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Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Association of the gambling Organizers, ROMBET, didn’t let one day go by without taking action in this fascinating field of gambling. The ROMBET team has involved in countless projects, they began to redefine this industry in the media, which was presenting it in a rather negative light, and, often, unfounded, and they have built strong Romanian or foreign partnerships, with whom they engineer positive changes. For all of these efforts, in December last year, our magazine has awarded Mr. Dan Ghiță, the President of ROMBET, with the title “the gambling personality of the year”.


How did the year of 2014 looked like in figures for the ROMBET association?


The mass-media presence translated into more than 50 articles, interviews and cover appearances, as well as 5 TV advents. Our Facebook page is followed by nearly 3,000 people having a total reach of 250,000 persons, and our LinkedIn account shows 400 connections. “I found it extremely important to become more present and more active in mass-media – the press can help change the prejudice unjustly associated with our industry. It is time to see journalists as true partners on this road of changing the perception of our industry. We should first tell the tale of our industry to them, and then, it will reach the public”, said Dan Ghiță, President of ROMBET.

Another important item on ROMBET’s agenda of 2014 was the constant and open dialogue with the authorities. The ROMBET representatives have collaborated closely or have talked over important topics with those at The National Gambling Office, where ROMBET is a member of the Advisory Council, as well as with those of the Child Protection Authority, Consumers Protection, parliamentarians, etc.

“Besides the constant communication with the Romanian officials, we have focused also on the international partnerships. Very important to me is the partnership with the Remote Gambling Association (RGA) of Great Britain. We have invited MRS.  Sue Rossiter, the politic and project manager of RGA to come at the most important event of the Romanian gambling industry, Entertainment Arena Expo, and we are maintaining a tight collaboration since then”, says the former manager of the Romanian Lottery, Dan Ghiță.


The ROMBET members, are the “back bone” of the association


In less than a year since it was founded, ROMBET has more than 20 members, gaming organizers and producers, representatives of all gaming categories. Three of the members of the association were too prizemen of the gala organized by Casino Inside in December. Super Bet – the best betting organizer, Newton-Almacrux – the award for the best slot-machine monitoring system and DGLPro – the best producer operating street gaming.


Our members represent the back bone of the association, ROMBET was founded for them, and our efforts in 2015 will be dedicated to them, because they are in great need of us. The new legislation will come into force soon, so we must assist all gambling organizers so that the transition to the new norms to be as smooth and as predictable as possible“, specified Mr. Dan Ghiță.


On the new rules of the gambling market


During the last Government session held at the end of December, important gambling legislative amendments for Romania were urgently adopted. These are: the substantial increase of the authorization fees, the modification of the licensing and authorization of the gambling organizers, the novation of the actual terms of licensing and authorization of remote gambling (online), the introduction of the “temporary gambling” category, which can be exploited within holyday resorts for a period of 3 to maximum 6 month per year, in order to stimulate and help the development of the Romanian tourism, the foundation of a public interest foundation dedicated to the protection of minors, the prevention and control of the problems relating to gambling.


“I appraise the provision referring to the creation of a foundation dedicated to responsible gaming, an initiative we here at ROMBET, trust very much and have always supported. It was about time for Romania to start helping those with gambling problems or those who are exposed to it.

The next thing, the development of gambling within national interest touristic areas is a step we have been waiting and militating in favor of for some time now. We have had plenty of examples from abroad that the gambling industry could help tourism a lot..

I am glad that the Romanian market has opened for online gambling. It is a promising area and which, both us and the authorities hope, that will attract a lot of investors. ROMBET will provide its entire experience and expertise to all those interested.


The new legal provisions come with the necessary clarification of the licensing and authorization procedures and conditions, as well as important definitions regarding the way of conducting business, by eliminating some bureaucratic excessive requirements. And I shall provide a concrete example here: the new legislation foresees the possibility of a simplified procedure of extension of the gambling organizer license, as well as of the operation authorizations”, declares the ROMBET president.


The entire industry is waiting for the implementation standards


Untill the enforcement of the legislative amendments, the Advisory Council with the ONJN, of which ROMBET representatives are also members, is working on the elaboration of the implementation standards. ”As I was saying before, we want the transition to the new provisions to be as smooth as possible for all operators. It is useless to say that a paralyzed activity in this field is of no good to anyone. We believe that a series of transitory measurements is required, one that among others will comprise:

  • Granting the possibility of continuing the operation of the existent means of game, until the expiration date of the present operation authorizations, under the terms and taxing level valid on the date of the authorization.
  • During the transition period there should be implemented a simplified procedure of licensing, especially for the activity of online gambling.
  • Granting of an adjournment regarding the obligation of interconnection of the game means to a central server located at the ONJN headquarters”, says Dan Ghiță.


What comes next for ROMBET in 2015?


Besides the work to the implementation standards and assisting the members to accommodate to the new legal provisions, ROMBET will continue to work for a better industry entirely.


“I insist that in 2015 we must also focus on changing the altered image gambling has in the eyes of the Romanian people. We will prepare events that will reveal our true value, without prejudice, without myths. We will announce for sure new partnerships and new projects. And during this time we concentrate on our participation to the largest international gambling – ICE 2015, which take place in London, during the first days of February. We are travelling there in large numbers and we are sure that will come back with good news, new ideas and beautiful plans“, concludes Mr. Dan Ghiță.

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