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Monday, 10 June 2013

SlotScanner™ is one of the most important products of Advansys. This magazine issue we try to make a presentation of this product which is a must have in your gaming halls.

by Matej Cebron

About SlotScanner™

Our main product is Casino Management EcoSystem branded FloorScanner™. This is modular, scalable and heavy duty suite of product developed to increase performance of slot and table games operations.

It works independently of the casino size, number of venues, distance between them or games type and floor configuration. Slots, tables or both; everything can be connected and integrated in one comprehensive and user frendly IT solution that caters to your needs as your business grows. It is divided in two sub-systems; SlotScanner™ for slot machines and TableScanner ™for all types of table games, tournaments modes are included.

All FloorScanner™ modules are designed to finally increase productivity of casino employees, but on the same time also to increase satisfaction, loyalty and as a final result, activity time of your players. The bottom line is simply more revenue for the operators.

SlotScanner™ uses SAS communication protocol, so it’s compatible with all major slot machine brands such as Novomatic, Atronic, IGT, Aristocrat, WMS-Williams, Bally, Konami, Ainsworth, EGT, Casino Technology, Unidesa, Interblock, Gold Club, Alfa Street, Spintec and many others.

SlotScanner™’s basic module is Accounting & Cage and it is designed to monitor in real time all slot events, meters and states related to all or just single slot machine. You can control either single casino or a multi-site operation from almost any location. More advanced modules are Ticketing, Player Tracking, Cashless and Casino Reception, as well as a Progressive and Mystery Jackpot System and all these modules can be added to the system later. In this way it is possible to build complete and extremely powerful slot management system step by step. One of our best sellers is Mystery Jackpot module, due to the fact that allows casino operators to link different types of slots in one big progressive jackpot system. It’s possible to link together in one jackpot system even more casino locations and benefit the wide area jackpot configuration. We can create up to 8 different levels of Mystery jackpots and we provide Plug-and-Play JP solution, including video animation and jackpot signs. Slot Management System is also GLI-12, GLI-13 and GLI-18 tested.

Why it’s important to have a slot management system in gaming halls?

Due to flexion of the revenues in the last couple of years, caused by economic crises in EU, we believe casino and slot hall operators will invest more resources to optimize the performance of their existing locations. Total control of the cash flow, process automation and labor cost reductions, slot performance management, tracking and rewarding of best customers, are today absolutely necessary to survive in highly competitive casino markets.

The system key-benefits

The main advantages and key-benefits could be viewed from many aspects. The general one is that we offer user friendly, stable and reliable Hardware and Software, we integrate data for slots and tables, and we can perform multisite functionality. We offer competitive pricing and the most important benefit is 24/7 customer support.

From the management point of wiev the operators have the benefit of automated, optimized and controlled operation procedures, all casino management actions are based on analytics and on-line information, the system itselve increased performance of slots and tables, which brings to substantial reductions of staff costs and optimization of marketing budgets. In the end it is very simple to overwiev all the data due to simplified performance analysis and performance reporting. The result is that the system helps to increase efficiency and profitability of casino operations, with integrated control over tables and slots and substantial reduction on staff costs due to process automation and optimization.

For the casino staff working process is easier because of many things; some of them are elimination of hopper management, better working conditions, extensive users manuals and fast learning process. On the other hand player benefits are faster and error-free payouts, increased players privacy and comfort, no hold-ups at the cash desks, fair comps policy on slots and tables and every single player is recognized and approached individually.

The security aspect is also important, it is good to have gaming devices access control, total control over all cash and credit transactions, with 100% human error reduction, role-based access control to different system menus and data and of course the imediate control over all events due to SMS or e-mail alerting.

The strenghts of the SlotScanner™

First of all, we have reliable, modular, easy to use and price efficient products proven on global markets. As a second, we have experienced technicians and engineers to do the system installations, set-ups, user training and later to take care of system maintenance and customer support. Advansys is probably the only On-line system provider in the region offering non-stop (24/7) customer support and help desk. We have also extensive user manuals. As a third, we can integrate in our system data from slots and tables. Last but not least, we have a lot of experience with system customization, for single clients of for particular national legislation.

The differences between SlotScanner™ and other similar systems

Advansys has the reputation to be reliable and flexible business partner and our products excel in reliability, modularity, scalability and price/performance ratio. All Advansys products are developed and manufactured in Slovenia and tested live in the most demanding gaming environments.

Where is the SlotScanner™ – slot management system installed in?

Advansys has extensive experience with markets where On-line systems are required by national regulation. In some of these countries Advansys market share exceeds 60%. More than 22.000 modules of different Advansys products are currently installed on more than 10.000 slots, allocated around more than 100 gaming floors worldwide, in more than 25 different countries. Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Montenegro, Hungary, Macedonia and our latest installation in Romania with VIP SLOT, makes us one of the biggest providers of Casino Management Systems in the region.

But our presence exceed European markets, we have clients in Aruba, many in Caribbean & Antilles, Tunisia, Estonia, Georgia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Northern Cyprus, Poland, San Marino, Laos, preparing some installations in Asia and we had also one client in Venezuela.

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