Rebranding, a new trend in casino industry

Friday, 25 May 2012

Text: Cristina Mihăilă


Within the last years the industry of hotels and casinos created eligible circumstances for several rebranding initiatives. Rebranding is a complex, sinuous and fairly insecure process.


Rebranding can refer to the change of name of a company, together with a new design and new logos of the created brand. Generally this procedure is applied in order to specialize that brand on the market or to reposition it in the mind of the consumer or competition.


The advantage given by this method is that it can be applied by both pioneers just beginning to know the market and by those in expansion, thus in competition phase.


Apart from limiting to the visual identity, rebranding implies the creation of new brand strategies for the respective casinos. It is also a viable option when one whishes to grow apart from certain over notes or negative values associated to the old brand. This is again useful, when one seeks to climb the hierarchy letter very fast. However, most of the times the gambling operators choose rebranding, in order to communicate a new message concerning the company or to signalize a certain evolution.


Rebranding appears also when the owners of the casino change, as we noticed in Aladdin Resort&Casino complex. The property was bought by OpBiz LLC and was renamed   Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.


Treasure Island Resort and Casino is too a rebranding situation, the owner kept the name but they were looking for a repositioning of the brand in the public’s perception. The Casino had the image of a family place, and the owners changed this image with one that made him a location favorable to a more sophisticated audience and with a pregnant sexuality.


Rampart Casino and Resort from Summerlin changed owners two times; his name was changed no more or less than four times since it was opened in 1999. These happened due to the distinct provisions of the management contracts.


Rebranding in the industry of casinos and hotels is a real challenge and implies certain risks. This type of effort demands several internal and external marketing campaigns. The public identifies the brand of a hotel or of a casino with the logo, architectural design; the brand message is received through publicity and public relations, and last but not least, by the experience offered of the clients.


The readiness of the employees is crucial and in case of internal marketing for rebranding it implies a special attention. In this way the casino operators can attend to professional trainers’ who work with the employees and increase their communication and empathy skills. It is also recommended to evaluate the manpower and the management structure specific to a casino.


An applicable rebranding strategy must target the maximum success potential. Such an example is Shooting Star Casino fro the United States of America.


The Mahnomen province of Minnesota, where you can find Shooting Star Cazino, is most famous for its endless lakes and rural atmosphere, and it is special to the Native American community White Earth Nation. With s generous size, a hotel, spa and events hall, this property was the main attraction for gambling enthusiasts Fargo, North Dakota, Minnesota and Manitoba.


The clients of the Shooting Star casino were rather senior, consisting of mature gamblers and all the brand messages targeted them. Nevertheless this strategy was exhausted and overused by the competition in the market. Additionally, the precedent campaign has had a exaggerated publicity and the management was ready to boost the casino in the market with a new formula.


The advertising agency had come up with a new brand for Shooting Star, one that would attract a younger demographical area. This is how Starstruck campaign appeared, which is based on the idea that the fascination for this casino is so powerful that it is beyond compare.


The campaign asserted since launching and the feedback was positive. Therefore, the initiative of turning dull Shooting Star into a famous casino which is visited by young people was a successful one. The first numbers were promising: during the last year, the online traffic increased with 15% and the incomes with over 5 percents.


The Romanian casinos also keep up in rebranding: Olympic Entertainment Group opened Casino Olympic, buying the location of Casino Napoleon located in the Sofitel Hotel within the Bucharest World Trade Center, several years ago. Unfortunately, the results were not equal to the expectations and this new brand did not live long…

The new Casino Metropolis represents another rebranding attempt, this casino tries to beneficiate from the brand capital and its location (in Novotel hotel, Calea Victoriei Boulevard) owned before by Casino Regent.


Although in general is a positive step, rebranding can impact the capital of a brand if the wanted results are not set with precision or if it is performed as an answer to a wish for change. One must consider that the attachment of the public to the brand is, in the end, the supreme goal.

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