Resort World Sentosa, a gambling landmark in Singapore

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

-Oana Mihalache

Even though it’s the smallest country in south-eastern Asia and it has a population smaller than most european major urban centers, Singapore has two casinos. One of them can be found at Resort World Sentosa, a mini-city dedicated to gambling, which also has a themed Universal Studio Park, a water park, an aquarium and the biggest oceanarium in the world. This resort can be best characterized as a treasure of the famous Asian tiger, given the fact that it has the third most expenive building ever built: Genting Singapore invested no less than $4.3 billion to build it.

There are two „replicas” of this resort in the world, which differ though in concept and size – one in Malaysia and the other one in Phillipines. Opened in 2012, the resort is spread over more than 50 ha on the Sentosa island, and the number of employees surpasses 12.000, a boost that the singaporean economy got accustomed to over time, now hosting over 3.000 multinational companies.

Singapore is now known as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with a GDP per capita reaching $60.000, occupying the sixth position in the world. This economic growth is all the more remarcable if we take into account the fact that Singapore has neither a big territory nor natural resources. Many economists point to three key ingredients that halped Singapore make up for its geographical disadvantages: the free market capitalism, prioritizing education and the adoption of pragmatic policies.

A pole of entertainment for the asian gambling

In these flourishing economic conditions, developing a resort which would become one of the strategic poles of asian gambling appeared to be a logical consequence. The resort has six hotels for guests who decide to spend more than a full day in the casino – totalling 3.004 rooms, each hotel with its unique themed design. According to governmental regulations, each citizen and resident in Singapore needs to pay a $100 tax for a full day acces or $2000 per ear in order to enter the casino, with acces restricted to a single casino. In the casino located on the Sentosa island players have acces to 2.400 slots and gaming machines and 506 table games.

Apart from the facilities offered to players, the resort also features spa rooms, restaurants and an adventure park, an aquarium, a museum and a theater with 1.600 seats. Consequently, it is the ideal place to be for those who are fond of fun, for those who want to spend their spare time in captivating places and for those who appreciate quality above all. Moreover, the millions of visitors who chose this destination so far have surely been caprivated by the fapt that it is one of the greenest resorts, based on a sustainable concept that makes it the ideal choice for those who seek to escape pollution and cram specific to big urban centers. The whole resort incorporates a technology that reduces energy and water consumption, while relying on solar energy. The resort is now one of the most visited destinations in Asia, and this is also due to the efforts made by Genting Singapore to make this place environmentally friendly. The legal authority in Singapore which is responsible for constructions awarded many prizes to this resort.

Even if in the summer of 2016 the giant operator Genting Singapore announced to make redundant 400 employees of the resort, due to some financial liabilities of the group, this treasure of the singaporean gambling has still not lost its attractivity nor its clients. The companies continues to register profits of over $90 million per year, but a good deal of it go to paying older debts, according to The main contributing factor to this hardship economic situation was the slowing economic growth of China, but also the offensive turn that Beijing took against gambling incomes, especially directed towards VIP players.

Nevertheless, Resort World Sentosa is still a landmark for sustainability, a giant in entertainment which can lure even the most sulky player, but also a hub of big winnings because, after all, this is the main attraction of such a grand resort.

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