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ROMBET – a Association more present at national level

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Association of the gambling organisers Rombet bet, since its inception, on her mission to spread at national level the most important informations, advices and recomandations from the industry. ROMBET’s perspective was, from the start, to create a dialog platform for all the operators, that can be in contact with all that happends with the gambling industry at national and global level.

ROMBET organized seminars and meetings with the operators, producers, importers and representatives of gambling business areea in several cities from the country.

Recently the Association finished the second series of events from this year, which took place between 24-26 Octorber, in Oradea, Cluj-Napoca and Brasov.

On a predetermined contend structure, Mr. Anchidim Zăgrean – vicepresident, Dan Iliovici – vicepresident and Bogdan Coman – executive director, have approched discution topics and debated with the audience the most important subjects of the moment for the Romanian gambling industry.


An important topic for the participants was linked by the gambling operators possibility to benefit from the incentives to pay tax liabilities from which payment depends the maintaining of the license or the gambling operation authorization. MR. Zăgrean detailing the procedural steps of the request for payment of the state budget contributions.

Other important topic was the „establish the optional scheme for the interim distribution of dividends” ROMBET vicepresident showing the obligations and the possible sanctions in case of non-compliance.

A very important subject, with application from 1 January 2019, is the one that of awarding tickets, contained in the Law no. 165 / 2018. MR. Zăgrean pointed out that this normative document regulates the way employees receive tickets in the form of meal tickets, gift vouchers, crèche tickets, cultural vouchers and holiday vouchers and issued only by the Ministry of Finance. MR. Anchidim Zăgrean completed the interactive discussions wirh details from other laws , like Law no.203 / 2018 – on measures to make the payment of fines more efficient, Law no.212 / 2018,  amending and supplementing the law of administrative litigation

Bogdan Coman, ROMBET’s executive director, changed the line and sustained a very detailed presentation regarding the online gambling, covering a broad theme, from definition, to the minimum capital necesary for a investment in this domain. For the public it was very intresting the road from ideea to business itself, the steps described by MR. Coman, ho touched even the technological aspect – mayebe the most important! – of this kind of business. One very important topic was the obtaining the licence for the online gambling, were the operator have to prove fulfillment of a series of conditions, were are added the technological criteria regarding the safety and operational issues.

An important issue was the one of choosing the supplier of software configuration solutions and igaming for this kind of business (in the case that the operator don’t have his own solutions), were MR. Coman explained that this decision it is the most important, the platform being the heart of the online operation. There has been a review of the major online platform providers that have already reached several dozen companies, demonstrating once again the dynamics of this market. Without doubt the most aspected subject was the taxes, the necesary one for start and licence, and the periodicals due to the state.

Dan Iliovici spoke to the participants at ROMBET seminars about the social responsability and ways of involvment for the operators in the programs conducted by the Responsabile Game Association, association from which ROMBET is a member, as a founding member. „The direct contact with the operators and the debate of the most important topics linked by theoretical aspects (legislative) and practical there activity it is a testimony of the fact that ROMBET team make what is necessary” concluded MR. Dan Ghiță, Association president. „Year by year, we meet with the operators, producers, business people more involved and….conected to what happend’s in the industry, from there direct perspective, by business, and also from legislative point of view.We want to belive that we also make a contribution to this educational process. To have a more active business comunity more informed at national level it is one of the ost important objectives of our association. The direct dialogue of ROMBET with the representants of the gambling industry it’s a plus of experience for all the actors involved.

We could not say that we know and are involved in the problems of the industry if we would not organize constant those events. Those are ery important for us, but especially for our business community” concluded MR. Ghiță.


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