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THE SECRETS OF CASINOS (XXVI) How does RFID technology help casinos?

Colored, personalized and often used to ce­lebrate an event or an anniversary of a casino, chips used by the greatest casinos in the world have a secret hidden in themselves. Steve Wynn introduced for the first time in his casinos, in 2005, RFID technology, introducing into the casino chips a tiny device that allows the casino to find out at any time what’s happening with its chips.

How and why have chips started to be used in casinos?

As we mentioned in a previous edition of Casino Inside, casino owners invented chips because they noticed that people were betting too little and too rarely with cash. And since then, they’ve tried to avoid direct money introduction into the betting process of various life casino games to “help” people spend their money more easily, as they are only think, when it is too late, that the chips thrown down so easily on the table are actually money. In principle, ever since the invention of casinos, the use of chips has been somewhat regulated by Games Commissions in states where gambling is legalized. For example, some states – New Jersey and Illinois have regulated their size, consistency and color to be uniform for any casino on their territory. Nevada has no color rules, a reason for which Silver State chips may be white, blue or gray, with denominations of $1, $5 and more – $25,000 or $50,000, which are mostly colorful in abundance. Generally, the chips are made of a plastic that can also have metal inserts at times, and have the shape of a small disk. All US states where gambling is legal require casino chips to have a unique combination of points arranged on the edge for an easier identification, the casino’s name and location plus the chip’s value, displayed both on the face and on the back. From the very beginning, casinos have faced repeated and countless attempts to falsify them, knowing that players like to collect or cash them in after a long time. Not always players, when they go out on the casino door, are the first to go to the cash desk…

How are chips made?

At the beginning, chips were made of special clay and it was used, of course, a secret technology. On these chips, one could print an image printed on a special paper with the image desired by the casino, including the denomination. The manufacturing process consisted essentially of pouring the base material into a specific disk form that was compressed at a pressure of 10.000 psi, at a temperature of 149 degrees Celsius.

Around the 1980s, ceramic chips were introduced. The ability to print letters and graphics on the entire surface of the chip, instead of just inserting various images, has made them popular. Ceramic chips are an injection molded chip, made with a special plastic or resin formula that approximates the feeling of touch and the sound of ceramics or porcelain. Lately, less expensive chips have appeared which are made of various forms of plastic, some of which are covered with metal.

Generally, American chips have a grammage of between 8 and 10,5 grams.

Chips security and RFID technology

What is RFID technology? Radio-Frequency Identification or Radio Frequency Identification uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track labels attached to objects. In our case, it’s about casino chips. Labels contain information stored electronically. Passive labels collect energy from the interrogating radio waves of the nearby RFID reader. Active labels have a local power supply, such as a battery, and can work hundreds of meters away from the RFID reader. Unlike a barcode, the tag should not be in the reader’s line of view, so it can be embedded in the object being tracked and read remotely. In conclusion, RFID is a method for automatically identifying objects and capturing data about them.

In 2012, around 40 US casinos used RFID technology to find out where their chips were, when they were not in their own cash desk. The cost of inserting a RFID device inside a chip costs only $2.5. Casinos are interested in what happens to their big-value chips: $10.000, $25.000 etc. Generally, for this kind of chips, they thought about when they decided to use this technology. Within the device inside the chip, there is a unique identification number that is entered into the casino management chips records. In this way, a casino knows at any time where a chip of it is and what happens to it. If someone tries to steal the casino and run away with chips, as it happened on December 14, 2010, at Bellagio, when a young man went missing with $1,5 million chips, in that moment the casino will take the decision of deactivation of RFID devices inside the chips and these are no longer worth ANYTHING.

For what do casinos still use the RFID technology?

Another casino secret regarding the use of RFID technology within chips is the use of sensors under each table to determine exactly what a player bets. The benefit of the casino is that the average bets rating can be found accurately for each player and can eliminate inaccurate ratings that often allow players to win against computers. In addition, if these real-time betting data can be coupled with sophisticated surveillance software, the process of detecting multiple forms of advantage could be automated, and casinos would have more to gain. A second advantage of the use of RFID inside chip technology allows the casino to develop a profile of the chips’ holder, allowing the casino to find out a lot of data about the player, data to use in the future when the player decides to return to the casino. An extrapolation of RFID usage in case of player tracking would be the possibility of awarding some special chips to junkets, that is those players which have considerable amounts of money to enter the game. In this way, the casino could easily offer to this type of player what he wants…


RFID technology chips have allowed casinos in the past 10 years to both better secure their weaknesses and find out more important details about the players. I have no doubt, casinos’ money is safe…

(Română) De citit, nu de uitat pe poze…

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STORM MEDIA, The Future Sound of Your Business

Audio Messaging and its Importance for Your Guest Experience 

One of the first principles of good service is individual approach to each customer through direct conversation/contact with the latter to introduce the products and the services the following company offers. The audio messaging allows the most effective solving of the given issue.

