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Thursday, 14 November 2019



The Romanian Gaming Celebration, the gala event offered by Casino Inside Magazine at the end of each year has been, for the past 6 years, the most important moment of recognition of the Romanian gambling industry.

In addition to the appreciation moments you deserve, this year we intend to continue offering you the best way to spend time with your friends, business partners or to be with your team. The Romanian Gaming Celebration by Casino Inside is the place and moment when you know for sure that the effort you made over the course of a whole year is rewarded.

Like every time, after the 8th edition of the ReUNION OF THE GAMBLING PROFESSIONALS business event, we invite you to participate in the “Romanian Gaming Celebration 6 – Festive Dinner” where we will award the best professionals in our industry for their successes this year.

There are many surprises to wow you at this gala and we can tell you right now you will feel great there. The voting method will, as always, will be objective, transparent process that will involve our entire gaming industry.

At the end of the event, those who will be in possession of the Casino Inside awards will know they are getting the recognition they deserve and the prize in their possession is the confirmation of their status in the Romanian Gambling Industry.



Just like in the past, perhaps the most important thing in the process of transparency and reflection of reality in awarding a prize is the Method of Designating the Winners.

First of all, we created a simple choice algorithm that reflects, on the one hand, the image a company has in the eyes of the players (where they can express a pertinent opinion, such as in the gambling field, be it live casinos, gambling rooms or betting agencies), and this will be reflected in 50% of the final vote, while the other half will be made up of the vote of the Casino Inside magazine.

Players will cast their „popular vote” on The vote will be confidential, and the people who will vote just need to register on the voting platform with a minimum of necessary data before choosing their favorite. The voting platform will only allow for the cast of a single vote, and can not be voted on multiple times.

Players may vote as they see fit, but the other companies that will participate in the voting process from a certain category will take into account the following:
– Customer service, the look of the location, services offered.
– Company size, number of locations / number of gaming devices.
– Social responsibility promoted in relation to the player, prevention of addiction, own programs to help the affected player.
– Investment in innovation (equipment / business ideas).
– Gaming offer

Dear partners, we have been together for last 10 years, during which you have chosen to work with us and to work together on the well-being of this field. We invite you to participate in the CASINO INSIDE EVENTS and enjoy what we have all accomplished in the last year together.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

The schedule of the Romanian Gaming Celebration 6 is the following:


Price of the event: 150€ / person (plus VAT).

If you are interested in attending this event, please submit your request to: or contact us by phone at 0725/670.147 or 0723/132.595

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