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Virtual Reality seems to be the main trend in the global gambling industry in 2021

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

With the pandemic that has befallen the world in 2020, the gambling industry has had to come back to future projects and implement them faster than expected. Virtual Reality will no longer be a story, something to mention in the future, because the current health situation around the world forces you to reinvent yourself faster than you expected.

Realitatea Virtuală

Virtual Reality – the year’s main trend in the gambling world

In mid-December last year, Entain and Verizon Media signed an agreement whereby the two companies joined their forces in the field of virtual reality. Specifically Entain (formerly GVC Holding) and Verizon are committed to develop a technology that combines virtual reality and sports betting to provide players with a new experience. This experience allows users to watch live sports, interact with sports data, bet and socialize with their friends. The two companies will also develop concepts for new game formats using 5G technology and augmented reality to provide similar content. The ultimate goal is to offer users an experience similar to being on the stadium, while enjoying all the benefits of laying on the couch.

But this kind of developments and collaborations will not only exist in the area of sports betting but also in the area of online casino. The games offered by the casino sites are about to change due to virtual reality. This technology will have a massive impact on online casinos, and this transformation has already begun, with operators starting to offer gaming platforms with interactive and exciting experiences for players. Although online and social gaming platforms have been around for years and can boast loyal customer bases, the casinos that will use virtual reality will lead to a reorganization of the market and will have more customers in this area. The customers are already accustomed to online and want an even more complete gaming experience. The impact of Virtual Reality on the iGambling and iGaming industries is expected to lead to almost $ 520 billion invested in the virtual reality industry (applied in the betting and casino industry) by the end of the year, resulting in a huge 800% increase over 2020. It is even possible to witness the emergence of a new industry.

The Covid19 pandemic lays the foundations for Virtual Reality Casino, Virtual Reality Betting or Virtual Reality Poker

The coronavirus pandemic has been a huge catalyst for this future entertainment industry. Staying at home and enduring 2-3 lockdowns, continuous restrictions, unemployment, lack of interaction with nature and socializing with people led to bizarre repressive behaviors that made people more easily enjoy a virtual experience. That is how the favorable context to promote the idea of gambling from the comfort of your own home was created.

Poker, Casino VR

Let’s briefly remember what Virtual Reality is

Virtual reality can be defined as an advanced technology that uses a headset to generate images, sounds and other realistic senses. What is the exact origin of this amazing technology and when did it appear so suddenly? This technology has existed since the 1980s when, according to the Franklin Institute, the term was first used by the researcher Jaron Lanier when he began developing the glasses and gloves he thought were necessary to experience virtual reality. We must thank him and other visionaries for the VR (Virtual Reality) experiences we enjoy today. When most people think of virtual reality, they think of video games. While it is true that this technology is mostly used in video games, this is not the only place where you can find virtual reality. You can find this advanced technology used in space agencies for space training of astronauts, in hospitals for the preparation of various surgeries and in flight simulators for the training of aircraft pilots or even Formula 1.

When you think of VR, you can imagine players using this technology to fight fictional monsters and live a second life on the Internet. But what if you could use Virtual Reality to gamble? What would it be like to use it to feel like you’re in a casino room, playing roulette, jumping from one number to another, or playing blackjack, while actually sitting in the privacy of your own living room? Sounds like a SF movie, right? The chance to meet Bond at the craps table has skyrocketed, hasn’t it?

Virtual Reality and its immediate applicability to gambling

Get ready to be amazed! Gambling and technology companies are joining their forces and can’t wait to launch this service. Even gamblers are eager to enjoy it. Even though there were slow moves to increase the players’ experience from 2D to 3D, these were not enough, giving too little realism. In the near future, with an VR headset and a compatible iGambling platform, players will be able to experience an interactive casino experience similar to the experience of a traditional casino.

There are 3D game tables with features such as the ability to interact with other players and a live dealer.

On existing VR platforms, players can stay in the same location and chat with players from around the world or have a drink at a bar. The developers of Virtual Reality platforms create close to reality experiences, that even offer the ability to light a cigarette and smoke during a game. Although the Virtual Reality Casino Industry has not yet reached a sufficiently high level of maturity, casinos can already boast a few impressive things with the potential for rapid growth. SlotsMillion is on of them. It was developed by Lucky VR, a platform that perfectly expresses the perfect representation of VR Casino-type innovation. The platform offers unique experiences such as a games room located on the 80th floor of a beautiful skyscraper where, if you do not have altitude sickness, you can admire the city while leaning against the building window or have a drink at the casino bar. You can also stay in the lounge.

You can gamble for real money in the casino, while a customer service team is available 24 hours a day to provide the assistance you need to have a pleasant virtual experience.

For example, VR Poker Casino is a technology developed in Switzerland that has real players with a detailed body and interface. The virtual casino includes a voice chat and six Texas Hold’em poker tables. It’s a cross-platform gaming site that runs perfectly on Gear VR or Oculus Rift, two gadgets we’ll talk about right away. The poker site that offers virtual reality experiences also offers players some free chips at the beginning of a game. They can gamble through the app, but cannot cash in, as the casino is designed for entertainment only. The VR benefits can also be pragmatic: you stay home and stop spending money on gas, save time you can spend with your family without getting stuck on traffic, you no longer spend money on the dress code, and it may seem petty but you get rid of the chore of being kind and nice with everyone (buying drinks for your friends or giving tips to maids or dealers).

Virtual Reality Gambling Gadgets

The gadgets that help you step into the world of virtual reality gambling are not expensive. For example, a pair of Oculus Rift RV glasses will cost you £399, but you can also buy used equipment on eBay or on apps like Wallapop and Preloved at even lower prices.

For optimal performance, the gaming site requires a gaming computer. Google Daydream is an affordable VR headset that is compatible with Android smartphones. You do not need VR equipment to use most Virtual Reality casinos. However, you will not have access to the interesting features of these gaming platforms without it, although you can use the “3D” version of them.

VR casinos do not affect the performance of live casinos (at the moment)

VR casinos are designed to give players a similar experience to live casinos. I do not see VR as a threat to live casinos. The virtual world experiences will eventually lead players (especially the younger adult generation) to the experience of a real casino. Because many landbased casinos are among the shareholders of VR precisely to invest in a new generation of players. The VR casino normally simulates a real life experience, taking advantage of the virtual reality, not denying the players the natural experience of a traditional casino.

A study as a conclusion

I conclude by telling you that there is a study conducted for Entain by YouGov, which suggests that this initiative of technology and gambling corporations to join their forces is coming at the right time. Two-thirds of consumers combine social media with their games and entertainment, and men between the ages of 25 and 39 are most likely to adopt new technologies and products. The study also showed that 31% of people aged 25 to 39 and 34% of those over 55 are digitally engaged to increase their enjoyment of watching sports. They have money, so get ready to put on your headphones and enjoy the Virtual Reality Gambling experience.

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