Nowadays, mainly in the bigger commercial spaces, the direct conversation with the customers is almost impossible because of three basic reasons:

  • the customers have numerical advantage over the service staff, which makes direct contact with each customer physically impossible;
  • usually the customers themselves feel uncomfortable when the service staff wants to offer them individual approach;
  • besides, the customers themselves usually do not spend enough time or are not attentive enough to get acquainted with all the products or services in the given commercial space. In this case the audio messaging is the ideal solution to ensure the direct contact with each customer individually, to deliver to them the information you need and to avoid the up-mentioned three obstacles.

Just imagine the customer enters your commercial space and gets acquainted with your services and products without physical efforts from your side and without creating any kind of discomfort for your customers.

Storm Media offer you audio messages recording services to build better and customer-oriented marketing strategy as well as to obtain better guest experience – you choose the voice you prefer from our list of artists, give us the text for the message (or we offer the text) and in a very short period of time your audio message will be ready to be broadcasted. We are very supportive and are ready to help our customers to have what they need even in extremely short periods of time. For instance, if in the morning you make a decision to hold an unscheduled event and you need to inform your customers about that very quickly, our team will do their best to manage the broadcasting of the message you need in a couple of hours.

Audio Messaging is very important marketing tool also for casinos. During their daily activity casinos have various kinds of information to deliver to their customers: promotions, jackpots, daily/weekly/monthly raffles, etc. Periodical broadcasting of such information through audio messaging will make sure that all your customers are aware of it.

Loyalty strategies for players (2)

by Laurențiu Neacșu – Gaming Expert

–          sequel from the previous issue-

“Almost-winning” is a strategy used in all games, whether slots or roulette or black jack, and refers to the fact that the player is left with the impression that he is close to winning a full line or the jackpot, but in reality he wil only get a cherry or a lot of animation on the screen.

This way of getting the player’s loyalty is included in the math of the game itself. Customizing the distribution of winnings has led to the emergence of the concept of “volatility”, through which the organizers or creators of the games address to various categories or risk-loving or just fun amateurs.

Other games give the player the feeling of control – for example, craps or Keno – since he is the one who throws the dice or chooses the numbers. Thus, the player can live with the feeling that it is in his power to overcome the probability and to emerge as the winner. As a rule, the player feeling is that he is close to winning and thus he continues playing and is what actually keeps gambling alive.

Gratuities or other discount services are essential elements of the activities in the game area. Often, players receive coupons or direct access to free meals, shows, promotions, etc. or loyalty points that allow other winnings, raffles, etc. to be determined to come back, to feel important even if they are not running large sums of money. The operators know that the money come from the smaller players, but which are more as compared to high-rollers, so that their business is calibrated for the former. Don’t worry, the House never loses! All of these services or gratuities are carefully calculated to provide output to the organizer, i.e. to provide loyal customers and to keep them as much as possible around the gaming table. It is similar to trying to get a kid to behave nicely in exchange for a cheap toy.

A special place in the area of gratuities is occupied by alcohol and therefore we treat it separately. It is the most efficient of all gratuities offered at the table, since it is acting on many levels. First of all it’s free! On one hand, we like gratuities, but who doesn’t like free drinks? Needless to say that it comes in a wide variety of shapes (long drink, cocktail, shot, etc.) accompanied by smiles and pleasant serving staff. Another aspect is that alcohol makes even the most careful and rigorous player, more relaxed. Any strategy would use a blackjack, Roulette or any other game, finally alcohol will make incorrect decisions. Moreover, the stakes will be chose more relaxed, the chips or banknotes being thrown on the table like worthless pieces of plastic. For most clients of a gaming hall – whether they are in a Casino or not – free drinks consumption and spending time in endless attractive games is the most they want from their spare time.

