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(Română) Bahamas, câștig la dublu: turism și jocuri de noroc!

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Baha Mar Casino – a kaleidoscope of Caribbean culture and entertainment

-Oana Mihalache

For old figures in the gambling industry, casinos in exotic locations are real oasis for relaxation and escapism! Surrounded by beaches, with views towards the sea or the ocean, in an impressionistic mixture of green and blue, but also with many facilities meant to amplify the magic place – these are the coordinates of the famous casino Baha Mar Casino, in Bahamas. Live entertainment, games to suit all tastes and income levels, but also a range of facilities that offer clients an unforgettable experience, all mixed with the adrenaline of winning.

The casino is now described as the most prestigious place dedicated to gambling in Nassau, which is the capital city of Bahamas. On the casino’s official website, a part of the description awakens the curiosity: the nightlife experience there is described as a kaleidoscope of culture and entertainment”. As the biggest casino in the Caribbean, Baha Mar Casino stands up to its reputation: it covers over 30.000 square meters and offers slot machines, table games, and the gambling experience is amplified by the magnificent view towards the ocean and windows from the floor to the ceiling. The gambling experience at Baha Mar Casino can be best described in the following way: 1.140 slot machines with games like Stepper, Video Reels, Wheel of Fortune, Electronic Table Games and Poker; 119 table games with 4 varieties of Blackjack, Single and Double Zero Roulette, electronic table games, but also  poker; a High Limit gaming salon with 22 table games, but also 4 private gaming salons – with games like Blackjack, Midi Baccarat and Single Zero Roulette. On top of that, at the gaming tables players can also have acces to 8 types of proprietary games, such as: Blackjack Switch, Free Bet Blackjack, Casino War, Pai Gow Poker, 3 Card Poker, Let it Ride Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker.

The casino was opened in April 2017 and is now opened daily from 10 a.m. to 4 a.m., a timetable during which players can not only enjoy an unique gaming experience, but also rejoice the advantages of a luxurious resort. Before describing these facilities, the first and foremost bonus of this resort are its 1.800 rooms – spacious, made for long relaxing sessions, offering views towards the ocean and surrounding islands. Also, even though gaming nights can be exhausting – due to the desire to have fun and to boost the adrenaline, during the day guests can relax at a Jack Nicklaus signature golf course, a golf American player considered to be one of the best in the world. For those who love to play tennis, the resort also includes a tennis field – called Racquet Club. For those who would rather relax in a passive manner, one of the six pools awaits them, which are surrounded by smooth sand and where they can enjoy all the spoils they can think of – cocktails, tents under which they can stay under shadow, delicious meals and not only. Those who visit this resort will be treated like stars or even like royalty – in the parking lot there is a personal valet waiting for the guests, who also have access to a fitness center, fitness, can choose between Asian, Chinese, British or Bahamas cuisine.

The resort if right in the middle of a very attractive area, thus visitors cannot afford to miss seeing places like the Pirates Museum in Nassau, Pompey Museum, the private Blue Lagoon Beach – in case they were lucky at the gaming table to afford such a spoil – but they can neither miss adventures like a Kayaking session, a visit at the Tropical Gardens, the Clifton Heritage Park or dicing among the marine species that can be seen in the Atlantic waters.

Investments in the resort reached $3.5 billion – an investment project which proved to be an ambitious one for what was projected to be the main attraction in the Bahamas islands. This resort is about to become even more popular than the famous Atlantic Casino Resort, the most popular one in the Bahamas and the Caribbean, at least until this year. The resort was built with financing from the Chinese government, which at the moment has many other ongoing investment projects in the Bahamas, including a redevelopment plan of downtown Nassau. This help came following the initiative on the part of the Bahamas authorities – who claimed that the resort would contribute by more than 10% to the GDP and bring 7.000 new jobs on the island. Basically, the resort is now owned by Chow Tai Fook Enterprises – based in Hong Kong, and the mortgage is held by the Chinese state through the national bank Export-Import Bank and by China State Construction Engineering.

Initially the project was started by a consortium formed by Sarkis Izmirlian, in partnership with Caesars Entertainment, former CEO of Las Vegas Sands and other investors – but they did not manage to finish the ambitious construction. The project was initially launched under the banner “Las Vegas on the Beach”, but because of repeated delays, other resorts soon took over the market. The main competitors of Baha Mar are Atlantic Casino, but also other attractions on the US east coast and across Florida. Due to this reason, Chow Tai Fook could attempt a marketing trick and tempt Chinese players on this side of the Caribbean. Until then, the potential of this resort can only go up, and the Chinese investments in this area are for sure on our radar – next to other projects “to be followed”.

