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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

By Bogdan Fechita

Each country has many industries that altogether make the state economy, industries that sustain each other, directly or indirectly. This way, they make an economical pyramid. What happens, in fact, when one of those industries might disappear? Normally, the pyramid becomes unstable. We don`t want to alarm anyone, but it is good for us to remember from time to time, how much important we are as an industry.

Let`s make an imagination exercise: what would happen if the gambling industry is strongly banned in Romania? Which would be the impact of this decision? How many people would suffer?

There are over 50 000 employees in the gambling industry

According to recent statistics, in Romania there are almost 400 companies as gaming operators. The legislation implies that each operator should operate at least 100 machines that can be installed in their own spaces or bet houses. But many slot-machines still operate in street gaming and AWPs, future playing machines with low betting limit that will be promoted instead of slot machines in bars and coffee shops will also create jobs and financial incomes for the spaces where they will be placed

According to industry representatives, there are over 50 000 employees in gaming industry and market price is over 1 billion Euro. Each Romanian operator gaining income is also paying taxes and fees to the state budget. So it is estimated that each year Romanian gambling industry brings 600 million euro to the state budget. Even more, operators pay in advance license fees and for operating games authorization.

Along with the 50 000 people activating inside gambling industry, other 200 000 persons are indirectly activating, being employed inside companies collaborating with gambling industry.

All these employees, gaming operators and the state budget are suffering from the industry exclusion. But how would gaming industry disappearance affect other economical sectors it is linked to?

Real estate and games

Those having rental spaces may be the first ones to feel the disappearance of the industry. We don`t have to mention any more how many thousand spaces in the whole country host gaming operators, gaming halls, but also bars, clubs, café`s and other public alimentation unities hosting gambling places ( operating current slots or future AWPs ).

Base necessities

From the beginning of the entrance of a person in the industry, it is to be noticed that gaming industry generates incomes for other industries too. When the employments are not made directly by operators, a human resources company is needed. This company is the link between possible employees and operators.

Along with human resources companies, gaming industry collaborates as well with other industries to satisfy its clients. One of the most popular service offered is the one for which people play – entertainment. As well, food and beverages can not miss from the menu. In casinos and gaming halls you will always find alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and sometimes those are even free. At the same time, operators offer as an open bar or on payment cigarettes, food, coffee and snacks. So the industries that create and deliver all these products are also fed by the gaming industry.

No show no game

But it is not enough for operators to have a gaming hall, food and beverages to have success. Sometime they will have to explore the entertainment part too. So, along with games, clients get their entertainment: live music, fashion shows and other kind of shows.

Players may enjoy also ruffles that might get them an income in money or objects like luxury cars, yachts, trips, gyrocopters or even houses. To organize ruffles there are used ruffle tickets and banners and posters are printed to attract people. In order to make those posters media companies and printing companies are contacted. So there are more industries to collaborate with gambling industry: printing and media industry, PR and events organizing companies, car dealers, VIPs and artists.

Cleaning and security

Gaming halls are opened for everyone, so it is compulsory to have clean halls in order to have that, many operators contact cleaning companies. At the same time operators are forced by legislation to ensure security services for players inside gambling halls. So, operators get security services from contracting with licensed security companies.

Operators are economical agents and they have to have a strict accounting, so they contract as well with accounting companies as collaborators. At the same time, the special status of gaming industry in our country makes operators to collaborate with law firms to solve their law cases they face inside their activity (contestations, understanding and interpreting law, solving license requests).


Hypothetically, if the gambling industry is excluded in Romania, along with the tens of thousands of unemployed people ( directly involved in the industry ) and the state budget, that would highly suffer from the lack of a big amount of money, this phenomenon would affect as well other connected industries to gambling industry for losing contracts. Much more useful would be to finalize the legislative process in regulating the industry activity as correct as possible, for both offline and online gaming.

We present a list of some industries that collaborate with the gaming industry, depending more or less on our industry:

–         Real estate industry

–         Food and beverages production and delivery

–         Catering companies

–         Accounting companies

–         Security companies

–         Human resource companies

–         Printing companies

–         Even organizing companies

–         Car dealers

–         Media and PR companies

–         Law firms

–         IT firms

–         Artists

–         Cleaning firms

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