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Reunion of the Gambling Professionals – 8th Edition

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Topic: The Gambling Industry: 10 years of maturity






If we are to agree that GEO 77/2009 is the act of consolidating the specific legislation of the gambling industry in Romania, then this year marks the 10th anniversary of the gambling industry establishment in our country in a complete framework of legality and good practices. That was the zero moment of our gambling industry.

The 8th edition of the GAMBLING PROFESSIONALS MEETING represents the 10 year anniversary of the existence of Casino Inside magazine. Basically, the maturity process mentioned above happened in parallel with the launch and development of our magazine as the main communicator in our industry.

Are we ready for the new challenges to come in the next 10 years? At RPG 8 this is what we intend to find out. What are the development directions we are heading for? How do we intend to evolve in the next 10 years? How will we manage to combine the economic objectives of the companies with the responsible component – responsible gaming? How do we determine all companies present in the market to have a responsible vision, and that’s not only for the big companies?

Our event on December 5th is organized in order to respond to all these questions.

The discussions and the meetings we had with the representatives of this industry revealed that it would be interesting for this edition to have a debate on the following discussion panels:

ONJN PANEL. An analysis of the activity of the Romanian National Gambling Office (ONJN) in 2019. Current issues in the Romanian gambling industry. Special guests: Mr. Sebastian Ionescu – Chairman of the ONJN and Mr. Valentin Korman – Vice President of the ONJN, who will present the activity of the establishment they represent and will provide a summary of the current gambling market. Presentations. Stances. Q&A session.

PANEL AML. Implementation of the new AML (Anti-Money Laundering) law in the gambling legislation in Romania. The role and the procedures of ONJN. In July, 2019, the new AML law, no. 129/2019 was published in the Official Gazette. The authority coordinating the money laundering and terrorist financing risk assessment at domestic level (in close cooperation with the ONJN and other designated authorities) is the National Office for Prevention and Control of Money Laundering (ONPCSB). However, the ONJN has a control role, observes and can sanction the acting in contravention that fall under the AML Law, being able to apply, additionally, specific sanctioning measures, according to the competence already established. As a continuation of the Casino Inside event of September 3, we return with the latest updates on this case, especially because this law will enter into force since in January 2020. Speaker: Mr. Constantin Ilie Aprodu, vice-president ONPCSB. Representatives from ONJN will be present as guests. Presentation. Q&A session.

PANEL TECHNICAL CONTROL OF MACHINE GAMES AND A BET KIOSKS. In the middle of February this year, the Order Project of the ONJN President was published, entitled, in the first phase, „Draft technical standard for checking slot machines – Construction and operating requirements”, and then „Minimum technical conditions for checking the means of play, construction and operating requirements”. The issuance of this Order was necessary and long awaited on the national gambling market, given the fact that the practices used by the conformity assessment bodies, licensed class II by the ONJN, were not unitary. In the rounds of consultations organized by the ONJN management within the Consultative Council, with invitations from the conformity assessment bodies licensed in Romania, a multitude of ideas on how these technical norms should look was gathered. Irrespective of how these rules will be after the notice of the European Commission according to the legal procedures, the topic will interest the audience. Host: By Av. Prof. Dr. Marius PANTEA. Invite to join the debate: representatives of ONJN and certification bodies.

PANEL ABOUT THE ROLE OF CERTIFICATION IN THE INTERFACE BETWEN REGULATOR, SUPPLIER AND OPERATOR. MR. André Wilsenach, Senior Vice President, Government Relations at BMM Testlabs will speak about the necesity and the role of the certification in the interaction betwen the entire Romanian gambling industry and not only.

ONLINE PANEL. 4 years from the regulation. Development directions, online operators accountability, new services. Online gambling is a successful business, with more and more companies in the land based now offering new ways to bet on their sites to online players. It is clear that for many people the online is the future, but what do we need to do to be successful? What are the directions of development of this business? In what direction are we going and how do we convey the responsibility component towards the player to existing and future marketing campaigns. Guests: Ms. Odeta Nestor, President of the Remote Gambling Association and former President of ONJN, other guests. Presentation. Q&A session.

LAW PANEL. Laws and Current Legal Issues. Traditionally, one of the most expected discussion panels at the GPR relates to legal issues. To acquit ourselves well of the task of providing you the best information in fields considered vital for the activity of a gambling operator we are discussing with the best specialists in the field, most of whom write for our magazine. The speakers on this panel will be announced shortly.

RESPONSIBLE GAMING PANEL. We aim to discuss the online psychological counseling service 24/7, the most modern instrument to facilitate access to psychological counseling made available to people with (potential) problems related to excessive gambling, or those close to them, and who feel the need for real-time guidance. We will find from the specialists of the Responsible Gaming Association how the „24/7 Counseling” service can be accessed and how technology can positively influence the way psychologists approach the compulsive behavior that some people may manifest towards gambling. Presentation. Q&A session.

SLOT MACHINE OPERATION PANEL. The increased effectiveness in Slot Machines and AWPs operation. A panel where we will never be able to cover all the matters of interest. Concerning this very important chapter in an operator’s life we came up with a practical and accessible approach, as usual, and we are inviting the large manufacturers of machines concerned to attend a discussion targeted on the operation of some particular brands of machines. Our aim is to provide attendees with useful and interesting information and data that may be put into practice by those Romanian slot machines and AWPs operators which own a live casino, a gambling hall or a bookmaker with betting terminals. The speakers on this panel will be announced shortly.

RPG 8 is the end-of-year’s business event of the gambling industry in Romania and the most expected event of the year. Just like every time, the Casino Inside Magazine will tell you the place and time of the end-of-year’s analysis and balance of our gambling industry.

For the past 10 years Casino Inside has been the leading business platform in the gambling industry in Romania. The Casino Inside events, and especially the REUNION OF THE GAMBLING PROFESSIONALS, always proved their usefulness and effectiveness by the success acquired year by year, so we believe it is very important for you to attend our events each time.

The Romanian gambling professionals will be expected to express their views, to debate ideas and voice disgruntlement and are also invited to bring specific contributions to the elaboration of a proactive discussion framework enabling all those involved in our field to genuinely participate in the identification of the best solutions that would allow our gambling industry to develop even more.

We assure you that as soon as we complete the list of speakers and the structure of the event, they will be notified to you for a better understanding of the complexity of the business event that is being brought to you on 5 December.


09:00 – 10:00 Welcome Coffee

• first part of the event 10:00 a.m.– 1:00 p.m.


**he schedule and the agenda of the event will be published on our website,, when we have decided on the final form of same.

1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Lunch at Le Chateau restaurant

* * * * *

• second part of the event 2:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.


We are inviting the following persons to be in the audience: Live Casino operators, Arcade Game operators, Offline Sport betting companies, Online gambling operators, Game manufacturers, Game importers, software and hardware vendors, parts and components vendors, jackpot manufacturers, law firms, lobbyists, PR companies, representatives of conformity assessment bodies, representatives of relevant state institutions.

Price event: €150 / person (plus VAT).

If you are interested in attending this event, please submit your request to: or contact us by phone at 0725/67.01.47 or 0723/13.25.95.

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