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Saturday, 29 December 2018

Nothing is sustainable if it is made out of commitment, without devotion and lack of projection in the future

Corporate Social Responsibility is a phenomenon through which companies voluntarily decide to contribute to a better society and a cleaner environment, this is the definition of such activity. Thus, in order to be socially responsible, a company must integrate in its plans and strategies, for supporting social and environmental issues, related to the interactions in which it engages.

From this, there are two distinctive features of a corporate responsibility program: a voluntary feature, involving moral responsibilities assumed by companies, above those imposed by law and the long-term relationships with the market and the social environment, thus it is  more than just the simple act of philanthropy or donation.

MaxBet has assumed the organization and performance of the social responsibility activity with the same seriousness and commitment to the business activity. Thus, at the company level there is a committee  of  9 members, directors from various departments, and one  chairman, all having:  regular and continuous communication, an annual budget with a quarterly execution that is allocated to social responsibility projects,  permanent legal  assistance in carrying out this activity,  and one conscientious responsible for the  necessary logistics for each individual project.

All the above mentioned, done with the professionalism of people who know well what they have to do, add unconditional love for the others around us, beautiful, honest and bold ideas, the positive energy of young people who have learned in time: to know people better and their needs, to listen them, to smile, to give unconditional help to others, to show   affection, to act naturally based on the achieved feelings.

Nothing is sustainable if it is made out of commitment, without devotion and lack of projection in the future. The same principle was applied in the work of social responsibility made by Max Bet company. Department directors, coordinators, regional managers and hall managers “planted the seeds of the desire to do good deeds”, took care of their pursuit for development, strengthened confidence in this activity, and thus achieved a true organizational culture. Today, at Max Bet, the desire to do well for others is constantly coming from the employees throughout the year, many of them becoming volunteers in many projects developed and supported by the company.

For several years, the annual projects have been developed and sustained, such as: the football championship, the competition where the company’s employees compete for a social cause, a program that has brought together up to 500 employees together, the continued support of the better 4 years of a sports club with European and world medalists, the monthly financial contribution over 7 years for an association that has been dealing with children with autism and in health projects for nearly 5 years, together with an association dedicated to this field.

The MaxBet CSR Commission has consistently received project proposals and ideas to support various areas of staff and concluded that education, health, social cases, or sport are just as important and deserve our support. Thus, for 8 years, the company’s employees have achieved true humanity lessons, 8 years in which the thanks received were above all, 8 years in which doing good for others became a natural manifestation. The company’s conviction is that young people who have been involved in these projects, whether they are still in the organization or not, will certainly carry on this behavior in society, and this is the great achievement of MaxBet CSR.

One of the bravest projects developed by Max Bet is the construction of the first heliport on the terrace for a hospital in Bucharest, started in 2015 and assumed entirely by the company. There have been 3 years of studies, projects, checkings, endorsements, authorizations and expertise necessary for the construction and obtaining of the special permit for the flight lane. Currently, the project has reached the stage of preparing the location of the helicopter landing platform, accomplishing all the specific and necessary heliport facilities and training the procedures and staff involved in operating such an objective.

In the field of health, the heliport is not a single case, Max Bet has been involved in renovation projects of several hospitals in Bucharest and one in Timisoara, equipping with necessary equipment some sections of 3 hospitals in Bucharest and one in Constanta, has donated 3 specialized devices to the neurosurgery departments in the country, equipment designed to ease the work of physicians in the removal of cranial tumors and beyond.

Particular attention has been paid to the education of the young generation and its encouragement to the education. Thus, financial support was given to: National Physics Olympic, which gathered 653 students from all the counties, for all years of gymnasium and lyceum study, Romanian representatives at the mathematics Olympiad in Poland, for children from primary schools which the employees of the company decided to support with various materials and stationery, arranged meeting with Santa Claus, send them various surprise gifts and more. The list of activities and projects of responsibility developed by the company can continue, but the most important component of the entire activity remains the team, the people, the engine that generates and supports the achievement of the good facts.

Max Bet has come to the conclusion that the feeling of producing joy for others is unique, profound, it can arise from the smallest good deeds done with sincerity and dedication, and this maintained sentiment changes behaviors, attitudes and restructures the personalities of the people involved in the direction – positive design. It certainly helps everybody to develop and can influence a community to move towards the assumed evolution and progress.

Max Bet company gives many thanks once again  for the humanity lessons which  its employees offer daily and for their sincere and constructive involvement in multiple social responsibility projects.

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