The Secrets of Casinos (XXXIII) Betting suggestions based on personality. A casino selection for different types of personalities.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

It is known that different personalities are attracted by different types of activities. This also applies for those who choose to try their luck in casinos, playing different games where they hope to make as much money as possible.


For example, based on your personality type, you can find out what kind of games suit you so that you do not spend all your money on something that is doomed to failure. Sometimes it’s not just about bad luck, but simply that game is not suited to your style. Your personality can also convey your tastes regarding the hotel you book when you go on a vacation. If you are an adventurer who does not miss a party, then your ideal place is fabulous Las Vegas with all its famous casinos. And if you’re still there, why not enjoy the right hotel for your personality.


One of the secrets of casinos in recent years is that many of them rely on the personality of their customers to make sure they offer the highest standards so that players return. Each person is attracted to a certain game, partly based on the main personality type. It certainly happened to you that you got to a very large place, such as a hypermarket, and to be overwhelmed by the multitude of choices you could make. The same situation applies to casinos. A beginner can easily lose his temper and make some choices that can eventually prove to be inappropriate, when he analyses the situation and sees that he has lost more money than he has won. But an experienced player always knows which games to bet, because he has found the ones that are right for his personality.


Dice games for extroverts

If you are the kind of person who often goes out for fun, is extroverted or daring, your game is definitely Craps. Or any other game involving dice. Here you can shout with joy and socialize with the rest of the players. When you play Craps, you can dramatically throw your chips, bets, as well as the dice to intimidate others. This game allows a higher level of control, which can be appealing to a more dominant player.


Slots, online poker and roulette, ideal for introverts


On the other hand, shy, introverted and reserved players can enjoy the time spent in a casino trying their luck at slots and video poker. In general, online casino experience can be more enjoyable for quiet players. Slots and video poker not only allow the lack of socialization preferred by introverted people, but these games also allow people to play at their own pace without any hurry. Some introverted people might focus on roulette and mini-baccarat, which are slow-paced, easy-to-learn games and have a lower risk factor.


Blackjack, for the rational ones


An analytical player who enjoys a challenge when it comes to him needs a smart game to be thrilled by the casino experience. With this in mind, the first choice must be Blackjack. Intelligent and strategic, the type of conservative would bet everything in a blackjack game to win big amounts of money.

Gamblers Daily Digest states that Blackjack requires research and strategies, which means players need to be experienced. It’s the perfect game for someone rational. By matching their style of play with their personality, these players can use their skills to constantly earn a lot of money.


Competitive players always choose poker


A competitive and ambitious player can enjoy live poker. This game only involves the interaction between the player and his opponent. Poker is extremely competitive due to the end result of the game: the best player wins, the second best loses. Tournaments can be another challenge for these powerful personalities, as the most important quality of the game is to be better than other players.

For a complete experience you have to choose the best place for rest and relaxation, of course, also according to personality.


Here are some examples of entertainment venues promoted as such by operators to match your personality with the niche offered for you by the casino:


The MGM Grand is ideal for party people


It is the place that perfectly reflects the expression “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” At this luxurious, present in any picture taken in the gambling capital of the world, you can spend an unforgettable weekend with your friends, or you can throw extravagant parties if money is not a problem for you.

Vdara is for those seeking peace


If at a young age the noise of Las Vegas seemed a suitable experience for you, well, all you want now is a relaxing and worry-free stay. You can stay at the Vdara Hotel & Spa, a non-gaming hotel, located near the ARIA and away from the noisy Las Vegas Boulevard. The pool is perfectly relaxing (there is no loud music here), while the spa offers every treatment needed to soothe your tired muscles. You are close to the city center and you can enjoy its shops, a dinner at the nearby Bardot Brasserie, and then go the show. It sounds tempting, doesn’t it?


Luxor is for those who invest wisely


Let’s say you managed not to be convinced by your friends to spend all your money on gambling. Instead, you opted for a vacation in Las Vegas where you invested all your hard-earned money. But that doesn’t mean you don’t like to have fun. You can choose Luxor Hotel & Casino, a famous hotel whose affordable prices make it the ideal choice. At Luxor you will have a fabulous stay, an extensive swimming pool, clean and comfortable rooms and numerous dishes. Everything for a much lower price than other hotels. Your bank account will thank you.

After all, it is important to have an unforgettable experience, in a place suitable for your personality, and if you can make some extra money, then make sure you choose the right game.

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