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Senatorbet has a solid and well-earned position on the Romanian market

In an interview he kindly agreed to give to our magazine, Daniel Necula, managing director at SenatorBet, spoke about the meaning of the 3 years of activity celebrated by the betting operator this month, what people love about this company, new betting offers included in the company’s portfolio, and about SenatorBet’s plans for the future. Here and now, we invite you to learn all about SenatorBet, the place where you are invited to place your bets for 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

How has SenatorBet evolved in the past 3 years compared with your expectations?

Daniel Necula – Senatorbet

Senatorbet is a young betting company, which has celebrated 3 years of activity on the relevant Romanian market this month. This project was conceived, developed and supported with 100% Romanian capital. Our project reached maturity in the first 2 years of activity, and, in the third year, we focused our entire attention, work and investment on increasing the quality of our products. We currently own 300 agencies on the entire territory of Romania, with serious representation in the South of the country (Bucharest, Argeș, Teleorman, Dâmbovița, Brăila, etc.), in Moldova (Iași, Suceava, Botoșani, Galați, etc.), in the West and North-West regions (Bihor, Satu-Mare, etc.).

After these 3 years of activity, we can say our project is in the exact point we wanted it to be. All the phases of our development were properly and naturally completed, just as we had initially planned. It has not been easy, given the fierce competition on the market where major organizers activate. It is not the number of agencies that is important for an organizer, but their quality.

Which new types of bets will you add to your betting offer upon celebrating 3 years of activity?

We have had one of the most varied and comprehensive betting offers in Romania since the beginning. We constantly try to improve our offer and create new type of bets to meet players’ needs and to help us stand out from among our competitors. We still own exclusive types of bets in Romania, such as those from the Football Combo Mix section (1 or 3+, 2 or 3+, GG or 3+, etc.).

This month, upon celebrating 3 years of activity and given the incoming FIFA World Cup Russia, we will focus more on Football, the sport which over 90% of our gamblers choose to bet on.

We will thus offer the following types of bets: Win minimum one half time, Score minimum 4 goals in the match (DG1 4+; DG2 4+), a wide range of special bets, and surprise-offers we are still working on and which will be ready at the start of 2018 FIFA World Cup.

How do SenatorBet clients perceive the company’s betting services? What is the full range of services?

Our offer of services includes two major sections: sports/on-line betting and Slot Machines. As far as the sports betting offer is concerned, we have over 10,000 sports events every month, plus Special Bets to offer new gambling, hence winning opportunities to our gamblers. Moreover, we have numbers betting (Lottery) and virtual gambling games. The virtual gambling games section is very important, and includes the following games: TOP 6, KENO, Lucky Wheel and Dog Racing. Live Bets can be placed in Senatorbet agencies, a sub-section that is another strong point of our company. Our Live Bets offer is very comprehensive throughout the entire day, with high and convenient payouts.

We are constantly receptive to gamblers’ requests and we have developed our products in accordance with the feedback received from them. Based on this close connection with our gamblers, we feel we have been well perceived by them during all this time. We attach special importance to this aspect, because an organizer’s accurate image is conveyed by the feedback received from gamblers.

How is Senatorbet truly different from other betting companies? How is its range of services constantly improved?

Having a 0% tax per ticket is the principle we have included in our initial strategy. This aspect helps out stand out from among the other sports betting organizers in Romania. The 0% tax per ticket is an advantage offered to gamblers, whose gains are higher if they choose to place their bets at Senatorbet.

We constantly prospect the global sports betting market in order to improve our services. We thus discover new types of bets which we adapt and integrate into our offer. Moreover, our specialists in charge of development participate every year in gaming events and exhibitions held in London (ICE London) and Bucharest (Entertainment Arena Expo), where the latest sports betting and gambling trends and products are presented. We cannot afford to limit ourselves to the current offer on such a rapidly and spectacularly developing market, which is why we constantly invest in improving our services: the sports betting offer, the numbers betting (lottery) offer, implementing new virtual gambling games and improving the ones already in our offer, improving the platform we work on, optimizing the accounting models used in our collaborations, etc..

How is SenatorBet perceived as an employer?

In May 2015, when we started as a sports betting organizer, we managed to bring together a team of professionals to coordinate all the departments in our company. People with extensive experience in Management, Accounting, Legal Affairs, in the Technical Department, Bookmakers, Regional Representatives, etc. were coopted. 80% of these people who activated in our company in May 2015 are still part of our organizational structure. Once our company started developing, the number of employees has grown proportionately, and continuity has ensured the stability we needed to keep developing. This is also how we have built our current image as an employer.

