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For this edition, we are trying to achieve a summary of the “coolest” secrets casinos seem not to defend anymore with the same force as in the past, since they know that those things have been discovered and prefer to accept them as public, as if they know that you cannot really do much about it. Once in their gambling room, you have small opportunity to cope with all temptations and manipulations they offer, and you will willingly accept them.

For example, did you know that they are watching you or just to ensure security, but to easily manipulate you using real-time behavior analyses, algorithms or “player tracking” softs in the CMS softs in order to make you spend more money? Probably, the only place where you could have more intimacy is your hotel room.

You might say that you have higher chance of winning at tables, at classical gaming like baccarat or blackjack, but not on slot machines.  Have you seen that as soon as you entered a casino, the first you see are the slot machines? Why is that? Because the temptation to play on them is so big, that you would not resist sitting in front of a machine. It is easy to play, and the sums per bet seem so small, that if you will lose (and, believe me, you will!), the total amount lost is not so big as to make you worry.

The trap they set in the casinos when you come to play long enough is that you will quite often be close to winning. This will make you return to the gambling table. It is possible that you resist the temptation to return to the gambling table, when your brain believes that you were so close to victory. Serotonin will invade your brain, and will give you the beatitude to restart the gambling mood.

Casinos make you exchange money in chips, when you enter their gambling rooms, in order to realize that you play with real money. As long as you do not realize that you bet with real money, it will be easier for you to spend more money at their gambling tables. Usually, when you have coins and not real money in your hand, you do not tend to count it to see how much are there, do you? And the hesitations or the feeling of guilt, you might have if you returned to the green table after you had a serious lost, would probably entirely vanish if you just have some plastic chips are chinking in your pocket, instead of real money.

If you do remember, in several past editions of our episode, we emphasized the fact that food and drink in the casinos in Vegas and around the world, generally come to be provided for free and at the rooms are cheaper, since the personnel in the casinos extra “rate” you for other “inessentials”: entrance tickets more expensive that for concerts, all sort of shows, representations, higher costs at the stores where you do your shopping, they rate you for Wi-Fi and other small services.

They have also invented the lack of clocks or of windows to make you not easily realize the passing of time at the green table or at the slot machines. Aromatherapy you get in casinos through their ventilation systems is also a current practice. In Vegas, there is no casino that does not use this practice, to make you relax your senses.

Ah, and one more reason for which alcohol is free in the casinos. Rational decisions are taken with a clear mind, and those decisions taken impulsively are in most of cases catalyzed by external factors like alcohol. And when alcohol is plenty and free, the odds that you play more and more and to bet amounts is maximal.

They always and aggressively tell you that “the number of cards is illegal”, but it is very legal. Just because those in the casinos are not happy with this, it does not mean that you do an illegal thing. What is in your head stays in your head…

Finally, I also remember what I had mentioned in the past, the casinos would not let you orientate, would not let you the opportunity to take guide marks. In other words, they arrange everything in their gambling rooms, such as to make you feel like in a labyrinth, to make you feel lost and stay to play some more…

Even if you have known certain things about the „traps” in the casinos, you may find out other new things just now, the fact that I have collected their most known secrets in this synthetic material, help you form an overview on what casinos do to keep you busy at the green tables and slot machines.

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