Massachusetts Officially Bans Internet Café Gambling

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Attorney General of Massachusetts, Martha Coakley, signed a permanent regulation before the weekend, which will make gambling at internet cafes illegal in the state. In April, the AG issued an emergency measure that also mirrors the new, permanent regulation, after illegal gambling facilities were discovered across the state. The police raided cafes in areas such as Fall River and Fairhaven and found that gambling was taking place in these locations, contrary to state laws.

But the AG is not stopping there. Not only has it introduced the controversial new regulations, but it also intends opening up criminal investigations against these so called illegal gambling facilities. In a statement on Friday, Ms. Coakley said that the new regulation will “enforce long-standing gambling laws and protect consumers”. She also said that the regulation makes clear that companies are not able to skirt the state’s laws by “disguising gambling as something else, such as the sale of internet access.”

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