Although the organizers rely on small players, they certainly want to retain the gamblers as well. Those who are fortunate enough to have large winnings are treated like kings with all sorts of offers and facilities. The goal is the same: the more time they spend in the area, the more money they spend. Even though these players are under the impression that they are important, in fact their money are the important ones, especially because they must remain at the organizer’s cashier. Moreover, showing of in all their glory, they increase the fame of the Casino/organizer that will be perceived by other clients as treating “appropriately” the valuable players, inviting others to visit them as well.

The interior design is most obvious in the case of casinos, which are true labyrinths – a sea of slots and gaming tables especially arranged to be in your way and not let you leave the hall. There is no rule: a type of machine can be here and then an island of the same type of machines at 50 meters away. Combined with the above, the ultimate aim is to create confusion. Know that the exit is near the group of machines with poker games. But near to which group of poker gaming machines? The walkways abound in meanders and dead-ends, to contradict the general principle which says that if you want, you can return the same way. In our case, once returned the gaze, the landscape is completely different, unfamiliar. High slots that are placed all over contribute to confusion especially in that they do not allow the player to take an overview look. In modern casinos, organizers put various ceilings descending and place false highlights on ceilings, which at first glance, would help you to orientate, but actually it doesn’t do anything other than to confuse you. For those who have consumed alcohol, the attempted to escape from such a location is nothing but a huge nuisance.

(source: http://listverse.com/)

Casino Royale, lots of fun on the Red Sea shore

by Bogdan Fechită


If you arrive in Egypt and you want to try the experience of gambling in this country, then you definitely should visit Casino Royale. Set in Sharm El Sheikh, the casino is part of Austrian group Casinos Austria International and is part of the five star resort Maritim Jolie Ville Resort.


Casino Royale is the perfect spots during a holiday. That’s because the location is in a resort with a dream view: on the one hand there are the lovely beaches on the Red Sea shore, and on the other hand are the Sinai mountains. The casino has become one of the most impressive in the region, managing to contribute in attracting tourists to this resort.


Pharaohs, gold and blue marble

Casino Royale has a classic theme and attempts to recreate the historical period of the pharaohs, but from a contemporary perspective, with accent on gold, blue marble, an intriguing lotus flower and magnificent chandeliers. The location was opened in 1995 and offers a warm and welcoming space.


The casino features a private secure parking and is just a few meters away from the nightlife of the small resort. Nearby is a small port where there can be organized daily excursions by boat or a private charter can be rent from the airport.


The program is non-stop, the array is casual, and the minimum age must be 18 years. No entry fee is required, but it is necessary the identification and registration. Visa and MasterCard are accepted, and the game currency is the dollar, but in the pay-office are also accepted other international currencies.


The croupiers are trained to international standards and have wide knowledge about gambling, but also about casino etiquette. Among the most popular available games are included: American Roulette, Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker and Three Card Brag. Obviously there are not missing slots and other specific gambling machines.


Interactive website

Before planning a trip to the casino, we recommend visiting the site casinoroyale.com.eg. The portal provides information about location and facilities, but also has interactive elements. Thus, on a page it can be practiced online the Blackjack game to get experience when we will play for money.


The site has an area with news regarding the casino’s life. From this we learn that recently it has been organized an inaugural poker tournament Texas Hold’em, and the ambition of the operators is that someday to organize a stage from World Poker Tour. Also, in another article there offered tips for blackjack players.


Stake on Poker

Poker is one of the most promoted games in the casino. It can be played in different forms, not missing  the Texas Hold’Em tournaments. Each month there are been organied VIP tournaments with buy-in of $500 and $1000. Russian Poker can be played every night, while Omaha and other types of poker can be organized on request.


About the hotel

The hotel offers a great view over the Red Sea beaches, and over the Sinai mountains and it is located 20 minutes from Sharm El Sheikh International Airport. It is a perfect location for the entire family and it offers facilities for business, culture, commerce and entertainment. The complex consists of three buildings and offers a wide range of stylish rooms and apartments, leisure facilities, restaurants and bars with French and Italian Fine Dinning. The hotel has a private beach, swimming pools and SPA center. Nearby there is a golf course of international standards.


