would like to recommend the interview with Leliana Pârvulescu, coordinator of the “Responsible Gaming” program, who warns that treating addictive behaviours is just a portion of what the gaming industry should do to fight against gaming issues.

Valentin Macovei, our betting expert, says in his article that we can improve our routine of analyzing football matches if we follow his directions. I suggest that, if you are even slightly interested in this topic, you should read it through. It’s worth it.

If by any chance you get to Asia and stop by in India, don’t miss a visit to their largest casino, Deltin Royale Casino, on the Mandovi river, on the west coast of India, in Goa. In addition, you will have a chance to get acquainted with Indian customs and culture, as this former Portuguese colony is a haven of exoticism, with nonstop partying and a tropical vibe competing with even the most exotic islands which became gaming attractions – such as the Caribbean or the Dominican Republic. More details on this subject in Oana Mihalache’s article.

Dear readers, we are at the beginning of our eighth year of existence and we want to be with you a long time to come. Our mission has just begun. Stay with us on the path that we took together in 2010. You have discovered the true gaming world with us, let’s find its secrets together.

Editorial – James Bond a „Cartofor”

By Insider

For some time now, I keep seeing how various televisions translate the word “gambler” with “cartofor”. When it very well could be translated into “jucător”. The context would be simple to deduce as long as the film is about casinos or filmed in such an environment. And then the person watching the film would easily understand that it’s about a casino or poker player, and what not…

This ideea of translation influenced greatly by the old styles of translation and adaptation residing in the communist period (1965-1989) when, of course, he who went to the casinos was a “pinchpenny”, “raggamuffin”, in conclusion … the term of “cartofor” it is disturbing. After nearly 30 years of “democracy” we still watch the moovies about gambling with an embarrassing nostalgia and an emphasis on our domain worthy of a better cause.

Yes, “cartofor” comes from the Modern Greek word chartophóros (influenced by the cards), as it were “a person who has a passion for the cards game”. But most often in the context of the movie, whether it concerns James Bond or another famous character placed by the screenwriter in the world of casino gambling in general, the translation with “cartofor” of the word “gambler” has no basis, since the real character is not an addict who cannot unglue himself from the gaming table, but he is simply a player. That’s it.

He puts his tuxedo on, some fancy sunglasses on his nose, takes a glass of champagne and “throws” himself at the gaming table hopping that the villain will make a mistake and could be unmasked. But that’s about all. We do not witness any dramatic situation in which the plot is about some reckless guy that developed a pathological affinity for gambling, just to put it in academic terms. And then I feel the need to repeat myself, how come all the translators of the Romanian television feel the need to make them all “cartofori”?

In addition to this, to me it seems to be a dirty word, a windfall falling amid the narration. So finally I say, dear film translators, 25-30% of the Hollywood movies have gambling as main subject or as a sideway action plan. Why? Because people are drawn to it. They love goodluck, they want it and the producers keep serving it to them, in a cruel way sometimes. But we like to see the Ocean’s Eleven series or the Rounders. We empathize with the characters. We keep our fingers crossed for them to come out safe from all sorts of inconveniences, even if what they do is not always quite correct. But just let go of old tunes   and frustrations and give to the audience following your subtitled translation on-screen a respectful “jucător” instead of a degrading “cartofor”, when the context is referring to someone who is a “gambler”.

Thank you in advance!


Editorial – Miscellaneous

By Insider

  • History repeats itself because we forget it quickly. I remember when Casino Inside appeared on the market, the way the field of communication worked in the gaming industry. Wow, what times. We have created standards and we educated the market. Now some have forgotten what we did for them.
  • When we are calling various people in the industry to invite them to attend our events, often we get the answer that they are leaving the country on that day (or the days preceding the event) or they just arrive in the country. Either way they are in the airport or in transit. Sometimes I wonder if our gambling industry is stationed in airports throughout the world. Who operates in Romania anymore?
  • If someone does not know: if you want, you can buy Facebook likes! That does not mean you’re popular. Only fools believe that …
  • When we launched “The Online Petition – Stop the Nationalization of Gaming in Romanian” the phone rang day and night during that time, and people were congratulating us praying the initiative and supporting it. After the petition has reached its goal and managed to repel the attack of our domain, the same people who rang me on Saturday and Sunday and to whom I spoke with empathy, patience and compassion, no longer answer my calls.
  • By 2010, when we promoted on our magazine covers new personalities (of that time) in the field, or launched campaigns to support professional associations and employers in the industry by publishing articles, advertorials and interviews with members of their leaderships … others did what?.
  • It was said at one time, that our magazine is not read. After I wrote articles about the operation of gaming halls or bookies, followed endless phones calls and messages in which I was scolded and admonished for our audacity of describing what we saw. The people were actually quoting word by word from our texts. So we realized how “unread” we were …
  • In all these years there have been countless strangers who exclaimed: “You really are from Romania?” “Because your magazine is well above other international specialized top magazines, from the West”.
  • Do you remember Top Events of the Casino Inside brand: The ReUnion of Gambling Professionals, The Celebration of Gaming in Romania, the Slot Business Seminar, European Practice in Responsible Gaming and the Slot Summit. What was there on the market in 2010?