About Loto and Loto Live – why should I place my bets at SenatorBet?

Lottery gamblers (numbers betting) are a well-defined category we have paid proper attention to since day one. Our gamblers have been very receptive to the 0% tax per ticket, and the quotas we offer are highly competitive. Gamblers benefit from a higher gain with every Lottery ticket played at Senatorbet than at any other betting company in Romania! The difference in gains is generated by the 0% tax per ticket, as the stake is the same as the paid sum.

Our gamblers can watch Live draws at the best know Lotteries (Greece Kino, Poland Multi Multi, Win for Life, etc.), both on the TV sets available in our agencies, and on our website , in the Loto Live (Live Lottery) section.

What is the impact of Virtual Gambling Games and have there been major gains in these games?

Our strategy was built around Virtual Gambling Games. That is why we have been paying special attention to details in this sector. We have a diversified offer: TOP 6, KENO, Lucky Wheel and Dog Racing. Virtual Gambling Games represent a form of entertainment, and they are a very important factor when talking about the time spent by a gambler in a betting agency. We have developed personalized, user-friendly graphics for each game, which players can easily understand. Prizes from virtual gambling games are quite consistent, we pay winning tickets worth RON 7,000 – 8,000 on a daily basis, tickets with stakes of RON 1-2 in general. In the 3 years of activity, we paid at least 40 tickets per year with the maximum gain (RON 20,000 – 40,000) at Virtual Gambling Games, with a minimum stake of RON 2. Moreover, we offered jackpots of over RON 10,000 each during our various promotional offers (Holidays, New Year’s Eve, Anniversary Bonus).

We also offer jackpots worth RON 700 – 1,000 for every individual virtual gambling game, on a daily basis, both on winning and on blank tickets.

What are the main things a client looks for in a betting agency, and how does Senatorbet manage to attract people into its agencies?

Gamblers first of all expect betting agencies to be reliable. They must find themselves in the products/services of betting agencies. We pride ourselves in the fact that, during all this time, we did not have any legal dispute with any gambler. The sector we activate in is prone to litigious situations, which is why things must be properly regulated. A properly regulated statute can solve most problems, but it must not be abusive.

Gamblers look for good/high quotas (high pay-out – of over 95%), bonuses, and immediate payments.

This is what we offer our gamblers every day, and, should they need any assistance, we are more than willing to handle any sort of request.

Is there a segment of regular clients who gamble at SenatorBet?

Sports betting represents a social phenomenon, and Senatorbet has a solid and well-earned place on the Romanian market through its personalized products and the quality of services provided. Therefore, our efforts are rewarded by this segment of regular clients. They can be found in all the branches of our activity. One can attract a lot of gamblers with good advertising, but can also very easily lose them unless they are offered proper attention. Preserving our loyal clients and convincing new clients to return to our agencies is the hardest work we do every day.

Will your products include offers related to 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia?

Our anniversary and 2018 FIFA World Cup represent the perfect occasion for the implementations we have been planning for a long time, which will be included in our offer starting from 1 June 2018.

Higher maximum gain. The maximum gain of sports betting tickets will grow to RON 60,000, while the maximum gain for Lottery tickets will be of RON 50,000.

The maximum number of events per ticket will increase to 30, as a consequence our gamblers will have the chance to obtain higher gains.

We will properly celebrate the 3 years of activity, together with our gamblers, and we will welcome this event in new “clothing”. Senatorbet logo has just received a facelift, as you can see in this article, and we are currently working on optimizing the website, where major changes will be implemented.

All these changes will be implemented before the start of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, and they will be available over an unlimited period of time. Subsequent changes will bring even bigger advantages for gamblers.

What surprises are you preparing for the future?

We are working on two future surprises for Senatorbet collaborators, but they are long-term projects.

We are to launch the Senatorbet Elite service by the end of the year. Within this project, we will open a limited number of agencies in the country to meet very high standards, 100% imposed by us. This project is dedicated both to our own agencies that we are going to open, and to the possible future collaborations. Senatorbet Elite’s agencies will meet the highest standards, will provide a professional environment for punters, and will represent a new concept on the Romanian market. I hope we will be able to present everything in detail in your magazine upon the launch of the concept.

Transition to the online is another target included in our plan. The fact that we have reached maturity on the land base sports betting market in Romania does not mean that development stops here. Performing the transfer to on-line betting is a natural phase in our evolution. We are currently prospecting the market, testing various platforms and integration solutions. This is the bet that we must win with ourselves, and results in this direction are expected toward the end of the year.  It is a long, difficult process which requires our full participation.

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