Trinidad and Tobago: from an underground casino world to regulations

by Oana Mihalache

Even if the gambling landscape in Trinidad and Tobago is not completely smooth – as it’s on its way towards norming and regulation – for sure the soft sand on the beaches and the views that remind us of the most exotic postcards can surely make up for this deficiency and more than that, represent an attraction for tourists and players alike. Despite the lack of clear regulations, there are many casinos that operate for some years now on the two islands, and they don’t just attract customers, but they also bring important incomes for the state, collected as excises. Well, given the fact that the gambling industry is so flourishing, and the first steps towards a clear legislative package have been made in 2016, we can only be optimistic regarding the future of this industry in Trinidad and Tobago. But first, let’s discover it properly…


…starting with the development of an underground gambling industry

This is due to the fact that the legislation initiated in 1995 laid the foundation for the appearance of Private Clubs that in time got to include slot machines and another games put at the disposal of customers. Obviously, these Clubs developed in an illicit manner and the gambling activities they offered were not properly regulated. At the end of the 1990s, through an amendment for the law that allowed these Clubs to be registered, the installation of electronic game machines was allowed, as well as table games. Consequently, ”a sector of the gambling industry, completely unregulated, quickly developed”, said the Finance minister, Colm Imbert. In fact, they started to function as live casinos.

By perpetuating these loose regulations, the gambling industry on the two Caribbean islands soon exploded: over 200 Private Clubs appeared, and on top of that more than 20.000 game machines were functioning in the 4000 bars and pubs existing in the entire country.

Nevertheless, their contribution to the economy of the country was by no records negligible: in 2012 authorities estimated that these Clubs employed over 7.000 people and they were paying weekly salaries totaling $6.7 million with the state collecting in the same year taxes reaching $28 million as excises.

Theoretically, gambling activities were regulated by the Gambling and Betting Act, amended in 2014. Still, more than a dozen casinos continued to operate clandestinely, without respecting the regulations of this Act.

The biggest casino in the country is The Royal Princess Members Club, which offers a varied selection of game machines (totaling 180) – including slots, progressive jackpot, video poker, electronic roulette terminals, as well as 12 live table games with Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold’em, 3 Card Poker, 4 Card Poker, 5 Card Poker and Rhum 32. Besides from the cash awards that can reach $200.000, every month a lucky player gets to walk home with a car.

Turnover/ year: $12 billion

Since the Act from the middle of the 20th century, no other government attempted to create a coherent legislative framework to accommodate regulations in the gambling industry…not until last year. Since 2013 the ministry of Finance was warning with regard to the negative social impact that the lack of regulations has, but also concerning the proliferation of money laundering activitites. In May of 2016 a legislative proposal was introduced, clearly stipulating the conditions for issuing licenses, but also for exerting a supervising acivity in the industry.

For an industry that records a turnover of $12 bln. Each year, many starting to raise concerns regarding the ensuing interdictions, even though the authorities gave insurances that the new law – for the Control of Games and Betting – will bring new jobs in the industry and will boost the economy by bringing an extra income of $500 million per year to the state budget. According to the initiators of the law, Trinidad and Tobago is one of the only countries in the Western hemisphere with such a prosperous and yet poorly regulated gambling industry.

What does the new law bring new: among other things, it comes with the establishment of a Control Commission for gambling, but also with the introduction of licenses for those who own, operate or produce gaming machines. On top of that, big penalties were introduced for breaking the law in the field. Some penalties can even reach $25 million. The law has already passed the Chamber of Representatives and must now pass through the Senate.

Other changes relate to online gambling, a segment currently under regulated as well. Basically, players in Trinidad and Tobago can enter any site that offers online gambling, from other countries, as the state did not issue licenses for online gambling so far.

The case of Trinidad and Tobago is an example of horizontal development in the gambling industry, by expansion of individual business arms independent of the state. The government’s attempt to regulate this field represents a test for the free marked and the gambling industry will surely pass it, and not only that but it could also rejuvenate by attracting new investors. We will keep an eye on these islands!

