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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Maximize betting and gambling profits using the new M2M technologies

The hectic gambling industry offers, more than any other area of activity, the conditions to easily win market share and happy customers, if you choose innovation in the long run and commit to taking your business to another level.
By all means, innovation in gambling has a clear and well-defined starting point: the customer experience with the slot machines and the additional services the gaming floor has to offer.

But which are the solutions you can easily implement to increase customer satisfaction and profits? Are these effective and easily adaptable to your business? The answer to both questions is Smart Count System™ powered by Syswin Solutions™.

In an industry where the thrill of the game is the main business driver, you can now access integrated technology solutions for slot machines and roulettes, which are both functional, affordable and easy to use, in the same time in line with the new legislation.

I) Greet the solution for effective data management in the gaming floor.
One dashboard for the best business decisions – SmartCount™

The main function of the programme is to manage financial information and compile it together with other vital information extracted from the gaming floor, within a single platform, which can be easily analyzed and monitored by the management.
With SmartCount™ you receive:
– Customizable reports with data retrieved from the slot machines
– User-friendly interface adaptable to any mobile device
– Intelligent monitoring and reporting of the gaming activity through serial (SAS) or digital (mechanical meters) communication
– Real time alerts via SMS/e-mail for preset levels or third party incidents.

II) Test the solution for Mystery Jackpots, The most reliable Jackpot system – SmartJack™
SmartJack™ is currently the most flexible Jackpot system in the industry, with an innovative feature for custom Jackpots creation, having both local and wide-area configuration. With the unique Mystery Jackpot, you can create and simultaneously display up to 6 different Jackpot levels, for slot games with an advanced level of interactivity.

You instantly receive:
– Automated predictions and simulations of the Jackpot
– Simplified setting of criteria for Jackpot winning
– Custom Jackpots
– Video images in HD or 3D 1080 with attractive design themes.

III) Get to know your customers well. Adopt a valuable marketing tool – SmartCard™
It’s the unique tracking and game-monitoring system, which gives players a bonus system based on points accumulation.

With SmartCard™, you have access to:
– Amounts played by each player or group of players and their specific profile;
– Players segmentation based on predetermined parameters;
– Various options for bonuses and marketing promotions which can be created;
– The number of bonus points and the possibility to exchange them into prizes;
– Exhaustive reporting and predictions on players’ spendings.
Developed by Romanian programmers and technicians, for the benefit of the gaming industry in Romania
Syswin Solutions™ systems are designed and implemented in line with the latest international technologies in the industry, by mixed teams of local hardware architecture designers and software developers, which ensue the highest quality of services in every stage of project development.
Local field teams are always available for a quick handling of requests.

Reliable technology and quality components for long-lasting systems
The systems projected by the Syswin Solutions™ engineers are implemented only with the most secure technologies and components, a fact which ensures their perfect functioning in time and moreover, extremely rare technical interventions.

Learn more about the technology behind Syswin Solutions™ products and services and how they can radically change the face of gaming, in terms of customer experience, data management, marketing and reporting!

Get in touch with a specialized consultant by phone: +40 734 954 444 / +40 0314 251 298 or by e-mail info@syswinsolutions.com.

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