The Column King Roulette system

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

This game system is considered to do two important things for the player. Firstly, this system establishes a reasonable amount for a single session, which can be adjusted for any budget. Secondly, it allows the player to go with or go against a series of numbers, and the player may win either a single unit before starting again, or turn a favorable string of numbers to his/her advantage and multiply the initial investment.

The Column King system has a payment advantage from 2 to 1 in the case of winning draws, and allows for substantial winnings in the case of a favorable series. When it comes to losses, it has the same risks as any other system and gives rise to the temptation of progressively increasing the stakes. This can be counteracted by establishing a clear budget for any game session, as well as a limit with regards to winnings. This means that when the amount/game session doubles or triples, you need to stop.

How do we actually play using Column King

We have 1000 chips. This amount represents the budget per session, which we split in two, 500 chips and another 500 as back-up. The objective is to win 500 chips, which represent 50% of the budget that we have allocated for fun had playing roulette. In the case in which we do make those 500 chips in profit, we stop. If not, we use the back-up amount with the same purpose.

The game stake for each draw, hand is of 10 chips. This means that if we bet on the winning column, we have a profit of 20 chips. In this case, the next bet is on another column. In the case in which we lose the first bet, we repeat the bet on the column. If a series of losses occurs, we set a limit, both with regards to value and to the number of draws. However, we consider a smaller value and that is of 5 chips. Here is what happens when losing several bets:

Series (losing): 5, 5, 6, 9, 13, 20 (chips) – a string of numbers which allows us 6 consecutive bets per column and also allows us to make profit. If, however, the series continues to be negative, the stake increases to 30, 45 and then 67. This means that nine draws have a negative result and the loss is of 200. It represents less than half of the game amount for the first try.

We can also try a more aggressive approach, with an initial bet of 5 chips, but instead of betting 6 after the first failure, we go directly for 10. Practically, we draw closer to Martingale, but we maintain the fixed ration (5 chips). The bets would be of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25. This would generate a larger increase of the total winnings after a successful bet. For example, at five consecutive bets won, the output is of 5 + 15 + 25 + 35 + 45 = 125 chips. It’s rather a lot if we look back at 500, the first amount we have for the betting session.

sistem coloana regelui

We bet 5 chips on the first column. The first bet was a winning bet and we passed to the third column with a 10% profit. The next bet was also a win, so we passed to the central column.

sistem coloana regelui

This was followed by a first losing bet of 5 chips on the central column, then by a winning one. This scenario repeated itself, so we changed the column. This time, the first bet was a successful one (number 21).

We repeat the step on the central column. Unfortunately, it came out 0, so we move forward. Also 5 on the central column and the result was of 32, a winning result, a number which is on the column we bet on. At this time, the profit was of 45 chips , from 5000 to 5045.

The first column comes, 2 non-winning bets with a 5 stake. We raise the value at 6 during the third bet. This one is also non-winning, and 9 chips follow:

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You can already see the advantages of this system:

  • We play rather a lot without risking large amounts;
  • It’s fun and entertaining;
  • We obtain constant winnings. Of course, also taking into account the chance factor which is in our favor.


There are other options we can apply within this game system, as well:

  • We can repeatedly bet on a single column, even if there are negative series. In this case, we can proportionally raise the stake to the established limit;
  • We can only bet on 2 columns, which we change between them. In this case, we ignore the existence of the third column and play up to the established winning or losing limit;
  • We can choose a fixed number of bets on a single column (for example, 5 bets on the column at 10 chips)


The Column King 5 bets at a 10 chip stake



Of the first 5 spins, 2 were winning ones. Enough to make profit. We repeat the technique, betting 10 chips for 5 times on the farthest column. The same result with 2 successful draws out of 5, the result is visible. An increase by 20 chips.

sistem coloana regelui

We doubled the stakes at 20 on the last column and spun. Losing bet. One more time and there will be a winning bet.

We reached 5000, the amount with which we started the game. We have neither won, nor lost.

It’s a game system which protects us, but which also offers us enough opportunities to increase the bank. It depends a lot on the prudent or aggressive approach that we adopt at the game table.

What we have to know at all times: Column – Payment 2 at 1 (@3.00 odd) – payment percentage at European roulette is of 32.40% – American roulette payment percentage is of 31.6%. No matter what we choose to play, we must always set some objective, but we also have to set some limits. And they have to be respected.

by Mircea Panait

Author: Editor

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