SUCCESS AS A HABIT! The 5th RPG, probably the best so far, as promised!

Saturday, 10 December 2016

2 days before the Casino Inside Events dating December 8th, we were announcing that these could be the best so far. We said this for a very simple reason: we knew how hard we worked, we knew what content we had prepared, but also we wanted that for as many people relating to this field as possible to attend the events that could have changed their outlook regarding the next year, 2017. And each of the two events enjoyed more than 100 guests, coming from Bucharest, Romania and abroad.

The ReUnion of the Gambling Professionals, probably the most successful event to until now!

The first part of the day started with power, no less than 10 speakers and 4 Panels until the break. Overall, we organized the business event – the 5th RPG – within a very interesting, 7 Panels structure that met all the information needs of the gaming operators, with 16 active Speakers and 12 presentations made. A record for our events and unusually for any event lasting only 1 day. Therefore, the delegates present at this year’s meeting benefited from a “feast” of information! Not to mention the fact that NOVOMATIC and BAUM GAMES have presented many of the most representative devices of their gaming equipment portfolio and JPL Romania offered a PREVIEW (meaning, before ICE TOTALLY GAMING 2017) their gorgeous Slant Top! From all the many business events organized in December, in Europe, do you know how many can boast of such performance? It was important for us to mention the time frame because in less than two months, the largest exhibition dedicated to gaming in the world – ICE 2017- will take place.

This year’s RPG structure was the following:

  • Legislation and current issues of the gambling industry in Romania


Odeta Nestor – President of the ONJN

Mrs. Nestor held a very detailed presentation, with figures, statistics and, in general, a strict analysis of the activity of the National Gambling Office in 2016, reviewing the Office’s objectives, the measures taken, the preventive measures for operators and so on.

Plus, the analysis revealed many other interesting things like: Proceeds to the State Budget for 2015 and for T1 of 2016, Insurance Budget revenues and Fund of Salaries paid by the 40,000 employees of the field, the Number of the Online Operators compared to the GGR’s Report from 2016, or the Number of the Online Operators in relation to the Income of 2016.

  • Responsible Gaming and Social Responsibility


Odeta Nestor – President of the ONJN

Adrian Valentin Georgescu – member of the board of directors Romslot

Doru Gheorghiu –Executive Manager, Romanian Bookmakers

Cristian Pascu –Executive President of AOPJNR

Dan Iliovici – First Vice-President, Rombet

Cosmina Simion – Lawyer, Partner at Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen (NNDKP)

Each speaker reasserted the importance of continuing the path towards a greater empowerment of both operators and players regarding “Responsible Gaming”. It has also been announced for the first time, officially, that the Rombet and AOPJNR associations will join the “Responsible Gaming” program, which was initiated several years ago by the other two associations: Romslot and Romanian Bookmakers, which kind of unifies the perspective of all associations representing the vast majority of market operators undertaking this program.

The presentation that sparked the interest of us all and which was recognized as such, was the one held by the lawyer Cosmina Simon, a partner at Nestor Nestor Kingston Petersen Diculescu (NNDKP), and which provided a “Legal Perspective” on Responsible Gaming.

  • Increased efficiency for the operation of Slot machines and AWP devices


The first speaker within this panel was Radu Văleanu – Technical Director at NOVOMATIC, who provided the delegates present at the 5th ReUnion with an excellent presentation on the topic: The Correct Use of the Winning Percentage Theory.

The next speaker was David Coldea, SalesManager  at BAUM GAMES, who has presented the Gambling Machine with Limited Risk (AWP) manufactured at Dumbrăveni and present in the market with excellent results for more than 4 months.

Serban Ianole, the JPL Romania representative, offered then a presentation of the “mother” company in Bulgaria – JPL ltd and of their products, along with a video presentation of the game machine UNITED DREAMS MULTIGAMA.

  • Monitoring and control through CMS (Casino Management System)


The first part of the event ended with the presentation of Mihai Mavromalide, General Manager of SYSWIN SOLUTIONS, who had an original manner of offering data, information, strengths and many other interesting details of their solution by Casino Management System (CMS) – SMART COUNT.

The 2nd part of the business event began after lunch in the same formula, the room is still full, and even other guests, who were late for the first part of the event, managed to arrive and participate. We had 3 panels and 6 speakers and 6 presentations offered to the audience.

  • Marketing in gambling


Andrei Frimescu, Director of Marketing and PR at Game World, presented us with the Map of the Player’s Experience at the Casino – a very interesting display on the importance of using maps, charts and other graphics in Casino Marketing or on how we can graphically show with a map the experience that customers have at a casino and many other important things related to the Life cycle of the casino customers or to the evolution of the behavior of the casino customer, etc.

Gabriela Coman, General Manager at Odor Control – the importer in Romania of the PROLITEC products, offered us a total experience of alternative marketing from the perspective of “aroma marketing”, in other words we had an olfactory experience in real-time throughout the event (both in the restaurant and in the lobby), 2 different scents delighting our sense, and inside the room we enjoyed a special presentation on the importance, for any business or company working in gambling in general, of using the power if the “aroma marketing” in convincing the customers that their experience in the gaming hall will be complete and that it pays off to come back.

  • PR in gambling


Our special guest from abroad, John Carroll – CEO of Carroll Consulting gave us a presentation-argument on the meaning of “The Power of PR” and on the level it should concern us all, those who wish to make our business known, the phenomenal power that PR has in our lives.

Taxes and legal issues


The one who opened this panel was Doru GheorghiuExecutive Director, Romanian Bookmakers, who reminded us of the struggle for justice of the operators of traditional betting in their “match” with the NAFA, the situation of the companies following the controls performed by this institution is critical, many of them being or about to become insolvent, and then … who knows what will happen.

Ana-Maria Baciu, lawyer, partner, coordinator of the department of Practice in Gambling within the law firm Nestor Nestor Kingston Petersen Diculescu (NNDKP) followed next with an exposé on the topic Revenues of the Players – Methods of Taxation.

To complete the picture of this panel, we benefitted from the highest level of assistance from Deloitte Romania, occasion on which, Camelia MalakhovTax Director and Bogdan BarbuTax Senior Manager presented: “The challenges of a tax audit” and “Transfer pricing – the Evolution of controls regarding transfer pricing”.

Dear readers, this was a brief summary of the business event characterized by us and by participants as “probably the best RPG achieved so far”. We believe that those present in the room felt the full benefits of the information, social activity and knowledge offered by this event. Please ask them to tell you about THE ReUNION of THE GAMBLING PROFESSIONALS, 2016, the 5th edition.

Next year, in 2017, the CASINO INSIDE events will take place on December 7th!

You will find more information and images from the 5th edition of The ReUnion of the Gambling Professionals within the pages of  the Casino Inside magazine, no. 70 (December).


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We also thank to CASA DE TRADUCERI for helping us to offer a good Romanian-English and vice versa interpretation of the event


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