REAL BET, technically and logistically prepared for the opening of more than 1000 land-based agencies

Friday, 9 October 2015

Real Bet is launching on the Romanian market of land-based betting with an ambitious project aiming to open in the following period of time more than 1,000 agents across the country. A full range of products will be found by players in the Real Bet agencies – betting on just about any sports, live betting, lotteries and virtual games.

The Concept

The launching of Real Bet on the Romanian market was born out of the desire to meet the requirements of those passionate about this area, with new and attractive products, but also of the passion for sport of the team involved in this project.

The concept of Real Bet maintains a classic line for the conservatives, but comes with an innovative line for those players who wish to take up new challenges.

Of course, Real Bet seeks collaborators throughout the country and are aware that in order to make themselves known they must be present in as many agencies in the territory as possible, both in urban and rural areas.

Among the strengths that Real Bet could mention on their business card there are reliability, and last but not least, trying to respond to the wishes of those passionate about sports betting.

The Real Bet Products

At the moment they come with an offer of more than 7 products, from which the mention:

Sports Betting

Live Betting

International Lotteries (Kino Greece, Win for life, etc.)

5 Virtual Games (Real 6; Real K; Dog Races; 3D Roulette; 2D Roulette)

Quality in Operation

But they also have new projects, which they hope to be a “real” pleasant surprise for those awaiting news on the market. Real Bet is technically and logistically prepared for the opening of more than 1000 land-based agencies.

In an attempt to maintain a unified company image line, they meet their collaborators with both technical and logistical support (computers, monitors, TVs, printers, etc.) as well as furniture, illuminated signs, wrapping, etc.

Even though for the onset of an betting agency, the Real Bet collaborators are exempt from these efforts and enjoy all their support, that doesn’t mean that they are exempt from expectation, namely to work to a high level of quality, in regard to both people and products.

The Future

“We do not wish to talk about the future, due to a single point of view: the LEGISLATION of ROMANIA. If, from this point of view, things become stable and clear, our plans for the future tend come into shape in relation to the investment in this project. No investor, domestic or foreign, will risk without great caution in a field rooted in the landscape of constantly changing laws,” RealBet management closed..

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