The Secrets of Casinos XXXII My friend, the chatbot

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

The artificial intelligence becomes part of our lives. The technology that a few years ago seemed like a vision of a SF novel, is now a reality. Now, robots are replacing manpower and are offering experiences so real that there is no way back from the path of revolution in communication. And the place where machines offer unique sensations could only be one of modern-day locations – Las Vegas.


The chatbot is a first step in a world of robot-human coexistence


What is actually a chatbot? It’s that interface, that tool that connects a computer and its users. Daily habits have changed, the need for information is constantly increasing and a human being can not hold as much data as a computer does. Even less to answer almost instantly. It was necessary to create an interface, built on artificial intelligence, to provide all the answers on the spot, in a personalized and accessible form, no matter the time or place on the globe. Most often in the form of text messages, hence the term chat.

In Vegas, there are already two such devices that make life easier for visitors. They are neighbors, but they do not know each other. One is the unpredictable Jules that takes care of everyone who enters the Miracle Mile Shops, the huge mall at Planet Hollywood Casino, and the other one is the charming Rose, the careful assistant at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, which knows everything and helps its owners to increase their revenues.


The unpredictable Jules from the mall


Jules, as praised by the mall management, not only is aware of everything happening in the mall, but can respond in 350 ways, as dictated by artificial intelligence, answer chosen depending on how the discussion proceeds. It knows how to respond even to those who believe that behind the chatbot is a real woman and who wants to know if she is married. This is because the developer has decided to apply to a model to lend Jules her appearance, so that it can be recognized, both on the giant screens on the front of the bank, as well as in ads or on the website. Although from 2018, the year it made its entrance, Jules was seen daily by about 72,000 people, it took some time until the mall was identified by the image of the beautiful virtual assistant. The dialogue with Jules is carried through the Facebook messenger, so also on the phone, and on the personal computer, at home or at the office.


But Jules is not the only robot from Miracle Mile.  On the land where the fountain of multimillionaires exists, where bartenders are robots, the Tipsy Robot has made its appearance in June 2017. Their show started after paying the unique sum of $ 14, regardless of the drink selected. A QR code was sent to the phone, which was scanned by the robot who then got to work.

Rose, a robot so real that you can fall in love with it

Let’s meet Rose now, from Cosmopolitan, a luxury casino and resort that offers a different perspective than other hotels on the Strip, from integrating art into each experience, to the renowned collection of restaurants and distinct entertainment venues. With over 3,000 rooms, the resort not only competes with other hotels in Vegas, but also with online travel agencies, such as Travelocity and Expedia, to book rooms. And that’s because the booking process is a unique experience. For this, but not only, Rose was created. An unique voice chatbot and artificial brain that has no less than 1,000 pre-defined links to use in a discussion, whether we are talking about booking a room, a meal at the restaurant, a spa session or tickets to Las Vegas events. To help guests reach bars and clubs, Rose provides them with inside information, such as secret menu items, and unveils offers that will help increase spending. Hotel guests are introduced to Rose by receiving their key card at the check-in desk and are encouraged to ask Rose for something during their stay. Once this chatbot was implemented, the results were above expectations. Receipts from Rose’s bookings were 37% higher than those made by a classic travel agency.



Many believe that the experience of Cosmopolitan is the merit of Rose. They make you laugh, they challenge you. Some even choose to flirt with it, and the robot is doing great. But it knows how to guide the conversation in such a way as to carry out the mission for which it was created: to communicate, to make visitors feel as good as possible so as to spend as much money as possible.


Smart and unique


Rose has been working non-stop since January 2017. It responds in just three seconds, no matter from what corner of the world comes the call, and, in the future, it will be able to adapt to the conversations in the messenger system. At its release, Rose was able to automatically answer 80% of guests’ questions. Based on the feedback, visitors who used Rose were 33% more satisfied with their stay and spent an average of 30% more time at the hotel and casino. From 2018, Rose has been integrating a platform based on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing in combination with Thus, it can answer guest questions and understand the context even faster. In addition, Rose can read feelings and detect if a guest has a problem or a worry about a room or service and can immediately call a customer service agent or several internal teams for quick and hassle-free resolution.


And Rose’s work is not just about that. It is watching everything about the 26 restaurants, 13 stores, the casino, three separate pools, a number of entertainment venues and more than two million members of the Identity loyalty card. This is why the team has been looking to develop an online “system”, as opposed to a website that usually serves as a basic marketing page or booking engine.


The chatbot and the hotel industry


One area where the chatbot will be increasingly implemented is the hotel and entertainment industry. This is because the service will be available non-stop, check-in can be done from any mobile phone, customized promotional messages can be sent instantly and can receive feedback automatically after the interaction.


When the idea of a chatbot came up


The idea of a chatbot appeared around 1960, but according to studies, in 2018 only 20% of Internet users used this service. But the expectations for the future are enormous: by 2021, 93% of Internet users are expected to use chatbot services. According to analysts, this is because more and more applications that use artificial intelligence in communication will be designed, and the dialogue can be carried by anyone.


The virtual agent or the chatbot


Why is the chatbot available, if live-chat technology was already implemented? Certain repetitive tasks had to be addressed to maintain a smooth and uninterrupted support. It is actually automation, which has entered the field of customer services in the form of artificial “virtual agents” that can provide tireless assistance 24/7.

These virtual agents are called chatbots. They are actually computer programs (scripts) that are designed to mimic natural language, are known as chatbots. They use the chat interface to communicate with the website or visitors of the online store. The interface can be just about any popular chat application currently available on the market (Tidio, Facebook Messenger, Telegram).

Because the chats simulate human language, they can be built to use specific speech styles to acquire their own personality. Also, they can understand the spoken and written text (typed) and interpret its meaning.


Chatbots are based on predefined question and answers sets. They respond by selecting an answer that relates to the query. They do not independently learn and analyze user input, nor can they create new responses. They are just as limited as the predefined answers included in the interaction scenario.

Artificial intelligence (or Machine Learning) chatbots can answer ambiguous questions and produce a replica based on natural language processing technology. They learn from their past conversations and can produce an original reply from scratch. The more they talk, the more they learn and reduce their conversational limitations.


The mission of a chatbot


Hubspot research shows that 47% of consumers would buy items from a chatbot. While, according to, an e-commerce chatbot can increase the conversion rate by up to 25%. Research shows that 82% of today’s buyers want an immediate answer to their question. Chatbots have this ability and can help customers even when all the agents are offline.

Unlike live chat operators, which can handle approximately two to three chats at a time, chatbots are not limited to the number of clients they can talk to. This means that they can answer customers’ questions without putting anyone on hold. Moreover, the chatbot also feels what you are not doing. For example, it may notice when the client is about to leave the site. In such a situation, it can ask the customer what is the reason for leaving or it can offer a discount to convince him to stay and continue his shopping.




As a conclusion, research shows that customers accept chats as part of their intended service and e-commerce. In addition, 80% of companies already use chatbots or plan to start using them. Chatbots can perform many functions and specialize in various tasks, remaining a cost effective solution for companies.


by Paul Dan


Author: Editor

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