Casino Royale in numbers:

– 97 slot machine devices

– 4 American roulettes

– 2 European roulettes

– 4 Blackjack tables

– 3 Caribbean Stud Poker tables

– 3 tables for Poker Texas Hold’em for up to nine players

– 1 Card Brag Table

– 1 Russian Poker table

New gambling legislation


As anticipated in the last issue of the magazine, in the current edition we shall present the new types of gambling games, as regulated by the legislation in the gambling field, in force as of February 13th, 2015.

Betting exchange

Betting exchange, regulated for the first time in Romania, consists in correlating bets between various players, accepting a bet placed by one player only if another player can be identified as placing a bet contrary to the initial one. The value of each win is determined by the players.

While traditional (offline) betting exchange can be organised in betting shops, remote (online) betting exchange is organised and transmitted via any communication system (internet, fixed or mobile telephone system or any other transmission system).

This “stock market for bets”, internationally known as ‘betting exchange’, was first launched in the UK and is provided by EU operators in various countries such as Denmark, Hungary and Malta.

Mutual bets no longer under the monopoly of the Romanian Lottery

One of the novelties in the recent legislative changes is related to the Romanian Lottery losing its monopoly on mutual betting (both offline and online) and remaining sole organizer only for lotto games, as of February 13th, 2015. This means that the organizers of betting games can choose between three types of betting games to be lawfully organized in Romania: (i) fixed odds betting, (ii) mutual betting and (iii) betting exchange.

We remind our readers that in the case of betting exchange games, the prize is distributed among the participants declared winners directly proportional to the number of winning options each of them has; the organiser is involved only in the process of collecting the participation fees and distributing the amounts established as prizes, in compliance with the rules of the game in question.


Under the new regulation, tombola represents the activity of drawing numbers, letters or other symbols, regardless of the characteristics of the equipment used to make the draw (cups, drums, wheels and other similar equipment), whether or not organized with the players physically present; the prizes are fixed and do not depend on the number or the price of the tickets sold, or of the stubs, tokens and other evidence of participation in the tombola.

The winners (or a predetermined number of participants) will be established by means of a random draw in compliance with rules posted in advance and approved by the ONJN Monitoring Committee. Tombolas may take the form of remote or traditional games of chance, while the prizes may only be issued in kind and must have a minimum value no lower than 50 % of the total value of the stakes paid to participate in the game.

Temporary gambling games

According to the amended legislation, temporary gambling games represent (i) gambling games characteristic to casinos, (ii) slot-machine games type or (iii) bingo games organised in gaming halls, for which a gambling organiser has obtained an organiser’s licence and an operator’s authorisation for a period of three months with the possibility of an extension of a maximum three more months; they also include The Poker Festival – traditional game and a temporary event consisting of a poker tournament which takes place exclusively between participants in halls (premises) within accommodation establishments, in compliance with the rules approved by the ONJN Supervisory Committee.


Online casinos

Remote casino type game represent the gambling games characteristic to casinos (traditional game) or gambling games characteristic to poker clubs, played entirely without the players being physically present, organised by the same operator, on the same gaming platform, using a single internet domain, and which are organised and transmitted via any communication system (internet, fixed or mobile telephone system or any other transmission system).

An objective question that arises is related to whether remote slot-machine games can be lawfully organized in Romania, since they are not expressly mentioned in the current classification of gambling games.

On the one hand, one could interpret that they are actually included in the category of remote casino games, as they are regulated in other jurisdictions. On the other hand, they could be as well included in “any other type of gambling” for which ONJN may grant licenses and authorizations.

However, it seems that this aspect will not be left to the interpretation of the actors in the gaming industry, but will be explicitly clarified by the secondary legislation.

News about slot-machine type games

The new regulation classifies slot-machine games in two categories, namely:

(i) slot machine (if the events are organised with the participants physically present) via specific machines, equipment and installations operated in specialised premises in which gambling games may be played, and winnings are unlimited and dependent on hazard, and

(ii) electronic devices offering limited-risk winnings (if the events are organised with the participants physically present) via specific machines, equipment and installations not operated in specialised premises in which games of chance may be played, and winnings are limited and dependent on hazard.

New games and combination of games

Another novelty of the regulations in force as of February 13, 2015 is that ONJN may grant licenses and authorizations for any other type of gambling games, namely for new games or combinations of gambling games (online or offline), as defined by the amended legislation.

It remains to be seen how ONJN will actually choose to make use of its freedom of decision, in the context where no other authority in Romania has been granted such freedom.

Place your bets lawfully!