Casino Royale Goa, the surprizing Indian good fortune

Only two states allow casinos in India: Goa and Sikkim. There are two casinos in Sikkim called Casino Sikkim and Casino Mahjong and 10 in Goa, of which 6 are land based and 6 are floating casinos that operate on the Mandovi River. The floating casinos in Goa are Casino Royale, Casino Deltin Jaqk, Casino Pride and Casino Pride 2.

Casinos is the fun way to while away the evening hours. The Casinos in Goa are some of the best casinos in India. Goa not only boasts of slot machine casinos in various resorts in Goa but also have live gaming casinos in form of offshore floating casinos in Mandovi River. Goa casinos draw seasoned players and rookies from around the world. Goa can boast of some of the best casinos in the country.

One can start the day with the breakfast then splash in the waters the whole day or just laze on the beach and return to one’s hotel late in the evening. Some shacks are well quipped with beach beds, beach chairs, beach umbrellas, masseurs, etc. These places also provide some information about the happenings around the locality.

Towards the evening just before sunset the sky fills with magical wonder, a sight that has left some spellbound. It is a must see phenomenon for anyone visiting Goa and if one is lucky enough one might be able to see the sun being swallowed by the sea. And to end the day one can dine at the beach at the shack of one’s choice. One can take a detour and make way for the casinos in Goa to try his luck simply have fun in the top casinos in Goa.

The shell-adorned land of Western India is indeed a gambler’s paradise. Pulsating with the rhythmic beats of trance, the clubhouses create a mesmerizing ambiance where money flies from one pocket to another throughout the night.

Goa is surely going to give you a jackpot. Blessed with an un-spoilt pristine stretch of sand coupled with the essence of an excellent nightlife gives Goa an idiosyncratic charm of holidaying. Gone are the days when you have to deck a few cards on the streets to build a fortune.

Now you can lounge on luxurious couches and try your luck while tossing a glass of martini. Play your hearts out, savor your life on odds while imbibing a magnificent vista of the azure Arabian Sea, breezing underneath your feet like a turbulent snake. Pack your bags for a vacation trip to Goa and they will make you feel in Las Vegas!

Casinos In Goa will help you explore the various Casinos available in Goa .

Casino Royale Goa is owned and managed by Highstreet Cruises and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., a Company of high International principles and invincible gaming standards, offering its guests the enjoyment of gaming in a unique and stylish ambience on board an offshore vessel with 7 star facilities, top of the line cuisine by China Garden.

Responsibility towards each and every player is one of the main pillars of the corporate culture of Casino Royale Goa. Being the largest employer of choice, Casino Royale Goa philosophy and social responsibility calls for absolute commitment that goes far beyond fulfilling statutory requirements. Casino Royale Goa is managed by a diverse multicultural and multilingual team of professionals, internationally renowned and recognized in the field of gaming, hospitality and entertainment.

Casino Royale – Goa, is India’s largest off-shore entertainment vessel offering all the Casino games known worldwide. It has 5 Decks and 3 Gaming floors; each designed lavishly and detailed to surround you in an atmosphere of sophisticated elegance. Fifty classic table games, state-of-the art slot machines, exclusive VVIP and VIP rooms all combined to create an authentic Las Vegas Style experience packed with high stakes excitement. While at the Under Deck, a Gaming Floor for VIP’s Only, has 10 gaming Tables and 5 Slot Machines (Roulette, Baccarat, 3/5 Card Poker, Black Jack), the Main Deck is for VVIP’s Only (Black Jack, Roulette, Poker, Baccarat) and the Upper Deck has 33 Gaming tables and 25 slot machines. (Baccarat, 3/5 Card Poker, Roulette, Black Jack, Craps, Pontoon & Money Wheel). The off-shore vessel also boasts of three Suites, Elevators, Helideck, Amphitheatre, World-class entertainment and Bars Aqua Bar Top Deck.

While the gaming spins at a fast pace, the 76-Cover lounge provides a hub to step away from the action and relax in the lounge. Their restaurant ‘China Garden’ offers a multi cuisine buffet meal to tempt your taste buds with a diverse array of savory fares with an accommodation for 100 in a comfortable atmosphere. Casino Royale Goa is serviced via a modern fleet of 6 high-speed Feeder Boats.

Table Games at Casino Royale Goa

» American Roulette
» Black Jack
» 5 Card Draw Poker
» 3 Card Poker
» Baccarat
» Pontoon