Casino Technology premiere slots TOWER™ slant top and T3 heading to the casinos

Monday, 15 May 2017

Following the successful debut in the gaming world at the beginning of 2017, the new wave slot machines of Casino Technology – TOWER™ slant top and T3 are now heading on the fast lane to the casino floors in Romania.

The distinct design of T3 distinguishes with attractive LED lighting, controlled by the game, and three 24″ HD monitors. The solid construction and compact footprint makes the slot ideal for all casino halls. The convenient button deck with build-in additional monitor and button keyboard is specially designed for the players comfort. T3 has optional iDeck with convenient game selector and is driven by the powerful ARMSTRONG™ platform.

Dimitar Nachev, Regional Manager Romania at Casino Technology, said: “T3 is easy for maintenance and for serviceability. Highlighting several enhancements, the slot machine combines innovation and proven engineering decisions that makes it easy to exploit. T3  incorporates a range of functionality that are demanded both by operators and clients, and by that secures long occupancy”.

The T3 Slant Top has the COMBO™ option with additional screen, allowing simultaneous play of online game or secondary game.

The new wave slot machine is presented with the multigame set GAMOPOLIS SPEEDWAY 73. The excellent image quality is complemented by operational safety and easy game conversion capability. SPEEDWAY is the last game pack from the GAMOPOLIS series, containing a volume of unique game titles with enhanced game play speed by 30%, guaranteeing maximum slot machine occupancy because of the proven and successful platform with popular and demanded games.

The TOWER™ slant top with 43” vertically curved monitor and 4K resolution provides personalised playing experiences and flexibility for operators. The button deck with build-in secondary monitor make it even more convenient while playing. With an elegant elongated look and chrome elements, the machine repeats the style of the readily recognizable elements of the other established and popular slot machines of Casino Technology – Tangra™, Arch™, Aurora™. The quality of the vertically curved monitor with 4K resolution only adds to the graphics experience and the adrenaline flow while playing.

The new TOWER™ slant top can be offered with an interactive touch iDeck that could be converted to a COMBO™ deck, thus offering the option to play on a secondary online game in the same slot machine.

The slot machine comes with the TOWER™ series of multigame that offers 40 game titles in a unique set. The cinema like animation and characters, linked thematically

to the games and the great sound immediately gets the player on board. The attractive look of the slot game is complemented with games with varied reel-configurations (3х3, 3×5, 4х5) and wide range of bonus schemes. The free games are with frequent restarts, super games, additional Wild Symbol, attractive winning combinations, providing extra wins, in addition to the standard winning lines that can magnify the winning and fill the whole screen with the same symbol. It offers also a turbo mode option and an option for a play with a large number of lines with minimal credit as well as an option for the player to choose the volatility of the game by selecting the appropriate Scatter symbol.

Multilevel bonus screens and multilevel progressive jackpots add to the players requirement for big jackpots and frequent winnings. All this makes the TOWER™multigame a must have for the casino floors.

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