SMART COUNT becomes the only cyber fraud detection and prevention tool for the gambling industry through CYBER QUEST integration

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

SYSWIN SOLUTIONS offers as part of the SMART GAMING platform a NEW and ADVANCED alerting and investigation service for cyber security

 breaches, identifying fraud or abnormal behavior through a complex integration with CYBER QUEST.


In the next period, we will present various relevant use cases of financial fraud successfully identified and solved in the Gambling industry.


Identify and stop unauthorized External Bonusing and Jackpot fraud in the shortest possible time with Cyber Quest!

The first use case presents the prompt discovery and alerting of fraudulent activity regarding EXTERNAL BONUSING or JACKPOT operations conducted by employees or third parties.

The solution offered by Syswin collects application and device logs in real-time, which are standardized and correlated through complex algorithms across multiple machine types and locations.

The information is presented to business owners as a customized intuitive dashboard with drill-down and drill-up investigation capabilities, identifying and displaying any abnormal or suspicious development.

Alerting is done in real-time as a mobile notification and via email so that immediate action to prevent or stop any unauthorized access can be taken.

The logs are securely stored so that they cannot be altered or tampered with by unauthorized third parties.

Investigations over 12 months have shown that around 10% of all activity is fraudulent and it is either discovered too late or not at all generating important financial losses.

Cyber ​​Quest secures customer cybernetic activity in areas like: IT, banking, telecommunications, insurance, power grid industry and thermal power industry, oil and gas industry, power trading industry, etc..

Cyberquest Dasboards

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