(Română) Nu se mai dorește oferirea de licențe noi pentru cazinouri în Macao

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Global expansion, further systems solutions

DRGT is the independent systems company for the global gaming industry. DRGT systems can be found in almost 30 countries around the world, connecting over 30,000 slots in over five hundred casinos. These are strong numbers given that DRGT is still a young company – and the fastest growing systems company in the industry.

Two further subsidiaries have been opened in 2014 – the team of DRGT Africa and DRGT Colombia will be present at the ICE. The structural growth is the natural result of the company’s growth and underlines the long-term dedication DRGT provides its customers.

All this and more will be on display at the DRGT stand number N2-130 at the forthcoming ICE. Here is a taste of the new solutions that will be on display:

drPromoExec – is a suite of software products designed to track and manage loyalty and reward loyalty program members. It manages all aspects of promotions and campaigns and provides mechanisms to evaluate the success (financial and otherwise) of a promotion or campaign.

New jackpots – DRGT is changing the wide-area progressive map for good with its wide array of jackpot solutions. Expect more to come at the ICE.

Player-based promotions – more exciting player-based promotions will be on display

Dynamic Jackpot Elevation – this brand new feature makes jackpots more attractive to players with greater chances to win.

drScreenMiniPT – enables you to provide all the benefits of drScreen yet on the smaller player-tracking screen

drInteractive – provides an Interactive Gaming Platform with site and game content development and a complete suite of operational and supporting services for distributed kiosk, mobile and online clients. It offers the solution of both real and social play and is client-customized and branded with full management of operations.


May 19, at the Howard Johnson Hotel in Bucharest, took place the first edition of the Slot Business Seminar- the first event dedicated exclusively to the business area of the gaming industry. We did not speak about the legislation, we did not come here to complain to the authorities, but we wanted to find a way to do better businesses in our live or electronic casinos or with our slot machines areas located within betting agencies.

Thank you for coming in such a great number to our event (over 80 people). Both for us and for Lucien Wijsman, it was impressive to see a room full of people dedicated to their gaming business.

The goal of this event was definitely met. We are convinced that thanks to our special guest Mr. Lucien Wijsman, all of you left our meeting with a little extra information and knowledge on the operation of gambling.

We would like to take up this moment to also give thanks to Lucien, for the extraordinary presentation held by him at our event. A lot of people have appreciated and warmly acclaimed the lecture held by him at the Slot Business Seminar on May 19th. I was happy to see that on May 19th, many operators from Bucharest or from the provinces, large and small companies have attended a business presentation.

As proof, a great number of people wanted to thank Lucien Wijsman personally for his participation to our action.

The two lectures for our gaming market: The Profiles of Casinos Visitors and Gaming Halls and Mit & Mathematics: what types of games are preferred by the different profiles of players, were the times when Lucien Wijsman showed his great knowledge and control of the gaming phenomenon, both from the global and local perspective, in reference to Romania. He has presented vital information and analysis to a better knowledge of your gaming business. He has also provided relevant advice with instant applicability in your game room and gave successful examples from other countries, examples of success; many other have succeeded thanks to Lucien’s counseling.

 Slot Business Seminar is a Casino Inside mark event and it was designed to meet your need for information related to the internal and international gambling market. And we believe that on this occasion we have succeeded to offer you more or less knowledge, business information that you will apply within your gambling business regardless of where they are.

 This event has benefited from the professional services of simultaneous translation Romanian to English and English to Romanian directly from the translation cab and offered through excellent translators made available by the Howard Johnson hotel.

 The Slot Business was an event supported by the Stormbet and Slots Newton companies. And we thank them for their support!

Within our event, these two companies have made extremely interesting presentations of their products.

Mr. Dragoș Buriu representing the Newton Slots made a presentation of their Jackpot that reached its 3.0 version, a product that offers viable solutions to all the current problems faced by our gaming market, plus a presentation of Newton Total Control, a product that gives you a lot of advantages over your competition once you have purchased it.

Mr. Sergiu Marandiuc from Stormbet has presented Slot Logic Casino Management, a complete management solution for gaming based on 10 years of expertise and experience in casino management. If you purchase this solution you will benefit of a complete set of tools to control and manage both the live games and slot machines operations in a chain of casinos using only one system.

In closing, we would like to thank you once again for your participation and we look forward to the next event organized by our magazine.