We added 1 more anniversary year at the age of our magazine. For us this year meant a lot of projects successfully carried out.

For example, we have readjusted the design of our magazine, making it easier to read, more “airy” and “subject” of the current trends in design printing.

Then we managed to establish a number of firsts in the events field.

On June the 8th, at Novotel Hotel Bucharest, took place the Practices in Responsible Gaming event, which was organized by our magazine and supported by the Responsible Gaming Program, successfully developed by the Romslot and Romanian Bookmakers associations. Our special guest was Pieter Remmers – Responsible Gaming expert, recognized worldwide. This event was the first meeting of the experts in the field (Romanian and foreign), Romanian patronal associations of gambling, at the same table with operators – live casinos, arcades and traditional bookmakers. A pioneering event! A success!

Participation as Unique Partner and our organizatory involvement in the European Slot Summit held in Bucharest, June 9th-11th has proven our ability to have accomplishments at international level.

Another objective we have set and that we have achieved this year was to start volunteering and supporting concrete projects alone or together with our industry. The second edition of the event The Celebration of Romanian Gaming had an important charity element, with which we have tried to help the dozens of children who are under the care of the Social Service Complex “St. Nicholas “located on str. Constantin Dobrogeanu Gherea Nr. 74, Sector 1, Bucharest. And we have succeeded! Generous people among our industry have given us their support and helped this cause. We thank them with this occasion as well.

Another success is transforming both our events dated on the first Thursday of December in a tradition. The ReUnion of Gambling Professionals and The Celebration of Romanian Gaming have become an “it’s a must to be present” event in your calendar.

The last aspect that I wish to underline is attracting large foreign companies of the field, which wanted to be present in our editorial, the largest operators of land-based gambling (see the interview event with Simon Thomas – Owner & CEO of Hippodrome Casino) or the interviews with great poker legends like Robert Mizrachi and Pamela Brunson.

The Casino Inside Project carries on next year as well, with even more new goals to be achieved.

See you on December the 3rd!


By Insider

No matter who will have the power and will politically decide within the state institutions, including those governing and managing our field, gambling, we must further inquire, defend and support the interests of the Romanian gaming industry and those of the players, who want to have fun playing in casinos, gaming halls, betting agencies or at home on a site with online license.

Obviously, the recent political unrest and street tumult causes us to follow with interest what will happen with our field in the future. The desire for stability in the social life and economic environment is obvious and desired by all businesses in general and particularly the gambling industry.

This requires that all that was done well in the gaming market shall remain clearly established and continue to cause effects. What should have be done or should be done it must be a priority for the representatives of state and business environment.

So it is possible that after the political environment will rearrange, the representatives of the gambling market to resume talks so that the last legislative additions to become a reality. Clearly, we refer to the Norms. Although we are hopeful, we do have some doubts that the Parliament will adopt them soon, given the present political situation.

What I mean is that we must be careful and we should monitor closely the intentions of the future political power, but also of the public opinion regarding our field, lest the pure Romanian spirit, to dismiss what we have achieved with so much effort over the last 2½ years – ONJN as the only institution to regulate and control, improved legal framework legalizing the online community, results in combating the black market and unfair competition, putting Romania on the European gambling map, particularly through events with international guests organized by our magazine, and many other things, due to the need to change something for the sake of the change, or the desire to destroy something just because that’s not you’re doing, but  another’s. You understand what I mean.

It is better to be vigilant and proactive. The gaming industry is on a good path, it is on a certain channel of normality, people started to think more about their business and less on legislative changes, I do hope that in 5 to 10 years from now, we shall not hear about this subject anymore.

The 4th Edition of the ReUnion of Gambling Professionals event taking place on December the 3rd, at the Novotel, will allow you to speak openly about all these aspects: business, law, social responsibility, and image.

It became a tradition for us to meet on the first Thursday of December and debate the burning issues of our industry. See you on December 3rd!