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If you want to take full control over your business, SYSWIN SOLUTIONS has the key to an interconnected world, where machines can communicate with each other through efficient management systems designed for the gambling industry.

The innovations developed by SYSWIN SOLUTIONS bring added value to the operators through advanced monitoring systems and real time control of the business, centralized management systems and marketing tools that are adapted to the clients’ preferences.

Find out more about the systems that will help you take full control over your business!


This is the most flexible and easy to set-up Jackpot, compatible with all serial connection machines.

ü  Streamlined setting of Jackpot award criteria;

ü  Global, Regional, Local Jackpot – countless Jackpot levels can be set up and displayed on multiple screens, according to the client’s request. The same location can support more local Jackpots on different TV sets, one TV with regional Jackpot and one TV set with global Jackpot or a mix of Global Regional and Local levels, each of them up to 6 levels;

ü  Jackpot Rain;

ü  Happy Hour.


Loyalty-building system that collects and provides detailed information about players’ activity and gambling statistics and generates loyalty-building and bonus-awarding programs, as follows:

ü  Generates the amounts gambled by each player or groups of players and their profiling;

ü  Divides the players according to predefined parameters;

ü  Generates a wide range of bonuses and promotions;

ü  Converts a player’s points into prizes;

ü  Offers full reports and forecasts regarding the customers’ behavior.

All of this information can be accessed in real time on any mobile device.

Syswin Solutions is a manufacturer and distributor of hardware, software and IoT services. In the coming years, it is estimated that the IoT industry will have a huge impact on customers’ experience and on the development of products and services. The company is prepared for an explosion of the data supplied by the IoT industry, given that the connected devices generate more and more data.

Syswin Solutions team has the ability to manage this explosion of data on account of its wide experience on storage and big data analysis. The team is also in charge of data security and confidentiality, which have become increasingly important as consumers get in touch with IoT products.

The IoT industry is a broad vision of a future where everything – objects, machines and people – is connected, by creating a link between the physical and the digital world.

The company’s latest recognition on IoT research and development industry took place at The International Exhibition of Research, Innovation and Inventions – PRO INVENT Cluj-Napoca, where two researchers from Syswin Solutions team, namely Adrian Zărnescu and Răzvan Ungurelu, received the Gold Medal with Special Mention and Excellence Diploma for the invention SysAgria – Combined Device for Agriculture 4.0.

Other institutions and associations of the industry that attended PRO INVENT exhibition, have granted diplomas and prizes for the company representatives, as follows:

  • Certificate of Excellence – National Research Institute;
  • Certificate of Excellence – Corneliu Group Association;
  • Certificate of Excellence – Inventors Society of Romania;
  • Special Prize – Romanian Association for Alternative Technology – ARTA Sibiu.

More than 150 customers worldwide rely on Syswin Solutions in areas such as:

–          Gambling;

–          Vending;

–          Industrial control;

–          Logistics;

–          Security;

–          Transport;

–          Agriculture, etc.

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