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A few years ago, we were suggesting to our readers that we test some of the online casino games made available by the operators. We believe that this would be a good time to start.

According to the Romanian legislation, more specifically the law referring to the authorisation, organising and exploitation of gambling, as well as to the updated licence fees from 18.04.1997, this game is seen as belonging in the same category as bingo. Keno is a game in which players bet on numbers at fixed rates, on virtual events. These events come in the shape of draws, where out of 80 available numbers 20 are picked, one at a time.

A short history of Keno

Keno is probably the oldest game that you will ever come across in a normal casino or on the website of an online casino. The game’s origins date back 3000 years, to an ancient Chinese game. The legends has it that it was invented by a man names Cheung Leung, who decided that he needed to raise money, in order to oppose a war. So, he invented this game in the hope that he would manage to sell enough tickets in order to stock the soldiers on the front lines with supplies they needed. In the 1800s, the game reached the United States and became extremely popular, under the name of Chinese Lottery.

Keno can be played both online and offline

First of all, it’s important to know that, for this game, the house’s advantage is sometimes as large as up to 20%, but its simple rules, as well as the charming repetitive draws are fun and immersive. There are many types of Keno, each agency/casino may have its specific rules. The important thing is that you understand the game and choose whatever type you think is of the most interest to you.

There are 80 numbers, on 8 lines and 10 columns, that you can pick from. At casinos/online agencies you can pick between 2 and 10 numbers, but occasionally you can pick more (up to 15 numbers). You choose your game strategy, your stake, you place your bet and wait to see which numbers are drawn. The numbers are randomly drawn (RNG random number generator), and the results of the draw can’t be influenced or modified.

You need to follow the table where it specifically mentions what the winnings are for keno games.

Advice and strategies for Keno

The game strategies are based on how high the stake is, on how much you want to bet and on the time you plan to spend playing. Taking the probability of winning into consideration, which is larger than on a regular lottery, it’s wise to choose a set of numbers and a number of draws to take part in. If you’re not looking for high winnings and you prefer playing for a longer time, than you can choose fewer numbers. In this case, the chances of coming across all the numbers you’re betting on are larger. But proportionally, the amount you win will be smaller. Moreover, you’ll have to place smaller bets for every game ticket so that the time spent playing is longer. The budget will last you longer and so will the fun.

Here’s a practical example of setting a game strategy:
1. We’re playing 10 draws. For example, 3 simple numbers for 1 or 2 RON each, or whatever your stakes are. The odds for 3 simple numbers vary, depending on the agency, between 63 and 70. It means that if I bet 2 RON on 3 numbers for 10 consecutive draws and only one is winning – that my win is 2×70-20. 120 RON.

2. You find the combination that was most often drawn during the last 10-20 draws, then you play 5 or 10 executive draws on a system of 4/6, 5/8, 6/10, but never above 6/x (the more numbers you play, the lower the odds), so you take minimum odds into account, and, as such, can afford a few bad draws.

3. Don’t ever use Martingale and never juggle the stakes.

4. Don’t try to recover losses if you’ve lost money at Keno. The purpose of the game is to have fun and to not go beyond the set time for the game.

If you have 1000 RON, you set the stake at 1 RON and play for 10 rounds. You choose 7, 19, 29.

After the first 10 rounds, that last less then 1 minute, on average, you have 992 and the status of your winnings and draws looks like this:

You play two more draws, this time with 5 numbers, aside from 7, 19 and 29 you also pick 65 and 79. So the stake is 1 RON, you play for 10 draws, and your ticket has 5 numbers: 7,19,29,65,79.

The last series, the one showed before, was the most prolific one, with 2 draws with 3 numbers each.

So Keno is an attractive, relaxing game, with bingo and lottery elements. The most important thing is to choose the type that suits you best and to have fun playing.

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